An ancient looking Elven priest that looks to be a somewhat muscular and well-built 60 plus years old if a human was trying to guess the age. Born over 600 years ago in Marmana region to the head (at the time) of the Sami Clan. Third and youngest of a set of triplets, and such births are rare and wondrous event among the fair folk.

By the time Nulendar was 150 years old he had been a Palladin of Timiro Kingdom for a century. He has served as a general and helped to establish the Sentinels as the military elite for knights and Palladins wishing to serve the country. At 203 years old he retired from serving as chancellor to the King of Timiro. He bequeath his worldly possessions to the Cult of the Great One and became a Priest of Osiris!

As of Algor the 22nd of this year he has served as a priest of Osiris for 400 years and served as the High Priest or Cardinal of the Cult of the Great One for the last 186 of those years! His official residence is in the Holy city of Sekti-Abtu, but he runs this branch of the church as covert operations in most countries. Many secretly whisper that the Witch Hunters report to him. For he is the Grand Arbiter in decisions of law in all affairs of the Church of Light & Dark.


Picture by our own AZ_RUNE.