Site Appearance & How We “Role”


Here are the basic rules about the site’s appearance.


The color scheme for all pages is dark red=characters, green=items, and blue=places and standard links. You will note that hyperlinks are not underlined!! I think it makes this a cleaner site.


Artwork is property of the copyright owners. I use the art for 3 reasons, to help convey images, to establish mood, and to promote art I or my players like. Please click on the links given on most pages, or go to the acknowledgements page and support the artists if you like their work!


Since most of the characters, with the exception of Bexx and Chip are from the Palladium fantasy world, my players and I chose parchments for their character logs. Each one is slightly different, and for Bexx and Chip we went with a much more modern look. Along with different paper for the different players, each one has a different font. Here are some examples of many of their logs: Xerx’ses, Cava, Chip, Drauka, Gavin, Overkill, Rell, Roggan, and Indaris. For more logs please see either campaigns or character logs.

These parchments are also carried over into the lands that the characters are from, for example Overkill comes from Bizantium, so his parchment is used for Bizantium and its towns and regions.


A special thanks goes out to two of my current players, Craig Coxson and AZ_Rune, who have done a lot of the coding on the old site from which this is based. Thanks Craig and Brian!!
Brian/AZ Rune is the webmaster for this site, and without him it would not exist- I cannot thank him enough!


I have stolen code from a number of people, and Craig did much of the early CSS work, with Brian doing much of the later- but, hey, I am learning… The CSS code that we are using is here.

How We “Role”

This is a sandbox campaign, with the emphasis on player participation. I, as the game master, have given them a basic premise- find the pieces of Osiris, and a world upon which they are located. How they get to each piece, researching where the pieces are, and how to handle the pieces once recovered is up to the players. The players decide who to trust (and put on the allies list), and who not to. They write their own logs, and decisions of where to go next is done by group vote. Many sessions involve far more role playing than roll playing.