Lord of Wisdom

God of knowledge, wisdom, invention, and music.

Thoth becomes active in CrIsis when they stand up for his name at the Port of Truth against the members of the Church of Enlightenment. He restores Chip’s gun Bertie to some of its former glory.

Overkill pledges full devotion to Thoth on the 17th of Corg, 109, after his defeat at the hands of a mother wooly dragon. See the log Thoth’s New Son.

Karma was a palladin of Thoth, before her powers were stripped away for concerting with the Dark!

Burlap is a worshiper of Thoth.

Thoth was the “God on Duty” when CrIsis was on Lemaria and became actively involved.

The most common symbol for Thoth is the Eye, however, scholars know his favored symbol is the Caduceus: the entwined serpents on a staff.