God who was broken into pieces by Set.
Osiris is in at least 17 pieces, spread throughout the Megaverse.

At the beginning of the campaign, there is only one truly safe piece of Osiris, the Heart of Osiris, located in Haven in the Eastern Territory.

There are thought to be between 12-15 of Osiris’ parts on Palladium. The other 5-8 are scattered, and Isis has 2 other groups looking for them. One of the groups is headed by the legendary Erin Tarn of Rifts Earth, who witnessed Isis become aware. The other group is the infamous Megaverse traveling group the Torch of Retribution.

Xerx’ses currently represents Osiris in CrIsis.

To see updates on CrIsis’ quest to recover the parts of Osiris, please refer to the Osiris Parts Breakdown page.

The symbol for Osiris is the flail and crook, which he holds in the picture on this page. They are usually shown crossed in an x.

Spells available to Priests of Osiris: As scrolls, below. As spells, each is 1 melee/level of priest use, unless otherwise indicated.

Note: Scrolls can only be used by True believers of light.

Arm of Law- Grants + 6 parry and AR 17. Lasts 1 melee/lev. Tell someone is lying auto for 1 hr/lev.
Arm of Power- Grants + 3 strike and + 6 damage with any hand held melee weapon. Lasts 1 melee/lev.
Eye of Location- Priest’s left eye becomes a ruby. Additional bonuses or grant skills as follows: Track Humanoids 80/+ 20 Track Animals 80/+ 20 Id Plants/Fruits 80/+ 20 Locate Secret Compartments/Doors 80/+ 20 Recognize Poison 80/+ 20 If success on poison, auto negates. Lasts 1 hour/lev.
Eye of Sight- Priest’s right eye becomes a diamond. 120’ See Invisible & Nightvision. Can see as if x-ray vision through any substance except lead 5’ Lasts 1 hour/lev
Feet of Speed: Priest lifted off ground by mystic feet. Speed is doubled, + 3 dodge. Leap additional 30’ high, 25’ across. Kicks do 2x damage. Lasts 1 hour/lev
Finger of Divining: A Finger appears which can detect secret compartments/doors, detect water, or sense ley lines at 89%. Finger lasts for 1 hour/priest level.
Hand of Force: A Giant Petrified Hand appears beside the priest. It can hold/carry 1500 lbs or do crushing damage 1D4x10/melee, after an initial 1D4x10 damage. Hand appears for 1 hour/level of priest or can crush 1 melee/level of priest.
Hand of Negation: Priest’s left hand becomes gold in color. Can cast Dispel Magic Barriers or Negate magic (either) once/level. Disappears in 1 hour/level whether fully used or not.
Heart of Defense: A basketball sized platinum heart hangs above head. + 10 save HF, + 5 all other saves, and can cast any of these spells total (aggregate) of 6 times- Sense evil, sense magic, turn dead (2D4x10), remove curse (touch), resurrection (+ 30%), healing touch (additional 4D6). Lasts 1 hr/lev or until all spells used, whichever is first.
Kidney of Safety: Save Magic + 3 Recognize Poison 80/+ 20 if success auto negates. Lasts 2 hours/lev.
Leg of Law: 8’ leg becomes club or throwing stick (throwing branch). 6D6 Damage for both. As stick 20’/lev returns to thrower. Fires 6D6 fire ball 50’/level every other melee. Lasts 1 melee/lev.
Leg of Retribution: 8’ leg becomes pole arm or staff, dependent on users wp. 6D6 Damage 2x dam to vampires, zombies & animated dead. Fires Lightning Bolt 50’/level every other melee. While holding impervious to all electric attacks, even magic lightning. Lasts 1 melee/lev.
Lungs of Wind: Cast any of these spells total (aggregate) of 6 times- Wind Rush, Cloud of Smoke, Repel Animals, Wisps of Confusion. Lasts 1 hr/lev or until all spells used, whichever is first.
Member of Fertility: Grow Plants 6x/day. Create bread/milk 3x/day. Lasts 1 day/lev.
Ribs of Protection- Priest gains Golden Ribs. + 50 SDC Ribs regenerate 1 SDC/melee. Fire/cold do 1/2 damage. + 1 all saving throws. Lasts 1 melee/lev
Skull of Osiris: Priest’s head becomes Osiris’. HF/Awe 16. IQ + 2. Save Psionics + 4,
HF + 4, Magic/Poison/Disease + 2. Nightvision + 90’. Understand (not speak) all languages. Can Regenerate 2D6 once/hr. Lasts 1 hour/lev.
Tongue of Understanding: Priests tongue becomes silver in color. Understand & Speak all languages. Detect lies 60% Impervious to charms, hypnosis, & auras. Lasts 1 hour/lev.

Note on spells- Based on Parts abilities. There are other parts, and spells, but they are not known by the Palladium people.