RAULF (Deceased)

Wolfen Palladin of Ra


Raulf is a rather tall and large Wolfen from the Iron Claw tribe. Most of his fur is pure silver; the only exceptions are 4 lightning bolt shaped marks. They are black as the blackest coal found under the earth. The locations of the marks are his right cheek, over his heart, and one on each of his biceps. He wears two piercing ensigns; one for his rank in the Imperial Army, red with 3 black pips; the other for his title and position in his tribe, regal purple with 3 royal blue stripes. Both are in his left ear, the nobility ensign is worn higher than the military. He has a very muscular body. He is so well defined that you can see some of the definition through his fur. The last thing that makes him astonishing is his piercing ice blue eyes, when he stares you down, it’s like he is staring through your soul.

Picture from our own AZ_Rune.

Name: Raulf Bozkurtlar
True Name: Jelkna Gefra, Shel-na gef-Ra, (The Fist of Ra).
Rank 11th Level
OCC: Palladin
Race: Wolfen
Land of Origin: Wolfen Empire
Citizenship: Wolfen Empire- Iron Claw Tribe

HT 9’5" IQ 11 Save vs Magic +3 Strike +5
WT 453 lbs ME 11 Save vs Psionics 0 Parry +5
PPE 40/40 MA 10 Save vs coma +10% Dodge +5
HP 56/56 PS 29/29 Save vs pois/dis +3 Roll +8
SDC 69/69 PP 14 Save vs horror +10 Pull +4
Exp 141,800 PE 20 Initiative +6
Sex M PB 10 Damage +18
Birthday 11/11/89 (23 years old) SPD 43 Disarm +1
HTH: Martial Arts HF 12 Critical 18-20
Alignment Principled Attacks 7
Perception +3
Knockout 20
Death Blow N/A
Gold Coins Amount
Wolfen Empire 0
Western Empire 0
Island of Bizantium 0
Eastern Territory 0
Timiro Kingdom 0
Dragon Coins 0
Weapon Proficiencies Level Acquired Strike Parry Thrown/Rate Range/Notes
Sword 1 +4 +4 +2
Shield 1 +2 +5
Pole Arm 1 +4 +4 +2 +4 damage
Archery 1 +6 +6 7 +200’
Siege Engines 1 +3
Paired:Swords 7
Weapons: Damage Notes
Armara 6D6 Protection Circle, Remove Curse, Negate Poison, Extra Damage
Apis’ Horn 3D6 Healing touch, 6xDay, 2D6 HP&SDC
Horus’ Beak 3D6 +1 v. magic, +2 v. HF, POIS, DIS.
Iron Buckler 2D4 SDC 50
Long Sword 3D6
Glaive 3D6 +1 Strike/Parry
Large Crossbow 3D6 Standard Crossbow
Armor AR/ SDC Notes
Scale 15/75 Weightless
Special Attacks: Damage Notes
Kick 2D6
Karate 2D6
Snap 2D6
Crescent 3D6+2
Axe 2D6
Jump Kick 6d6 Uses all attacks for one melee/auto critical. See Main p45
Flying Jump Kick 4d6 Uses two melee attacks. See Main p45
Leap Attack varies 1st attack melee/auto-critical. See main p46
Body Throw 1D6 Victim loses next attack
Claw/Punch 2D4
Bite 2D4 No Damage Bonus
Special Powers Description Notes
Demon Death Blow Use hand held weapon or punch/kick. Bypasses AR. Used against demons, dragons, elementals, minions, etc. 2 attacks Uses 3D6 PPE. See Main p. 89
Nightvision Natural 40’ nightvision See Main p. 311
Track Blood Scent A Wolfen can follow the scent of blood up to 500’. Base skill: 20% +4% per level Current 60% See Main p.311
Recognize Scent of Others The character can recognize and follow a familiar scent up to 50’ away. Base Skill: 16% +4% per level. 10% bonus for family and close friends Current 54% See Main p. 312
Keen Hearing Equal to that of a dog in all manner See Main p. 312
Eternal Torch Ring AR 14
Amulet of Teleport (to Sekti Abtu) Worn around neck
Osiris’ Left Hand Strapped under his clothing making contact with his skin
Cap of 6th Sense(6 INT/2 PRY/3 DGE) 3x/day
Cloak of Armor of Ithan (200 SDC/AR 18) 3x/day 10min/use
Necklace of Invisibility (Crook & Flail shaped pendant) 3x/day 60 min/use
Ring of Super Human Strength (PS 30/PE 24/30 SDC) 3x/day 2 melees per use
Ring of Fleet Feet(2xPP/SPD/#AT, +6 PRY/DGE/STR, -2 INT) 3x/Day 10 min/use
OCC Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Language: Wolfen 98 1 11 98%
Language: Elven 40+5 15 1 11 98%
Language: Eastern 40+5 15 1 11 98%
Literacy: Elven 30+5 20 1 11 98%
Dance 30+5 10 1 11 90%
Heraldry: Wolfen/Eastern 15/20+5 20+5 1 11 90/95%
Surveillance 25+5 10 1 11 85%
Land Navigation 30+4 10 1 11 85%
Mathematics:Basic 45+5 15 1 11 98%
WP Pole Arm 1 11
WP Shield 1 11
WP Sword 1 11
WP Archery 1 10
WP Siege Weapons 1 11
WP Paired Weapons 7 11
OCC Related Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Cryptography 15+5 10 1 11 75%
Literacy:Eastern 30+5 10 1 11 90%
Detect Ambush 30+5 10+5 1 11 90%
Siege Engineering 30/25+5 10 1 11 90/85%
Intelligence 30+4 7+2 1 11 80%
Math: Advanced 45+5 10 1 11 98%
Lore: Religion; Old Ones, Northern, Dragonwright, Light & Dark 30+5 10 1 11 90%
Public Speaking 30+5 10 1 11 90%
Falconry 30+5 10 1 11 90%
Legal Knowledge: Wolfen 25+5 10 1 11 85%
Detect Concealment 25+5 10 3 11 75%
Field Armorer 30+5 10 6 11 65%
Sailing 35/20+5 10 9 11 55/40%
Secondary Skills Base % Start Current Total %
Wrestling 1 11
Swimming 40+5 1 11 90%
First Aid 30/20+5 1 11 80/70%
Boxing 1 11
Running 5 11
Body Building 5 11
Athletics 10 11
Gymnastics 10 11
—Sense of Balance 30+5 10 11 35%
—Work parallel bars & rings 30+3 10 11 33%
—Back flip and somersault 40+5 10 11 45%
Hand to Hand: Martial Arts
1 Starts with two attacks per melee round. +3 to roll with punch/fall/impact, and +3 to pull punch
2 +3 to parry and dodge, +2 to strike, and disarm
3 Kick attacks: Karate style kick (does 2D4 damage) and any four of choice, except jump kicks
4 One additional attack per melee round
5 Jump kicks (all)
6 Critical strike on an unmodified roll of 18, 19 or 20
7 Paired weapons
8 Leap attack (critical strike)
9 One additional attack per melee
10 Body throw/flip and +1 on initiative
*11 An additional +4 to damage
12 An additional +2 to parry and dodge
13 Knockout/stun on an unmodified roll of 18, 19, or 20
14 One additional attack per melee round
15 Death Blow on a roll of a natural 20 (if desired)

Name Count Location Description
Truth Serum Potion 1 Backpack Main p.253
Set of Fine Clothing 1 Worn Worn in warmer weather
Set of Fine Winter Clothing 1 Backpack Worn in Cold weather
Cape 1 Worn Regal Purple
Boots 1 Worn Standard
Gloves 1 Worn Standard
Belt 1 Worn Standard
Backpack 1 Worn on back Standard size
Large Sacks 2 Backpack Stored in case of need
Small Sacks 2 Backpack Stored in case of need
Water Skin 1 Slung on belt Standard
Tinder Box 1 Backpack normal item
Books of Crisis 10 Backpack volumes 1-10
Amulet of Teleport (to Sekti Abu) 1 Worn Teleports user to Sekti Abu
Temple Robe 1 Backpack Worn during Temple ceremonies
Sand from Antes Temple in Haven 1 bag Backpack
Amulet of Cooling 1 Maintains normal body temperature with no armor, up to 130 degrees fahrenheit
# days Field Rations 9 Backpack Food
Name Count Location Description
Rune Lightbringer Claymore 1 Cross Back Scabbard See link above
Apis’ Horn 1 Fore Arm Scabbard
Hours’ Beak 1 Fore Arm Scabbard
Iron Buckler 1 On hip belt Standard
Long Sword 1 Left Side scabbard Standard
Glaive 1 Used as a staff when walking, Placed in a back scabbard when in a fight Standard
Large Crossbow 1 Strapped on back Standard
Bolt Qiver 40 bolts On right hip Standard bolts
Paired Weapons Description
W.P. Paired Weapons: Users of paired weapons can:
1. Strike and parry simultaneously. In other words, warriors skilled in paired weapons can often perform two actions for every one melee action/attack.
2. Twin, simultaneous strikes against the same target. Both weapons hit, but is considered ONE melee attack/action, (roll only once to strike). The defender can only try to parry one of the weapons in the parry! The other will strike, unless he too is using two weapons, or a weapon and a shield, and has the W.P. paired weapons skill.
3. Strike two different targets (or strike one and parry the other), simultaneously; both must be within reach.
4. Parry two different attackers; one with each hand. Weapons are limited to the one-handed types and can be used in any combination; for example, two short swords, or short sword and broadsword, sword and knife, mace and shield, etc. Two-handed weapons cannot be used as a paired weapon.

Drama Cards, Luck Points, Ace in the Hole
Ace in the Hole 0
Luck Points 3


Grand Earl Quingia Ballistia I-I (Commanding Major of the 1st Artillery Cohort of the 1st Legion “The Kings of the 1st”) Raulf Bozkurtlar is the 3rd son and 5th child (the youngest) of the Chieftain of the Iron Claw tribe. His oldest brother, Ulrich is destined to be the next Chieftain and is being groomed as such. The 2nd oldest and middle child, Weylyn is being groomed to be a high priest of the Church of Taut. Being the 3rd male of his family he was destined to service in the military. His oldest sister, 2nd child, is being trained as an ambassador to the various other tribes and nations. His other sister, 4th child, has shown great interest in healing magic and psionics and is being trained by the greatest masters of the healing field. He knows that his entire family will have to die before he will be considered for Chieftain. He is fine with that; he knows he is destined for something else. Although he is the youngest, he is the biggest of his entire family by at least half the next closest.

He was sent at a very early age to be trained as a Palladin and military leader. He started out in the Iron Claw Tribal Army but was quickly chosen by the Imperial Army for his leadership and prowess on the battlefield in skirmishes against the Easterns. Even though his entire families are members of The Church of Taut, he just couldn’t find his true faith in The Church. While training as a Palladin, one of his masters was a follower of Ra from the Church of Light and Dark. Raulf would ask his master many questions as to why he followed Ra instead of the Church of Taut. Raulf found he had similar feelings when it came to his faith and upon taking the oath of the Palladin declared his faith in Ra.

When Raulf was assigned to his first posting as a Lanipia over a Maniple of ballistae there was a major skirmish with a group of eastern interlopers. His Maniple was assigned as final defense of the command group, a plum assignment. He was given this as the noble son of the Chieftain and being a green Lanipia. The battle was going well for the Wolfen when suddenly a large force, near the size of a cohort, of Light cavalry come charging from the rear flank. It was a disruptive maneuver by the enemy. Not able to get his ballistae battery turned in time, he commanded all his men and several guards of the Legatia and Militaria to grab long pikes and form up around him in a triangle pattern and lock up with each other, with him as the point. They were about the size of two Maniples. He yelled out “By Ra, we shall defend out commanders, no matter the consequences” and led a counter-charge against the lancers. Some of the less brave Eastern soldiers balked at the sight of the Wolfen formation charging back at them, dispersing. When the Wolfen phalanx made contact it was said the noise was like a thunder clap. The Eastern unit was cut down the middle sending humans and horses flying. The carnage and chaos caused enough of a delay to allow the Command group to recall several Maniples of infantry and archers to reinforce the phalanx and beat back the charging force; this lead to the ultimate defeat of the entire Eastern force. Very few of the soldiers of the phalanx were injured or killed. Raulf was heralded as the hero of the battle. His maneuver was nicknamed “The Hand of Ra” because of his beliefs and what he said just before charging. It was also that he, being at point, survived and most of the soldiers that followed his command. He also gained this nickname and so did the Maniple. It is called The Hand of Ra Maniple to this day.

His actions, and potential sacrifice, resulted in him being promoted directly to Quingia and given his own Imperial Ballistia Cohort. He continued to serve honorably and develop many groundbreaking artillery maneuvers and tactics. It was almost as though he had divine inspiration. His parents and siblings are very proud of his service and sacrifice. He knows that he does this so that they may be free for their pursuits in the Tribe and Empire.

When folks address him formally, he prefers Quingia over Grand Earl or Earl. When asked about this by his family, he states “Yes I am the Grand Earl, and that is my title and station. It is just I like the Title and Rank of Quingia. I EARNED that, it wasn’t given to me by birthright. My men respect that. When I use this with my men they seem to snap to a little quicker and respond to my commands better.”

Because he is a follower of Ra and The Church of Light and Dark, he has been ostracized from his family. They are devout followers of The Church of Taut. He still holds the title afforded by his birth, and many in his tribe still respect this title. However he has little to no holdings that originate from the family. He doesn’t feel that he turned his back on his family and noble duty, but that they turned their backs on him. Since the “event” he has concentrated solely on becoming the best soldier and officer he can be. He knows that if something is due to him it will come; because of his hard work, his faith, and his Honor.