Osiris Kidney



Nothing is known about this piece except some rumors from Ley-Rhy. Please see the log Enlightenment of Konesh.

• 27th of Corg: In the Hall of the Fool’s classic art section Xerx’ses find a book called “On Tapestries: A Treatise” and within it is a red pattern tapestry with suns and moons (light and dark anyone), a Crystal Ball upon it, and Kidney inside it! This is the first legitimate reference to the Kidney of Osiris! Please see the log “If I Survive, What Then?” – Part 2.

• 28th of Ra, 114: Grignak learns much information about the Kidney.  It was temporarily lost, but Silent Dream was able to retrieve it.  The following items exist for anyone actively holding the kidney: +10 save vs magic, purge poison disease 3x/Day, 1x/Day psychic surgery 98% (requires medical knowledge or psionic power Psychic Surgery, which is then raised to 98%),  1x/day Magically + Psionicaly invisible +10% skill,  500 OSDC, and Can boost magic users in some specifically unknown way.

• 8th of Thoth, 114: Grignak recovers the Kidney from the Crystal Kingdom. See the log Journal of Grignak-Don’t Read.