Ondemeira the White


Friend of Malkin Falimede that is asked, along with Nyodo Skatelin, to meet Gavin in the Timiro Kingdom capital of Credia. She is a former member of the Guardians of the Library.

She helps guide Gavin in his guise of King Gedro, weeding out traitors. She approved the transition to King Guy Campton..

Her writing pseudonym is Lady Torchwood, and she takes over the writing duties from “Rod Rambler” as of Book 7 of CrIsis.

Please see the log Statues for her dealing with the initial Gavin crisis.

Book 7- (End of Innocence) 49 logs, from Strange Occurances(3/30/13) to Morning of the 25th of Ra(6/22). Introduces Agent, Azariel, Xerx’ses, Bungo. Gavin has become King, and left. Tyvernos leaves to escort Morgan & Oric to Gavin. 1st book from Ondemeira (Lady Torchrealm). Published worldwide Ra 1, 112

Book 8- (Darkness Falls) 59 logs, from Ovkral-Surrender!(7/6/13) to Duty is Heavy as a Feather (9/28/13) (Kym-nark-mar 29, 111) Femur recovered. CrIsis consists of Azariel (Leaving to Western Empire to study Diabolism), Cava, Indaris, Overkill, Tyvernos, and Xerx’ses. Published Pegasus 1, 112.

Book 9- (The Trials) 54 logs, from The Lung and the Games(9/28/13) to To My Bestest Friends in CrIsis (9/28) (Od 28, 111) Left Foot recovered. CrIsis is now Asher, Azariel, Indaris, Overkill, & Xerx’ses. Published Od 1, 112

See also Books of CrIsis.

Picture by our own AZ_Rune.