Sygaz Idade, Mad Forsaken Mage

Forsaken Mage and Mad Scientist, he lives on a compound where he is rumored to be surrounded and protected by mythical creatures. Many see him as a cult leader, and his protectors as nightmares. His compound is located in the foothills of the mountains in the Disputed Territories, halfway between Sweet Creek and Yggdrasil, sitting on top of a large ley line. The Danzi hate him and curse the land. Coyles see him as a like-minded competitor for survival. Kankoran avoid the land like the plague, and humans fear it and there are plenty of boogey-man-esque stories surrounding him and the other residents.
Sygaz Ydade (Suh-GAZ Ih-dA-day)
Rank ??th Level
OCC Forsaken Mage
Race Human
Land of Origin: Y-Oda

Picture by Nomadical Sabbatical


Sygaz is a long-lived human (150 years old) in the Disputed Territories. With an IQ of 26, he’s got some serious social problems, and has pretty severe Asperger’s, but it’s given him the ability to be a self-taught mage, branding him as a Forsaken Mage. He was a scholar that was studying the Lands of the Damned in Library of Bletherad in his youth (until he was about 40), and the legend is he went crazy and ran away. Whether crazy or not, he lives on a compound, experimenting with magic. He is rumored to have created a new race of humanoid. He’s very selfish, doesn’t have goals one way or another with the Holy War of Light and Dark. Basically, think of a mixture of Jafar’s old beggar man character from Aladdin and the ‘light-side’ Gollum. Except for some reason he loves Rooster, and has taken him in like a doting uncle with a beloved nephew.