Human Forsaken Mage/Bard, Worshiper of Thoth


Rooster is 5’4", and comfortably muscled, sitting at 165 lbs. He has sun-worn peach-colored skin, and plenty of laugh lines! He prizes his crows’ feet. He has jaw-length dark brown hair with a European curl to it. (Think Fabio or Viggo Mortensen -but not on the perm side.) He has a half-inch beard along his jaw and around his mouth. He has sparkling green eyes. His stance and posture is always courtly… lord with a dash of jester.

His dark brown leather of iron looks like a stately coat with very low profile shoulder guards. He has a puffy white shirt. Pants are black cloth, tucked into worn, calf-high, brown leather boots. Armguards are studded leather that cover the back of the hands, and wrap around the inside of the knuckles and palm. He is always plucking around on his Lute, which is enchanted for song magic.

Picture from our own AZ Rune.

Name: Rooster aka Gregory Chaunticleer Malory
Rank 11th Level
OCC: Forsaken Mage/Bard
Race: Human
Land of Origin: Eastern Territories
Citizenship: None
Follower of Thoth

HT 5’4" IQ 12 Save vs Magic +3 Strike +1
WT 165 lbs ME 12 Save vs Psionics 0 Parry +4
PPE 20/160 MA 14 Save vs coma 0 Dodge +4
PS 16 Save vs poison/disease 0 Roll +7
HP 20/56 PP 10 Save vs horror +4 Pull +4
SDC 16/24 PE 13 Save vs Possession +1 Initiative 0
Exp 24,350 PB 21 Damage +2
Sex M SPD 23
Birthday 11/22/72 (41 years old) Knockout 18-20 Critical 19,20
HTH: Basic Attacks 7
Alignment Scrupulous Charm/Impress 55% Perception +1

Gold Coins Amount
Wolfen Empire 0
Western Empire 0
Island of Bizantium 0
Eastern Territory 200
Timiro Kingdom 0
Dragon Coins 0
Weapon Proficiencies Level Acquired Strike Parry Thrown/Rate Range
Sword 1 +4 +4 +2
Thrown 1 +5
Weapons: Damage Notes
Rapier 1D8 Transformable Lute into Rapier
Machete 1D8
Throwing Daggers 1D4 6
Armor AR/ SDC Notes
Studded Leather 13/38
Special Attacks: Damage Notes
Snap Kick 1D6
Magic: Spell Strength:15
Power Level PPE Cost Range Duration Save Description
Inspire/Encourage 1 3 Area of Effect 2 min/lv’ Standard 2 to Initiative, Strike, Parry, Dodge … 2(length), 705%(98) success
Heal/Regenerate 1 4 Area of Effect While Played Standard (if unwilling) 30 HP/SDC per hour and 5 ISP and/or 5 PPE per hour … 2(length), 65+5%(98) success
Ventriloquism 1 3 Self 10’ Radius Instant Standard This invocation enables the spell caster to perfectly use ventriloquism on any inanimate object, tree, vegetation or animal. Basically the same as the skill at a 90% proficiency.
Cloud of Smoke 1 2 90’, 30’ Diameter 4 MRnds/Lvl None This magic enables the arcanist to create a cloud of dense, black smoke (30×30×30 foot maximum size) up to ninety feet (27.4 m) away. Victims caught in the cloud will be unable to see anything beyond it, and their vision is impaired; they can see no more than three feet (0.9 m) in front of them (and those images are only blurry shapes unless within one foot/0.3 m). While in the cloud, victims will be -5 to strike, and -9 to parry and dodge.
Befuddle 2 6 100’, Target 2 Mins/Lvl Standard An enchantment that temporarily causes its victim to become confused and disoriented. Concentration and reactions are impaired. Those affected are -2 to strike, parry and dodge; attacks per melee are reduced by half and all skills suffer a penalty of -20%. Each invocation affects only one person each time it is cast. A successful save vs magic means the intended victim suffers no impairment whatsoever.
Levitation 2 5 Up to 60’, Self or Target 3 Mins/ Lvl Standard Magic levitation enables the invoker of the magic to raise himself, or other people, or an object, straight up into the air and suspend it there (hover). Movement is limited to straight up and down; no horizontal motion is possible. Weight is restricted to 200 lbs (90 kg) plus 20 lbs (9.1 kg) per level of experience. Maximum height possible is 60 feet (18.3 m) plus 10 feet (3 m) per each level of experience. Targets can be affected up to 60 feet (18.3 m) away. Unwilling victims of the magic get a saving throw; a successful roll means the person is not affected by the levitation and remains planted firmly on the ground.
Mystic Alarm 2 5 12’, Target 1 Year/Lvl None The spell caster can protect his possessions and domicile by placing mystic alarms on them. The invocation creates invisible, ward-like symbols on any one, specific, non-living object. If this object is touched or disturbed by anyone other than the spell caster, a silent alarm will buzz in the mage’s head, alerting him to the intrusion. The alarm will alert him instantly, even if he is thousands of miles away or in another dimension. Once disturbed, the alarms disappear. The mystic alarm has a limited life of one year per level of the spell caster.
Armor of Ithan 3 10 Touch, Self or Target 1 Min / Lvl None This powerful spell instantly creates an invisible, weightless, noiseless, full suit of mystic armor on the spell caster. Named after the magic armor of the dwarf king Ithan, this mystic armor has an A.R. of 18 and 100 S.D.C. plus 10 S.D.C. per level of experience. Furthermore, magic fire, lightning, and cold do half damage. The armor can be instantly created upon anyone, as long as the spell caster invokes the spell while touching the intended recipient.
Impervious to Fire 3 6 Up to 60’, Self or Target 5 Mins /Lvl None A magic invocation that makes the individual temporarily impervious to fire. Normal and magical fires do no damage to the person or to anything he is wearing/on his person.
Charismatic Aura 4 10 Immediate Area, 60’ Radius 6 Melees/ Lvl Standard A particularly handsome tool of deception, this magic can be cast upon the spell caster or another person. The spell instantly enhances that person’s physical beauty by eight (8), increasing his charisma and charming all who behold him. Although the focal point of the spell is the person on whom it was cast, it affects everybody in a 60 foot (18.3 m) radius (emanating from the person with the charismatic aura). Thus, everybody in that radius is allowed a saving throw vs magic. Those who successfully save will not be affected; those who fail to save are affected and will respond accordingly. The person with a charismatic aura can invoke one of three responses: friendship/trust, power/fear, and successful deception. Friendship/Trust: The first few words spoken will set up the response. Thus, a statement of friendship, peace, or trust will inspire those sentiments in everyone affected. Power/Fear: A statement of power, anger, strength, or vile intent will strike awe and fear into everyone affected. (Example: “Lay down your weapons and let us pass, lest you suffer my Wrath!”). Effectively causes a horror factor of 13. Successful Deception: This enables the person with charismatic aura to convincingly lie like a master con-man. There is a 1-80% chance that those affected will believe anything he tells them. This response is triggered by a phrase like: “Trust me completely …” or “I would never lie to you.”
Shadow Meld 4 10 Self ,Target 2 min/lev None Step into shadows and become totally invisible, even to a “see the invisible” spell. The shadow must be at least five feet long to be an effective hiding place. The mage can move, walk, or run through the length of the shadow or from shadow to shadow. While in shadow/darkness, the mage prowls at a 60% proficiency (or at +15% to normal prowl skill, whichever is higher). Intense light will dispel the shadow, leaving the mage revealed. Of course, sanctuary can be found by fleeing into another shadow. Feeble light, less than three torches, will only create more shadows. All Invis Combat Applies
Wall of Ivy 4 15/200 Immediate Area, 20’ plus 10’ Radius /Lvl 10 Min /Lvl None This magic creates a dense wall of ivy vines that can stand alone or be attached to a trellace or wall. Each foot of these tough vines has 12 S.D.C., so chopping through them will be a laborious task. The vines of the wall are also animated, and will wrap around whoever comes in contact with the wall. Anyone so entangled will be at -4 to strike and parry, and will lose two melee attacks per round while struggling to get free. Requires a combined P.S. of 19 or higher to pull free. Those with a P.S. 21 or higher can break free with one mighty pull, but it counts as one melee action and the character loses initiative. Note: The spell caster can climb the wall at double his normal speed, in this case, helped along by the animated vines.
Shade Shield 5 12 Self, Target 5 Min/Lvl None This spell conjures a large shield of pure darkness to be used by the spell caster. The shield offers standard resistance to physical attacks, and can be used as a bashing weapon to boot. In addition, a Shadeshield can be used to parry certain incoming magical attacks. This is a little tricky, however, and all parry rolls must be done at -5. Spells which may be parried by a Shadeshield include: Call Lightning, Ball lightning, Energy Bolt, Fire Ball, Fire Bolt, Mini-Fireballs, Plasma Bolt, Shadow Bolt, Spectral Hand and Sword, Shadesword, Hail, Ice Ball, Ice Bolt, and Shards of Ice.
Wall of Darkness 5 15 Immediate Area, 20’ plus 10’ Radius/Lvl 10 Min /Lvl Special This magic creates a towering wall of pure, magical darkness. No light can pass through it, nor can one see what is on the other side of it. Anyone who comes into contact with the wall must save vs magic or be magically paralyzed for one melee round. The effects of this paralysis are identical to those of the spell Paralysis: Lesser. Should a hand or arm be paralyzed, that person can not pick up objects, write, or use that hand or arm in any way for 15 seconds. Likewise, a paralyzed leg makes standing difficult, walking a real challenge, and running flat-out impossible. those with a paralyzed leg have their Speed reduced by 80%, and they are at -2 to parry and dodge. If one’s entire body is paralyzed, they will fall down and lie perfectly still. They can still breathe, and their heart will not stop, but other than that, the person is largely helpless. Those ho fall into the Wall of Darkness will need a friend to fish them out somehow, otherwise they remain paralyzed for the full duration of the spell, recovering only when the wall disappears.
Wall of Swords 6 30 Immediate Area, 20’ plus 10’ Radius /Lvl 10 Min per Lvl None With this spell, a massive steel wall bristling with sword-like blades comes into being. The wall itself has 150 S.D.C. total. Whoever is pushed or runs into the wall will suffer 6D6 damage as some of the wall’s many swords hack and slash away at the victim. There are so many blade-appendages on the wall that trying to parry them is a fruitless effort; for every one that gets
parried, three more will sneak through. The only viable defense is to run away. This brings up the second aspect of this wall — it can be moved. Unlike most magical walls, the spell caster can mentally push the wall along forward or backwards at half his normal running speed. Unless he can see through the wall (using some kind of X-Ray magic, perhaps), or he has an ally spotting for
him, the mage will be unable to see where to steer his wall. When moving it down a large hallway or sweeping it across a crowded battlefield, the Wall of Swords is an unholy terror. When using it to chase around one or two enemies, it loses its effectiveness. Note that the wall can be locked/stopped by other magic barriers or magically dispelled.
Wall of Revelation 6 30/930 – 10 yrs Immediate Area, 20’ plus 10’ Radius/Lvl 10 Min /Lvl -2 to Save This is a shimmering wall of translucent magical energy through which anything may pass. However, as one goes through the wall, it will detect invisibility, see the aura of any who goes through it, detect evil, magic, illness and the supernatural, all of which is silently transmitted to the spell caster who made it. The Wall will even alert the spell caster if the passer-through is not in his true form (i.e, has changed his shape)
Wall of Truth 6 40/1040 – 8 yrs Immediate Area, 20’ plus 10’ Radius/Lvl 5 Min/Lvl -3 to Save This wall is a thin, hazy green mist. All who pass through it feel a tingling and sense of positiveness pass over them. When questioned by the spell caster who created the Mist Wall, all who passed will answer him truthfully. In ages gone by, kings and priests often erected such permanent walls in the entrance to throne rooms, alter rooms, sanctums and interrogation rooms.
Whirling Wall 6 35 Immediate Area, 10’ Radius 5 Min /Lvl None This spell whips up a whirling barrier of magical stone plates that circle the spell caster at incredibly fast speed. For each level of the caster’s experience, four plates are created. Together, these plates form a tight defense against incoming attacks The Whirling Wall provides the spell caster with an automatic parry to any incoming physical attack. (Spell and psionic attacks still get through.) For each plate in the wall, the automatic parry receives a +1 bonus. To get through a Whirling Wall with more than twenty plates in it, the attacker must roll a natural 20 or find some other way to get to his foe. Missile and area attacks are the only feasible means of assaulting the Whirling Wall, since anybody trying to get close enough for a melee attack will be battered by the whirling plates before they can get through. Those who come into direct contact with the wall will automatically receive 1D6 damage, lose one melee attack that round, and will be thrown back 1D6 feet (0.3 to 1.8 m). On the flip side, each time an attacker gets hit by a whirling plate, it shatters and disappears. The maker of the Whirling Wall may not move while the wall is up, but he may choose to fire the whirling plates at his adversaries. The plates may be hurled in volleys of up to six plates at once (6D6 damage). Each volley is considered a single attack, and the spell caster makes only one roll “to strike” for the entire volley. Plates fired off in volleys are destroyed whether they hit then- target or not. Since these plates are magically guided, the caster receives a +3 to strike when firing them. No other bonuses apply. Those on the receiving end of a plate volley can try to dodge them at a penalty of-2.
Circle of Concealment 7 15 or 100 Immedate area, Special: Spell 1 Hr/Lvl; Ritual 1 Yr/Lvl. Special: See notes RANGE 20’ Radius/Lvl; If a ritual, add 10’ per extra caster used;
Purification 7 20 3’, Target Instant/ Permanent None This spell hides an area from most people. Anybody passing by the area will pay no attention to anything concealed by the circle. The circle can also be “programmed” so that certain individuals, group members, or those who know the right passwords can see past the mystical effect. A save versus ritual magic will allow somebody else to sense that something is “wrong” about the area, and may lead to the discovery of whatever is hidden by the circle. Magic and psionic powers like detect P.P.E., detect magic, and negate magic may pierce the circle of concealment and reveal what’s hidden within, but the circle gets to save vs magic or psionics with the bonuses of its creator. The circle can be a temporary hiding place for a few hours, or longlasting, with a duration measured in years. The first usage only costs 15 P.P.E., while the second requires 100 P.P.E. points plus the mage permanently loses one P.E. attribute point.
Negate Magic 8 30 60’ , Target Instant/Permanent Special: Standard by spell; 16 by ritual This incantation will instantly cancel the effects or influence of most magic. To determine whether the negation is successful or not, roll a saving throw. If the roll is a successful save the magic is not negated. If the roll fails to save, then the magic is immediately broken/dispelled/destroyed/ negated/canceled. A 13, 14, or 15 is typically needed to negate spell magic depending on the experience level of the mage, but 17 or higher is needed to negate ritual magic. A failed save means the negation attempt did not work. Try again if sufficient P.P.E. is available. Negation will not work against possession, exorcism, constrain being, banishment, talisman, amulet, enchanted objects, symbols, wards, circles, summoning magic, zombies, golems, restoration, resurrection, healing, or faerie food. Negation can be attempted to cancel a curse, but only has a 1-25% possibility of succeeding. Of course, it has no effect against psionic abilities.
Sense Magic 1 4 Self, 60’ Radius 2 Mins/ Lvl None This magic ability enables the character to sense or feel the presence of magic. Like a geiger counter, the individual can tell if he is near (within 20 feet/6 m) or far (toward the limit of the range). The ability can also indicate whether a person or object is enchanted/under a magic spell, is in the process of invoking magic, or if magic is being used in the range area. Note: To practitioners of magic, most supernatural beings do not register as magic except when actually casting a spell/using magic. Psychic powers and manipulation cannot be detected with this spell.
Globe of Daylight 1 2 1’ to 30’ away, 12’ per creator’s lvl 12 MRnds/Lvl None A small globe or sphere of true daylight is magically created. The light is bright enough to illuminate a 12 foot (3.6 m) area per each level of its creator’s experience. Since it is daylight, it can keep vampires at bay just beyond the edge of the light and may frighten subterranean or nocturnal animals. The creator of the globe can mentally move it along with himself, or send it up to 30 feet (9.1 m) ahead. The maximum speed at which the globe can travel is equal to a speed attribute of 12.
Negate Poison/Toxin 3 5 Touch, Self or Target Instant/Permanent None The arcanist can magically turn a poisonous substance inert, rendering it harmless. The magic can also be used to instantly negate poison in the bloodstream, preventing further damage by the foul substance. However, any damage caused by the poison before the magic is used cannot be reversed with this spell.
Dispel Magic Barriers 7 20 100’, Target Instant/Permanent Standard This spell negates/dispels all magic barriers of any kind, including the sorcerer’s seal, carpet of adhesion, immobilize, magic net, all types of wall spells, and similar. It does not affect wards, circles, magic rain, fog, or other weather, or Spells of Legend.
Fleet Feet 6 20 Touch, Self or Target 2 MRnds/Lvl None The incantation doubles the physical prowess, speed and mobility of the enchanted person for 30 seconds (2 melee rounds) per level of the spell caster. This means the character’s speed, and P.P. are doubled (providing increased P.P. bonuses to strike, parry and dodge) and perhaps most notably, the character’s attacks per melee round are all doubled for the duration of the spell. -2 init, -20% fine skills
Enchant Instrument 5 50 Target Permanent None Base range – 100+25 feet/level – Poor -25, Excewllent 50, Superior +75, 355%(75) success, 2d4+2 hours song length
Discourage 2 5 Area of Effect 2 min/level Standard 65+5%(98) success, 2 song length,This will cause the affected to become discouraged and depressed. Sulk or walk away.
Calm/Soothe 1 4 Area of Effect 1d4+1 Min/level Standard Erases fear and worry in the targtet. 5 to Save vs Horror Factor, Song length 2, 705%(98) success
Eternal Torch Ring AR 14
Teleport:Superior Ring 1x/month 6th Level 12,000 lbs w/in 20’ See Teleport Superior USED ON THE 7th of Kym-Nark-Mar
Ring of SvMagic
Ring of SvPsi
Amulet of Ressurrection
OCC Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Language: Eastern 98 1 11 98%
Language: Elven 40+5 20 1 11 98%
Language: Giantese 40+5 20 1 11 98%
Literacy: Elven 30+5 10 1 11 90%
Play: Lute (Pro) 25+5 20 1 11 95%
Cook 30+5 15 1 11 95%
Sing (Pro) 30+5 20 1 11 98%
Public Speaking 30+5 10 1 11 90%
Writing 20+5 10 1 11 80%
History:Famous Religious Groups, Humans
Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Ashada 35+5 10 1 11 95%
Land Navigation 30+4 10 1 11 80%
Lore: Demons/Monsters 25+5 15 1 11 90%
Lore: Ra, Thoth, Set
Anubis, Rurga, Utu 30+5 10 1 11 90%
WP: Thrown 1 110
WP: Sword 1 11
OCC Related Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Mime 30+5 10 1 11 90%
Horse Exotic 30/20+5 5 1 11 85/75%
Heraldry 15/20+5 10 1 11 75/80%
Gymnastics 1 11
Balance 30+5 5 1 11 85%
Climb 40/35+5 5 1 11 95/90%
Back Flip/Somersault 40+5 5 1 11 95%
Parallel Bars 30+3 5 1 11 65%
Bartering 30+4 10 1 11 70%
Research 35+5 10 1 11 95%
Dance 30+5 10 3 11 80%
Prowl 25+5 5 3 11 70%
Streetwise 20+4 5 6 11 45%
Land Navigation 30+4 5 6 11 55%
Surveillance 25+5 0 9 11 35%
Escape Artist 25+5 0 9 11 35%
Secondary Skills Base % Start Current Total %
Imitate Voice/Impersonation 41/21/17/15+4 1 11 89/69/65/63% .
Pick Locks 30+5 1 11 80%
Use/Recog Poison 24/16+4 1 11 64/56%
Palming 20+5 1 11 70%
Math:Basic 45+5 4 11 80%
Surveillance 25+5 4 11 60%
Boxing 7 11
Running 7 11
Land Navigation 30+4 10 11 34%
Rope Works 30+5 10 11 35%

Name Count Location Description
Lute 1 Worn
Casual Winter Clothes 1 Shoulder Bag
Fancy Summer Clothes 1 Worn
Large Hat 1 Worn
Cape 1 Backpack
Jacket 1 Backpack
Leggings 1 Worn
Belt 1 Worn
Boots 1 Worn
Diary 1 Backpack
Writing Implements 10 Backpack
Lantern 1 Backpack
Backpack 1 Worn
Magic Fumes:Divination 4 Backpack Psionic Clairvoyance 66%
Books of CrIsis 1 ea Shoulder Bag Books 1-15
Shoulder Bag 1 Worn
Tinder Box 1 Backpack
Water Skin 1 Worn
Agreement 1 Backpack
Drama Cards, Luck Points, Ace in the Hole
Ace in the Hole 0
Ace Used Allowed No Name to discover Wo-Elfenbrut info
Luck Points 0
Drama Cards 1 Fubar


Pardon my terrible parchment, I spend so much of my time creating verse that I hardly have a single sheaf that isn’t plastered with washed out remnants of notes. Anyroad, let me begin. Clears Throat peremptorily

Hail and Well Met, fellow travellers!

I am Lord Gregory Chaunticleer Malory; Bard Extraordinaire, Master of Audiences, Commander of Imagination, Lover of Intrigue, Grand Inquisitor of True Balladry. I awake in my attenders that which they never thought resided in them – may it be Awe or Horror, Love or Loathing – whether Supercilious or Serf! For this, and for many more reasons I care not to proclaim in quill at this juncture, I am also called Rooster!

It is by that name, and with a grand list of titles in Capital Letters, that I am known to the world. Gregory Chaunticleer Malory is the name I reveal to none save it be my heart-linked. If you are reading this, it means you have been included in such a company, and for this I say,

Hail and Well Met, fellow travellers!

I was born of a Princess and her Priest advisor. The liaison was one so besotted with intrigue, machinations, and political and religious maneuverings, that my destiny was to either become a politician or a bard! I chose the less demeaning of the two options – after all, ‘tis better to sleep in a pig’s sty for a night than to become the pig himself, no?

Cast off by my ‘family’ I adopted a new family. The Public! The Merchants, Soldiers, Workers, Beggars, Lords and Ladies; Any and All who deserve to hear my tales of Wonderment and Truth!

My current adventure started, as these things often do, with a search for truth! I had heard tales of a mysterious people thought extinct since the great war against the Old Ones. From the small amount I knew of them, I felt it must have been a Sulestan Tragedy; of the sort to shake the very foundations of mortal emotion!

The Ashada were a peaceful, loving people who had the misfortune to emerge from the aptly-named Lands of the Damned. Elfanoids of Rodentine persuasion, they had prodigious physical prowess and ability, as well as a hybrid Oligarchy-Psionocracy. Vivid and welcoming, their homeland flowed with milk and honey. But, as it always does to edenoid paradises, disaster struck! They were set upon by a legion of the Chaos Armies. The battle ended with all remnants of the Ashada being wiped from existence – or so I believed. I pursued every thread I could suss out of obscurity until I found the Golden Thread – Their true story!

I had heard a rumor that there was an Ashada maiden working in the fabled Library of Bletherad as a scholar. I played my way across the Hinterlands to a Wolfen Port, where I purchased passage for Y-Oda. I arrived weary of the incessant bobbing of the ship, and thankful Fate turned me to Bardish Happiness instead of Sailing.

Her name was as exotic as her parentage, and I learned much from her about the Ashada. They survived, and they had a thriving hidden community! I studied under her for a year, before I started to search more into the disappearance of her people on my own.

Unwitting delving into hidden topics opened a ‘warded chest of Graveyard Wurms,’ so to speak. I discovered magical arts hidden and locked away, only mastered by a very select few – the full list of which can be ticked off of a Rahu-man’s left side. Whether it was Fate or the Will of the Gods, my mind was opened, and I tapped the magical powers, thinking the sing-song incantations and instructions were some form of ancient bardic chant.

Long story short (and it is short, if you only knew the half,) I learned that magic, and it started me down the path to become what I am today! The grandest Bard to Laud CrIsis! Second only – for now – to Rod Rambler. If only Terramore still graced the lyric and verse, I’d have such competition… But even great men die – and more often before their time than not.

I was apprenticed to a blow hard old codger that didn’t bother leaving more than a few scrawled words on a parchment before he left. But he set me on my path, taught me more magic than I had dreamed of knowing, and introduced me to the Gods’ Avatars.

And now I find myself in the midst of greatness, set upon at every angle, and I couldn’t be more at peace.

The Rooster Crows, to turn the Night to Day!