This is a recap representing significant moments in A God…Rebuilt, and in the lives of CrIsis, the player characters. Pictured along the left side are all the current and former members of CrIsis.
For the timeline of CrIsis’ previous years see here. For the timeline of Palladium’s history see here. For the timeline of CrIsis’ current year see Current Timeline.

Set learned that Isis had transformed herself into a human ley line walker to combat the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Set had maliciously infected her with an experimental bio-wizard microbe, causing her to forget who she was. Isis has discovered Set’s treachery- she has awakened from her Katrina Sun personage, and is out for revenge. Her greatest revenge would be to restore her husband, Osiris! She turns to one of her most trusted followers: Elanu , the Wanderer. He is now aged, over 1200 years old, but has recently converted a young sea titan named Chip to the Church of Light & Dark. Chip and his friend Bexx are transported from Rifts Earth to the land of Palladium to recover parts of Osiris, so that he may be rebuilt and then reborn.

Bexx and Chip, save a Jungle Elf, an Elven Wizard named Elanu, and Elanu’s personal guard from capture by Atlantean Slavers near the island of Maga on Rifts Earth. Elanu finds a kindred spirit in Chip, and introduces him to the Church of Light & Dark, his belief from his former world, Palladium. Chip welcomes the guidance, and becomes a true believer. Isis, a God of Light, requests Elanu’s help on a quest to recover pieces of her husband, Osiris. Elanu says that alas, he is too old, but volunteers Chip.

These two adventurers will search for Osiris’ body parts, bringing them to locations designated by Isis through dreams, visions, and other followers of the Church of Light & Dark. They are joined by Overkill, a dwarven mariner attempting to become righteous and just whom is wanted for piracy by his own kingdom, on the day they arrive on the Palladium world. They leave the island of Zy together, and head to the Library of Bletherad.

At the Library, they meet Malkin Falimede, who served the Defilers, and therefore Elanu, as their researcher. There they are joined by Greldarr, a Wolfen priest of the Church of Light, follower of Osiris, Cava, a human Ranger, follower of Isis, and Chu, a pygmy scholar and follower of Horus. The group adopts the name CrIsis to represent them on their quest. They leave the Library of Bletherad after having researched the location of three parts of Osiris.

Before embarking on their journey to recover their first part, CrIsis takes Malkin’s advice and they journey to Haven, home to the one safe piece of Osiris, his Heart. Inspired, they journey forth, to rebuild a God.

When Chu leaves the group for other pursuits, and Bexx is swallowed by a sea serpent, on the same day!!!, the Gods of Light quickly thereafter send Rell, a human Master Collector, follower of Apis, with a dark past, and Gavin, a strange child, follower of Ra, with Mind Mage powers. These two quickly fit in to CrIsis. With Bexx gone, Overkill assumes captaincy of the ship.

CrIsis decides that they should retrieve the Tongue of Osiris from the bandit Rhaznor in the Timiro Kingdom. While traveling to recover the Tongue, Gavin releases a group of slaves, who turn on him and kill him! He is resurrected by Greldarr! Soon after, Overkill buys a slave of his own, Mary, and they soon fall in love and she joins the group in their travels.

CrIsis defeats Rhaznor, and recovers the tongue. They decide next to recover Osiris’ Left Foot, held by a Wooly Dragon on the island of Dragon’s Roost in the Floenry Isles. During the voyage on their ship, Matilda, Cava is possessed by Anubis! They participate in an exorcism led by the Bishop Tutu on Enry Island, and continue their quest.

They are defeated by another Wooly Dragon on the island of Dragon’s Roost, a mother dragon which Greldarr angered. Greldarr and Overkill’s bodies are taken to Enry Island, where Bishop Tutu resurrects them. CrIsis takes the Bishop home to Credia, the capital of Timiro, and say farewell to Mary- Overkill decides it is more important for her to be safe. In Credia, CrIsis adds another member, a holy palladin of Thoth named Karma. CrIsis decides to unload the Tongue of Osiris, which Rell holds, in Avramstown in the Northern Wilderness. This long journey, halfway around Palladium, is finally completed, but not before stopping again at the Library for more research. There are no possessions on this long sea voyage, but there is a switch in allegiance by Overkill, who changes allegiance to Thoth from Osiris.

Reaching the Northern Wilderness and the Wolfen Empire the group grows to its largest number, eight, with the addition of Tyvernos, a gnome air warlock, follower of Bennu. They successfully reach the Pyramid of Avramstown, where Isis herself places the Tongue for safekeeping, praising the group for their success. They are celebrated as heroes by King Avramson, and then return to Matilda to journey onward. CrIsis at this point is made up of Chip, Overkill, Cava, Greldarr, Gavin, Rell, Karma, and Tyvernos.

On their way to try and recover their next piece, Osiris’ Right Index Finger, they stop in the town of Otter to repair a broken sail. Here they encounter Malkin Falimede again, who gives them much information, and Rell is attacked and killed by agents of Anubis. He is resurrected by Tyvernos, and the group continues on to Me’zfii Onh.

Reaching Me’zfii Onh, Greldarr leaves, deciding that filling his sick aunt High Snow’s Wolfen Senate seat is more important than his current quest. The first mate, and backup captain, protector of the ship Matilda, and champion of Horus, Robert the Just, joins them in Me’zfii Onh, and pledges to protect Matilda with his life. The rest of CrIsis is led from Me’zfii Onh to the Dragon’s Claw in search of the Dread Pirate Jason’s treasure trove by a young Wolfen named Jaremy. They reach the cave of treasure, defeat a force of destruction powered by the Old Ones, and recover Osiris’ Right Index Finger.

When CrIsis returns to Me’zfii Onh with Osiris’ Right Index Finger and the rest of their haul of the Dread Pirate Jason’s treasure they say good-bye to Rell, who chooses to go help the poor in the Timiro Kingdom. Rell’s ring literally flies off his hand and onto S’Erith’s, making him the newest member of CrIsis. He is a spirit monk who serves Osiris.

Reaching Bizantium, CrIsis makes a bargain with the King, agreeing to return a piece of Osiris during the Festival of Algor in exchange for the release of Overkill’s jailed cousin, Minischmee. CrIsis also discovers that there renown has grown significantly with the release of the third book, The Quest in Earnest, and are followed everywhere by adoring fans, people in need, and charlatans. Overkill is attacked by a slayer, a Bizantium assassin, and is killed, but is resurrected by Tyvernos.

While sailing towards Lemaria CrIsis is attacked by 3 Ice Dragon hatchlings, and suffer grave losses. Ood and Chip both die, but are resurrected by Morgan Lutteur. Unfortunately, Robert the Just was beyond saving, and Chip decides that he is to return to his home world. Thus, CrIsis has returned to a group of 6, with no original members left, and only Cava serving Isis, the goddess who started it all. The first Palladium member, Overkill, is joined by Cava, who has served almost as long. The other four members are Gavin, Karma, Tyvernos, and S’Erith.

On Lemaria, Necrom the Undying is unwittingly released by a Lemarian, and CrIsis must defeat him again, as they did in the Dread Pirate Jason’s cave. They barely survive the battle, but are accused of being sent by the Old Ones by the High Priestess and leader. After being jailed, they are freed by Gavin and his new wife Morgan Lutteur, and head into the forest. Here they are met by Thoth, who sends S’Erith away to go back to his studies. In his place he summons, without warning, Alric Treadstone, who takes up S’Erith’s Ring.

Reaching the Isle of Set, CrIsis does battle with an evil Elven necromancer named Chandar, who wears the Ribs of Osiris. They defeat him, but not without Cava losing his life. Luckily, he is resurrected by Alric using a scroll of Osiris.

CrIsis returns to Cassandra, where they had been jailed, with Thoth and Horus! Alric leaves CrIsis (Thoth says that he had chosen him too soon!) and replaced him with Ferrel. A new member also joins, the Danzi warrior Drauka. CrIsis is teleported to Avramstown by Thoth.

After a 4 1/2 month break in Avramstown, CrIsis returns to Sinza. There they turn over the Osiris Rib Cage at the Pyramid at Sinza, to the Goddess Bast, but not before the king of Bizantium, King Bafag, dies stepping on the sacred desert. He had angered the Gods of Light by bribing CrIsis. The Gods/Goddesses Bast, Algor, and Kym-nark-mar, who had been posing as the priest of Algor, Horoth Wavestrider, all declare that the former pirate, Minischmee, is now King of Bizantium. CrIsis leaves Sinza, bound for a stop in Haven, but not without picking up two passengers. They are the bard Terramore Gleba, who wishes to tell CrIsis’ tales, and a new protector for the ship Matilda, the Palladin of Horus, Sir Quixis Ote.

Arriving in Haven, they meet again with Bishop Rose Nodeki. The next day CrIsis finds that Drauka has died under mysterious circumstances, and has been replaced by the Troglodyte Earth Warlock Roggan. The goddess Bennu appears, and exiles Karma and kills Ferrel. She introduces Vandur to CrIsis, and states that they must regain their place and honor the gods. Vandur’s stay with CrIsis is short-lived, however, for he is killed by his replacement, the Holy Crusader Navelo, on orders from Bennu. This occurs just after CrIsis helps the Legion of Northmoor recover the Glaive of the Old Ones.

Navelo leaves quickly, and CrIsis continues on their river journey to the Timiro Kingdom. On the way, Cava kills the man who killed his family, Bass Reeves. In Wisdom CrIsis adds a 6th member, the Minotaur wizard Xerx’ses. Roggan also becomes an Iron Golem in Wisdom. The members of CrIsis at this point are Overkill, Cava, Gavin, Tyvernos, Roggan, and Xerx’ses.

CrIsis, while sailing the southern oceans between Credia and Enry Island, are attacked, and rather than allow the boat Matilda to capsize Roggan chooses to sacrifice himself and become one with the ship. In Credia, Gavin discovers that Walrue had killed King Gedro, and used his changeling abilities to replace him. Gavin slayed Walrue, and took up the aspect of the King himself. Azariel, an Elven mage working on becoming an alchemist, took Gavin’s place in CrIsis, and the group sailed on.

Reaching the Jungles of Yin Sloth, CrIsis ports in the city of Cyclone, where Terramore departs. Just before leaving the city, the Halfling thief Bungo joins CrIsis. The group now consists of Overkill, Cava, Tyvernos, Xerx’ses, Azariel, and Bungo.

CrIsis, after leveling miles of jungle by calling upon an air elemental, reaches the Baalgor Wastelands. Here both Tyvernos and Bungo leave the group, with Tyvernos vowing to return shortly.

In the Baalgor Wastelands CrIsis, with help from the Serelan Minotaurs, wrest the Right Femur of Osiris from the evil Idrijian Minotaurs. They leave the Wastelands by ship from Troker by ship, having traded in a legendary Dwarven Juggernaut in return. They swing briefly over to the Western Empire to drop Azariel off to study Diabolism with his home Guild. They continue on towards Cyclone to reunite with their ship Rogtilda.

After many twists and turns, CrIsis ends up in New Crests in order to qualify for the Lopanic Games. Here Cava leaves CrIsis. CrIsis then finishes the Freestyle, or magic, Lopanic Trials in Wisdom. Tyvernos returns in time to qualify for the magic section.

Back on the ocean, they arrive at the island of Dragon’s Roost again- the site where they failed to acquire their second piece of Osiris. In the harbor they are joined by Cava’s replacement, the Elven Longbowman Ylren. After seeing Overkill fall for the 5th time, they subdue the Ancient Wooly Dragon and acquire the Left Foot of Osiris. Tyvernos fails to resurrect Overkill, but Indaris succeeds. Ylren is replaced by Asher, and CrIsis, joined again by the legendary Jidian Kulder, sail to the Yin Sloth Jungle.

After a seemingly endless mass of zombies, skeletons, mummies, and other terrors, CrIsis finally succeeds in acquiring the Right Hand of Osiris, slaying the Tezcat Necromancer. Overkill dies again, bringing the death count for him to six, but is resurrected by Indaris! Jidian Kulder leaves them in the Jungle, but vows to return someday again. CrIsis is at this point made up of Overkill, Tyvernos, Xerx’ses, Indaris, Ja’Deir, and Asher.

CrIsis leaves the jungles and heads, for the first time, to the holy city of Sekti-Abtu. Beginning on the trip to Mishala, and continuing over the next few months, each of CrIsis is taken and tortured by the Agent. During the ocean trip Azariel returns, replacing Ja’Deir. The group arrives in Sekti-Abtu to much fanfare on the 8th of Selestra, and are given the Agreement. There they are joined by the druid Caminata. They stay in Sekti-Abtu for over a month…..dropping off the Right Hand of Osiris at the Pyramid of the Great One in the holy city on Selestra 15, 112. They then trek across Lopan, to participate in the Lopanic Games. CrIsis at the Games are made up of Overkill, Xerx’ses, Indaris, Asher, Azariel, and Caminata. Xerx’ses wins both dueling and the pentathlon at the Games, and CrIsis acquires the Lung for his efforts. They return to Sekti-Abtu, and then sail to the Western Empire.

In the Western Empire, CrIsis is attacked by their evil counterparts, ReSet, who kill Overkill in a river of lava. CrIsis, having been joined by Overkill’s replacement, Burlap, make it to the Pyramid at Shandala. Here Xerx’ses gives up the Right Femur of CrIsis, making 5 pieces of Osiris safely held.

In the Western Empire capital, Caer Itom, a mysterious crime lord, Carl the Terrible, steals the Right Index Finger of Osiris, and summons them to the town of Syrefald. Carl has CrIsis run his Gauntlet of Thieves, and they not only regain the Finger, but gain an unlikely ally in Carl.

Just before leaving Sekti-Abtu the Church of Light summons Azariel to become the new Church Alchemist. He is replaced in CrIsis by Raulf.

CrIsis travels to the Isle of the Cyclops, but are caught in a freak storm. They awake inhabiting the consciousness of Toon characters, in a Toon world. They successfully, and hilariously, recover the Member of Osiris, which they find still exists when they unceremoniously awake back on the ship. CrIsis is now made up of Asher, Burlap, Caminata, Indaris, Raulf, and the now senior member Xerx’ses.

They do return from the strange Toon world to the Isle of the Cyclops, where, with the temporary help of both Tyvernos and Jidian Kulder, they defeat a Jotan necromancer and recover the Left Hand of Osiris, leaving destruction in their wake.

Later, CrIsis returns to Haven, where they place the Left Foot of Osiris in the Antes Temple, creating a double Pyramid! Later that night, Caminata dies in the blast of killing a Dark Priest, but is resurrected by Indaris, a priestess of Apis, and the donation of a Scroll of Osiris by Xerx’ses.

CrIsis, after many travels, ends up in the Timiro Kingdom, where they face off against the vengeful Dragon The Terror. During the battle, Asher is eaten, and the The Man With No Name is thought to have perished, although his body is not recovered. The group takes the Member of Osiris to the First Pyramid of Osiris, and Hannan places it safely there. They move on to Credia, and place the Lungs of Osiris there. Tragedy strikes shortly after- during another battle with their nemesis, ReSet, the Wolfen Palladin Raulf is slain, and they lose the Left Hand of Osiris. Meanwhile Burlap is summoned away. CrIsis is now Hannah, Indaris, Ja’Deir, No Name, Ursus, and Xerx’ses. They are summoned by King Guy, and are officially endorsed by him and the Timiro Kingdom, and are now all honorary citizens.

After one month of research at the Library of Bletherad CrIsis makes their way to the gateway of the Tree, the town of Yggdrasil. Here they battle the necromancer Steve and some of his army of undead. In the fight Indaris dies, and CrIsis teleports to Sekti-Abtu. No Name restores Indaris’ corpse, and the Pontiff himself resurrects Indaris. Mack replaces Ja’Deir, and CrIsis arrives at the Obelisk of Osiris, planning to attempt to retrieve the piece held by the King of the Giants.

Reaching the Land of the Giants CrIsis is joined by 4 others, sent by the Pontiff. These four, Pippin, Acon, Dirk, and Huro, join CrIsis in a frontal assault on the Blackrock Stronghold. In the assault, Hannah is killed, but CrIsis recovers the Left Arm of Osiris and slays Sunder Blackrock, King of the Giants. CrIsis is now Indaris, No Name, Ursus, Xerx’ses, and the two newest members, Grignak and Rooster.

CrIsis goes back to Avramstown, for buried below is the lost library of Wo-Elfenbrut, holding knowledge of the location of the Kidney of Osiris. A rival group, the Blessing, recovers the knowledge, but CrIsis beats them in combat after being teleported back to the Wastes of Baalgor. Mack dies in the battle with the Blessing, and is replaced by Silent Dream after Xerx’ses is married to another minotaur. CrIsis now is Xerx’ses, Indaris, No Name, Ursus, Grignak, and Silent Dream.

After Wo-Elfenbrut, CrIsis goes to the Tri-Arcanum Guild, and Xerx’ses becomes head of the Weavers, or Wizards, Summoners, and Diabolists. CrIsis then resumes their travels, and they stop in Nisi, and the Obelisk of Osiris. There they face many Demons, Deevils, and Minions of the Dark, and both Ursus and Grignak are slain. The two of them are resurrected through divine intervention by the Goddess Apis, called by Indaris to save himself and the Left Arm of Osiris, which had been taken.

CrIsis stops again in Haven on their way up the coast, and are captured by soldiers of the Dark, and come face to face with the Dark God Bes! In the ensuing battle, Indaris and No Name’s student Artorias are slain. However, most surprisingly, Xerx’ses the new Demi-God, earns the nickname ‘Dickripper’ by tearing off Bes’ member, killing the God himself! CrIsis then resurrect Indaris, and return Bes not only to the living, but back to the Pantheon of Light!

CrIsis then goes back to Yggdrasil, home to one of their worst defeats at the hands of the necromancer Steve. This time the Man With No Name kills Steve in single combat, but No Name is changed. They then travel to Glade, home of the greatest wonder in all of Palladium, the Millennium Tree! They safely give the Tree the Left Arm of Osiris.

The group moves farther North, into the Northern Hinterlands, to face the evil Iceborn Necromancer, Terosh. They defeat him, and recover The Left Eye of Osiris as the Sovereignty of Terosh collapses. Xerx’ses heroically saves the rest of CrIsis and 1500 innocents, and is elevated to a Godling! The Dwarven Prince Torrun replaces Xerx’ses. Not long after that battle, Indaris leaves CrIsis, upset over their acceptance of No Name’s necromancy, and is replaced by the Elven juggler Merkl. CrIsis is now No Name, Ursus, Grignak, Silent Dream, Torrun, and Merkl.

After spending some time in the Elven Kingdom city of Renvin CrIsis travels to the “Valley”, which holds the Crystal Kingdom. Here they battle some denizens of Hel and recover the Kidney of Osiris!

CrIsis then goes to the Western Empire, and with the Emperor in tow, go to the town of SpringGate. Here Silent Dream places the Right Index Finger of Osiris.

They then teleport to Y-Oda, where Grignak places Osiris Left Hand in the Pyramid just above the Library of Bletherad. They then witness the birth of Ursus’ Children. CrIsis is still No Name (now the Grim Reaper), Ursus (Demigod of the Monster Races), Grignak, Silent Dream, Torrun (Demigod of Valor), and Merkl.

CrIsis returns to the North, and successfully place the Kidney of Osiris in the Pyramid just of Lyrna. CrIsis is now Willy, a Gnome Warlock who replaced No Name, Grignak, Silent Dream , who was turned into a goblin in the kingdom of the Goblin King, Torrun, and Merkl.

The group moves eventually to the City of the Dead, Cynopolis, and face off against their nemesis, ReSet. They win the battle, and take back the Left Hand of Osiris. They take the Hand to Mishala, where they, as a group, place the Hand in a Pyramid. CrIsis is still Willy (Demigod of Musicians), Grignak (Demigod of Slavery and Freedom), Silent Dream (Demigod of Psionics and Accidental Fires), Torrun (Godling of Valor), Ursus (Demigod of the Monster Races and Patron of Monogamy), and Merkl (Demigod of Entertainers and Random Rocks).

Sulyott the All-Knowing, with some assistance from the God Thoth, send CrIsis to Hades. There, after many trials and tribulations, they defeat the Demon Lord Modeus himself, and get the final piece of Osiris, the Skull of Osiris!

CrIsis returns to Palladium and travels to Khemennu, where Osiris is reborn!

A Palladium Megaverse game, which began on Rifts Earth and quickly moved to the world of Palladium Fantasy. An epic game centered on trying to rebuild the god Osiris.

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Many images on this wiki are from the great folks at Palladium Books, as are the maps and the setting. If you have never played any of the Palladium Megaverse, I highly recommend it! More on them in the acknowledgements page. Other images come from Boris Vallejo, Keith Parkinson, James Ryman, and many others. All rights reserved to corresponding copyright holders. Osiris picture in banner by MercuriusTJ, while the Isis picture comes from Ramon Perez. The backgrounds are mostly from the British Museum’s Egyptian wing. For other acknowledgements, please refer to the acknowledgements page. If you see your image used here and wish a credit on this page, let me know! If you wish for me to remove it, send me a message and I will remove your image. Nothing here is for profit, but instead for other people to enjoy the setting as much as I have.

I have the greatest group of player characters in the world! AZ Rune had taken on the challenge of playing a Minotaur in a land where they are thought to be pure evil, until he sacrificed himself and became a Godling! He now plays the Dwarven Prince Torrun. AZ Rune is also our resident artist, in charge of character portraits and much of the other art on this site. One player hails from Tasmania, Kiralon, who took on the gargantuan task of playing a human priest, Indaris, in this craziness, and now plays an Elven Juggler. There is one of our comeback players, Craig Coxson,, mentioned above, who played early on and returned, as a Kobold! The Kobold was eaten by a Dragon, and he now plays a Troll, Grignak. Another player, Lurch6571, has taken on the challenge of playing a Werebear named Ursus! PandaJester,who has been co-GM, characters, and color- whatever was required in the past, has come back as the mysterious Dread Knight, the Man With No Name. Our newest permanent player used to be our substitute, Tokobauzsos. He plays the Mind Mage Silent Dream. We also have 5 players that make regular appearances- or for some very irregular. Caminata, who used to play the Druid of the same name, steps in to help out when she can. There is another player that shows up from time to time, Witchcraft, whose crazy gnome warlock Tyvernos is always welcome. Two others deserve mention- Henry Bingham who was my longest running player- formerly the Dwarven Mariner Overkill and later the crazy Hobgoblin ludicrous mage. You always have a place at our table! Charred also shows up at least yearly to play the Ranger, Dirk, and always brings his humor. Lastly I must mention Twiggyleaf, whose yearly January appearances as “the most dangerous man in the world”, Jidian Kulder, are always great times. Thank you all for sticking with me, through thick and thin, through others coming and going, through mix-ups, complete changes, and the whims of the gods! I mean it- you all are the best!!

Location is not important, as we are playing over video conferencing. One player is in Utah, one is in Arizona, one in Connecticut, another in Northern California, one in Ohio, and another hails from Tasmania, Australia!, and the GM is in Los Angeles.

People in CrIsis come and go- please feel free to drop the GM a note if you would like to be on the waiting list.