Royal College of Navigation


This academic institution has branches in Credia, Haven, Bizantium City, Lopania (during the Lopanic Games), Wisdom, Shadowfall, and Caer Itom; in other words, all the major nations in the world. It is a central meeting place for noble heroes, explorers and adventurers to swap information and organize expeditions. Membership is exclusive, and it is run by Galtron Khejas, former member of the Legion of Northmoor.

CrIsis has visited the club section of the Royal College of Navigation in Bizantium City, at the time being run by James Khejas.

Ja’Deir, Xerx’ses, and No Name find the hidden location of the Royal College in Wisdom, located through secret passages in the Library of Renown. The entire college here has gone into hiding, not just the seed library. They rush in, grab only a single book from the seed library, and leave. The other books are still there as they leave. They later go back and get the other books.