Saint Jarvis

Saint Jarvis

Elf, Priestess of all the All Mothers; Ippotomi, Aco, Epim, Zandrugal and Telthi. Also known as the Patron Saint of Widows, Fatherless and Whores er.. Ladies of the Night.

Jarvis has a colorful array of clothes (and language), as well as one set of symbols of the goddesses that she encourages worship of. She has a wagon that is louder than not and can be heard from a quarter mile clanging and clunking from the hanging pots and pans. The aged elf has silver hair and a warm smile. Her silver eyes seem to see truth and can quickly detect a lie. For her age she is quick and agile. She has been known to defend a poor orphan or beggar from being beaten. Her choice of weapon is the dart gun for long range and a frying pan for short and she is accurate (W.P. Targeting and Blunt). She is a master chef (and fighter) with whatever she is given to cook with and her keen skills of the domestic nature help her with mending and soothing the poor and needy.

She has several gifts from the goddesses for her patronage; a fry pan, a vile of healing potion and a shroud.

Picture by fairy-mysticism on pintrist.

Name: Jarvis Thacia Tamborine
Alternate Name: Tah Tahs
Rank: 7th Level
OCC: Priest
Race: Elf
Land of Origin: Western Empire (Caer Itom; home town)

HT 6’6" IQ 17
WT 120 lbs ME 17
PPE 187 MA 8
HP 49/49 PS 12
SDC 30/30 PP 22
Level 17 PE 14
Exp. PB 30
Sex Female SPD 12
Birthday (Age: 645)
HTH: Martial Arts
Alignment Principled


Jarvis comes from a traveling family. She has seen as far east as the Territories to the west of the Empire. She has traveled to all the lands of man and has been in constant search for a place in hope and faith. The woman has survived five husbands and three sons. The only living relatives left are her four daughters who have studied all kinds of things from magic to agriculture.

Jarvis started following the goddesses when she lost her second husband. At the time of her loss she fell into deep depression and to get herself out began to do service to those around her. Working hard she was recruited by a priest of Aco who was honestly looking for someone for the Aco sacrifice and thought that she would of sacrificed her life for the god. It didn’t turn out as he planed as she began to study the scriptures and tomes looking for faith and direction. In a short time she knew more about theology than the priest. When offered a chance to join the priesthood of Aco’s organized faith she turned them down and thought that she could find more about life on the road than in a chapel.

For years she has been in a wagon teaching hope and faith; feeding the hungry and giving blessings to those that have lost their faith. The women that she worships have visited her in visions and have appreciated her efforts to spread peace and love in a war torn world. Epim has appreciated that she demands honesty and despises lies. Ippotomi appreciates that she is a good fisher and prays over the waters before fishing. Aco hides her from those that would hurt her and those that follow her strange faith of the All Mothers.

Telthi and Zandrugal though not an All Mothers are patron gods of cooking and the other of war and tactics (respectively) and has loved the follower that has taught cooking and self defense.

The story of Jarvis and Burlap is a unique one. The two meet when Burlap was an apprentice and was failing at being funny. The assaults started as fruit and turned to stones when the fruit ran dry. Jarvis stood in the way of the assault and with a skillful working of a fry pan deflected the beaten mage from getting killed. Since then the two have been fast close friends for many years.

Jarvis knows of the god Backslap but does not encourage the worship of the god as he is neither a nurturer nor a protector.