Silent Dream



Demigod of Psionics and Accidental Fires

Goblin/ Kankoran/ Dwarf Mind Mage, Worshiper of Apis



Regardless of his form, Silent Dream always has light reddish-brown hair or fur. He proudly has scars (called “stripes” by his people) on his chest, right leg, and both arms which are only noticable at a close distance. His eyes are inquisitive, kind, and green.

As a Goblin Silent Dream is about as short and skinny as Goblins get, standing only three feet tall. His spindly limbs lend themselves to his natural speed and agility but also hide an unexpected strength. He’s handsome for a Goblin (which isn’t saying much) with dark green eyes and large ears. His scraggly reddish-brown hair has been shaved into a mohawk style. Due to a curse by the former Goblin King Jar’Eth, this was Dream’s default form until Osiris was reborn.

As a Kankoran Silent Dream is at his tallest – just a few inches shy of a full five feet tall. His canine features are like a foxes, with a short and narrow muzzle and small, pointed ears. His body is covered in light reddish brown fur which makes his scars only noticable at a very close, or intimate, distance. This is the form Dream was born into and the form he is most comfortable assuming. It is his default form again.

As a Dwarf Silent Dream is taller than most other Dwarves, standing just over four feet tall but awfully thin by their standards. He has the broad shoulders, ruddy complexion, and reddish-brown hair of a Redbeard Dwarf. His rugged looks and long, flowing beard do make him seem a little older than his true age, but his non-white hair still mark him as an inexperienced youngster to most Dwarves. This form was originally bestowed upon him by the Gods through Grignak’s priestly efforts in order to better fit in when Crisis visited the Valley at the Top of the World.

In all forms Silent Dream wears a hooded cloak with the hood normally down. Underneath that cloak the clothing he wears is as light and sparse as the weather allows. In fact he tends to wear much less than is needed for the weather, at least from the point of view of races without fur. Though he’s no longer with his people he still prefers the muted earthen colors of the forest in his clothing.

When adventuring he wears a quiver from which protrudes both arrows and short spears. The rune-bow Azomir, the Unforgiven, is slung around him and he favors walking with a Staff of the Winds when it is not stowed upon his back with the Crystal Staff of Healing. He recently started wearing enchanted soft leather armor, though given the chance he would prefer not to bind himself in such restrictive wear and maintain as much freedom of movement as possible.

Art done by AZ_Rune and Fruits66.


Name: Silent Dream (True Name – “Kolvurr”)
Rank: 23rd Level
O.C.C.: Mind Mage/Demigod
Race: Goblin (originally a Kankoran, sometimes a Dwarf)
Land of Origin: Northern Wilderness
Citizenship: Wolfen Empire

HT G: 3′ 0″
K: 4′ 9″
D: 4′ 2″
IQ 15 Save vs Magic +2 Strike
(Psychic Strike)
(+5 +2)
WT G: 71 lbs
K: 110 lbs
D: 110 lbs
ME 17 Save vs Psionics +6 Parry
(Psychic Parry)
(+5 +2)
P.P.E. 26 / 26 MA 20 Save vs coma +6% Dodge +11, or +15 with Back Flip
I.S.P. 420 / 420 PS 21 Save vs poison/disease +2 Roll +9
H.P. 228 / 116 PP 16 Save vs horror +14 Pull +10
S.D.C. 149 / 149 PE 18 Save vs Possession +7 Initiative +6
Exp 1,778,750 PB 13 Save vs Insanity +1/+3 (Amulet) Damage +9
Sex M SPD 34 Disarm +3
Birthday 2/14/91 (23 years old)  Trust/ Intimidate 60% Death Blow 20 Critical (3x) 18-20, or from behind
HTH: Expert Knockout 18,19,20, or from behind Attacks 9
Alignment Principled HF 12 Passive
7 Perception +6


Western Empire
W 24,316
Island of Bizantium
฿ 0
Eastern Territory
Є 0
Timiro Kingdom
₮ 127,000
Wolfen Empire
₩ 991
Dragon Coins
OK 81
Elven Kingdom
Æ 1,382

Weapon Proficiencies Level Acquired Strike Parry Thrown/Rate Range Bonus
Archery 1 +10 +10 14 800’
Blunt 1 +8 +8 +4
Paired Blunt/Bow

Weapons: Damage Notes
Tree of Life Staff of the Wind 2D6 or 2D6×3 to Vampires See item description for details. When not in use Dream keeps this staff wrapped in linen to disguise its uniqueness.
Crystal Staff of Healing Unknown Healing Cloud 2 / 3 uses. See item description for details. When not in use Dream keeps this staff wrapped in linen to disguise its uniqueness.
Azomir the Unforgiven 4D6 or 1D4x10 See item page. 800′ normal range. When not in use Dream keeps this bow wrapped in linen to disguise its uniqueness.
Calumet 5D20 Quantity: 1
Returns. Use only vs Minions of the Dark.
Empowered Short Bow Arrows (Enhanced, Fortified) 1D6 Quantity: 8
Does ×4 damage vs supernatural/magical creatures, or ×2 damage vs creatures otherwise immune.
Psi-Arrows 6D6 Quantity: 4
+3 to strike.
Heavy Lightning Arrows 6D6 Quantity: 10
+1 to strike and +200ft range with these crooked/ jagged arrows.
Holy Short Bow Arrows 1D6 Quantity: 6
Arrows of Healing 0 Quantity: 8
Will heal the target of both 3D6 H.P. and 3D6 S.D.C.
Normal Short Bow Arrows 1D6 Quantity: 29
Corin 1D6? Quantity: 1
Returns. Reduces the victim to an animal state.
Holy Short spears 1D6 Quantity: 2
Empowered Short spears (Enhanced, Fortified) 1D6 Quantity: 4
Does ×4 damage vs supernatural/magical creatures, or ×2 damage vs creatures otherwise immune.
Normal Short spears 1D6 Quantity: 21
The Sands of Frost See item description Quantity: 2
A fist-sized ball that look like glittering snowball made of very fine gold and silver flakes.

Armor AR/ SDC Notes
Frostfire Armor 16 / 210 3×/day can burst into hot or cold flames giving: +2 to A.R., +100 S.D.C., 3D6 damage to those who touch the flames, 50% chance to ignite combustibles, lasts for 10 minutes.

Special Attacks: Damage Notes
Karate Kick 2D6
Back Sweep 0 Knockdown. Cannot be parried.
Tripping Leg Hook 0 Knockdown. Cannot be parried
Wheel Kick 2D6 Cannot come right before or after another kick
Crescent Kick 2D4+2
Body Throw/Flip 1D6 Knockdown
Punch/Claw 2D4
Bite 1D4

Active Ability Notes
Chant of Blessing +1 to initiative, +1 to save vs magic, +2 to save vs. poison and disease.
Radiate Feelings/ Sense Supernatural Evil Always on
Mind Block Auto-Defense Always ready
Resist Pain >+112 H.P. (Fortified and Energized)

Demigod Abilies Description (details here) Notes
Demigod of Accidental Fires Sense and locate the start/beginning of small accidental fires within 10 mile radius. With concentration (no other actions possible), focus to slow the spread/growth of the fire and any fire extinguishment used has double effect. The fire must be smaller than a camp bonfire. Silent Dream’s powers to extinguish fires always have double range and effect against accidental fires of any size. Can tell at a glance if an existing fire was started accidentally.
Demigod of Psionics: Activate Additional Psionic Power When activating a psychic power, pay 10 I.S.P. to activate a second one. When one ends the other does too. Each power can still only be used independently.
Demigod of Psionics: Sense and Encourage Psionic Potential in Others Can sense and locate anyone who has the potential for psionic powers but has not manifested them yet, within 10 mile radius. If Dream interacts with this person he can help them to bring out their psionic power and realize their potential sooner.
Demigod of Psionics: Gift of Psionics Meditate with the recipient(s) for 3D6 hours. Reduce I.S.P. base/max by the I.S.P. cost of the power upon transfer. Silent Dream retains use of the power but can’t recover the I.S.P. until the gift duration ends. Once in a recipient’s lifetime they may attempt to permanently keep the power (only if a minor, major or master psychic). Recipient is not psychic: Can be gifted one healing, physical, or sensitive psionic power; it will be level 1 ability. Recipient has I.S.P. equal to M.E.. Power will last for 24 hours, +1D4 hours per Dream’s level (24+20D4 hours)

Recipient is a minor psychic: Can be gifted one healing, physical, or sensitive psionic power; it will be the same level of ability as the recipient. Power will last for 48 hours, +2D4 hours per Dream’s level (48+40D4 hours). Chance to keep: 8%, +1%/ level.

Recipient is a major psychic: Can be gifted two healing, physical, or sensitive psionic powers; they will be the same level of ability as the recipient. OR can be gifted one super psionic power; it will be level 1 ability. Power(s) will last for 48 hours, +2D4 hours per Dream’s level (48+40D4 hours). Chance to keep: 8%, +2%/ level.

Recipient is a master psychic: Can be gifted two healing, physical, or sensitive psionic powers, or one super psionic power; they will be the same level of ability as the recipient. OR can be gifted one epic psionic power; it will be level 1 ability. Power(s) will last for 48 hours, +2D4 hours per Dream’s level (48+40D4 hours). Chance to keep: 8%, +4%/ level.

Special Abilities Description Notes
Nightvision (Goblin/ Dwarf) 90 feet Extends to line of sight due to magic ring of truesight.
Nightvision (Kankoran) 40 feet Extends to line of sight due to magic ring of truesight.
Keen sense hearing & smell (Kankoran)
Sense Water 460 feet (20 feet/ level) See description under Hydrokinesis
Leap 16ft long (5 ft +1ft/ 2 levels)
11ft high (4ft + 1ft/ 3 levels)
Acquired with Tumbling skill
Pole Vault 52ft high (8ft +2ft/ each additional level) Failure on the skill means only half height is reached. (see % in Special Skills) Acquired with Tumbling skill
Backflip Dodge +4 to dodge, and attacker also loses one attack due to moving out of range (see % in Special Skills) Acquired with Tumbling skill
Radiate Feelings Empathically 12ft or 100ft Unless Mind Block is active, radiate general feelings to all around him. Normally radiates positive feelings. These feelings must be genuine – cannot faked. Other emotions which can be transmitted: Helpful, sympathetic, happy, positive, dislike, angry, spiteful, vengeance, self-pity, fear. In most cases those in range will know how he is feeling but not necessarily why. BUT if a person in range is responsible for that feeling they will secretly know it is them. Non-psychics must be within 12 feet; psychics can be as far away as 100ft.
Sense Supernatural Evil & Magic Energy 2,300ft (100ft/ level) Can sense the “psychic scent” of supernatural evil and magic energy in range. Can track if the magic stays active. Constant and automatic; always on. Mind Block shuts this off. 98% (72 +2%/ level) to I.D. source (type of creature, includes creatures of magic) or detect supernatural possession. 98% (50% +5%/ level) to track, 98% (70% +3%/ level) to track a supernatural being who is using magic (add +1,000 feet to range too).

Psionics (Minor): Full write-ups of all Dream’s psionic powers Psionic Strength: 17
Icon Power Type I.S.P. Range Duration Save Description
Deaden Pain Healing 4 6ft 2 hrs/ level Requires 1 minute of prep meditation. Can be used as apainkiller which temporarily negates existing pain or as an anesthetic for surgery.
Detect Psionics Healing 6 60ft/ level 2 min/ level None Indicate the presence of psionic energy w/in area. Can not pinpoint exact location nor level. Indicate group mind block or psionic possession.
Exorcism Healing 10 16ft Instant Requires 15 minutes of prep meditation then 3D6 minutes with the possessed. 98% chance for success, 98% chance it is forced back to its dimension. During the exorcism the possessed has half normal attacks.
Healing Touch Healing 6 Touch Instant None Meditate for one minute, then heal target for 2D4 H.P. or 2D6 S.D.C.. Cannot be used on self, only others.
Lust for Life Healing 15 Touch 3 rolls vs coma N/A Lay hands on person in coma to add +98% (+6% per level) to save/recover vs coma.
Psychic Diagnosis Healing 4 6 ft Instant N/A Requires 1D4 melees of meditation. Instantly know of all physical pain, external and internal injuries, disease, and possession with absolute clarity.
Psychic Purification Healing 8 Touch Immediate None Requires 3D6 minutes of meditation to activate. Halts and stops chemicals, drugs, poisons, and toxins in the body once meditation starts. Upon finishing they are completely destroyed/negated. Ineffective against magic potions, spells, and faerie food.
Restore Memory Healing 12 Touch Permanent Restore a small block of memory lost due to natural causes, aging/ disease, physical or mental trauma, magic, or psionics. Can only be done in single skill, event, or part of personality increments.
Restore P.P.E. Healing 8+ Touch Instant None Spend 8 I.S.P. to start, then turn I.S.P. to P.P.E. and give to another on a 2:1 basis. Mind Block prevents transfer.
Suppress Fear Healing 8 Self or Touch 2 min/ level None Makes subject unable to feel fear. Automatic save vs. Horror Factor, even if magically induced H.F..
Transfer I.S.P. Healing 4+ Touch Instant None Spend 4 I.S.P. to start, then give I.S.P. on a 1:1 basis to another. Mind Block prevents transfer.
Wound Transfer Healing 12 Touch ½ melee Standard After half a melee of concentration can take 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, or 50% of another’s damage onto self, healing that person of that damage. Cannot be reversed. Damage to psychic heals 2× faster, 3× faster in meditation. Illness can also be diminished, reducing duration and penalties up to half.
Alter Aura Physical 2 Self 1 hour/ level None Change your aura. Make level look low (lvl 1 or 2) or 2D4 lvls higher; Conceal level of P.P.E. (make lower); Conceal the presence of psionics, magic, fatigue, sickness, or injury for duration.
Desperation Physical 4, +H.P. or S.D.C. Self Instant None Spend 4 I.S.P., then sacrifice an amount of H.P. and S.D.C. for I.S.P.. 1 S.D.C. = 1 I.S.P., 1 H.P. = 2 I.S.P.. This damage can only be healed naturally and until H.P. is healed psychic is -20% to save vs coma. Every 10 S.D.C. or 5 H.P. lost this way gives a cumulative -2 on all combat rolls and -10% skills. Cannot “accidentally” go to 0 H.P. or lower, but can do that on purpose.
Ectoplasm Physical 6 (vapor), 12 (solid) 40 ft, +5 ft/ level 4 min/ level None Create ectoplasmic vapor or solid shape. Vapor can carry 9 ounces and is invisible except to psychics. Solid can carry 40 lbs and can be shaped as hand, arm & hand, tentacle, foot, face, or even a full figure. It is clearly visible. Either form has 40 S.D.C. and 1 H.P.; if destroyed creator takes 10 S.D.C. and 1 H.P. of damage. See power for bonuses and penalties.
Ectoplasmic Disguise Physical 12 Self 10 min/ level None Create an ectoplasmic mask to hide facial features. It is shaped and molded mentally and made to look like real flesh. Can also change shape and bulk of body (add a pot belly, muscles, a tail, extra eye, etc). Treat as Disguise skill of 98% (50% +3%/ level). While maintaining, character is -4 on initiative and all bonuses, attacks per melee, speed and skills are halved. Always looks a little “dull” or “pasty”.
Empower Weapon Physical 8 Touch 12 hours/ level Standard Make a non-magical weapon do ×2 damage vs supernatural/magical creatures, or normal damage vs creatures otherwise immune. Can empower 1 melee weapon, or 1 ranged weapon (ammunition is empowered as fired), or 1 ammunition/ level.
Enhance Reflexes Physical 10 Self 2 min/ level None Add 1 Attack per Melee, +3 Initiative, +1 Strike, +2 Parry/ Dodge, +2 to P.P. (adjust strike/ parry/ dodge accordingly), +15% to Physical skills
Float Physical 8 2 hours Self None Can float effortlessly on water or 1 foot per level above the ground. If activated while falling, a successful roll w/ fall will result in no damage; a failed roll will result in ½ damage.
Impervious to Cold Physical 2 Self 20 min/ level None After 1D4 melees of meditation, character suffers no ill effects or discomfort to even extreme freezing conditions for duration of power.
Impervious to Poison/ Toxin Physical 4 2 min Self None Negate full effects of poisons/ toxins/ drugs if activated prior to exposure and has advance knowledge of its deadly properties. Otherwise reduce damage by half if activated after exposure. Identify Poisons: 98% (30% +4%/ level). +2 to save vs. poisons and drugs.
Mind Block Physical 4 Self 10 min/ level None Prevents Telepathy, Empathy, Hypnotic Suggestion, Empathic Transfer, and Induce Nightmare. +1 save vs. psychic and mental attacks. Cannot use psionics nor be influenced by others. Cannot use Healing or Sensitive psionics while it is active, nor any Super psionics which could be considered among those categories.
Resist Magic Physical 15 or 30 Self 5 min/ level None For 15 I.S.P. can add +3 to save vs Magic. For 30 I.S.P. all damage, effects, and duration of magic affecting the psychic is cut in half.
Resist Pain Physical 6 Self 30 min/ level None Can stay on feet when H.P. reach zero. Gains an extra 54 H.P. (10 H.P. +2 H.P./ level) for duration. Damage/ penalties from Bio-Manipulation, torture, drugs, poison, disease reduced by half while power is active. Foes have -40% with Interrogation attempts.
Resist Psionics Physical 10 Self 5 min/ level None Cancels all active personal psionics. Aura cannot be read. Immune to telepathy and empathy. All damage and effects from psionics are halved. +3 to save vs psionics and half damage/ effects from others’ psionics. Psionic tracking is -30% and half range to track the character. If activated while another psionic effect is active, roll to save again and halve the duration & effect of the psionic if successful.
Strength of Mind Physical 10 Self 2 min/ level Psychic gains supernatural strength and endurance. +10 to P.S., +5 to P.E., +20 to S.D.C..
Summon Inner Strength Physical 4 Self 10 min/ level None Per activation, add +10 S.D.C., +2 vs Poison, +5% vs Coma, fully rested for power duration.
Telekinetic Leap Physical 8 Self One action None Jump 11+66 ft high (+3 feet/ level), 16+110ft long (+5 feet/ level). Increase leap kick damage if applicable.
Telekinetic Push Physical 4 Touch or 1ft/ level One action None Create an instantaneous TK foce to push away anything in range with a P.S. of 16, +1/ level. Acts as a body block that does 1D4+P.S. damage. Will shove ordinary humans back 6ft and has a 60% chance of knockdown. (lose initiative and 1 melee action). Those who weigh more than 200lbs or have Supernatural P.S. are only shoved 2ft and only 12% chance knockdown. Inanimate objects less than 50lbs are shoved 12ft
Teleport Object Physical 10 Touch Immediate None Teleport up to 22lbs (1lb/ level) up to 1,100ft (50 feet/ level). Automatically successful when ‘porting to any place in one’s clothes (pocket, purse, sack, backpack, saddlebags). See power for percentage chances to successfully send it elsewhere.
Weapon Kata Physical 10 Self 5 min/ level None Gain instant “proficiency” with a weapon being held. +1 strike/ parry at level 1, +1 at levels 5, 10, 15, 20. Power ends when weapon leaves hand or duration is up.
Astral Projection Sensitive 8 5 min/ level Self None Requires 4D4 minutes of meditation, then physical body goes into a coma (open to possession). Whitish, transparent, ghostly image of physical form is created, tethered by silver cord to body. Only other psychics, children under 13, animals, and most supernatural creatures can see it. Can hover and fly (670 mph), intangible, see the invisible, impervious to physical harm (including cold, heat, and energy), vulnerable to magic and psionics. Can only communicate through telepathy or empathy. 60% chance to sense real body’s location if moved. If body dies spirit dies/ fades away after 6 hours. See power in book for Astral Plane travel.
Clairvoyance Sensitive 4 Special 6D6 melees None See or feel glimpses of a possible future; 98% (58% +2%/ level) chance when done deliberately, add +5% if a friend or loved one. Deliberately attempt up to 2×/day
Commune with Animals Sensitive 6 200 feet 2min/ level 15 or better Requires line of sight. Mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians only. Commune with 1 per level. Affected animal will not harm psychic and 80% chance will obey simple commands (run/ flee, defend self/ attack, come, go, stay, etc).
Commune with Plants Sensitive 6 or 20 10ft/ level 1min/ level None Requires line of sight. 6 I.S.P. to commune with 1 plant; 15 seconds per Q&A. 20 I.S.P. to commune with all in range: 1 minute per Q&A. Trees remember things from decades but last 1D6 months most clear. All other plants only remember last 1D4 days.
Commune with Spirit Sensitive 8 Self 8 melees None 98% chance to successfully contact a spirit or entity. See Main Book page 169 for details and further percentages.
Dispel Spirits Sensitive 10 50ft radius/ level 30 min/ level None Any lesser spirits, ghosts, or minor entities in range must flee the area immediately. There is no save unless the spirit was summoned by or is communicating with a psionic – in that case the psionic can roll to save. Does not affect tectonic entities, possessing entities, demons, gods, Will-O-The-Wisps, nymphs, specters, or similar creatures.
Empathy Sensitive 4 100 feet 2 min/ level Standard Become aware of or feel emotions of others (hate, anger, terror, love, etc). Blocked by Mind Block. Saving throw is made each melee. Probing for emotions can establish that somebody or something is nearby but cannot pinpoint. Can sense Haunting Ghosts and Entities in power range.
Enhanced Perception Sensitive 10 5 min/ level Self None Sharpens all physical senses by 50%. Notices every detail. +3 Perception, +1 Strike, +2 Parry/ Dodge, +10% on skills requiring the basic senses.
Extended Presence Sense Sensitive 8 Self, 20 feet +5 feet/ level 2 min/ level None Sense all sentient beings in area w/ a skill of 98% (50% +3%/ level). Can tell if each one is very powerful (i.e., demon/ deevil lord, greater elementals, gods, etc), a supernatural/ magical being, or mortal.
Meditation Sensitive 0 Self Varies None One hour of meditation is equivalent to two hours of restful sleep. Restores 12 I.S.P. per hour for a Mind Mage.
Mind’s Eye Sensitive 8 2 min/ level Self, 100ft +50ft/ level None Radar-like vision. See shape of everything around the psychic, except Invisibility: Superior. No penalties from being blind. +3 Initiative, +1 Strike, +2 parry/ dodge, cannot be surprised or snuck upon. 98% (70% +2%/ level) to Interpret shape, distance, direction, speed, and location of everything around in all directions. Heavy rain or smoke negates bonuses and gives -30% to skill.
Object Read Sensitive 6 or 10 Touch 2D6 min None Impressions: 98% (56 +2%/ level). Last owner was good, selfish, or evil? Emotional state of mind was angry, happy, sad, hate filled, confused, etc? Object’s general purpose? Is last owner alive or dead? Has it been used with/ by magic or supernatural forces? Is the item enchanted? Does the item contain a supernatural force/ entity?
Images: 90% (48 +2%/ level) Glances of the previous owner and others close to him/ her. Images will be accompanied by impressions of approx. age, height, weight, build, race, sex, sometimes occupation, hair color & length, special facial or body features (scars, tattoos, beard, etc). Also images or events surrounding the object’s use/ purpose. A traumatic, important or happy special event seen as a fragmented, choppy movie.
Present 80% (38 +2%/ level, must expend +4 I.S.P. for 10 total). Current state of mind/ emotion of owner? Current appearance/ dress of owner? Current type of room or place the owner is in? General identifying features of said person? Psychic will recognize places or people he has seen before.
Psionic Seeking Sensitive 6 1 mile/ level 5 min/ level None 98% (40% +5%/ level) chance to find an object or person. Must have met or held in past, or have an item belonging ot the person, or be with the person who owns the item, or have good image to focus on. If it is the psychic’s item or a close friend, add +20% to locate. If roll fails psychic will still know if object/person was at least in range or out of range.
Psychic Literacy Sensitive 7 Self/ Touch One melee/ level None Run hand down the pages and get the gist/ concept of what was written – basic information. Can “read” 15 pages per melee. Must not be a cryptographic/ code, pictograph, runic, magic, or secret language. Can quote a few select short passages of importance.
Psychic Translation Sensitive 2 100ft radius 2min/ level Special Get the gist of what’s being said when the Psychic doens’t understand the language. Psychics and those lying can save to resist, as can anyone who realizes this power is in use. Works both ways, and equates to a roughly 50% language skill.
See Aura Sensitive 6 60 feet 2 melees None Target must be visible to see aura. Can determine level (low 1-3, med 4-7, high 8+), high or low base P.P.E., healthy or sick, presense of: magic, psionic abilities, possessing entity, and/or unusual aberration. Mind block prevents presense of psychic abilities, possession by supernatural force, and amount of P.P.E. from being sensed.
See the Invisible Sensitive 4 120 feet 1 min/ level None See forces, objects, and creatures which are invisible. If the creature has no physical form the psychic will discern a vaporous image or energy sphere. Includes ghosts, entities, and the astral form.
Sense Dimensional Anomaly Sensitive 4 100ft radius/ level 2 min/ level None Detect the presence of dimensional anomalies in range, including teleportation. Knows when it happens and when it ends/ closes.
Sense Magic Sensitive 3 120ft radius 2 min/ level None Feel magic energy. Can tell if close (w/in 20ft) or far (up to full range). Can follow emanations to pinpoint source to a place, room, person, or object. Can also sense if an object has magic powers, if a person or item is enchanted/ under a magic spell, or when magic is used within sensing area.
Sense Time Sensitive 2 Self 15 min/ level None Can accurately measure the passage of time while power is active. Accurate to within 1D4 minutes.
Sensory Link Sensitive 10 Touch, 1 Mile/ level 10 min/ level N/A, -2 for animal A person must be willing; an animal can be unwilling but saves at -2. Establishes psychic link that allows psychic to see through the eyes as well as hear, smell and feel what the person/ animal does. Psychic goes into trance-like state and can take no action unless he willingly breaks the link.
Sixth Sense Sensitive 2 90 feet Until danger passes None Sense imminent danger to self or someone w/in 90 feet. Danger will be within next 60 seconds. For first melee of danger: +6 Initiative, +2 Parry, +3 Dodge, cannot be surprised by a sneak attack from behind.
Speed Reading Sensitive 2 3 min/ level Self None Reading speed is 30 pages/ minute. Retention of information is normal. Highly technical texts are slower at 15 pages/ minute and may require two readings.
Telepathic Projection Sensitive 4 or 12 1D4 min or 1min/ level Self None Send a 3D projection of yourself to visit/ talk with someone you have a strong emotional connection to. Projection seems real – anyone can see it. Either happens accidentally (G.M. whim) during sleep or meditation for 4 I.S.P. and 1D4 min (will be remembered by the psychic as a dream). Or done deliberately – meditate for 14+1D6 minutes, costs 12 I.S.P., lasts 1 min/ level, remembered clearly.
Telepathy Sensitive 4 60 feet/ 140 feet 2 min/ level Conditional Read surface thoughts (60 foot range), send brief directed thought message to one person (60 feet), two-way telepathic communication b/t two psychics w/ Telepathy (140 feet). Blocked by Mind Block. Must suspect power is being used to be able to save.
Total Recall Sensitive 2, 3 per memory Self Permanent None Remember every word read, or heard, or everything seen. Blocks of info can be recalled in perfect detail at will for 3 I.S.P.. If no I.S.P.: 1-50% Remembered in detail, 51-80% Details are forgotten but essense/ ideas are clear, 81-00% Only recall most basic concepts.

Psionics (Super): Full write-ups of all Dream’s psionic powers Psionic Strength: 17
Icon Power Type I.S.P. Range Duration Save Description
Advanced Trance State Super 10 8 hours/ level Self None Meditation where psychic hovers in mid-air in a sitting/ prone position. Heals at double normal rate. Can be used to go into stasis – no need to eat/ drink, only uses one-tenth amount of air, toxins/ drugs/ disease effects and damage are stopped and cured after 2 days of stasis. Can still sense danger or extreme changes around him and can wake up in an instant. Counts as a Sensitive power
Bio Alteration: Bodily Fluids Super 10 160 feet 4D4 min, +4D4 min/ 6 I.S.P. Standard Victim is overcome with the overwhelming need to relieve their bladder. -20% on Spd, -1 on all combat bonuses, -15% on skills until relief is had. Any failure vs H.F. will cause victim to wet themselves. Requires line or sight of victim’s exact location known.
Bio Alteration: Chemical Alteration Super 10 160 feet 4D4 min, +4D4 min/ 6 I.S.P. Standard Victim’s brain chemistry is altered. -4 to save vs possession, mind control, illusion, H.F., and charm-type attacks. Requires line or sight of victim’s exact location known.
Bio Alteration: Crossed Wires Super 10 160 feet 4D4 min, +4D4 min/ 6 I.S.P. Standard Alters the victim’s sense of smell and taste as desired. Requires line or sight of victim’s exact location known.
Bio Alteration: Headache Super 10 160 feet 4D4 min, +4D4 min/ 6 I.S.P. Standard Gives the victim a massive, pounding headache. Reduce combat bonuses by ½; -2 to save vs H.F, psionics, mind control, and illusions. All skills are -20%. Requires line or sight of victim’s exact location known.
Bio Alteration: Synaptic Misfire Super 10 160 feet 4D4 min, +4D4 min/ 6 I.S.P. Standard Causes victim to make a mental slip up. -10% to all skills. Number calculations are off by 1D4×10%. Victim might misread or misquote a line of text, get tongue tied, say the wrong word or mispronounce a word or name, make typographical errors, forget a password, etc. Requires line or sight of victim’s exact location known.
Bio Alteration: Tremors Super 10 160 feet 4D4 min, +4D4 min/ 6 I.S.P. Standard Causes victim to continuously shake. -1 attack, -10% to Spd, -1 to strike, -30% to skills requiring steady hand or great manual dexterity. Requires line or sight of victim’s exact location known.
Bio Alteration: Vertigo Super 10 160 feet 4D4 min, +4D4 min/ 6 I.S.P. Standard Scrambles inner ear. Must roll 15 or high to maintain balance each melee. If fails, cannot walk or shoot straight without staggering. Reduce all combat bonuses, attacks per melee, and Spd by half (½). Requires line or sight of victim’s exact location known.
Bio Manipulation: Blind Super 10 160 feet 4D4 min, +4D4 min/ 6 I.S.P. Standard Knocks out the optic nerves. Victim is -9 to strike/ parry/ dodge. Duration is ½ vs Creatures of Magic or Supernatural. Requires line of sight or victim’s exact location known.
Bio Manipulation: Deafness Super 10 160 feet 4D4 min, +4D4 min/ 6 I.S.P. Standard Manipulates the eardrum. Victim is -3 to strike/ parry/ dodge (-6 to parry/ dodge attacks from behind) and loses initiative. Duration is ½ vs Creatures of Magic or Supernatural. Requires line of sight or victim’s exact location known.
Bio Manipulation: Mute Super 10 160 feet 4D4 min, +4D4 min/ 6 I.S.P. Standard Impairs the vocal cords. Victim is -2 to strike/ parry/ dodge for first melee only. Magic that requires words cannot be cast. Duration is ½ vs Creatures of Magic or Supernatural. Requires line of sight or victim’s exact location known.
Bio Manipulation: Pain Super 10 160 feet 4D4 min, +4D4 min/ 6 I.S.P. Standard Manipulates the nerve centers. Victim is -6 to strike/ parry/ dodge and takes 1 damage direct to H.P. every minute. Duration is ½ vs Creatures of Magic or Supernatural. Requires line of sight or victim’s exact location known.
Bio Manipulation: Paralysis Super 10 160 feet 4D4 min, +4D4 min/ 6 I.S.P. Standard Immobilizes the motor part of the brain. Victim is completely incapacitated for the duration. Duration is ½ vs Creatures of Magic or Supernatural. Requires line of sight or victim’s exact location known.
Bio Manipulation: Stun Super 10 160 feet 4D4 min, +4D4 min/ 6 I.S.P. Standard Disorients and confuses. Victim is -1 attack, Spd is ½, all combat bonuses reduced by -4. Duration is ½ vs Creatures of Magic or Supernatural. Requires line of sight or victim’s exact location known.
Bio Manipulation: Tissue Manipulation Super 10 160 feet 4D4 min, +4D4 min/ 6 I.S.P. Standard Affects the tissues connecting nerve fibers causing sudden itchiness, being very hot, or being very cold. Victim is -1 strike/ parry/ dodge/ initiative. Duration is ½ vs Creatures of Magic or Supernatural. Requires line of sight or victim’s exact location known.
Bio Regeneration (Super) Super 20 Permanent Self None Concentrate for one full minute, then be healed of 4D6 S.D.C. and 4D6 H.P.. No scarring. Counts as a Healing power
Brain Scan Super 10 Touch Instant None Locate and ID physical and mental aberrations, damage and impairment, including bruises, tumors, aneurysms, diseases, mental blocks, hypnotic suggestion, phobias, obsessions, traumas, magic inanities, magic curses, and similar mental blocks and aberrations. Does not reveal anything about the target’s personality, memories, skills, or thoughts. Counts as a Healing power
Calm Minds Super 10 120 foot radius 3 min Vs. Calm (16+) Everyone affected must stop all attacks and cannot attack. They can still dodge, defend, flee, or do anything else as normal. If the psychic makes an attack the effect dispells immediately. Also temporarily dispels fear or other hysterical emotions, and neutralized psionic and magical mind control or emotional attacks. Counts as a Healing power
Catatonic Strike Super 40 Touch w/ stab attack Special -1 for evey 2 levels. Delivers a nerve-shattering force in a melee stabbing attack. Victim must save vs psionics or immediate enter a coma. Successful save does +2D6 damage and reduces victims melee attacks and combat bonuses by half for 1D4 melees. Only have two tries to hit.
Cause Insanity Super 30+ Touch 1 week/ level Standard Can inflict a phobia, obsession, or neurosis of choice on the victim. Can be made permanent by permanently expending 2D6 I.S.P..Counts as a Healing power
Cure Insanity Super 30+ Touch Varies Standard and automatic Can cure any insanity except schizophrenia, organic retardation, that caused by brain damage, or those inflicted by magic (includes curses). The target must always roll to save, even if they want the cure. The insanity has a 10% to return – check every week or if in a similar situation to what originally caused it. Cure is permanent if the psychic expends 2D6 I.S.P. permanently.Counts as a Healing power
Cryokinesis: Cold Resistance Super 5 Self 10 min/ level None Endure great cold. No damage/ ill effect down to -50°F. Colder temperatures or magical cold will do half damage.
Cryokinesis: Freeze Water Super 3 per gallon 8 feet +2 feet/ level 1 min None Decrease temperature of water to freezing point. Takes one minute. Cannot freeze the water or blood in a living creature.
Cryokinesis: Sculpt Snow & Ice Super 4 20 feet (snow) or Touch (ice) 1 min/ level None Can sculpt/ mold/ manipulate up to 1 cubic foot of snow per level, per action. Can be moved or tossed to blind opponents (victim loses initiative and one attack). Can sculpt/ mold ice by touch (through clothing is okay) for duration of power. +20% bonus to Art skill for Ice sculptures. Can safely walk across icy surfaces; no chance to fall.
Cryokinesis: Create Ice Super 10 5 feet/ level 1 minute None Create 1 pound of ice per level out of thin air. Ice has 10 S.D.C. per pound. Roll Art or Craft skill to make into a specific shape. Create one solid block (does damage by weight per Telekinesis) or smaller blocks (minimum 1 pound, which does 1D4 damage when thrown). If temperature is below freezing ice will last until temperature warms up.
Cryokinesis: Sense Temperature Super 2 50 feet +5 feet/ level Instant None Keenly sense air temperature within ±1D4°. Counts as a Sensitive power
Ectoplasmic Objects Super 20 Touch/ 40ft +5ft/ level 10 min/ level None Create objects out of ectoplasm at range of touch; they cannot be brought past max range. S.D.C. is half normal for the object or 40 – whichever is less. Choices are: One 54lb object with up to 1 moving part (12lbs +2lbs/ additional level), 22 objects with up to 1 moving part each and a combined weight of 12lbs (1 object/ level), one 12lb object with up to 22 moving parts (1 moving part/ level), or any combination of the three. Skill rolls are required for accuracy. Created weapons do half damage in our world, full damage in the Astral plane.
Electrokinesis: Electrical Resistance Super 4 3 min/ level Self None Immune to electricity up to 60kV. Greater than 60kV, including lightning and magical electricity, do half damage.
Electrokinesis: Electrical Discharge Super 2 or 4 Instant 10 feet/ level, 6 foot area None 1 S.D.C. “jolt” costs 2 I.S.P.. 2D6 S.D.C. electric blast costs 4 I.S.P.. Or can cause static electricity in a 6 foot area.
Electrokinesis: Manipulate Electrical Device Super 4 2 min/ level 45 feet +5 feel/ level None Can feel the presence of electrical objects in range. Can control/ manipulate electrical funcitons of devices, up to 12 manipulations per melee.
Electrokinesis: Sense Electricity Super 2 2 min/ level 45 feet +5 feet/ level None Can sense/ feel electricity and pinpoint exact location. Can also sense approaching electrical and ley line storms. 98% (55% +5%/ level), a failed roll means only 1D6×10% of devices were sensed. Counts as a Sensitive power
Empathic Charisma Super 10 30 feet 5 min/ level Standard Can determine the basic mood and desires of people around him, and can transmit general emotional feelings. For duration of the ability add 1D4+2 to M.A., add 2 to P.B., and has both Trust/ Intimidate and Charm/ Impress of 85% (against those who save these skills are -30%). Counts as a Sensitive power
Empathic Transmission Super 6 60 feet 2D6 min Standard Instill a powerful emotion in another person, animal, or supernatural being. Choices are: Despair/ Sorrow (1-50% chance surrender, -2 parry/ dodge); Confusion (-3 strike/ parry/ dodge, no initiative); Fear (-3 strike/ parry/ dodge, 1-66% run); Hate/ Anger (1-60% to attack/ kill/ harm/ betray someone they dislike, +1 strike, -1 parry/ dodge); Love/ Peacefulness (Hostiles 1-60% to not attack, show mercy, or leave w/o being cruel); Trust (believe everything psychic says for duration). Counts as a Sensitive power
Empathy: Superior Super 8 100 feet +50 feet/ level 2 min/ level Standard Can sense deep emotions, finding what emotions are attached to anything the psychic desires. If the emotion is really strong there is a 98% (60% +3%/ level) chance to glimpse or hear part of the memory associated with that emotion. The psychic can sense the victim’s true feelings, even if the victim doesn’t even realize what those feelings are. A saving throw should be rolled for each emotion or memory that the psychic tries to read.
Energize Psionics Super 12+ 10 feet/ level Varies Special Must expend 12 I.S.P. plus full I.S.P. cost of original power. Increases duration by ×2
Fortify Psionics Super 12+ 10 feet/ level Varies Special Must expend 12 I.S.P. plus full I.S.P. cost of original power. Increases damage or defensive power by ×2
Group Mind Block Super 22 120 foot radius 10 min/ level None Instantly erects a Mind Block on everyone within a 120 foot radius. Everyone within the radius is automatically blocked but the effect is not detectable (only Detect Psionics will indicate a group mind block).
Group Trance Super 15 20 feet, +10 feet/ level 2 min/ level Willing only Entrances a group to share psychic experiences. Only psychic group leader has actions – two per melee. Only the leader or genuine fear of death can break trance. Once per melee the leader can draw 3 I.S.P. from those with I.S.P. to fuel powers (they sense his intentions). Can only use psychic communication abilities (such as Clairvoyance, Empathy, Telepathy, Object Read, Presence Sense, Commune with Spirits/ Animals, Sixth Sense, etc). The thoughts, visions, and communications received are simultaneously sent via the trance-link to all participants. Counts as a Sensitive power
Hydrokinesis: Sense Chemical Impurities Super 2 Self/ 6 inches 1 min/ level None 98% (72% +2%/ level) to determine water purity. If polluted, 98% (35% +5%/ level) to determine general nature of pollutant. Counts as a Sensitive power
Hydrokinesis: Boil Water Super 3/ gallon 8 feet +2 feet/ level 1 min None Increase temperature of water to boiling point. Takes one minute. Cannot boil the water or blood in a living creature.
Hydrokinesis: Water Spout Super 5 20 feet Instant/ 2 melees None Hurling normal water or cool temp liquid into face, or hot/ boiling liquid anywhere else: Victim loses initiative and 1 attack. Hurling boiling liquid into the face: Victim takes 2D4 damage, loses initiative and all attacks for 1D6 melee rounds, and is temporarily blinded (-10 strike/ parry/ dodge).
Hydrokinesis: Sense Water Super 0 20 feet/ level Permanent None Sense the presence of any water exposed to the open air. Cannot sense underground rivers, airtight containers, etc.. Counts as a Sensitive power
Hypnotic Control Super 20 12ft 2D6 melees Standard Requires eye contact for 1 full melee to work. Places target in an obvious, deep hypnotic state where they are easy to manipulate and command. Target will obey almost any command given by Psychic if not drastically against their alignment (will have -20% to skills, half melee actions, -3 on all combat actions). Target is -2 to save vs psionics from controlling psychic but is immune to anyone else’s mind control. Target remembers everything that happens. Counts as a Sensitive power
Hypnotic Suggestion Super 6 12 feet Varies Standard Requires eye contact. Can relax/ calm someone down, or put them in a light sleep, or help them focus on particular thought, or implant subtle ideas, or make them imagine sounds and images. Rarely lasts for more than a few hours max. Counts as a Sensitive power
Induce Amnesia Super 10 to 30 Touch 1D4 days/ level Standard 10 for minor memory block, 20 for large block (months or years of time), 30 to make them forget entire life (includes all skills and personality). Counts as a Sensitive power
Insert Memory Super 25 Touch Permanent Varies Implant artificial memories via suggestions. Save is standard, though innocuous false memories or ones dealing with something the victim wants to know/ remember may not be resisted at all. If memory is successfully implanted and later discovered to be false it still remains. Counts as a Sensitive power
Introspective Journey Super 25 6ft +1ft/ level 2D6 min Standard Forces the target to relive a memory tied to an emotion of the psychic’s choice (cannot choose the memory). Lose one melee attack to maintain the power. Target saves vs psionics again to realize it’s not real (failure may mean insanity). May lose all actions to view the memory and interact with the target (they will realize now that it’s not real if interacting). Target can interact back but only the psychic can leave. Counts as a Sensitive power
Invisible Haze Super 30 Self 6 min Standard Turns invisible to anyone who can see him. Cannot be seen unless a save vs psionics is made (See Invisible/ See Aura do not work). Attacks against invisible foe are -6 to the following: initiative, strike, parry, and dodge. Counts as a Sensitive power
Mental Illusion Super 20 90 feet Special Standard A hypnotic suggestion that causes the victim to see, hear, feel and interact with an illusionary being. How the being reacts is based on the victim’s expectations. Psychic must implant/ say basic ideas and imagery to instill the mental illusion. Can also be used to make victim believe the psychic is someone/ thing else. Counts as a Sensitive power
Mind Block Auto-Defense Super 0 Self Permanent None Automatically puts up Mind Block whenever “mind probed” (telepathic and empathic probes, empathic transmission, induce nightmares, etc). Can lower Mind Block at will to receive such contact.
Mind Bolt Super 6+ 100 feet/ level Instant Dodge +4 to strike. Does 1D6 damage per 6 I.S.P. spent. An extra 10 I.S.P. increases the strike bonus to +8. Ley Lines and nexus points increase range and damage as per usual.
Mind Bond Super 10 Touch Special Standard Each learns/remembers everything about each other; all skills, skill bonuses, secrets, phobias, etc. Perfect recall lasts only 3D4 hours. 15% chance to recall anything for remainder of month, then memories disappear entirely (only psychic knows that). Alien or extremely disturbed minds may cause insanity. Counts as a Sensitive power
Mind Wipe Super 10+ Touch Special Standard Erase any past event, knowledge, skill, and so on. Takes 3 minutes to perform. Wipe lasts 1D4 days per 10 I.S.P. – at 50 I.S.P. wipe is permanent. Total mind wipe can be done for 50 I.S.P. and permanent loss of 4 M.E. points. If victim saves M.E. points are still lost. Counts as a Sensitive power
Photokinesis: Alter Light Super 8 80 feet +5 feet/ level 5 min/ level H.F. 12 Increase light by 110% (5%/ level), prowl is more difficult by 55% (5%/ 2 levels). Decrease light by 110% (5%/ level), prowl is easier by 55% (5%/ 2 levels). Make shadows move strangely to invoke H.F. 12. Affects 30ft +2ft/ level radius. Can be centered on and move with the psychic or affect an area at range. Requires torchlight (or better) present.
Photokinesis: Blinding Flash Super 2 80 feet +5 feet/ level Instant Standard Blinds all those in 10ft radius looking in that direction. Failed save means -9 to strike, parry, dodge for 1D4+1 melees. Successful save means -3 to strike, parry, dodge for 1 melee. Requires torchlight (or better).
Photokinesis: Bend Light Super 15 Touch 1 melee/ level None Become invisible to all forms of visual detection (even magical/psychic ones). Attacks, speed, and bonuses are halved due to the concentration to maintain. Immediately become visible (power ends) if psychic attacks. Must maintain physical contact to use on others or power ends for that person. Requires torchlight (or better).
Photokinesis: Move Light Source Super 20 100ft +10ft/ level 2 min/ level None Make a light source appear to move. Actual source does not move. Must always keep the source illuminated by its light. Speed is 12. Requires torchlight (or better).
Photokinesis: Illusionary Objects Super 25 100ft +10ft/ level 1 min/ level Standard Create a real (not mental) illusion of an object or group of objects. Must be no bigger than one foot in diameter per level. Only simple things like a sword, shield, chair, table, wall, tree, cart, pile of coins, chest, etc can be made. Anyone interacting with the illusion gets a save vs psionics to notice something is wrong and see through it. The illusion must remain in view of at least one light source or it disappears. Lose one attack per melee per illusion to maintain. Moving/ manipulating/ changing the illusion also requires an action. Requires torchlight (or better).
Psi-Cudgel Super 30 Self 5 min/ level None After 1 melee action of concentration can create a glowing blunt weapon composed of psionic energy. Generally looks like a Cudgel or Mace but shape and color can be changed. Weapon disappears if knocked unconscious. Damage is 20D6. Can damage things or beings “impervious” to normal weapons.
Psychic Body Field Super 30 Self 2 min/ level None Dim, white, transparent aura that completely surrounds/ encloses the body. Provides 220 S.D.C. (10 S.D.C. per level). Items held in the hands, hung from the back, or on top of the head are not protected. The field does not protect against disease or toxic fumes. Loses sense of touch while active – skills requiring a sense of touch and manual dexterity are -30%.
Psychic Storm Super 40 95ft, +5ft/ level Instant None Release a storm of psychic energy that damages everything in a straight line 4ft +1ft/ level wide. Damage is 4D6 S.D.C., + 1D6 at levels 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, and 24. Range, damage and width can be reduced to as low as 1D6 to 1ft × 1ft as desired.
Pyrokinesis: Fire Resistant Super 2 Self 5 min/ level None Endure great heat and fire. Take half damage from non-magical fire. Magic still does full damage.
Pyrokinesis: Spontaneous Combustion Super 2 30 feet Instant None Ignite combustible material, such as paper, old rags, dry grass, gasoline, hot coals, etc.. Human hair is not combustible.
Pyrokinesis: Fuel Flame Super 4 30 feet +5 feet/ level Instant None Feed fire with psychic energy, doubling it in size. Affects a 10 foot area
Pyrokinesis: Extinguish Flames Super 4 30 feet +5 feet/ level Instant None Instantly extinguish 15 foot diameter area of fire.
Pyrokinesis: Create Flame Super 20 30 feet +2 feet/ level 2 min/ level None Create 8 foot tall, 4 foot diameter pillar of fire (5D6 dmg, 72% to ignite combustibles). OR create 6 foot +1 foot/ level wall of fire (6D6 dmg, 72% chance to ignite combustibles).
Pyrokinesis: Fireball Super 25 30 feet +2 feet/ level Instant None +2 to strike, 6D6 damage.
Pyrokinesis: Sense Fire Super 2 100 feet +10 feet/ level 2 min None Sense/feel presence of fire and pinpoint its exact location. Range is a radius. 90% chance to sense all fires; failed roll means only 2D4×10% of fires were sensed. Counts as a Sensitive power
Resist Damage Super 25 Self 5 min/ level None Take half damage from any fall, impact, punch, blunt, or energy attack (even if damage is direct to H.P.). Biofeedback field also absorbs the first 5 S.D.C. or H.P. from each attack.
Resurrection Super 50 Touch Instant None Requires 5 minutes preparatory meditation. Base chance of success is 98% (7% per level). Can only be attempted once on the same character by the same psychic. Success brings them back to life with 1 H.P.. Normal rules for resurrection apply. Counts as a Healing power
Shared Perception Super 15 120 feet 1 min/ level Standard Can spy on someone’s perceptions or the psychic can share his perceptions with someone else. This means all sensory input (sight, hearing, smells, touch, taste). Those whose perceptions are being spied will feel as if someone is watching or looking over their shoulder. Counts as a Sensitive power
Tailwind Super 12 Touch 5 min/ level None Increase the speed of a boat or other non-animal powered vehicle by 25%. Psychic must be in or on the vessel and touching it for duration of the power to maintain the impossible speed. This psychic power prevents piloting skill penalties and prevents mechanical damage to the vessel which might otherwise result from the speed increase.
Telekinesis (Super) Super 10+ 100 feet/ level 2 min/ level None/ Dodge Manipulate one object per level, total weight is up to 100lbs per every 10 I.S.P. spent to activate. Damage is by weight (1D4×10 per 100lbs). +3 to Strike, +4 to Parry. Max height & distance object can be moved: 60 feet (under 2lbs), 30 feet (2lbs-20lbs), 15 feet (over 20 lbs).
Telekinetic Acceleration Attack Super 10 50 feet +10 feet/ level Instant None Cause ½dozen to a dozen small objects (coins, pencils, small stones, arrows, etc.) to hurl at a target for 3D6 damage. +3 to strike.
Telekinetic Air Walk Super 4 Self 10 min/ level None Levitate off the ground and walk/run/move as if walking on solid air! Can rise up to 220 feet (10ft per level) then can walk 1/3 normal speed and carry 330lbs (15lbs per level). Provides a +10% bonus to prowl, camouflage, climb, acrobatics, and escape artistry.
Telekinetic Extension Super 8 5ft/ level Instant None Deliver a melee strike at this powers range. Damge is equal to normal damage of the attack (but includes knockdown if applicable). Special weapon abilities are not transferred. Can add the effects of TK Push for +4 I.S.P..
Telekinetic Force Field Super 30 Self or 40 ft/ level 2 min/ level None Force field with 660 S.D.C. (30/ level) created around an area as small as 3 feet up to as large as 220 feet (10 feet/ level). Can roll parry to create as parry. Cannot be moved once created but can be dispelled by creator.
Telepathic Suggestion Super 15 60 feet Varies Standard Implants a powerful suggestive command into victim’s mind. Command can be simple (few spoken sentences) or complicated. Unless victim saves they will carry out command without hesitation. If the command goes against victims alignment they are +3 to save. If command is drastically against alignment/ethics, save is automatically successful. Counts as a Sensitive power
Telepathic Transmission Super 8, +4 per person for network 100ft +50ft/ level 5 min/ level Varies For base 8 I.S.P. can “speak” to others telepathically – either one person, multiple people, or everyone in range. Blocked by Mind Block. Non-psychics assume it is regular speech. For extra 4 I.S.P. per additional person, a secure telepathic network is set up, allowing private communication between members.
Telemechanics Super 10 10 min, +2 min/ level Touch or 5 feet None Mentally understand machines. Gain complete knowledge of everything about the machine – schematic, repairs, maintenance, operating, etc. Skill expertise w/ that machine is 80% for the duration. See book for A.I. machines. Counts as a Sensitive power
Teleport Object: Greater Super 15 50 feet/ level Instant Standard Teleport up to 22lbs (1lb/ level) to the psychic’s hands from up to 1,100ft (50 feet/ level). Automatically successful when ‘porting from any place in one’s clothes (pocket, purse, sack, backpack, saddlebags). See power for percentage chances to successfully call from elsewhere. If object is warded, cursed, etc, there is no save upon arrival into the psychic’s hands. Be careful.
Teleport Self Super 24 300 feet Instant None Psychic teleports himself and up to 220 lbs (10lbs/ level). Must be able to see or clearly visualize destination. A teleport into a solid object just fails.
Waking Dream Super 10 Self 1 hr/ level None Requires 1D4 minutes of preparatory meditation. Can recover I.S.P. at full meditation rate while engagingin light activity! Also satisfies the “preparatory meditation/trance” time requirement of other powers (if it’s been active long enough). Psychic is distracted; -6 to perception and initiative, -30% to skills, and all physical bonuses are halved. Psychic can end the power at will. Power will be cancelled if: any other psychic power is used (includes Sixth Sense or Mind Block Auto-Defense), if any H.P. damage or more than 1 S.D.C. damage is taken, or if unconsious, or rolls a save vs. psionics, or in a stressful situation (G.M. call). Counts as a Sensitive power

Psionics (Epic Level): Full write-ups of all Dream’s psionic powers Psionic Strength: 17
Icon Power Type I.S.P. Range Duration Save Description
Astral Avatar Epic 100+ Self 1 week/ level None Length of Trance: 1 hour 50 minutes, +1 minute per additional I.S.P. invested. Creates an astral body that is independent from, and a duplicate of, the psychic. Has normal astral body stats per Astral Projection minus the silver cord. The Avatar has 50 I.S.P. plus 1 for every additional minute in trance. The psychic loses that I.S.P. until the Avatar is destroyed or cancelled. If destroyed the psychic immediately takes damage equal to half his normal S.D.C. and H.P.. The psychic may experience the Avatars senses at any time, and can meditate and perform a mind bond w/ the Avatar at will over any distance.
Cryokinesis (Advanced): Alter Air Temperature Epic 8 20ft radius, up to 30ft away 2 min/ level None Raise or lower air temp by 5°F every melee. Max change is 5°F/ level. Returns to normal at duration’s end by 30°F/ melee. Can be renewed. Can be centered to move with the psychic.
Cryokinesis (Advanced): Cold Blood Epic 25 Self 5 min/ level None Skin becomes pale blueish. Body is icy cold. Become impervious to all cold and cold damage. Become resistant to fire (half damage). All cold abilities are doubled. All fire abilities are halved. Physical contact does 1D6 damage to those vulnerable to cold.
Cryokinesis (Advanced): Create Snow Epic 15 100ft + 10ft/ level 1 melee/ level None Snow is created and begins falling. Area is 40ft + 2ft/ level radius. 1 inch of snow per melee accumulates. Range of vision is halved in the snow. Once 12 inches accumulates speed is halved. Snow doesn’t melt for the duration, then melts normally. Requires moisture in the air.
Cryokinesis (Advanced): Blizzard Epic 25 100ft + 10ft/ level 2 min/ level None Manipulate existing snow to simulate blizzard/ white-out conditions. Area is 40ft + 2ft/ level radius. Both vision and hearing are limited to 8ft. All sense of direction is lost. Speed is halved.
Cryokinesis (Advanced): Wall of Ice Epic 20 Touch Instant Dodge 10ft × 10ft × 1ft wall is created and shaped from psychic’s hand. Distribute 1ft per level among the dimensions when created. Has 15 S.D.C. per level. May trap people in its area – they must dodge or simultaneous attack to destroy it or be traped. Ice lasts until it melts or is destroyed. Requires moisture in the air.
Cryokinesis (Advanced): Icy Floor Epic 15 Self Instant None Form a sheet of ice across the ground in all directions. Can choose to keep spots or areas bare as it’s created. Ice is slippery: 25% chance to fall if fighting, 50% chance to fall if moving, 75% chance to fall if doing both. Those who fall lose initiative and one action. Area of Effect is 6ft +1ft/ level. Ice lasts until it melts or is destroyed. Requires moisture in the air.
Cryokinesis (Advanced): Ice Shards Epic 25 30ft +2ft/ level Instant Dodge Create and throw a volley of icicles at a single target; +2 to strike. Does 6D6 damage. Targets can only dodge, not parry. Bytrying to dodge the target takes half damage if dodge failed, no damage if successful. Requires moisture in the air.
Dismissal Epic Varies Line of sight 1 min/ level or 10 min/ level Special Makes others ignore the psychic and up to 1 other person/ level, within a 20′ radius centered on the psychic. As long as they aren’t trying to draw attention to themselves, people won’t really notice or remember them. If being searched for, provides only a -3 penalty to the searchers perception (unless save vs psionics is made). Cost varies based on person size. Small: 4 I.S.P. Medium: 8 I.S.P. Large: 13 I.S.P. +10 if a person would “stand out” as extraordinarily odd in the area. Counts as a Sensitive power
Dispel Psionics Epic 30 100ft Instant Special Must be able to see/ detect the active psychic ability. Roll 1D20 + character’s level. The opposing power rolls 1D20 + its controller’s level. Minor and Major psychics only add one-third their controller’s level instead of full level. High roll wins. If successful the effect ends, but secondary effects persist as normal. If going against magic, it is spell level of caster + 1d20 vs Psionic Strength (17) +1d20.
Empathic Feedback Epic 20 100 feet, + 10 feet/ level 1 melee/ 4 levels Standard Enemy will take ¼ of all damage inflicted upon others to themselves! Damage is an illusion which disappears when the power ends. If the damage causes an enemy to die they fall unconscious. Damage taken is same type as inflicted: S.D.C. for S.D.C., H.P. for H.P.. Counts as a Sensitive power
Enhanced Meditation Epic 0 Self 2D4×10 min None Can slip into a deep trance/ meditation for 2D4×10 min. Completely unaware of surroundings while doing this. After time is up will regain 2D4×10 I.S.P. and is rejuvenated and alert. Will float same as Advanced Meditation while in use. If disturbed no benefit or I.S.P. is gained; start over.
Hydrokinesis (Advanced): Create Fog Epic 10 100ft/ level 5 min/ level None Create a fog in an 80ft radius. In the fog vision is reduced to one-third; -1 strike, parry, dodge, and cannot see out of it.
Hydrokinesis (Advanced): Create Water Epic 12 120ft 1 to 3 melees None Create up to 300 gallons of water in an area between 2ft to 60ft. Takes one melee per 100 gallons. Water lasts as per normal water. Attacks per melee: One.
Hydrokinesis (Advanced): Giant Wave Epic 12 60ft Instant Dodge Control existing water to make a giant wave to rise up and slam a target or 12ft radius area. +2 to strike, One attack per melee. Can control 300 gallons + 100 gallons per level. Damage is 6D6 for 300 gallons, + 1D6/ 100 extra gallons. Victims lose one attack and are -2 to strike, parry, dodge.
Hydrokinesis (Advanced): Waterspout Epic 8 10ft/ level 6 melees Dodge at -10 Control water to spout from under someone like a geyser. Can affect a 6ft area. Spout is 10ft high per level and can lift 50 lbs per level. Victims are -5 to strike, parry, dodge. If dropped they take 1D4 damage per 10ft of height. One attack per melee.
Hydrokinesis (Advanced): Water Wall Epic 20 140ft 8 melees None Control water to make a 12ft × 12ft ×1ft (per level) wall or circle of water. Attacks through it are -6 to strike. Cannot see through it clearly. Fire attacks that get through do one-third damage. Going through the wall gives a -6 to strike, parry, dodge for one attack.
Hydrokinesis (Advanced): Water Walk Epic 8 Self 10 min/ level None Walk on water or water-based liquids at half speed. Can be renewed for normal cost at durations end to keep walking on water.
Metamorphosis Memory Epic 30 Self 1 hr/ level None Can physically shape change into any physical form the psychic has previously had. Gains all benefits of that form yet retains own skills & memories. Can be renewed without having to end current transformation. Current available forms: Goblin, Dwarf, Kankoran.
Positive Energy Infusion Epic 40 Touch 30 min None Heal target 1D6 damage per level or double natural healing for 1 hour. Give target +1 initiative, +1 perception, +5% to all skills, +10% to save vs coma for 30 min. Bonuses do not stack with multiple uses. Psychic takes these penalties (and they stack): -2 initiative, -2 perception, -10% to all skills, no bonus to save vs coma, -20% to save vs coma. If psychic uses power on himself then healing is half, no bonuses, and penalties are only half. Counts as a Healing power
Psi-Arrows Epic 4, 8, 10, or 14 Touch 1 hr/ level None 4 I.S.P. to create a shortbow (1D6 dmg) or longbow (2D6) arrow. 8 I.S.P. to create a spear (1D6). +6 I.S.P. upon creation to add a +3 to strike. Can be created and stored or given to others. Can be created and fired in a bow in 1 action.
Psychic Fury Epic 70 Self 1min/ level None Consumed by anger, revenge, frustration, or sorrow, the psychic gives in and unleashes a psychic rage! Body gains mass and grows 1D4ft, add +25 S.D.C./ level, natural A.R. and H.F. of 16, hover 1-4 feet above the ground, gain +2 attacks, +3 vs magic/ poison/ psionics, impervious to mind control/ posession/ H.F., regens 6D6 H.P./ S.D.C. per melee, -3 to parry, cannot (will not) dodge. Can unlease Mind Bolts for no extra I.S.P. (+4 to strike, 2D4×10 damage, range 100ft/ level). Those who touch him take 2D6 damage. No strategy; in a beserk rage. Will not kill a friend or innocent but will attack. When the power ends the psychic is exhausted and sad. Reduce attacks, speed, and bonuses by half for an hour. For 24 hours I.S.P. recovery is halved. Not likely to ever do this again.
Pyrokinesis (Advanced): Alter Air Temperature Epic 8 20ft radius, up to 30ft away 2 min/ level None Raise or lower air temp by 5°F every melee. Max change is 5°F/ level. Returns to normal at duration’s end by 30°F/ melee. Can be renewed. Can be centered to move with the psychic.
Pyrokinesis (Advanced): Manipulate/ Move Fire Epic 8 100ft, +10ft/ level 2 min/ level Dodge Move any or all fire which the psychic can see/sense in a single direction or towards a certain point. Must stand still to move fire. +4 to strike when used as an attack. Opponent cannot parry. If fire rolls over/ engulfs combustibles it will set them on fire. Can be drawntt towards the psychic but will not touch/ burn him. Fires held at bay while power is active.
Pyrokinesis (Advanced): Part Fire Epic 8 10ft wide path, 100ft +10ft/ level, or 10ft radius 1 melee/ level N/A Parts fire aside to make a safe path or area of minimal fire, smoke, and heat. Fire attacks cannot enter area.
Pyrokinesis (Advanced): Snatch & Hold Fire Epic 2 Touch Special N/A Grab a fistful of fire (will extinguish fist-sized or smaller fires), keep it in the closed fist. Can eventually light a new fire instantly with it or use it to make a new fire attack – that attack does 2× damage. Fire is held in hand as long as hand remains closed.
Pyrokinesis (Advanced): Circle of Flame Epic 20 6ft +1ft/ level area, up to 30ft away 2 min/ level N/A Create a circle of flame, min height is psychic’s height, max height is 10ft +1ft/ level. Does 6D6 dmg if crossed and has a 40% chance to ignite combustibles.
Pyrokinesis (Advanced): Impervious to Fire & Smoke Epic 10 Self 1 min/ level N/A No damage from heat, fire, or smoke. Includes magical. Can breathe smoke as if it’s clean air. See through smoke 20ft +5ft/ level.
Refine Psionics Epic 15+ 10 ft Special None Must expend 15 I.S.P. plus full I.S.P. cost of original power. Prevents the power from being cancelled by anything other than psionics. Anti-magic or magic cancelling effects have no effect against this psionic and the refined psionic.
Share Psychic Power Epic 10+ Touch Special Save if resisted Spend 10 I.S.P., activate minor (Healing, Sensitive, or Physical) power, then touch another to give them that power for the power’s duration. They can use it normally but cannot end it early unless they are also psychic. The power is unavailable to Dream while it is transferred like this.
Supernatural Quickness Epic 30, +5, +H.P. Self 1 melee, +1 melee/ 4 levels None Cannot be combined with Sixth Sense! Move so fast world is like in slow motion. +8 to initiative, perception, strike, parry, dodge. Speed is doubled. For 5 I.S.P. and 4D6 H.P. can do the following:
Add +5 to an attack or defense roll after it’s been rolled.
Make a 2nd attack versus an opponent you just attacked.
Autododge against known attack.
Parry attack beyond normal limit.
Move twice as far as normal.
DANGER: If combined with additional speed increase abilities, take 4D6 H.P. immediately and every round these powers are active. The 5 I.S.P. abilities now cost 1D4×10 H.P.
Telekinesis: Circular Defense Epic 25+ 10ft radius 1 melee, +1 melee/ level None Telekinetically grabs 1 random small item per level from up to 100ft away to orbit and defend the psychic. Provides an A.R. of 1 per item. Any attack that hits the A.R. destroys an object instead of damaging the psychic. Some attacks may destroy more than 1 item at once. Can pay 10 I.S.P. to replace all damaged items (if any remain in range). Anyone who comes within 10ft is hit; they destroy one object, take 1D6 damage, and are knocked back 1D6 feet. The psychic can only move half speed, loses 1 attack, and makes ranged attackes at -1 per object unless using TK: Super, TK: Force, or TK: Acceleration Attack. Those powers can launch orbiting items at no penalty; +2 to strike, and +1D6 damage per item.
Telekinetic Force (Enhanced) Epic 10+ 160 feet/ level 2 min/ level None/ Dodge Creates “hands” of telekinetic force to grab, crush, pin, and manipulate up to one object per level. Total weight affected or force applied is up to 100lbs per every 10 I.S.P. spent to activate. Damage is by the telekinetic force: 1D4 per 50lbs of force. +3 to Strike, +4 to Parry. If strangulation, damage is direct to H.P. and victim loses consciousness after P.E.×4 seconds being strangled (this is evil).
Teleport Self: Greater Epic 50 50 miles, +5 miles/ level Standard None Teleport self and 100 lbs/ level. Must be able to see or clearly visualize destination, or else roll on Teleport Object table for chance of arriving at a random destination. A teleport into a solid object just fails.


Eternal Torch Ring
(Right hand, ring finger)
AR 17
Ring of Teleport to Sekti-Abtu
(Left hand, middle finger)
Once per day the wielder may teleport to “the CrIsis room” in Sekti-Abtu. Others may be brought as well.
Amulet of Isis
(Neck, but still allows another neck item to be worn per G.M.)
A gift from Isis, delivered by Queen Christine. This amulet boosts Dream’s save vs Insanity by +2 while worn.(already noted).
Keremond’s Spellshield
(Pinned on the front of Dream’s Cloak)
It is neither glowing nor humming. A gift from Duke Githeon VasPasseon.
Amulet of Apis and Xerx’ses
(Not currently worn – backpack)
A charm that will prevent any of the undead from physically touching the wearer while the amulet is worn or held. It works much like a cross does against vampires. Effective against all undead, including mummies, zombies and vampires.
Talisman of the Lightning Spears (3 uses)
(Left arm)
Can cast the spell Lightning Spears 3× at Level 20 potency before it needs to be recharged either by Xerx’ses or an Alchemist. Currently has all 3 charges.
Bracelet of Fleet Feet
(Right arm)
Fleet Feet 3×/day; 10 minute duration. P.P.×2, Spd.×2, Attacks Per Melee ×2, -2 Initiative, Likely to be taken by surprise, Delicate skills are -20%.
Ring of Truesight
(Left hand, index finger)
See the invisible. See through magical, psionic, and drug induced hallucinations (half usual penalties). Unhindered by magical or non-magical darkness. Range is line of sight. Always on.
Bracelet of See the Unseeable
(Not currently worn – backpack)
Idrantine Circlet
Rechargeable. Stored I.S.P.: 100 / 100
Flame-Eating Gem
(Belt/ waist)
Belt Clasp. Immune to normal fires. Magical or Dragon’s fire does only one-third damage.
Ring of Illusionary Demon Form
(Right hand, middle finger)
Allows user to speak/ understand Demogogian 98%. Usable 1×/ day for up to 6 hours/ day to bestow the illusion the wearer is a Gargoylite.
Torc of Heat Resistance
Usable 1×/day for up to 6 hours/day

Special Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total % Notes
Underground Tunneling (Goblin/ Dwarf) 30+5 1 23 98% Dig & build crude but functional tunnels. Excavate ruins. Identify if UG location is natural or man-made, and what race made it. Identify if new, old, or ancient.
Underground Architecture (Goblin/ Dwarf) 10+5 1 23 98% Design & construct crude but functional chambers and connected tunnels. Recognize what race constructed existing structures. Find and locate underground traps at half skill percentage.
Underground Sense of Direction (Goblin/ Dwarf) 20+5 1 23 98% Innate ability to tell direction when underground. Knows if going up, down, flat, angle of ascent/ descent, how far below the surface, and direction (N, S, E, or W).
Judge Proximity to Surface Structures (Goblin/ Dwarf) 20+5 1 23 98% -20% penalty in an unfamiliar area. Judge approx. location to natural and artifical surface structures. Can regognize traits & aspects of underground tunnel or construct to serve as landmarks.
Metalworking (Dwarf) 30+5 10 19 23 55% Same as Field Armorer skill
Recognize Precious Metals/ Stones (Dwarf) 25+5 10 19 23 50% Same as Gemology skill
Track Blood Scent (Kankoran) 30+4 1 23 98% 1000 feet
Recog Scent Others (Kankoran) 20+4 1 23 98% +10% mate/ offspring
Back Flip 40+5 1 23 98% Acquired with Tumbling. See Special Abilities for dodge bonus
Pole Vault 50+5 1 22 98% Acquired with Tumbling. See Special Abilities for max height.
Stilt Walk 50+5 1 23 98% Acquired with Tumbling. Roll for evey 15 feet.

O.C.C. Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Language: Wolfen 98% 98%
Language: Gobblely 40+5 15 1 23 98%
Language: Northern 40+5 15 1 23 98%
Math:Basic 45+5 20 1 23 98%
WP Archery 1 23
WP Blunt 1 23
HtH: Expert

O.C.C. Related Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Land Navigation 30+4 5 1 23 98%
Wilderness Survival 30+5 5 1 23 98%
Language: Elven 40+5 10 1 23 98%
Hunting 60/40+5 5 3 23 98/98%
Literacy: Elven 30+5 10 6 23 98%
Language: Eastern 40+5 10 9 23 98%
Intelligence 30+4 10 12 23 84%
Research 35+5 15 23 75%
Carpentry 25+5 5 18 23 55%
Philosophy 30+5 0 21 23 40%

Secondary Skills Base % Start Current Total %
Prowl 25+5 1 23 98%
Cooking 30+5 1 23 98%
Lore:Religion 30+5 1 23 98%
Tumbling 1 23
Running 4 23
Boxing 8 23
Fashion Tools 25+5 12 23 98%
Physical Labor 16 23
Masonry (+10%) 30+5 19 23 60%

Name Count Location Description
Old Kingdom Coins 81 small sack/ backpack All of Dream’s Old Kingdom coins, split between two locations. The bags are tied and stored securely to prevent them from rattling around.
Kingdom gold coins ±35 (approx) small sack All of Dream’s Elven Empire gold coins. These are essentially Old Kingdom coins per LoB p125 in near mint condition. The bag is tied and stored securely to prevent them from rattling around.
Denominations: 100, 50, 10, 1
Western Empire Imperials ±350 (approx) small sack All of Dream’s Western Empire gold coins (called Imperials). The bag is tied and stored securely to prevent them from rattling around.
Denominations: 100, 50, 25, 10, 5
Timiro gold coins ±700 (approx) small sack All of Dream’s Timiro/ Southern Elven Empire gold coins. The bag is tied and stored securely to prevent them from rattling around.
Denominations: 200, 100, 50, 25, 10, 5, 1
Wolfen Empire Coins ±15 (approx) small sack All of Dream’s Wolfen Empire gold coins. The bag is tied and stored securely to prevent them from rattling around.
Denominations: 200, 100, 50, 25, 10, 5
Mods 10 small sack Large Hades coins with Modius’ face on one side.
Tree of Life Staff of the Wind 1 Carried See item description. I.S.P./ P.P.E. pool: 80 / 80. When not in use Dream keeps this staff wrapped in linen to disguise its uniqueness.
Azomir 1 Slung over shoulder See awesome picture in link. When not in use Dream keeps this bow wrapped in linen to disguise its uniqueness.
Crystal Staff of Healing 1 Back See item page for details. When not in use Dream keeps this staff wrapped in linen to disguise its uniqueness.
Bottomless Quiver 1 Slung across lower back Can hold 128 arrows or 64 short spears (2 arrows equal one short spear). 20 always show until there are less than 20 in the quiver. Finding the right arrow or spear can take up to a full melee if not readily available. Currently holds 29 normal arrows, 4 Psi-arrows, 6 Holy arrows, 8 Empowered arrows, 10 Heavy Lightning arrows, 8 Healing arrows, 21 short spears, 2 Holy short spears, 4 Empowered short spears, Calumet, and Corin. Empowered weapons are Enhanced and Fortified, doing ×4 damage vs supernatural/magical creatures, or ×2 damage vs creatures otherwise immune. Duration is 18 days, renewed every two weeks.

Readily available (showing) in quiver: Calumet, 1 heavy lightning arrow, 2 empowered arrows, 2 Holy arrows, 1 Healing arrow, 2 Psi-arrows, 1 arrow, 2 Holy spears, 2 empowered spears, 1 spear.

Cloak of Shadows 1 Worn Dark cloak which makes the wearer more difficult to see in shadows, and in lighted areas lets the character move silently and unobtrusively. Add 20% to Prowl.
Winter Clothes 1 Worn/ Backpack Layers of cloth clothing designed to keep one warm in the Northern Wilderness winters.
Summer Clothes 1 Backpack Light clothing designed to keep one cool in the Northern Wilderness summers.
Bear Suit 1 Backpack A bear suit made for Dream by Ursus. Designed to be used for participation in ceremonies to Khonsu.
Enchanted Boots of the Weathered Traveler 1 Worn Given by Sulyott, will protect form the elements while worn.
Leather Boots 1 backpack Sturdy and well-worn. They were once expensive boots, built for function.
Belt 1 Worn It’s a belt
Potion of Invisible to Those Blessed by Anubis 1 Belt Duration 15 seconds/ 1 melee round. May not work.
Potion of Wind Run 2 Belt Duration: 30 minutes. Increase running speed by 30% and leap distance/height by 50%. Runs 1-5 above the ground. Cannot run on water or deep snow. Must run or jog; walking or stopping makes the user land and can only take back off 3 times before effect cancels. +5% to prowl and leaves no tracks while running.
Small Sack 1 Belt Small sack, drawn closed, used to store items for quick access
Dusts of Nicodemus; The Sands of Frost 4 Side pouch of backpack; easily accessible. Each one is kept within a padded bag to prevent accidental breakage. Written on the bag are the mystic symbols of magic, protection, the four elements, and the words “The Sands of Frost” in Eastern. The ball within is activated the moment it strikes and breaks apart (includes being dropped or crushed in the owner’s hand). Once broken, the snowball erupts in a thick cloud of twinkling dust that fills a 20 foot diameter, covering everything within in an inch of solid ice. People are chilled to the bone and suffer 3D6 damage from the intense cold (double damage to those vulnerable to cold). They also lose 1D4+1 melee attacks/ actions breaking free of the ice and gathering their wits. During this time (about one melee round) they can not attack and are -4 to parry and dodge incoming attacks.
Blanket 1 Outside of Backpack Thick, appropriate for winter weather
8 person environmental tent 1 Outside of Backpack Magical tent. Has a Circle of Protection from Elemental Forces and other mystic symbols/ enchantments built into the fabric. Inside is always always dry and warm (70°F) regardless of outside. Cannot protect against major acts of nature (lightning, floods, mud slides, earthquakes, etc…). Nor can it protect against similar magically induced elemental forces above 4th level strength.
Backpack 1 Back A “standard” traveler’s pack. Has the gold symbol for the Tri-Arcanum Guild on it to mark his membership as an honored member. The side facing the wearer’s back has two small tears/holes which have been crudely patched.
Cloak 1 Backpack Green, hooded. Was once an expensive cloak but has seen a lot of wear.
Water Skin 1 Backpack Sturdy and well-used
Pocket Mirror 1 Backpack Metal polished to produce an adequate reflection, kept in a protective cloth.
Snuff 1 Backpack The good snuff
Tinder Box 1 Backpack Rarely used, like new
Small Sack of Ashes 1 Backpack The ashes of the deceased Lady Shara. Given to Dream by No Name, to give to Lictalon.
Ancient Scroll/Letter to Lictalon 1 Backpack An ancient letter written on a scroll. Given to Dream by No Name, to give to Lictalon.
Silver Torch of Isis 1 Backpack The Silver Torch of Isis. Given to Dream by No Name.
Map of Cynopolis 1 Backpack A map of Cynopols given to Dream by U’Selekma.
Agreement 1 Backpack An indestructible scroll with a list of names that constantly shifts and updates to reflect current events.
Food rations 8 days Backpack 8 day’s worth of dried and preserved foods.
1 lbs Spiced pork sausage
4 lbs Jerked beef
1 lbs Smoked fish
1 lbs Dried fruit
1 lbs Cheese
Quill of Endless Ink 1 Backpack A magic quill which needs no ink and never runs out.
Enchanted Parchment/ Scroll combo from The Gods 1 Backpack Without Xerx’ses, the Gods have provided; A parchment to write a letter on, and a Magic Eagle scroll with which to send it. Both immediately refresh/ re-appear after use.
6oz vial of black Ink 1 Backpack A standard 6 ounce vial of ink for writing. Wrapped in cloth to protect it from breaking.
Crow quill pen 1 Backpack A standard quill pen, made from a crow’s feather.
Third Journal/Book 1 Backpack A good quality book with parchment pages and a stitched binding. Purchased in Sekti-Abtu. Starts with entry #201
Parchment 12 Backpack 9×12 inch sheets
Crystal Flask 1 Backpack Filled with “quenching” water that is “cool and soothing to the touch” from the Crystal Garden of Llorn.
Small Toy Bow 1 Backpack A gift from Ursus. It has the symbol of Apis etched into it.
Pet Rock 1 Backpack A gift from Merkl.
Pearl 1 Backpack A gift from Torrun. Dream knows what it means.
Copied Pamphlets of Khonsu 5 Backpack Copies of the original pamphlet which was jointly written by The Nameless Man and Ursus. Dream had numerous copies made in Caer Itomand these are all that’s left.
Letters Received 18 Backpack All the letters which Dream has received since joining CrIsis:
Intentional Grounding
You Are What??
Renvin is Paradise
Old Ones and New Worlds
Llornian Lonliness
Would You Consider Being A Librarian?
Hades Comes Forth
Too Busy, or Misunderstood?
I feel the Same
Journey into the Dark
Researching Everywhere
Jar’Eth’s Musings
Hades Detailed
Map of Hades
An Overdue Thank-You
The Struggle of Panath
The Meeting
Tri-Arcanum Flier 1 Backpack A flier Dream picked up in Llorn, inviting people to join the Tri-Arcanum Guild.
Letter to CrIsis 1 Backpack A letter Dream wrote for CrIsis. “To my friends in CrIsis” is written on it.
Tree of Life Blanket of Healing 1 Backpack See Item Description for list of basic healing powers – this blanket has additional powers not identified yet. The blanket must be laid over the individual for any of the properties to work.
Large rock 2 Backpack Large rocks the size of Dream’s head. Placed in here by Merkl as a joke. Dream decided to keep them.
Spikes 2 Backpack Given to Dream by Willy so Dream can “Use them on me (Willy) if I ever monologue like Arn did.”
Medium Sack 2 Backpack They’re sacks.
Small Sack 5 Used They’re sacks
Journal/Book 1 Malkin A book with parchment pages and a stitched binding. A gift given to him by Moli. Almost all the pages are filled with journal entries 1-100. Silent Dream left this book with Malkin on Y-Oda on 9/22/114
Second Journal/Book 1 Rolling Hills A good quality book with parchment pages and a stitched binding. Purchased in Y-Oda. Almost all the pages are filled with journal entries 101-200. Silent Dream left this book with Rolling Hills in Sekti-Abtu on 2/1/115.
Cannibis Plant 1 Dream’s room on the Shield of Light Bought in honor of The Nameless Man. Dream hopes it counts as a “small garden.”
Special Belt Pouch 1 Belt Four compartments. First is water, second is fine salt, third is ground stone dust, fourth is fine silver shavings. Use to dip arrowheads in water and then coat in one of the three substances.
Container of Much Water 2 Side pouch of backpack; easily accessable Produce up to 6 gallons of clean, fresh drinking water per 24 hours.
One-pound Silver Orb 22 Side pouch of backpack; easily accessable Slightly larger than a golf ball. Etched with symbols for the Gods of Light. Enchanted to be Indestructable, Demon Slayer, and Physical Transferral. Base damage 1D4 due to weight.
Drug: Lavaryta 1 Belt pouch After 1D4 melees, gain 1D4×10 I.S.P. and psionics are 1 level higher. Lasts for 1D4 hours, then headaches, nausea, fatigue, and cannot activate any more psionics for 24 hours. (pg 267)
Small Bag of Fine Salt 2 Backpack One-pound bags. Fine salt.
Small Bag of Ground Stone Dust 2 Backpack One-pound bags. Ground Stone Dust.
Small Bag of Powdered Silver 2 Backpack One-pound bags. Powdered Silver.
Potion of Mystic Nourishment 6 Backpack Each potion replaces 3 days of rations.
Mystic Water 4 Backpack

Drama Cards, Luck Points, Ace in the Hole
Ace in the Hole 0
Luck Points 0
Drama Card

Donated 10,000 to the Church of Ra in Sekti-Abtu on 2/3/115.
Donated 4,000 to the Church of Apis in Sekti-Abtu on 2/4/115
Donated 3,000 to the Church of Isis in Sekti-Abtu on 2/5/115
Donated 3,000 to the Church of Osiris in Sekti-Abtu on 2/6/115
Donated 3,000 to the Church of Horus in Sekti-Abtu on 2/7/115
Donated 2,000 to the Church of Bennu in Sekti-Abtu on 2/8/115
Donated 2,000 to the Church of Khonsu in Sekti-Abtu on 2/9/115
Donated 2,000 to the Church of Bast in Sekti-Abtu on 2/10/115
Donated 2,000 to the Church of Thoth in Sekti-Abtu on 3/11/115
Donated 2,000 to the Church of Bes in Sekti-Abtu on 3/12/115
Donated 1,000 to the Church of Xerx’ses in Sekti-Abtu on 3/16/115
Donated 1,000 to the Shrine of Ursus in Sekti-Abtu on 3/17/115
Donated 1,000 to the Shrine of Grignak in Sekti-Abtu on 3/17/115
Donated 1,000 to the Shrine of Torrun in Sekti-Abtu on 3/17/115
Donated 1,000 to the Shrine of Merkl in Sekti-Abtu on 3/17/115
Donated 1,000 to the Shrine of Willy in Sekti-Abtu on 3/17/115
Donated 1,000 to the Shrine of The Nameless Man in Sekti-Abtu on 3/17/115
Donated 1,000 to the Shrine of Indaris in Sekti-Abtu on 3/17/115

Miscellaneous Notes
Donated Є10,000 to Temple of Apis in Haven 3/19/114
Paid Є100,000 in dues to the Tri-Arcanum Guild 3/21/114
Donated Є10,000 to Temple of Apis in Wisdom 3/22/114
Donated Є2,000 to Temple of Ra in Wisdom on 3/22/114
Paid Є6,000 to Thurweard Getor, Alchemist of the Tri-Arcanum guild, on 3/22/114. This was a down-payment on the creation of a magic arrow (cost: 30,000) and a magic short-spear (cost: Є28,000) which would both take a total of six months to create (×2 damage vs. Minions of the Dark). UPDATE 6/23/114: Paid the remaining Є52,000 and sent a letter to inquire about options for pick-up. UPDATE 7/29/114: Dream received the items in Llorn.
Used an Ace in the Hole to ensure the new farmland for No Name’s family was usable and prosperous. 3/24/114
Gifted his Ring of Tongues (Understand and speak any language at 98%. Always on) to Crystal, No Name’s wife, on 3/24/114.
With Total Recall has knowledge of the Chaos War (as told by The Chronicler)
Promised Elanu Groff he could try to see about talking w/ someone about opening a Gold Coast location in the Wolfen Empire on 4/11/114. UPDATE 6/23/114: Torrun spoke the the Gold Coast in Bizantium on Dream’s behalf in order to convince them to help out in Me’zfii Onh. This will give them a foothold in the Northern Wilderness and when trading with the Wolfen, expose them to the Gold Coast and allow them to have some presence in the Empire.
Donated 10,000 to the Church of Apis in New Crests on 4/12/114.
Donated 2,000 to the Church of Ra in New Crests on 4/12/114
Donated 2,000 to the Church of Isis in New Crests on 4/12/114
Donated 1,500 to the Church of Osiris in New Crests on 4/12/114
Donated 1,500 to the Church of Horus in New Crests on 4/12/114
Donated 1,500 to the Church of Bennu in New Crests on 4/12/114
Donated 1,000 to the Church of Khonsu in New Crests on 4/12/114
Donated 500 to the Church of Xerx’ses in New Crests on 4/12/114
Gave Grignak 70,000 (10 Dragon Coins, 20,000 Wolfen coin) to help purchase Itomas II on 4/28/114. UPDATE 6/23/114: Grignak has been giving all of CrIsis his money to pay back what he borrowed.
Used Induce Amnesia on himself to block/ temporarily forget The Nameless Man‘s name and the details of his curse. This was done on 5/17/114 and he consistently renews it before the duration expires.
Donated 18,993 to Apis through the Gold Coast on 6/23/114.
Donated 5 weeks’ of time to help rebuild the perimeter wall we knocked down in Bizantium. 6/23/114 through 7/22/114.
Used Ace in the Hole to enable the group to travel from Renvin to Llorn through the Crystal Gardens 7/29/114.
Donated 100,000 to the Church of Apis in Caer Itom on 8/19/114.
Donated a week of time to help with fixes and chores in the same temple for that week.
Entrusted a letter to the head Priest of Apis only to be opened upon his and No Name’s death.
Perfect Recall with Total Recall of the Maps of Hades.


Entry #1

My name is Silent Dream. I come from one of the Emirin Tribes of Kankoran. I am a citizen of the Wolfen Empire. This is my journal. Moli said I should write in it sometimes. I asked her what I should write about, she said “things that have happened to you.” Here is a thing that has happened to me.

Nine winters ago I left my village. I did not leave alone. Another Kankoran now named Red Snow accompanied me. We were to undertake our tribe’s rite of passage: hunt a young Emirin and fight to the death. A dream with no sound let me know we should be as quiet as possible when we woke up. Our silent stealth rewarded us with an Emirin wandering into our range.

Of course Red Snow and I approached her. Introductions were proper in this circumstance. Her name was Icerai. She intended to defeat us both and return to her pride triumphant. We agreed to begin the hunt proper at dusk. By nightfall were fighting. In time Red Snow and I prevailed. Before he could finish Icerai and we could claim her long teeth another Emirin ambushed us!

This one was called Calind. He intended to save Icerai from her death by killing us for her. He intended to make her his mate. He attacked us. Red Snow was already hurt bad from our fight with Icerai. Calind took him down despite my efforts. Then it was me and Calind.

Two Kankoran versus one Emirin, everyone fully prepared, is an even fight. This was not. Calind should have defeated me. But he was unprepared for Icerai to attack him. Calind was confused and demanded she tell him why. She told him the obvious answer: she would not let him dishonor her in such a manner. Together, Kankoran and Emirin, both injured, took down Calind.

Calind lay unconscious in the snow. His breaths were shallow and slow – the breathing of one about to die. Icerai laid back down and asked me to make her death quick. I nodded. She closed her eyes, waiting. But instead I brought death to Calind. She opened her eyes and looked at me puzzled. I told her only one Emirin had to die today. I took his sharpest teeth then went to help Red Snow.

Icerai psychically draped Calind’s body over hers and prepared to return to her pride. She said she was in my debt and wanted to know what I would call myself. It took only a moment to decide. Silent Dream, I told her. She nodded and walked away. I bid her safe travel through the forest until we met again, as was proper. Red Snow survived. Together we returned to our tribe.

Until today only Red Snow, Icerai, and myself knew that story. This is a thing that happened to me.

Entry #2

I showed that entry to Moli today. She was troubled by that story. She said I should write about something more recent. Today I will write about how I met her.

Four summers ago our hunters found her lost in the woods. She was a lone Human. My tribe is part of the Wolfen Empire. Our elders thought she was a spy. She said she was not. They asked me to use my gifts to find out.

Using my gifts against her will made me uncomfortable. I talked to her instead. Her name was Moli Kineo. I told her what my tribe asked me to do. I asked her permission. She agreed to let me. We bonded and I knew the truth. She was no spy – not anymore. Her story made me want to weep. I did not.

She is not a spy. I said this to the Elders. She needs help to leave the woods. I said that to the Elders too. They did not believe me. I had talked to her. They said that to me. Now I was compromised. They explained. They would not listen to me. They sent messengers to the Wolfen. That night I set her free.

Our bond gave her my skill in the woods. But it would not last. I had to go with her. Together we traveled. She used her own gifts to help us. She was psychic like me. She used her gifts to make illusions. If anyone came close to us she made us hidden. I kept us going the right way. I kept us fed and safe in the woods. She told me stories.

The Gods of Light and the Gods of Darkness. I learned about them from her. Many other gods too. But the gods of light held my interest. She was surprised I couldn’t read. She taught me to speak the language of the Elves. She taught me to read the language of the Elves.

Together we reached the southern coast. She could go from there to Lopan in safety. Why don’t I come with her. She asked me that. A Kankoran in Lopan. I almost said no. We traveled there. Outside the reach of the Wolfen Empire. I would go back someday. Before then I would explore Lopan. I would learn about the Church of Light. I would learn to worship Apis.

Entry #3

Today Moli said she was flattered by my last entry. She wanted to know why I showed her this. Because it was her idea. I told her that. She made that noise she makes when she is exasperated. Today I will write about my return to the wilderness.

I spent the next four seasons in Lopan. I learned many things. But I needed to go back to my tribe. I would return and answer for what I did. Moli didn’t understand. We said goodbye. This time the trip was quicker. I avoided the war and the fighting. My tribe had moved. I spent some time finding it. My family and friends were happy I returned. The elders were not happy. I understood.

Messengers were sent to the Wolfen again. I stayed this time. They arrived and I left with them. It was the right thing to do. I would plead my case and face judgement. They barely cared about Moli. They knew about my gifts. They knew I was skilled in the woods. I would serve in their army for two birthdays.

I downplayed my psychic gifts. I am no braggart. In the woods I could be silent. So I was a scout for them. Many Humans and Wolfen died during this time. This makes me sad to remember. I will write about a funny story instead.

I once found a magical flying broom. I do not know why. Not why I found it – why someone would make such a thing. I tried to use it. For two birthdays I served in the Wolfen army. But I was closest to death the day I tried using that broom. The sight of me screaming and dangling from the broom as it flew out of control was funny. I have been told that many times. Comrades who watched it happen told me that. They let me keep the broom. I quickly sold it. I do not regret that.

After my second birthday I was allowed to leave the army. I left and went back to my tribe. The elders accepted my return. But they did not like it. So I made a proper good-bye this time. Then I left. I returned to the southern coast of the wilderness. On the journey I met Icerai again. We traveled together for a while. She offered to show me a great treasure. This would repay her debt. I accepted the honor.

She brought me to a cave. Inside was a hero’s grave. I paid my proper respects. The hero left behind a great treasure. A shortbow from ages past. I hesitated. Icerai prodded me to pick it up. I grasped it. I could hear it talk to me in my head. Azomir, the Unforgiven, it called itself. I was awed. Icerai and I left. She bade me safe travel. I bade her safe travel. We parted ways.

Entry #4

Moli shook her head after reading this journal. She said to just write about yesterday or today. I will do that now.

Yesterday I hunted a boar. I prepared it for my dinner. As I seasoned it I prayed to Apis in thanks. I ate my meal. I went to bed. My dreams were not clairvoyant. I woke up at dawn.

Entry #5

I do not know what was funny. Moli laughed. She told me to just do what I want with this book. She said to just write what I want. I think she had given me good advice. It has been confusing advice. But is it good advice. I will keep writing in this book. I do not know if I will write everyday. Moli thinks it would be good for my reading. But I am not reading. I am writing. She smiled when I told her that. I am glad she spends time with me. Tomorrow we will escort some Humans north. I expect it will be a normal day.

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