Warrior of Rurga

A mysterious figure that has been preaching that Rurga herself will lead the humans of the Eastern Territory to victory in a war against the Wolfen Empire.

Mevka is rumored to have skin of iron, no fear of fire, and wields magic items. Like her goddess Rurga, she has the uncanny ability to discern truth from lies. She is a wild-looking woman with a single vein of long golden hair down the middle of her head, and emerald eyes. She has 2 flame-red tattoos on her pale face: one above her right eye and the other covering most of the left half of her face.

Picture and description from Palladium Books©.

Update! Majestic 14, 110. Mevka is killed by her own goddess, Rurga! See the logs Drauka’s Dithering, Two Women, and Serving Others for more.