Lord of Darkness

Head of the Pantheon of Taut, Lord of Darkness, and chief deity of the Church of Dark. Set & Anubis had long ago rent Osiris into 14 pieces. Set, his pantheon, and his followers, have successfully foiled all previous attempts at rebuilding his rival.

At the beginning of this campaign, Set is not aware of Isis’ knowledge of his past treachery of her memory loss. He is concentrating on a number of fronts- the upcoming war between Hades & Dyval, the recent defeat of the Horsemen of the Apocolypse, solidifying Pharaoh Rama-Set’s position in Rift’s Africa (despite the Horsemen’s defeat), the war between the Gargoyle Empire & the NGR, involvement with Lord Splynncryth in Atlantis, and dealings on 3 other planetary realms. He’s also enjoying Isis not knowing she is more than Katrina Sun (she has duped him into believing she is not aware) and checks on her often. Needless to say, he is a little busy.

Once he finds out, through his fellow god Anubis that there is a plot afoot to rebuild his rival, one can be sure that his involvement will not be far off.

The symbol for Set is an ankh with serpent wrapped around it.

See also Osiris and Isis for more.

Picture by the great Mauricio Herrera, aka El-Grimlock.