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Background/ Profile

I was introduced to role playing games when I was 15 years old in high school, and I’ve been playing on and off when I can ever since. When my gaming days were light and sparse I delved into MMORPGs, notably FFXI, City of Heroes, and Star Wars Galaxies. MMORPGs are their own job, however, so once I was able to do rpg’s more consistently I had to back off them heavily and I nver really went back. My favorite rpg genre game/run is Super Heroic, followed by Science Fiction, then Fantasy. I’ve dabbled with Horror and enjoy putting the lighter elements of the genre into the games I run or play.

Despite all its flaws I’m a big fan of the Palladium system and all its games. I also enjoy Call of Cthulhu (Chaosism fifth edition), Dresden Files (FATE 3.0), Mutants and Masterminds second edition, Vampire the Masquerade (White Wolf third edition), Shadowrun fourth edition, and Dungeons & Dragons second and third editions. I own the books for and have dabbled with Little Fears, BESM first and second editions, Serenity, Polaris and some others but those books (unfortunately) hardly get off the shelf these days.

I can be found on Twitter as @Glistam.

Games Currently or Recently Involved in:

Campaign Logs or Stories for A God Rebuilt which I have written:

Log/ Story Character
Goodbye to You Silent Dream
So Far Away From Where You Are Silent Dream
Numb Silent Dream
The Final Countdown Silent Dream
One Last Goodbye Silent Dream
Meanwhile, Back in Renvin… Elycia
The Enemy Within Silent Dream
A Time to Every Purpose Silent Dream
Hello Mother, Hello Father Bilby
Change of Plans Goblin Silent Dream
Scenes From Bizantium Goblin Silent Dream
Running Down a Dream Goblin Silent Dream
An Overdue Thank-You Saria & Elycia
Cold Winds, Tide Moves In Goblin Silent Dream
Answered Prayers Osiris
The Little Goblin’s Journal Goblin Silent Dream
Nothing, Tra La La Abagail Spencer and Jar’Eth
Small Talk Silent Dream and The Nameless Man
So Close, Yet so Far Away Silent Dream
These Dreams in Ma’ip Silent Dream
For Your Eyes Only Unspecified Author
Highway to the Friend Zone Silent Dream
Two Pyramids and a Werebear Silent Dream
Write Me, Maybe Silent Dream
Efren’s Marvelous Armor & Shields Silent Dream
Second Thoughts Silent Dream
Scenes From Renvin Silent Dream
Within the Sound of Silence Dwarven Silent Dream
Two Roads Diverged in a Crystal Wood Silent Dream
So Much Time to Make Up Everywhere You Turn Silent Dream
Where is the Road That Takes Us to Bizantium? Silent Dream
Malkin Your Help is Humbly Requested Silent Dream
Xerx’ses Lives! Silent Dream
Sleepless in the Hinterlands Silent Dream
Lines Crossed Silent Dream
Sweet Dreams Are Made of These Silent Dream
Friends Gained and Lost Silent Dream
Dreams and Musings Silent Dream
Dream a Little Dream Silent Dream
Renewed Correspondence Silent Dream
Old Ones. Why’d it Have to be Old Ones? Silent Dream
Friends Remembered Silent Dream
Azomir Recalls Azomir
Blessed be the Light Silent Dream
Crime of the Century (Station) Abagail Spencer
A Moment of Calm Amidst a Sea of Chaos Silent Dream
The Unexpected Joy of Writing Home! Silent Dream
The Value of Hard Work Silent Dream
A Note Left For Malkin Silent Dream
Don’t Throw This Letter Away! Alyene Hawkspur
Drama in Haven and New Haven Silent Dream
A Relatively Uneventful Trip Silent Dream
One Night in New Crests Alyene Hawkspur
Secrets of the Internalists Silent Dream
Admission of Guilt Silent Dream
Saria & Elycia’s Bio Saria & Elycia
Fox in the Henhouse! Silent Dream
Renvin Description (pre-Lictalon) Unspecified Author
Must We Tread the Same Ground as Magic? Silent Dream
Translation Services Silent Dream
The Guild Gets a New Leader Silent Dream
Above All Things is the Guild? Silent Dream
When Minds Collide Silent Dream
O Great Apis, Why Must This Kankoran Fly? Silent Dream
Keeping an Open Mind Silent Dream
A New Era For CrIsis Silent Dream
The Grassy Plains of Ma’ip Silent Dream
Silent Dream’s Bio Silent Dream
Reaping the Blessing The Man With No Name
Dear Comrades in CrIsis Pippin Giffilan
Sunrise Reflections Pippin Giffilan
In This Brief Moment of Reprieve Pippin Giffilan