Sir Quixis Ote


Palladin, Champion of Horus

Sir Quixis Ote is a dark skinned, tall (7’) skinny Palladin of the Knights of Dawn. He takes his duty to his god Horus, his duty to the Knights, and well, everything, very seriously.
He feels that CrIsis is the noblest group ever, and will do anything to protect them, for they are reassembling a God of Light, Osiris, his God’s adopted father.

Picture by our own AZ Rune

Name Sir Quixis Ote
Rank 17th Level
OCC Palladin
Race Human

HT 7’ Save vs Spell +4
WT 200lbs Save vs ritual +5
PPE 36/36 Save vs Psionic +6
HP 87/87 Save vs toxin +4
SDC 64/64 Save vs poison +4
Level 15 Save vs Drugs +4
Exp. 395,000 Save vs Insanity +5
HTH:Palladin Born 12/15/24 Save vs horror +12
HT 5’11" Save vs coma/death 4%
Weight 195 lbs Save vs telepathy +5
Save vs. m.c. +5

Gold: 150,700 Eastern, 106,666 in Southern, 5,428 in gems, 1,781 in emeralds, 4 Dragon Coin and 12 Old Kingdom

Attribute Score COMBAT Bonus
IQ 14 Strike +7
ME 20 Parry +10
MA 16 Dodge +10
PS 22 Roll +13
PP 20 Pull +6
PE 16 Initiative +6
PB 10 Damage +10
SPD 22 Attacks 9
Reputation 13/2 Critical 18,19,20

Reputation 13 in Eastern Territory- 2 everywhere else.

Weapon Proficiencies Strike Parry Thrown Damage
Lance +7 +4 +2 +4
Shield +2 +9
Targeting +7
Sword +6 +6 +3
Weapons: SDC Damage Range
Lance 2D6+2
Throwing Axes (2) 2D4 40’
Broadsword +1 Strike & Parry 2D4+1
Dwarven Made Sabre +1 Strike & Parry 2D10+1
Lathatatlan +3 Strike & Parry 8D6
Armor AR SDC
Leather of Iron 15 160
Feather Shield 17 140
OCC Skills Base % OCC B+ L-A C-L Total % Secondary Skills Base % L-A C-L Total %
Language: Eastern 98 0 1 15 98% Parallel Bars/Rings 30+3 1 15 72%
Language: Southern 40+5 15 1 15 98% Somersault 40+5 1 15 98%
Language: Wolfen 40+5 15 1 15 98% Math:Advanced 40+5 1 15 98%
Language: Elven(Blessed) 40+5 15 1 15 98% Body Building 1 15
Literacy: Elven (blessed) 30+5 20 1 15 95% Running 1 15
Literacy: Eastern 30+5 20 1 15 98% Gymnastics 1 15
Dance 30+5 10 1 15 98% Pole Vault 50+5 5 15 98%
Heraldry 15/20+5 20 1 15 98/98% Stilt Walk 50+5 5 15 98%
Horsemanship:Palladin 45/40+5 0 1 15 98/98% Athletics 5 15
Land Navigation 30+4 10 1 15 96% Swimming 40+5 5 15 90%
Math:Basic 45+5 15 1 15 98% Tumbling 10 15
Wrestling 10 15
Boxing 1 15
OCC Related Skills Base % OCC B+ L-A C-L Total %
Cryptography 15+5 10 1 15 95%
Writing 20+5 10 1 15 98%
History: Changeling, Gnome, Elf,
Dwarf, Wolfen, Eastern Human
35+5 10 1 15 98%
Lore: Demon/Monster 25+5 10 1 15 98%
Lore: Religion Light/Dark 30+5 10 1 15 98%
Rope Works 30+5 10 1 15 98%
Prowl 25+5 10 1 15 98%
Field Armorer 30+5 10 1 15 98%
Balance 40+5 10 1 15 98%
Walk Tightrope 30+3 10 1 15 82%
Back Flip 30+5 10 1 15 98%
Climb 40/40+5 10 1 15 98/98%
Acrobatics 1 15
Sailing 35/20+5 1 15 98/90%
Seamanship 22+4 1 15 78%
Sewing 25+5 10 1 15 98%
Camouflage 20+5 10 3 15 90%
Sign Language 25+5 10 6 15 80%
History: Centaur, Cyclops, Frost Giant,
Jotan, Nimro, Titan
35+5 10 9 15 75%

Charm/Intimidate 40%

Palladin Powers:
Demon Death Blow- 3D6 PPE
Counts as 2 attacks, to magic or supernatural beings only. Victim cannot regen damage for 1D4
hours. Passes through all armor and AR. Full damage +PS bonus

Palladin Horsemanship- Init+1 Parry+2 Dodge+2 Damage+6 Roll(fall from horse) +2
Charge attack: +3D6 damage 2 attacks
Horse attack: 2D6 front legs 4D6 back legs

Way of the Lance- Unseat,or extra damage if roll natural 19 or 20. Must state intent before roll. Also, can disarm with lance rather than damage.
Unseat: 1D6dam from lance, 1D6 from fall (unless roll), lose init & 1 attack
Extra Damage: Triple damage!
Disarm: Called shot, use strike bonuses.

Special Powers: Metamorphosis
One melee/transformation. Height 3’-10’ Weight 30 lb variance from actual. Can be female or male, hair, fur, etc.

Recognize Other Changelings- Line of sight. Blessed ability. 7%/level.

Inventory: 2 sets of clothes, cloak, boots, gloves, belt, bedroll, backpack, 2 large sacks, 2 small sacks, water skin, container of much water, quill of endless ink, tinder box, mologoth hide boots.

Homeland Inventory In Haven in the Eastern Territory at the Knights of Dawn meeting house, there is a broadword (2D4+1), a set of clothes, studded leather armor (AR 13 SDC 38), and 180 Eastern gold.


Quixis is known throughout the Eastern Territory as a champion of the downtrodden. His work in protecting all humanoids, regardless of race, is legendary from Haven to Llorn, from Stormwatch to Wisdom. He has been an outspoken proponent for peace with the Wolfen Empire. His changeling nature is a secret known only to his fellow changelings that he has recruited, Bishop Rose Nodeki, and to his mentor, Sir Niklas Thorpe. Gavin and his wife Morgan also learn of his secret.

I was found as a babe by my mentor, Sir Niklas Thorpe of The Knights of Dawn. He and his comrades destroyed the home of my ancestry, and later he loathed to speak on the subject, saying only that Horus smote his soul with contrition for the atrocities he’d partaken. He usually followed the statement by sincere and unnerving apologies to me, spoken more as if meant for someone from that hated and fated day. We lived in the woodlands near Haven for twenty years where he taught me the ways his order, always drilling it into my head at it would be up to me to restore my peoples name, and that i was chosen by Horus for it. Under Niklas’ tutelage I became fast and strong. He taught me the lost history of my people,as well as many other races from tomes and texts forbidden. It was here that I first saw the hatred in the hearts of our world’s inhabitants and finally understood, or thought I understood, what Sir Niklas meant when he said that I could never let them know me as I truly am, and never hate them but pity them for this and seek to change their minds. My training became the only thing I knew, for I wanted to be The Champion of the Hated.

I was soon taken to live in Haven where I was inducted into The Knights of Dawn, and through numerous campaigns and competitions I earned the honored title of Palladin. I am now one of the greatest fighters in my order and most respected for deeds of courage, valor, and charity. The list of my deeds grew voluminous. I set today out alone, for I have decided not to inform Niklas as I feel he would never let me undertake such a task without his hand, but this quest is mine and will be like no other. I feel it would only anger him to tell him but it is what must be done, for last night I was beseech-ed in the most vivid of dreams by Horus! He called for me to fulfill my destiny. Now Osiris restoration is at my hands, the restoration of my peoples name is at my hands. Through prayer and devotion to the light of Horus I have been able to locate my brethren; even see them for who they truly are. I have used this blessing to make scores of my people into honorable knights in hopes that we can one day reveal ourselves and be known for our good deeds being henceforth known as reformed in the eyes of our persecutors. That day draws near and I can feel it in the air like a gentle breeze making goose flesh of my own, and I know that it will not be easy though with the favor of Horus i can see my plan, excuse me Sir Niklas our plan to fruition. Horus has blessed me,and I will be his weapon. Now I go to help others collect his adopted father, Osiris.

Quixis was born under the sign of Aster the Centaur. This is the sign of adventurers, free spirits who do not like to be tied down. You crave the road & adventure, and have an insatiable curiosity. Aster is also the patron of the bow.