Known as the children of Bennu or the Fire Birds, they are large, humanoid bird beings, with flaming red wings.

Abilities/Stats Known: 10-14’ tall, 18-20’ wingspan. Nightvision. Eagle-like sight. See invisible. Bio-regeneration. Bite/claw attacks. High PS, PE, PB, Speed. SDC/HP: 80-400.

CrIsis encounters their first Phoenixi as a group in Avramstown,there to protect King Avramson, but previously Tyvernos was escorted to meet Bennu by a Phoenixi.

See the campaign logs Vacations From Life, and After Action Report 2nd Kym-nark-mar, and the character biography of Tyvernos for more on interaction between CrIsis and the Phoenixi.

Picture from the amazingly talented Brandrificus.