Head of the Gods of Light, the Sun God represents light & fertility. In Ra’s mind there is evil and there is good, the dark and the light. He sees things in absolutes, cut and dry.
Ra has decided to participate in this quest to get some level of revenge on Set, his eternal enemy.

To represent his interests he chose Gavin Mordox, a changeling who prefers the image of a human child. He is of great power and also shares Ra’s belief in absolutes. Later he sent Mack, and after he was slain Ra has waited. Now he sends Prince Torrun Ithanson a Warrior-Monk to CrIsis.

The symbol for Ra is the sun disk.

A Hymn for Ra

Hail O Ra at your rising!
You proceed at your pleasure in your night barge,
Your heart is happy with a fair wind in your day barge,
Filled with joy at crossing the sky with the blessed ones.

All your enemies are crushed,
The Unwearying Stars praise you,
Even the evil Set worships you.
May you always be happy and live forever as my lord.

Picture by our own AZ Rune.