Mind Mage and Freedom Fighter. Follower of Ra.

Gavin looks a lot like his picture. He has dark brown hair that is short and scraggly and blue eyes. He is quite muscular for a kid, but still has some “baby fat”. He often wears his clothes so that they are baggy and hides this. He often carries his teddy bear in hand. He wears leather armor and has most of his other stuff attached to his backpack. His clothing covers the armor and the cloak covers his back side. He is around four feet tall.

Gavin portrait by Panda Jester. Full size picture can be found here.

Name Mortos Weylinn, aka Gavin Mordox aka General Mordox
Rank 11th Level
Race Changeling
Citizen Timiro Kingdom

HT 4’3" IQ 13 Save vs Magic Strike +1
WT 130 lbs ME 23 Save vs Psionics +9 Parry +5
PPE 20 MA 16 Save vs Drugs/MC +6 Dodge +5
HP 47/47 PS 17 Save vs Insanity +6 Roll +8
SDC 31/31 PP 10 Save vs horror +3 Pull +4
Lev 11 PE 14 Save vs coma/death +16% Initiative
Exp. 146,770 PB 9 Save vs Disease +5 Damage +4
Sex Male SPD 25 Save vs Possession +5 Disarm
Birthday 1/1/79 (age 31) Charm/Impress Critical 19,20
HTH: Basic Trust/Intimidate 40% Perception +4
ISP 175/271 Reputation 7 Attacks 6
Alignment Principled
97 Western Empire <>125 Island of Bizantium <>42,548 Eastern Territory <>14 Old Kingdom
128 Timiro Kingdom <>47 Wolfen Empire <>11 Dragon Old Kingdom (5000 ea) <>
Weapon Proficiencies Level Acquired Strike Parry Rate of Fire Thrown
Archery 1 +6 +6 7/melee
Sword 1 +4 +4 +2
Paired Sword 9
Weapons: Damage SDC or Make Range
Short Bow (Florius) 1d6+3 Magic +3 damage 500’
Silver Dagger 1D6 40’
Falchion (sword) 2D6
Anhur’s Ankh 3D6 Holy Short Sword
Eledor 10D6/12D6 Psi-Sword
Armor AR SDC Penalty
Leather 13 38 -5%
(Magic Splint Armor) 16 82
Changeling Leather of Iron 16 300 -5%

Kicks: Karate Kick 2D4

OCC Skills Base % OCC B+ Start Current Total % Secondary Skills Base % Start Current Total %
Language: Eastern 98 0 1 11 98% Horsemanship:General 35/20+5 1 10 80/65%
Language:Western 40+5 15 1 11 98% Prowl 25+5(+5) 1 11 80% (+18% Cloak)
Language:Southern 40+5 15 1 11 98% Running 1 11
Literacy: Elven (blessed) 30+5 15 1 11 95% Athletics 4 11
Math: Basic 45+5 20 1 11 98% Imitate Voice 36/16 + 4% 8 11 48/28%
Impersonation 16/12/10+ 4% 8 11 28/24/22%
OCC Related Skills Base % OCC B+ Start Current Total %
Intelligence 30+4 10 1 11 80%
Lore:Undead 30+5 10 1 11 90%
Sign Language 25+5 5 1 11 80%
Lore: Religion 30+5 10 1 11 90%
Escape Artist 25+5 5 1 11 80%
Seamanship (Blessed) 22+4 10 1 11 72%
Gymnastics (Blessed) 1 11
Masonry 30+5 10 3 11 80%
Balance 30+5 1 11 80%
Climb 40/35+5 1 11 85/80%
Parallel Bars/Rings 30+3 1 11 60%
Back Flip/Somersault 40+5 1 11 90%
Demon/Monster Lore 25+5 10 6 11 65%
Language: Gobbley 40+5 10 9 11 60%
Special Powers:PSIONICS
Mind Mage Powers Type L-A C-L ISP Cost Range Duration Save Description
Mind Block Physical 1 11 4 Self 10 min/lev None +1 save psionics, blocks empathy, telepathy, etc.
Alter Aura Physical 1 11 2 Self 1 hour/lev None XP lev 1-2 or 2D4 higher than actual, conceal psionics, magic, PPE, health
Telekinesis Physical 1 11 Varies 60’ 2 min/lev Dodge +3 Strike, +4 Parry (parry w/tk force 8 ISP
Teleport Object Physical 1 11 10 50’/lev Instant None 1 lb/lev 50’/level
Nightvision Physical 1 11 4 600’ 10 min/lev None Must be some source of light. Gift from the god Ra.
Strength of Mind Physical 1 11 10 Self 2 min/lev None +10 PS, 5 PE, 20 SDC Supernatural PS for lift/carry
Enhance Reflexes Physical 4 11 10 Self 2 min/lev None Attack+1, Init 3, Strike 1, Parry/Dodge 2, PP 2, Phys skills 15%
Telekinetic Leap Physical 5 11 8 Self One action None 6d6+6 SDC kick attack / +2ft up or + 3ft across per level
Resist Damage Physical 5 11 25 Self 5 min/lev None Absorbs first 5 units of damage. Falls, impact, punch, energy do 1/2 damage.
Deaden Senses Physical 9 11 4 160’ 2D6 Minutes -1 save Subtle attack 1 person – 1 init, -5% skills + 10% skills against like prowl, concealment, etc.
Impervious to Fire Physical 11 11 4 Self 3 Minutes/lev None Impervious to natural fire and heat. Magic fire does 1/2 dam
Psionic Diagnosis Healing 1 11 4 3’ Instant None Sense pain, injury, disease & possession
Psionic Purification Healing 1 11 8 Touch Instant None Slow metabolism & destroy chemicals, drugs, poisons & toxins
Psychic Surgery Healing 1 11 14 Touch Varies None Recovery from coma 66% Surgery equal to hospital care 2D6 min prep
Healing Touch Healing 4 11 6 Touch Instant None 1D8 HP or 2D6 SDC 2 minute long trance
Deaden Pain Healing 7 11 4 3’ 1 hr/lev None Negates pain or anesthetic for surgery
Exorcism Healing 8 11 10 8’ Instant % 30 minutes prep, then 6D6 with possessed person Exorcism 28+ 7/lev if success Banished 21+7/lev current 28/21%
Meditation Sensitive 1 11 0 Self Varies None Recover 12 ISP/hr
Psionic Seeking Sensitive 1 11 6 1 mile/lev 5 min/lev None 40 +5%/level +20% if item is his own, or looking for friend/relative
Sense Psionics Sensitive 1 11 4 100’ 2 min/lev None Sense use of Psionics, how close, general direction. Track to source 40+3%/lev
Sense Supernatural Sensitive 1 11 3 140’ 2 min/lev None Sense presence of any supernatural creature (demon,deevil, dragon, entity, elemental Track 25+3%
See Aura Sensitive 1 11 6 60’ Visible 2 melees None Low, Med, or High XP, Presence of magic, psionics, aberration, possession. High/low PPE. Healthy/sick.
Object Read Sensitive 2 11 6 Touch Varies None Impressions 56+2% Images 48+2% Present 38+2% Present takes an additional 4 ISP. Either impressions or images must be successful to be attempted. Current 68/58/48%
See the Invisible Sensitive 2 10 4 120’ 1 min/lev None Includes ghosts, entities & astral forms
Sense Magic Sensitive 3 10 3 120’ 2 min/lev None Near or far, enchantment, current magic use
Sixth Sense Sensitive 3 10 2 90’ Varies None 6 Init, 2 Parry, +3 Dodge, No sneak attacks
Mind’s Eye Sensitive 6 10 8 110’+50’/lev 2 min/lev None Radar vision. Sense/interpret shape, distance, direction, speed & location 70+2%/lev. Also init 3, strike 1, Parry/dodge 2. Smoke/heavy rain -30%
Remote Viewing Sensitive 6 10 10 Self 2D6+6 seconds Varies See notes
Commune with Animals Sensitive 7 10 6 200’sight 2min/lev Std 15 1 animal/lev see notes
Sense Evil Sensitive 8 10 2 140’ radius 2 min/lev None Supernatural evil one, few, several, many. Very near, near, or far. See notes
Enhanced Perception Sensitive 9 10 10 Self 5 min/lev None + 3 Perception, + 1 Strike, + 2 Parry/Dodge, + 10% skills rely on senses (Intelligence, Track, Prowl, etc)
Speed Reading Sensitive 10 10 2 Self 3 min/lev N/A 30 pp/min or 15 pp/min if technical
Total Recall Sensitive 10 10 2 Self Permanent N/A Blocks of info seen, read or heard
Astral Projection Sensitive 11 11 8 Self Instant None See notes
Empathic Charisma Super 1 10 10 30’ 5 min/lev Std MA +1D4+2 PB +2
Psionic Blast Super 1 10 30 50+10’/lev Varies Dodge>16 then Std If fail dodge but save 1D4 dam to HP, -1 attack & combat actions for 1D4 Melees. Fail save then 1D6 dam HP/lev, combat -4, attacks 1/2, forgets 1D4 skills, psionics or spells for 1 day/lev
Telepathy:Superior Super 1 10 8 Varies 2 min/lev Std Probe 100 + 50’/lev Failed save: Memories 40+ 3%/lev Read thoughts, passwords, names, etc. Also 2-way communicate 200 plus 100’/lev
Mind Block Auto-Defense Super 2 10 Self Varies None automatically blocks probes
Telekinetic Shockwave Super 2 10 20 5’/lev Instant None See Notes
Telekinetic Force Field Super 2 10 30 40’/lev 10 min/lev None Force Field 30 SDC/lev Self or 10’/lev bubble. Air tight.
Psi-Sword Super 3 10 30 Self 5 min/lev None 10D6 Damage 1 attack concentration to activate
Telekinesis (Super) Super 3 10 Varies 100’/lev 2 min/lev Dodge 10 ISP/100 lbs Damage 1D4x10/100lbs
Pyrokinesis Super 3 10 Varies Varies Varies Varies See Notes
Bio-Manipulation Super 4 10 10 160’ 4D4 Min Std See Notes
Fortify Psionics Super 4 10 Orig +12 10’/lev Varies Special Increases damage or defensive power. Example: TK Force Field goes from 30 SDC/lev to 30 SDC/lev + 30
Telekinetic Force Super 4 10 10/50 lbs 80’/lev 1 min/lev Special See Notes
Group Mind Block Super 5 10 22 120’ 10 min/lev None Everyone within 120’ radius mind blocked
Mental Illusion Super 5 10 20 90’ Special Std See Notes
Hydrokinesis Super 5 10 Varies Varies Varies Varies See Notes
Insert Memory Super 6 10 25 Touch Permanent Std/None See Notes
Induce Amnesia Super 6 10 10-30 Touch 1D4 Days/lev Std 10 for minor memory block, 20 for large block 30 for full see notes
TK Acceleration Attack Super 6 10 10 50’+10’/lev Instant None 6-12 small objects (stones, arrows, coins) to hurl at tornado velocity. 1D4x10 SDC damage
Catatonic Strike Super 7 10 40 Touch or Stab Parry/Dodge See Notes
Empathy Superior Super 7 10 8 100’+50’/lev 2 min/lev Std See Notes
Mind Bolt Super 7 10 Varies 100’/lev Instant Dodge Visible Target Each 6 ISP= 1D6 Dam. +4 strike, or extra 10 ISP makes +8 Strike
Bio Regeneration Super 8 10 20 Self Instant None After concentrating for 1 minute, heal 4D6 HP & 4D6 SDC
Electrokinesis Super 8 10 Varies Varies Varies Varies See Notes
Mind Wipe Super 8 10 10 Touch Varies Std 10 ISP/1D4 days of loss of memory. Erase any event, knowledge, skill,etc. 10/event.
Empathic Transmission Super 9 10 6 60’ 2D6 Minutes Std Allows the psychic to instill a powerful emotion into another living creature. See Notes.
Mind Bond Super 9 10 10 Touch Special Std See notes
Invisible Haze Super 9 10 30 Self 6 Minutes Std Hypnotic suggestion that telepathically tells all who look upon him that they cannot see him.
Resurrection Super 10 10 50 Touch Permanent None 5 minutes concentration 7%/level
Bio-Regeneration Super 10 10 20 Self Permanent None 1 minute concentration 4D6 HP and 4D6 SDC healed
Hypnotic Suggestion Super 10 10 6 12’ Varies Std See Notes
Alter Memory Super 11 11 20 Touch 1 day/level Std See Notes
Cause Hallucination Super 11 11 Varies 90’ Varies Std See Notes
Astral Transferrence Super 11 11 15 n/a 11 hours Std See Notes

Has a horse. See Skred.

Traveling Inventory:
Worn Count Location Description
Anklet of Avramson 1 Left Ankle Stores: 120 ISP Rechargeable 4 Beads of 30 ISP each 1 Bead per attack
Anti-Slavery Pin. 1 Shirt
Backpack 1 Back
Backpack of Holding 1 Backpack
Belt 1 Waist
Boots 1 Feet
CrIsis Broach 1 Cloak
CrIsis Trucker Cap:Green 1 Head
Cloak of Shadows (+ 20% Prowl) 1 Back
Protection From Undead Broach Hold at bay, impervious to hypno-gaze 1 Chest
Falchion 1 Belt
Leather of Iron Armor: Changeling 1 Body
Monkey 1 Gavin’s Shoulder Gavin’s pet monkey
Necklace: Sundisk (Ra) 1 Neck Sundisk Necklace
Pants 1 Legs
Quiver of 100 1 Back Holds 100 Arrows
Rakasasha Tail 1 Waist
Ring:Multiple Images 1 Right Finger Same as Spell
Ring: Eternal Torch 1 Right Ring Finger Grants wearer AR 14
Ring: Tongues 1 Left Middle Finger Grants Tongues Spell
Ring:Wedding 1 Left Ring Finger
Backpack Count Location Description
Anti-Slavery Pin. 5 Inside
Arrows 28 Quiver of 100 Standard Arrows
Arrows: Nath Everall 20 Quiver of 100 +1 Strike + 40 ’
Arrows: Lightning 2 Quiver
Bananas 30 Inside Days of Bananas
Bandage: Magic 1 Inside 4" wide strip, 2’ long. Magically wraps and binds wound, preventing blood loss.
Candle 1 Inside Could smell like lavender probably doesn’t though
Cane:Sword 1 Tied to Backpack Cane hiding sword
CrIsis Eyepatch 1 Inside Eyepatch with CrIsis Symbol
Crossbow Bolts in Bag 10 Inside
Florius 1 Strapped to Side See Item
Food Rations 2 Inside Weeks worth of Rations
Goblet: Magic Wooden 1 Inside Gavin Magic Goblin made by Roggan
Isis Robe 1 Inside Sexytime Isis robe given by Isis with Gavin sewn in gold
Magic Pouch 1 Inside Magic Pouch sewn shut given by Black Birch Tribe: Small Bone and Herbs
Pocket Mirror 1 Side Pocket Standard Pocket Mirror
Quiver 1 Fixed to Backpack Standard Quiver
Rubber Balls 6 Pocket
Sewing Kit 1 Inside
Scepter: Ibis Head 1 Inside Scepter with Ibis head on end
Scroll: Heart of Defense 1 Inside A basketball sized platinum heart hangs above head. + 10 save HF, + 5 all other saves, and can cast any of these spells total (aggregate) of 6 times- Sense evil, sense magic, turn dead (2D4x10), remove curse (touch), resurrection (+ 30%), healing touch (additional 4D6). Lasts 1 hr/lev or until all spells used, whichever is first.
Scroll: Eye of Osiris 1 Inside The left eye becomes a ruby. Additional bonuses or grant skills as follows: Track Humanoids 80/+ 20 Track Animals 80/+ 20 Id Plants/Fruits 80/+ 20 Locate Secret Compartments/Doors 80/+ 20 Recognize Poison 80/+ 20 If success on poison, auto negates. Lasts 1 hour/lev.
Scroll: Magic Pigeon 10 Inside Magic Pigeon by Bennu (10th level)
Smoked Meat 2 Inside Days of Smoked Meat
Spyglass:Superior 1 Side Pouch Range 1800’
Scepter of Ra 1 Inside See item
Teddy Bear 1 Left Pocket
Torch 2 Tied to Backpack
Vials of Holy Water 2 Inside
Waterskin 1 Tied to Backpack Filled with Water
Wizard Jar 3 Inside Filled with Crazy Ass Wizard Shit
10,233 worth of gems
2,151 worth of emeralds
Leather Satchel Count Location Description
Paper 10 Inside Pieces of Paper
Personal Items In Satchel:
Cava’s Golden Chain
Drauka’s Throwing Knife
Ferrel’s Pan Pipes
Gavin’s Bouncy Ball
Karma’s Tail hair Locket
Morgan’s Wooden Stake
Overkill’s Leatherman
Peri’s Feather
Quixis’ Gloves
Roggan’s Shiny Rock “Sally the Silly Slick Stone”
Sadie’s Clothing
Terramore’s String for mandolin
Tyvernos’ Candle
Vandur’s Bracelet
Backpack of Holding Count Location Description
Bottles: Magic 10 Inside Found in Kaash Bar
Diamonds 2 Inside Value 3000 Gold each
Furs 2 Inside Fur Blanket
Holy Haven Captain’s Uniform 1 Inside Captain’s Uniform
Long Johns: Stretchy 1 Inside Really Really Stretchy Like Your Mom
Splint Armor:Magic 1 Inside Wearer turns invisible
Suit: Gavin 1 Inside Dress Suit, Shoes, & Top Hat
Suit: Monkey 1 Inside Dress Suit, Shoes, & Top Hat
Trunk Inventory: Count Description
Arrows 28 Standard Arrows
Boots: Expensive Leather 1 Expensive Leather Boots
Cloak: Expensive 1 Expensive Cloak
Clothing: Summer 1 Set of Summer Clothes
Clothing: Winter 1 Set of Winter Clothes
CrIsis Stein 1 Beer Stein with CrIsis Symbol
Dress Cloak: Blue 1 Dress Cloak
Food Rations 1 Weeks of Food Rations
Jade Sword 1 Magic Jade Sword
Leather Armor 1 Child Sized Leather Armor
Map:Glaive 1 Map pack from Horoth Wavestrider.
Matching Ornate Knives (His and Hers) 1 Gift given to Gavin and Morgan by Cava
Sack: Medium 2 Medium Sacks
Sack: Small 6 Small Sacks
Scale Armor: Full 1 Child Sized Scale Armor



Gavin was born in the Timiro Kingdom in the forests of Tanis. There he was raised in the culture of the druids. Gavin’s mother and father are both powerful psionisists and at an early age it was evident that Gavin too was blessed with the gift of psionics. There Gavin’s parents trained him in the ways of both civilization from which they were in hiding from and the ways of the druids. One of the teachings his parents taught to Gavin is that of Ra. Ra’s teachings of good and evil as absolutes fit in well with Gavin who was beginning to take after his sign of Ghundeg. Gavin was taught how to have an extremely level head in dangerous and compromising positions. His parents also taught Gavin to blend in with society by encouraging his child-like exploration. It was quickly discovered that Gavin could change from playful to extremely serious in a matter of seconds. He has often used this to fool enemies who did not suspect this child of being an extremely capable mind mage. Those who do not pay attention to Gavin in battle often turn around to see that a once seemingly harmless child is now wielding a five foot sword named Eledor. The sword has its name actually engraved into the blade and this is often the last thing many people who oppose Gavin see.

Unfortunately after several raids by the druids on the intruding town of Tanis, Gavin’s parents deemed it unsafe for many of the druids. Unbeknownst to scholars, Gavin’s parents led an exodus to a land with less social unrest, the Land of the South Winds. There Gavin’s parents continued to raise Gavin in the ways of psionics and Ra. They instilled values of social equality and the coexistence of civilizations such as the druids and the Timiro population.

One day Gavin’s parents came to him with some burdensome news. The slave people of Timiro have become oppressed more than that of other lands. Gavin’s parents then stated that Gavin is to lead a group of druids into Timiro and from there work to win over the support of slaves in hopes of one day freeing them. In the meanwhile, Gavin’s parents have decided to travel the world in search of aid for this cause. The only contact that will happen is a drop box in a manor secretly owned by Gavin’s parents within the town of Tills. There his parents and Gavin are known as supposed nobles under the guise of the family, Torax. Here Gavin is able to send messages to his parents via a drop box.

From that day on Gavin has led his band of rebels through Timiro freeing slaves, and making allies. Gavin has made many allies amongst dwarves, orcs, kobolds, ogres, and even humans. His rag tag rebel group has grown into a large camp. This group has received the support of several dwarven houses and that of orc tribes. Across Timiro whispers of a slaves’ hero General Mordox have reached the ears of many a slave. These stories have been embellished to the point that in the stories General Mordox is an eight foot tall slave warrior with a nine foot tall sword. All people really know is that General Mordox could be out there and that he could come to free you at any time.

In camp General Mordox is like any other child. In fact most of the followers of General Mordox do not even know who he is. Thus Gavin is able to freely walk about camp and play like any other child would. Only his closest group of supporters know who he actually is. These warriors, druids, and former slaves make up a group of ten elite. They are the ones who announce orders from the General himself and are the figure heads of the people. Gavin often rides on the back of his close friend, Skred, into battle. This allows Gavin to meditate and prepare for upcoming events as needed. Also while going into town, Gavin pretends to be the child of a friend coming with him or an orphan to avoid any suspicions.

On his way to New Crests Gavin came to Greenbough in the Eastern Territory. There he met Nath Everall, who made his magic short bow Florius.

Gavin was born under the sign of Ghundeg, Od’s Sword. Those born under this sign tend to think in terms of absolutes. Most are very passionate about their beliefs, and those that are religious are avid members of their faith, resolute and unwavering.

Gavin has major influence over the towns of Erat, Tanis, and Tills.