No Name



NO NAME, the Grim Reaper

Demigod of Death, Small Gardens,
and Underground Agriculture




The Man With No Name has long dark brown hair topped with a black tricorn leather hat. He wears a black leather trench coat with a bandolier slung over it. The bandolier has latches that hold his scythe in place when he wishes not to carry it. His trench coat buttons up to cover his face to just below his eyes and under that is a cloth that covers his face as well. His clothes look stylish, yet versatile. They are definitely worn from the many battles he has faced. His appearance gives off an aura of gloom as if to say this man has seen many tragedies.

Picture from our own AZ Rune.



Not all stories have a happy ending. At least not for the man with no name. Life was simple for him. He had a nice little family on a nice farm in the Middle Kingdoms in the Western Empire. For him it was paradise. They grew enough to survive, pay taxes to the lord, and make a little on the side. Things were great. His son would one day take over the land and build a bigger family name. The man was not ambitious or enamored by power. To him family and peace were everything. He took joy in taking his son fishing and going on picnics and hikes with his wife. Unfortunately this would all change.

One night the man was putting his animals in the barn. He heard a loud bang outside his home. With all his might he rushed to his home fearing a bear had decided to invade his hearth. When he arrived there was a band of creatures standing in his home. His wife and his son were huddled in the corner. Terror filled their eyes. Their reaction on their faces betrayed his silent arrival. The female leader turned her malevolent gaze upon the man. Her beauty soon gave way to her cruel intentions. “Grab him,” she said. With that her minions quickly subdued the man. His meager attempts of escape were futile. “He shall watch them perish and it will be the last thing he sees.” With that he was forced to kneel helplessly as his family was slaughtered in front of him. Their screams of terror and anguish filled his ears. As he knelt there sobbing, she said hold him still for that will be the last thing he sees. The grips on his arms became as tight as metal vices. He struggled with all his might. There was no hope. The witch gouged out his eyes one at a time. Darkness filled the night sky. All hope disappeared. ‘’What now Lady Shara?’’ asked one of the creatures. “Burn them and the home. Leave this one’s body for the crows.” With that he was drug into the fields. He could feel the once proud grains brush against his body. Soon he felt the cold steel pain of a dagger to his neck. Darkness filled the already dark abyss. It was over.

“Get up and get your vengeance!” called a gravelly voice of a stranger. A hand protruded in front of the man’s field of vision. Blinding light filled his senses. Before him stood a man in black leather kneeling with one hand stretched out and the other balancing him with a sickle. Was this death coming to take him to the afterlife? No, it was the cruelty of life bringing him back to the mire of reality. With that the man with No Name took this strangers hand. In doing so the man began his journey in search of self and retribution.


Name: No Name True Name Unknown
Rank 20th Level
OCC: Dread Knight / Demigod
Race: Human
Land of Origin: Middle Kingdoms
Citizenship: Western Empire

HT 5’8″ IQ 18  +4% Save vs Magic +5 Strike +7
WT 160 lbs ME 19 Save vs Psionics +7 Parry +15
PPE 20/261 MA 17 Save vs coma +12% Dodge +14
ISP 92/92 PS 22 Save vs poison/disease +5 Roll +14
HP 184/184 PP 18 Save vs horror +20 Pull +9
PE 21 Save vs Possession +5 Init +9
Exp 1,231,875 PB 5  Save vs Insanity +2 Damage +11
Sex M SPD 34 Disarm +2
Birthday 8/8/75 (37 years old) Death Blow 20 Critical 18-20
HTH: Martial Arts  Trust/


 45% Knockout 18-20 Attacks 10
Alignment Aberrant HF 15 If recognized Percep +4

Western Empire <> Island of Bizantium <> Eastern Territory
Timiro Kingdom <> Wolfen Empire <> 10 Dragon Coins
Gold Coast Note 161,057
Special Note: Immune to Vampiric Control/Bite, etc.

Weapon Proficiencies Level Acquired Strike Parry Thrown/Range Damage Bonus
Knife 1 +8 +7 +7 50’
Pole Arm 1 +7 +7 +4 +6
Paired Fists 7
 Paired Scythe/Knife*  From gods
Weapons: Damage Notes
The Vindicator 8D6 See Weapon Page One Handed Now*
Crystal Dagger  8D6 (6D6 Thrown)
Armor AR/ SDC Notes
Soft Leather of Armor 15/250 Made into Trenchcoat
Special Attacks: Damage Notes
Karate 2D4
Tripping Leg Hook 0
Back Sweep 0
Roundhouse 3D6
Snap 1D6
Jump Kick 6D6 Critical. Only defend after. Must be 1st attack
Flying Jump Kick 4D6
Leap Attack By Weapon/Fists Only defend after. Must be 1st attack
Body Throw/Flip 1D6 Victim loses next attack
Leap 15’ Long 7’ High
 Kick 1
Kick 2
Kick 3
Kick 4
Level 20 Gift Notes Notes
Free Soul Penance when Reaping Cast Soul Penance Free to Verify Reap Adds +2 to Reap Strength
Suggest where Soul Goes Advice to Utu Auto with Each Reap
Cast Sky of Darkness Free Once/Day See spell under Magic
Cast Phantom Horse Free Once/Every other day See Spell Under Magic
Book of Death See Page
Fast Recovery 1D6 HP and SDC per melee round
Lich Still Secret
Special Garden/Underground Ag Spell
 Eye of Death  Still Secret
Magic: Spell Strength:16
Power Level PPE Cost Range Duration Save Description
Knuckle Spikes 2 6 Self 2 min/lev NA +2D6 Spikes on fists, knees Use Knife WP, but -2 parry. Rifter 65 p.32
Lay to Rest 5 14 10’ Instant Std 1D4 minute ritual. Puts to rest person who died. Must be < spellcaster’s level in days. Rifter 65 p. 38
Death Strike 8 25 self 1 min/lev Std -1 Every hand/kick/hand-held weapon strike does 2x damage. Affects any and all supernatural/magic creatures. If save only normal damage- roll each strike. Seas p. 35
Magic Net 4 7 20’/lev 2 melee/lev Dodge 16 10’ diameter (1-6 human sized) Magic weapons/spells only affect- 2 melees. Main p 195
Tongues 6 6 Self 5 min / lev None All Spoken Languages at 94%
Shadow Strike 5 12 Self 1 melee/lev None Mage may strike from shadow form with one hand or hand held weapon, which itself becomes material. Can be parried or dodged, but returns immediately to shadow form after each strike. ©
Thirst of Vaust 8 45 Self or 1 by touch 3 min/lev Special See Rifter 65 p 37
Wall of Bone 6 15 20’/lev 5 min/lev None Throw bone & cast, Bone wall 10’ high, 20 +10’/lev long. Rifter 65 p.35
Object Read the Dead 3 8 Touch Instant None Cause of death, race/animal type, suffered?, magic?, length of time dead. Seas p 36
Divining Tombs/Graves 5 10/35 self 5 min/lev Std Wishbone from large bird as divining rod. Seas p36
Recognize the Undead 3 8 self 10 min/lev std Recognize all undead, no matter how human they appear Seas p36
Armor of Doom 5 12 Self or touch 1 min/lev none  100+10 SDC/lev Magic fire, lightning, & cold do 1/2 damage
Stench of the Dead 2 3 100+10’/lev 2 min/lev Std Mist smells of rotting meat/decay. All who enter area w/out save speed, attacks, combat bonuses 1/2.
Siphon Strike 7 25 200+100’/lev Instant Std 2D6/lev if save 1D6/lev Other see Rifter 65 p. 36
Malevolent Smile 7 30 150’ Special Std See notes Rifter 65 p.36
Mist of Shadows 5 12 30’ radius/lev Instant Standard Reveals all spirits, energy beings, etc in radius. Rifter 65 p.34
Spirit Familiar 11 200 10’ Permanent Std Familiar is Entity. Rifter 65 p. 39 Haunting Entity
Corpse Restore 10 90 Touch 1 hr ritual N/A Bring dead back to full sdc/hp. Does not resurrect. Rifter 65 p. 38 98% chance, lowered by previous deaths. The being must be no more than 4x PE below 0 on HP.
Vengeful Spirits 8 30 100’/lev 1 melee/lev Std 2D6 dam/bypass AR Save or -1 all saves all combat Rifter 65 p37
Shadow of Doom 8 45 100’+ 10’/lev 48 hrs/lev Std -2 Initiative, -1 combat bonuses -20 all skills
Shadow Self 9 55 Self 1 min/lev None Becomes a shadow. (In No Name’s case, a ghost). Can only be detected with direct light. Prowl 98%. All carried becomes shadow. (No Name- can walk through wood, earth, and stone walls- not metal. Cannot pass through ceilings or floors- must have contact with floor when entering wall)
Shadow Self – Specialization NA 12 Self Double Original Spell Length None Mages have been known to study a spell so much that they specialize in it. Mages are only known to be able to do this for one spell.
Lifelink 6 25 Self 1 min/lev None Steals half health from all damage done by melee or held weapons. Does not apply to thrown or ranged weapons
Soul Penance 3 5 ea Eye Contact Channeled Std Caster sees all innocents harmed by target, target feels all pain caused to innocents psychologically (No Actual damage). Both Caster and target are immobile during channel. Target saves on each attack but at a cumulative minus one. Target so traumatized that they remain physically paralyzed until half the duration of the channel (after two attacks of channeling) rounded down or if any spells or damage effects the target (even a slap or one point of damage will wake up target). Target must have a soul to be targeted (No gods, demi-gods, or supernatural creatures).
Resurrect Legend 1000 Touch Instant None Athanasia
Phantom Horse 10 60 Instant 1 hr/lev None Glows Blue. Semi-transparent. Spd 88 Runs 4″ off ground. Leap 20′ high, 60′ long. 98% Skill
Sky of Darkness 7 30 ea 500’/lev 30 min/lev None The sky darkens, first with dark clouds, and then after just 1 attack a fog appears. Sight in fog limited to 200′, and a chill fills the air. No Saving Throw. Only the caster can see clearly without augmentation- nightvision has no affect.
Dead Tree Walking 11 120 Until Destroyed None Must be used on a dead tree.  Tree from 6-15 feet 120 PPE.  Larger than 15′ PPE 140. Spd 7  PS 20 (25 for Large)SDC 110 (no HP, as it is dead)  160 for large tree Damage 2D6+5 punch  3D6+5 kick (3D6+10 punch, 4D6+10 kick for large) +1 Strike/parry  No Dodge Impervious to HF, Phobias, Mind magic/psionics (has no empathy, etc.  Can be hurt by physical psionics/magics) Only exception is fire- Small Fire/Torch HF 9  Larger HF 13 Axes, blunt weapons do damage.  Swords, arrows, piercing weapons do no damage. Magic fire does 2x damage.  Regular torch 2D6 damage.Immune to cold, fatigue, punch, paralysis, turn dead.
Improved Shadow Self 5 12 Self Duration of Shadow None Spend the extra ISP to travel vertically as well as horizontally being at least within 10′ of an object. Can now travel through metals and lethal objects such as lava. Does not trigger wards unless passing directly through wards that affect ghosts.
Zombie: Animals 6 15 Small 25 Large Touch Until Destroyed None Indefinite until destroyed.  Same rules as killing zombies. Double normal damage.
Dominate Undead 8 40 Instant None Like negate magic- 3+1D6 Undead or 1D4 Vampires. Use 1D20 + spell casters level to roll off.
Lust for Life 70 Touch Instant None
8d6 Hp and sdc and +25% save coma/death or if healthy grants 1d6 extra years to persons natural life
Bless Small Gardens and Underground Agriculture – God Power 20 0 Touch 1 Year None Blesses garden making it more abundant and larger produce than normal, slighty reduces growth time
Psionics Major Psionic
Power Type ISP Range Duration Save Description
Teleport Object Physical 10 50’/lev Instant None 1 lb/lev 50’/level
Telekinetic Leap Physical 8 Self One action None 6d6+6 SDC kick attack / +2ft up or + 3ft across per level
Telekinesis Physical Varies 60’ 2 min/lev Dodge +3 Strike, +4 Parry (parry w/tk force 8 ISP
Nightvision Physical 4 600’ 10 min/lev None Must be some source of light.
Mind Block Physical 4 Self 10 min/lev None +1 save psionics, blocks empathy, telepathy, etc.
Impervious to Fire Physical 4 Self 3 Minutes/lev None Impervious to natural fire and heat. Magic fire does 1/2 dam
Impervious to Cold Physical 2 Self 20 min/lev None Non-magic cold has no effect.
Ectoplasm Physical 6/12 40’+5/lv 4m/lv None 75’ for 24m; See Notes
Eternal Torch Ring AR 14
OCC Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Language: Western 98 1 20 98%
Language: Elven 40+5 10 1 20 98%
Literacy: Western 30+5 20 1 20 98%
Lore:Demon/Monster 25+5 20 1 20 98%
Math:Basic 45+5 5 1 20 98%
Acrobatics 10 1 20
Climb 40/40+5 10 1 20 98/98%
Balance 40+5 20 1 20 98%
Tightrope 30+3 10 1 20 98%
Back Flip 30+5 20 1 20 98%
Track Humanoids 25+5 10 1 20 98%
Wilderness Survival 30+5 5 1 20 98%
WP:Pole Arm 1 20
WP:Knife 1 20
HtH: Martial Arts 1 20
OCC Related Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Gymnastics 1 20
Parallel Bars/Rings 30+3 4 1 20 91%
Somersault 40+5 1 20 98%
Prowl 25+5 1 20 98%
Undead Lore 30+5 10 1 20 98%
Streetwise 20+4 5 1 20 98%
Intelligence 30+4 7 1 20 98%
Locate secret comp/doors 15+5 5 1 20 98%
History: Humans, Elves, Dwarves
Werebeasts, Giants, Orc 35+5 10 3 20 98%
Lore Magic 25+5 10 6 20 98%
Recog Ward/Rune/Circles 15+5 14 6 20 98%
Recog Enchantment 10+5 14 6 20 94%
Tumbling 10 20
Pole Vault 50+5 4 10 20 98%
Stilt Walk 50+5 4 10 20 98%
Interrogation 20+5 4 14 20 54%
Lore: Farm 25+5 34 18 20 69%
Secondary Skills Base % Start Current Total %
Boxing 1 20
Running 1 20
Athletics 1 20
Wrestling 1 20
Swimming 40+5 1 20 98%
Heraldry 15/20+5 1 20 98/98%

Name Count Location Description
Wood Stakes 2
Trenchcoat 1 Worn
Winter Clothes 1 Worn
Summer Clothes 1
Leather Gloves 1 Worn
Boots 1 Worn
Bedroll 1
Water Skin 1
Quill Pen 3
Graphite Stick 2
Stick Chalk 2
Ink Bottle 2
Wooden Symbol of God 1
Candles 2
Small Mirror 1
Tinder Box 1
Short Rope 4 2’ long
Medium Rope 1 12’ long
Ball of String 1 20’
Backpack 1
Large Satchel 1
Small Sacks 2
Torch Ring 1
Vindicator 1 Worn See Weapon
Flask 1
Ring of reading 1 Left Index Finger 10 min/3x/day read elven
Ring of Fleet Feet 1 Right Index Finger Fleet Feet
Grappling Hook Crossbow 1 Backpack
Silver Torch of Isis 1 Backpack
Black Shirt w/ White Skull 1 Chest Looks Cool
Sunder Blackrock’s Head 1
Book of Wolfen Origin 1
Scroll of Mystery 1  Spell and Writings from The First Sinner
Might of Palladium 1
Letter to Lictalon 1 Backpack
Leaf of Millenium Tree  1  Backpack
Book of the First Sinner 1 Backpack
Breathe Without Air Scroll 1 Right Inside Coat Pocket
Teleport Return Scroll 1 Backpack From Xerx’ses “Dicks out for the Western Kingdom!” -everyone has to say to travel with
Teleport Anywhere 1 Backpack From the  Slayer
Crystal Flask 1 Backpack
Life Gives Strength 1 Worn
Book of Death 1 Backpack Only visible to gods of death or those No Name wishes to read it
Drama Cards, Luck Points, Ace in the Hole
Ace in the Hole 0
Drama Card: Exterminate
Luck Points 1
Drama Cards Played Result
Riled Up Used to help kill Terosh
Sacrifice Played,
Buy Ya a Drink Played, with Ace, to save Ja’Deir from Nightstalker dragon


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