Old Gregg


Old Gregg is a Vrill healer who meets up with CrIsis in the Rocky Desert of the Baalgor Wastelands. He escorts the group to the cave entrance of the Etrinan Tribe, and then later escorts them to the base of the Baalgor Mountains and back to the Etrinan cave. He helps CrIsis bury the dead there.

He loves to drink alcohol out of a shoe, dance, and have a good time, but is a skilled healer.

See the logs There and Back Again, and Ceptaculum pro Vim Psychicae in Potentia.

Picture from Ryan Crosby.

This is what happens when you have a player send you hilarious videos (thanks Pandajester)… please, please, if you have not seen Old Gregg from the Mighty Boosh, do so here.

What a vrill actually looks like is below- but I just had to get Old Gregg in the game somewhere….