Map from the immensely talented Arsheesh. He makes great maps! Contact him for a commission!

Map link to easily download. Really, it is a great piece of work! It is now featured on the back cover of the Bizantium Islands book, available now from Palladium Books.

There is a map showing all of the true pyramids here.

We have also had other maps made by FeroceFV, aka Will, who has also been published in the Bizantium Islands book. Here is the map of “The Valley”. Here is the map of the “Kiridin”. Here is the map of the “Great Northern Wilderness”.

The original map of the Palladium world, from Palladium Books©, is here.

The Palladium world is copyright Palladium Books©, Palladium 2nd Ed.©, Palladium Fantasy ©, are registered trademarks owned & licensed by Kevin Siembieda & Palladium Books, Inc. Used by permission.

Maps Of Common Places Visited

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