Rurga is a warrior goddess, symbol of triumph in war, justice, retribution, and honor. She is the ultimate stickler for the truth. She is strikingly beautiful, golden haired, blue eyed, and always wears silver and red. Her symbol is the black walnut.

Bishop Rose writes about Rurga’s increasing popularity in the log Assistance Needed. She also tells of a champion of Rurga, the female warrior Mevka.

Cava toured their incomplete fortress temple city, Dain-Rurga, on his way to meet CrIsis at the Library of Bletherad.

Update! Majestic 14, 110. Rurga has to kill her own champion, Mevka, in front of CrIsis. See the logs Drauka’s Dithering, Two Women, and Serving Others for more.

Picture by the awesome Wayne Breaux.