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~ Godling of Valor ~



Description: Barefoot this moving boulder of a Dwarf is 4 feet tall by his people’s measurements (1.2 meters by Elven metric), and 200 pounds. As a Prince of the (Dwarven: Fortress Birthstone) his beard is braided into a massive singular “Thane’s weave” with Korobite (gold & silver looking metal, used in Old Kingdom Dragon Coins) bands. He bears a genuine royal Dwarven signet rune ring! The only armor he wears on his arms are leather and steel forearm bracers and Korobite knuckle studded leather gauntlets when fighting. All of his boots have Korobite plated toes and steel shanked heels. Most of his robes are plain “for a prince,” and he will often go bare chested. Both of his arms bear tattoos up to his chest and shoulder blades. While almost never seen his palms bear a tattoo of the “Eye of Ra” to guide them in being just.



“Whom, was that idiot? Why did he save us,” these were the thoughts Mary wondered to herself? Carrying Overkill’s and her son back to the remote village the Dwarves had given her a home within. Everyone had been very nice and she had even made a friend within the town, its Elven mayor – Lady Zylphyra. After conquering Mary’s fear she was checking in on her the two began talking about social stigmas that peace among Elves and Dwarves had not only failed to crush, but made flourish because of idle times not spent trying to kill one another. Zylphyra had dated a dwarf for nearly 20 years until she felt her life growing in another direction and managed to remain friends after separating! Mary talked about being a slave and how it had been a Dwarf pirate, whom she later married, that had bought her freedom and allowed her the chance to believe she could make her own way in the world. Zylphyra constantly sought stories about Palladium. As many of the days in the what was known as the Elf-Dwarf Compound on Palladium, nearly unknown was that it was a gateway to another dimension! Here it was even more dangerous because all the monster races encountered were TWICE their normal size!

A lone Troll, about 20-25 feet tall, had stepped on her house in the middle of the night and grabbed a handful of the rubble and ran off. In the rumble though was little Izulkral’s bed laden with child! She began running after them with the moon high in the sky. Without warning something ran out in front of the Troll and shouted, “STOP!!!!!!!!” The troll amazingly did so and lost everything in his loot filled hand! Mary watched her child fly screaming through the air and the drunken Dwarf took a dance pose and began yelling at the Troll to listen to its poem and he’d give it Dwarven ale! The troll seemed enraptured to this oddly posed with one arm stretched above its bare, chiseled, muscled form. It was in mid scream she stopped because as this drunken idiot was starting to dance – badly – while reciting its poem – admirably well. She saw that little Izulkral was being held some 40 feet in the air by and unseen force! When the drunken idiot, that looked like a monk or priest on a bender moved his arms to emphasize the poem’s stanza her baby moved as well! Keeping the Troll’s attention focused on drunken Dwarf’s poem antics and horrible dancing it never noticed the one arm that was slowly moving the babe across the night sky and down below the Troll to Mary! The second she had her baby she ran seeing him wink at her and then draw his axes.

Mary could hear the battle as four elves in black leathers stepped out of the shadows, Zylphyra leading them asking, “Where’s the drunk? Wait…” Hearing the battle she waves her hand and the four run past mentioning that is was indeed the Troll Chieftain’s son, Groggo. The Trolls had been at war with the descendants of the royal Elf and Dwarf lines in this world for the last twenty years. The Trolls were beginning to loose thanks to key strikes being made by one Prince Torrun Ithanson and his sister, Queen Disvanova ’ekun Ithansdottir the First! The Dwarf Queen was also the general of the combined army of the Elves and Dwarves! Soon enough the fight was over and Mayor Zylphyra returned, “Mary, I’m so sorry this happened to you! I have made arrangements for you to have rooms at the Golden Tower until we can sort this out.”

“Whom, was that drunk? He saved my son!”

“Oh please don’t mention he was drunk when you make it to the Tower. Prince Torrun gets extra brave when he is buzzed, however, the Queen hates how risky he is in battle. She doesn’t like it when he employs drunken fighting…,” Zylphyra was about to continue when Mary interrupted her.

“Pr, Prin, Prince Torrun? That drunk monk was Prince Torrun?”

“Yes you’re lucky he likes to practice the Iron Wind style in the fields at night,” said Zylphyra, smiling.

“Don’t you mean ‘Drunken Wind’,” Mary interrupted bewildered, smiling and not entirely sure he was drunk having caught her son in mid air. Raising him above the eye level of the Troll. Occupying the troll while maneuvering her son back to her and letting her run away. Drunk or not she knew a hero when she saw one, if only Overkill had been more like Prince Torrun!


Torrun is the youngest surviving direct line descendant of the Dwarf King Ithan, whom had a suit of runic armor that inspired a spell to be created mimicking a pale portion of its power. His sister, Queen Disvanova ’ekun Ithansdottir the First, is the current owner of that armor and Queen of the Dwarven domains within the dimension of the Compound. having just won a 15 year war with the overgrown Trolls of their world. Torrun, turned down the crown in deference to his sister, as family though he has kept the ancient title of High Thane, or Prince is the easiest translation in Elvish.

The Dwarves have kept the ancestral name of the realm they hope to return to one day so they may spread peace among the peoples of Palladium – Korin Gilead (Dwarven: Fortress Birthstone). Together with the last of the Royal Elven Families of the Golden City of Baalgor they have fought to rid horrible effects of the war from among their kind. As the last hold outs these ancient, and once noble families. They have spent the last five and a half thousand years fighting on a world that would have killed them had they not re-learned to work together. Among these recent times Torrun has begun courting a Dwarven warrior maiden. The scandal is that she bears a child from a dead previous husband! While many Dwarves among the compound call him Prince (or the Monk formerly known as Prince), they also – positively & negatively – scandalize/gossip in secret about his love for this commoner that mentions she had been saved from slavery by a pirate! Shortly, after their first meeting the final, decisive battle between the Trolls and the Elves and Dwarves went down. Prince Torrun led raid after raid while his sister led the bulk of the combined forces. They were victorious and during that battle Torrun’s Battle Axes were lost when Orc assassins had made it into the Golden Tower and embedded them into two of the killers that tried to murder Mary and his sister! While his sister was wearing the rune armor he still took no chances and grabbed them both leaping out the window onto a flying carpet that one of his Elven friends had waiting!

He was offered the crown during the celebration by the United Congress of the Compound. He declined it and reminded everyone about every single plan, victory, and strategy that his sister had used to put him in positions to be heroic. Though, at the end of the day she was the one with the vision to use the resources at her disposal well. His speech was so rousing that every Dwarf Thane stood and agreed upon his sister as the continued Queen until her death when they would elect another. Then he stunned everyone and called Mary up and asked her permission to call upon her in courtship! Mary’s life changed overnight now that she had accepted his proposal to date. She wanted for nothing and continued to live in the Golden Tower from that day forward. Queen Disvanova and her brother argue all the time about how reckless he is but everyone knows it is out of love and concern. Torrun confides in Mary that he fell for her when he saw how brave she was to get her child back. They spent one whole date comparing scars and taking turns watching over young Izulkral. Mary told him that his name was a combination of Ovkral and her great grandfather Izulkor. On their third date he asked about the “Redbeard” engraved on the meat cleaver and she told him how she had met her husband and how he died. She asked him to keep it since it was a sweet spot of her heart that now belonged to him. This was the first he had heard of “CrIsis”.

The month before Lictalon brought them home to the Elven Kingdom, Torrun had proposed to Mary and she said yes. Even Torrun’s ex-elf girlfriend was excited he might be considering settling down. She and Mary are good friends and she helps Mary deal with being a mother. Torrun has spent many a sleepless night watching over the child he will adopt as his son once they are married and his sister the Dwarf Queen is excited to have her family extended if albeit in an unorthodox fashion.

Picture from @AZ_Rune on Twitter.

Name: Prince Torrun ‘syn Ithanson
Rank 25th Level
OCC: Warrior Monk
Race: Dwarf Godling
Land of Origin: Elf-Dwarf Compound in Mishala
Citizenship: Elven Kingdom.

HT 4’ IQ 21
Save vs Magic + 4
Strike + 9
WT 200 lbs ME 21
Save vs Psionics +3 (+5)
(12 – target)
Parry + 13
PPE 133 / 30=Cur. MA 19
Save vs coma + 10%
Dodge + 13
ISP 228 / 158=Cur. PS 54 Save vs poison/
+ 4
Roll + 11
HP 138 / 138=Cur. PP 20 Save vs H.F. + 12
Pull + 6
SDC 387 / 387=Cur. PE 27 Save vs Insanity + 4
Initiative + 9
Exp 2,785,550 PB 23 Save vs Possession + 6
Damage + 47
Sex M SPD 32/6
Save vs Illus. /
Mind Control
+ 1
Disarm + 4
Birthday 6/21/32
(81 years old)
Trust /
Critical 18-20
HTH: Martial Art Charm 65%  Passive
 5 Attacks 10,
11 (Axes)
Alignment Scrupulous Item
Death Blow 20 Perception +6

Western Empire 100,000 Island of Bizantium 52,000 Eastern Territory 4,800

Timiro Kingdom 227,000 Wolfen Empire <> Dragon Coins 5 

Weapon Proficiencies Level Acquired Strike Parry Thrown Rate/Range Notes
Battle Axe 1 + 10 + 8 + 8 + 2D6 Damage;
+ 4 to Parry from Monk Bonus
Thrown 1 + 0 + 0 + 11 HtH/40ft. 2D4 Damage
Polearm 1 + 10 + 7 + 5 +6 Damage;
Paired Axes 7 N/A +4 N/A N/A FYI: The + 4 to Parry from Monk Bonus.
Paired Thrown 7 N/A +4 N/A N/A FYI: The + 4 to Parry from Monk Bonus.
P.P. Bonus N/A + 3 + 3 + 3

Weapons: Damage Notes
Magical War Battle Axe
“Dragon’s Gift”
6D6+33 Two handed (4D6) for big threats.
Transformable Weapon, “Always have a backup plan” is engraved in the handle filled in with gold.
Dwarf Craftsmanship Bonus: +6 to damage, +1 to Parry.
Total Bonus +17 to Hit / +23 to Parry
Battle Axes

Combined Double-Axe
7D6 + 2D6 + 27

7D6 + 2D6 + 31

10D6 + 6 + 31

Owns two for close combat.
Handles are shorter for more control.
Dwarf Made: + 2 to Strike, + 3 to Parry
Item Page
Dwarf Made: + 4 to Damage, + 3 to Parry
Item Page
Justice Total Bonus
Retribution Total Bonus
+ 19 to Strike / + 25 to Parry
+ 17 to Strike / + 25 to Parry
Combined: +19 to Strike / +27 to Parry
Throwing Axes 2D4 + 24 Owns four for “closer” ranged targets.
Silver, Enchanted to be Indestructible
Total Bonus +17 to Hit / + 24 to Throw / +22 to Parry
Mary’s Meat Cleaver 1D6 (2D6 vs Evil Alignments) Torrun uses this like a utility knife. Engraved on the handle is the word “Redbeard”.
It is now enchanted with the following features after the Battle in Cynopolis:
Armor Piercing (Ignores A.R.),
Double Damage vs those of evil alignment.
Total Bonus +17 to Hit / + 24 to Throw / +22 to Parry

Axe Power Strike + 1D6 Damage Must roll Nat. 18-20 the victim of the axe power strike loses initiative, loses one melee action and there is a 01-50% chance that he will drop whatever weapon he was holding (only drops one weapon if using a pair — victim’s choice of which).
Parry Arrows with Axe N/A The monk can attempt to parry arrow attacks! He is -2 to parry arrows, darts, or thrown objects, and -6 to parry crossbows and such. The character can only attempt to parry the projectile attacks of one opponent at a time and must see the attack coming.
Axe Fighting Bonuses N/A In addition to W.P. Battle Axe bonuses, the monk is +1 to parry at levels 4, 8, 12, and 19. One extra attack per melee round when using any axe.
Spirit Strike Triple Damage! An attack that draws on the character’s inner spirit with mystical effect. It can only be used against dragons, elementals, demons and other supernatural beings and creatures of magic! It can be inflicted with a punch, kick, Axe (any).
Cost 2D6 P.P.E. per use.

Martial Attacks: Damage Notes
Restrained Punch Attack 2D6 + PS (24) Add +2 to damage if wearing gauntlets. Korobite Knuckles allow damage to supernatural creatures. Must roll a nat. 11+.
Punch Attack 5D6 + PS (24) Add +2 to damage if wearing gauntlets. Korobite Knuckles allow damage to supernatural creatures.
Axe Hand Attack 5D6 + PS (24) Open palm strike with edge downward chop
Snap Kick Attack 3D6 + PS (27) It works well in confined spaces and in grappling range but does relatively little damage.
Roundhouse Kick 7D6 + PS (27) Can be used only once per melee round, and no other kicks can be used in that melee round.
Axe Kick 6D6 + PS (27) A very high kick that goes up and over the opponent, coming down on the neck or shoulder. Can’t be used in the same melee round with any other kicks.
Crescent Kick 6D6 + 2 + PS (27) A swivel-hipped kick that sends the foot out on a sweeping arc.
Flying Jump Kick 12D6 + PS (27) Must be made from long range. The character launches into the air, taking a position that will smash one foot into the opponent.; counts as two melee attacks.
Tripping/Leg Hook Cannot be parried
Backward Sweep Cannot be parried
Leap Attack (Varies) Auto Critical / Usually only a single strike can be made during a leap attack. However, if two opponents are close together, the attacker can leap between them and strike both at the same time; roll to strike for each character.

Special Powers Description Notes
+ 2 save vs Possession
+2 save vs H.F.  All included in stats above
MA: Increases from 11 to 19
PB: Increases from 12 to 15
SPD: Increases from 15 to 27 (Digging speed is unchanged)
SDC: Increases from 85 to 300
HP: Add 2D6 per level going forward
DIVINE BOONS: Martial Art / Zenjoriki Powers
Super Strong Added 19 to P.S. / SUPERNATURAL ATTRIBUTES
Super Psionic: Category – Physical and 5 Super Psionics
Nightvision 200ft; Can see in total darkness
See Invisible at Will
Poison, Drugs, Toxins Do 1/2 Damage

Power Type I.S.P. Range Save Duration
Telekinesis Physical Varies 60 feet (18.3 m) None 2min./Level
Must have line of sight
I.S.P. Cost: Small: 3, medium: 8, large (over 20 lbs/9 kg): 8 +1 per every 10 lbs (4.5 kg) of weight.
Combat Bonuses:
• +3 to strike with telekinesis; physical/skill bonuses to strike do not apply when telekinesis is used.
• +4 to parry with telekinesis, by using a controlled object to parry or sheer telekinetic force to block an attack. Counts as a medium, heavy object; costs 8 I.S.P.
• Damage from Hurled Objects:
Small: 6 ounces to 1 pound — 1D4
Small: 1.1 to 2 lbs — 1D6
Medium: 3 to 4 lbs — 2D4
Medium: 5 to 10 lbs — 3D4
Medium: 10 to 24 lbs — 3D6
Large: 26 to 40 lbs — 4D6
Add 1D6 for each additional 20 lbs (9 kg) of weight.
Telekinetic Punch Physical 6 By touch or one foot (0.3 m) per level None Instant
A telekinetic punch will inflict 4D6 plus P.S. bonus, and a kick will do 5D6 plus P.S. bonus. The I.S.P. is spent whether or not the punch or kick actually hits the target (roll to strike as normal). The power is used in conjunction with a normal, physical attack, so the telekinetic attack can be parried or dodged by the enemy. Every time the power is used, the psychic must make a save of 14 or higher, or he will take 1D6 points of damage himself as a result of wrenched muscles or a dislocated joint from the extra strain on his body.
Resist Pain Physical 6 Self None 30min./Level
It gives an additional 10 H.P., +2/level H.P. to your max H.P. The power has some other interesting abilities as well – you can find it on Dream’s character sheet.
Bio-Manip (Evil Eye) effects are reduced by half! Small blades and needle either don’t pierce the skin, don’t draw blood and wound disappears after 15 min.
– 40% penalty to any form of torture.
Telekinetic Leap Physical 8 Self (leaping range is increased by 3 or 5 feet/0.9 to 1.5 m per level of experience. 75′ High & 100′ Long) None One melee attack/action (leap)
This telekinetic application boosts the person’s leaping ability, propelling the psychic an additional 3 feet (0.9 m) for high jumps, and 5 feet (1.5 m) for broad jumps (lengthwise), per level of experience. This power can be used in conjunction with a leap kick attack (damage: 6D6+6 plus P.S. bonuses), but the character will take 2D6 points of damage himself from the hard impact. An acrobatics or gymnastics roll, or a roll with punch, fall or impact, may be needed to land safely after one of these leaps.
Alter Aura Physical 2 Self None 1 hour / lvl
A truly unique power that many psychic investigators claim is impossible or does not exist. The power enables the psychic to manipulate his physical energy in such a way that it changes his aura. The altered aura will send the wrong message to those who can see auras. Alterations include:
• General level of experience can be made to seem much lower (level 1 or 2) or much higher (2D4 levels higher) than it really is.
• Conceal the presence of psychic powers.
• Conceal level of base P.P.E. (made to seem much lower).
• Conceal the presence of magic.
• Conceal fatigue, sickness, or injury (looks fresh and healthy).
Death Trance Physical 1 Self None Up to 4 days
A state of mind over matter that slows the metabolism to such a degree that it creates a temporary state of suspended animation, simulating death. Without hospital facilities, even a medical doctor is likely to believe the character is dead (1-89% likelihood). The effects of drugs, toxins and chemicals are slowed to a crawl, doing no damage or effect, but will take full effect the instant the death trance is stopped (unless treatment is administered first). While in the death-like state, the psychic can not be roused or respond to any type of stimulation, including psychic probes. This means he is incapable of attacking or defending himself in any way until the trance is broken.
Float Physical 8 Self None 2 hrs.
This ability controls the distribution of body weight and creates a mild telekinetic field which enables the psionic to float effortlessly on water or one foot in the air per level of experience. On the water, the character can float and rest without exerting any physical energy to do so.
Using a psionic float in the air allows the character to sit or lay (or sleep) comfortably above the ground as if on a cushion of air. The only down side is he may get blown away during a strong wind (at least until he cancels the power). Float can also be used to break a fall by slowing the rate of descent until the character is gently hovering above the ground. Roll 1D20 to roll with fall or impact. Using the psionic float, a successful roll means no damage. A failed roll means half damage. Counts as two melee actions.
Imp. to Cold Physical 2 Self None 20 Min. / Lvl
Length of Trance: 1D4 melees for preparatory meditation. A mind over matter discipline which enables the character to suffer absolutely no ill effects or discomfort from exposure to even extreme freezing conditions.
Imp. to Fire Physical 4 Self None 3 Min. / Lvl
Length of Trance: 2D4 melees for preparatory meditation. Another mind over matter discipline enabling the psychic to endure intense heat, fire, boiling water, hot coals, and so on, without suffering pain, damage or scarring. Magic fires inflict half damage.
Imp. to Poison/Toxin Physical 4 Self None 2 Min. / Lvl
The character can negate the full effects of poisons and toxic chemicals which he has ingested (eaten or drank) or introduced into the bloodstream, as long as he/she has advance knowledge of its deadly properties. A poison, toxin, or drug which has been unknowingly inflicted (and starting to take effect) can be negated too, but will do half damage or effect before it can be completely negated. Bonuses: Identify poisons: 30%+4% per level of experience.
+2 to save vs poisons and drugs.
Mind Block Physical 4 Self None 10 Min. / Lvl
+1 vs all psychic and mental attacks
Resist Fatigue Physical 4 Self None 1hr. +20 min / level
A mind over matter discipline which enables the character to engage in physical activity without suffering from exhaustion. Although fatigue is temporarily suspended, the psychic will feel extremely tired and may even collapse when the psi-power’s time limit lapses.
Resist Hunger Physical 2 Self None 6 hours
Another mind over matter discipline that subdues any feeling of hunger, allowing the character to function at full effectiveness without nourishment. It is important to point out that while the psi-power makes the person not feel hungry, the body is burning vital sustenance which could result in malnutrition or starvation. Character loses 3 lbs (1.4 kg) of weight per day. Note: A psychic can survive without food for up to 60 days, functioning as normal by continually using resist hunger. On day 61, the character will lapse into a coma. Under this extreme condition, 60 days of food deprivation while still physically active, the character is -20% to save vs coma/death.
Resist Thirst Physical 6 Self None 6 hours
This ability is fundamentally the same as the resist hunger psipower, except it applies to the consumption of water. It does not negate the long-range damage from dehydration and can result in a coma after 20 days of deprivation.
Spontaneousness Combustion Physical 4 Touch or 10 feet (3 m) and must be in the line of vision. None Instant
This pyrotechnic ability enables the psionic to manipulate combustible material, causing it to ignite. Spontaneous combustion creates only the spark to start a fire, not a roaring wall of flame. Combustible material must be present to burn. This power works best on extremely combustible materials such as paper, dry wood, dry leaves, old dry rags, hot coals, lamp oil, and similar items. It cannot be used to set a person’s hair or clothes on fire.
Summon Inner Strength Physical 4 Self None 10 min. / lvl
This psi-power enables the character to draw on his inner reserves of strength to ward off pain and fatigue. Every time the psychic calls upon his inner strength, the following bonuses apply:
• Add +10 S.D.C.
• Add +2 to save vs poison or toxins.
• Add +5% to save vs coma/death.
• Fatigue is temporarily forgotten and the character can function as if he was completely rested for the full duration of the summon inner strength power.
Nightvision Physical 4 Self, visual range about 600 feet (183 m) None 10 min. / lvl
Does not work in total Darkness.
Teleport Object Physical 10 Touch None Immediate
This is the ability to cause physical matter to disappear and reappear at a different location. Such teleportation is limited by the level of the psychic. A psionic character can teleport one pound per level of experience a distance of 50 feet (15.2 m) per level of experience. This is one-way teleportation; once sent away, the psychic cannot call it back. It is also helpful to know where one is teleporting the object.
• Teleporting small objects to any place in one’s clothes (pocket, purse, sack, backpack, saddlebags) is automatically successful.
• Teleporting it into somebody else’s pocket, sack, etc., who is within clear line of sight has an 80% likelihood of success. If in a thick crowd, there is a -20% penalty and a failed roll means it could have been teleported into anybody’s pocket!
• Teleporting the object to any open location (not inside a trunk or pocket) that the psychic can see clearly, like to another table, the corner of the room, one of the ceiling rafters overhead, etc., is 88%.
• Teleporting the object to a familiar place (a place well known to the character) is also 88%.
• Teleporting the object to an unfamiliar place (has been there only a few times or never paid much attention to the place) has a 60% chance of success.
• Teleporting the object to a completely unknown place (outside the room, down the hall, into the adjoining room, to the surface, etc.) has a 45% chance of success.
A failed success roll means the teleporter has no idea where the object is — and it could be within a radius anywhere within the character’s range.
Telekinesis (SUPER) Super 10 to lift/move/hurl an object that weighs 100 lbs (45 kg), +10 I.S.P. per each additional 100 lbs. 100 ft. per level None 2 min / level
Damage: 1D4x10 S.D.C. per 100 lbs of weight. Note: 100 S.D.C. points equals one (1) M.D. point.
The power is basically the same as the ability described in the Physical Category of psionic powers, but greatly enhanced. Differences are increased range, dramatically increased weight and damage. The character can use telekinesis to manipulate as many as one object per level of experience, as long as the combined weight does not exceed the total weight capacity. Combat Bonuses are the same as the non-super telekinetic power.
Catatonic Strike Super 40 Melee Attack Dodge or Parry: Since this attack is part of a physical attack as well as psionic, the intended victim can try to parry or dodge the attack, provided he knows it’s coming. A successful dodge or parry means no damage. The attacker gets two tries to strike before the psychic energy dissipates. Saving Throw: Once stabbed, the victim is -1 to save per every two levels of the psychic attacker. Special
This psi-attack summons a nerve shattering force that is delivered from a stabbing attack with a blade weapon. The weapon must penetrate flesh (as deep as possible), so this attack is most effective from behind (+2 to strike) or against an incapacitated foe.
The stabbing inflicts the usual amount of damage for that weapon and circumstance (such as double damage from behind). Regardless of the amount of damage inflicted, the victim of the attack immediately falls into a complete catatonic coma, unless he saves vs psionic attack. A successful save means the character suffers the weapon damage and a shock to his system that causes 2D6 damage and reduces the number of melee attacks and combat bonuses by half for 1D4 melee rounds.
A failed save vs psionics means the character instantly collapses and falls into a coma. The catatonic subject is helpless; incapable of any kind of action: physical, mental, or psionic. There is a cumulative 15% chance of recovery every day after the attack (must roll under the percentile number), but until the character comes out of the coma, he is completely helpless. Furthermore, he could die from blood loss if not found soon after the attack. The victim can remain in a coma for one day per P.E. attribute point. If he doesn’t come out of the coma by then, he dies.
Bio-Manipulation (Evil Eye) Super 10 (Each) 160 ft. Standard 4d4 min. / 2d4 on Supernatural Beings
This psychic power enables the psychic to temporarily manipulate specific biological functions or conditions in human, animal, and most supernatural life-forms. The duration can be extended 4-16 (4D4) minutes per additional 6 I.S.P.
Blind: Temporarily knocks out the victim’s optic nerves, rendering
that person quite helpless. Victims are -9 to strike, parry and dodge.
Deafness: Can be caused by manipulating the eardrum. Victims cannot hear anything, and are -6 to parry or dodge attacks from behind. In addition, the shock of suddenly becoming deaf makes them -3 to strike, parry or dodge any attacks, and they automatically lose the initiative while deaf.
Mute: Impairs the victim’s vocal cords, making speech impossible. Victims are likely to be shocked and panicked, making them -2 to strike, parry and dodge, but only for the first melee round. Magic that requires the spoken word cannot be performed.
Pain: By manipulating the nerve centers, the psionic can induce terrible pain that shoots throughout the body. Victims are -6 to strike, parry, and dodge, and take one point of damage off their hit points (not S.D.C.) per each minute affected.
Paralysis: Immobilizes the motor part of the brain, causing legs and arms to stop functioning. Victims are completely incapacitated for the duration!
Stun: This attack disorients and confuses its victim. Victims forfeit one attack per melee round, speed is cut by half, and all combat bonuses are reduced by -4.
Tissue Manipulation: Affects the tissues connecting nerve fibers which can cause a variety of effects. By irritating the nerve fibers a victim will suddenly feel itchy, as if suddenly breaking out in a severe rash. Through endothermic manipulation, the victim can be made to suddenly feel cold or hot while everyone around him feels fine. This is done by manipulating the body chemicals which absorb heat. ALL three conditions are more annoying or frightening than physically impairing. In each case, the victims are -1 to strike, parry and dodge, and -1 on initiative.
Hypnotic Suggestion Super 6 per idea 12 ft. plus eye contact Standard Rarely more than a few hours max.
The power of suggestion is a psionically boosted form of simple hypnosis. The power is limited to relaxing/calming somebody down, putting a person or animal in a light sleep, helping a person to relax and focus on a particular thought (good for helping someone to remember things), and implanting subtle ideas. The implanting or “suggestion” of an idea must be subtly worked into a comment. The suggestion must be kept simple and clear, such as “You know you can trust me” or “You feel like you have a fever. Yes, you do have a fever. You’re burning up (with fever). You should lie down.” or “You don’t want to go there.”
The power of suggestion can also be used to make the victim imagine sounds and images. “Did you hear that? Listen! Footsteps! You hear the footsteps … yes, you do!” Or, “At midnight the specter appears. Everybody who is ever present sees the specter at midnight.” The poor individual who fails his savings throw will, indeed, imagine he sees something at midnight.
Insert Memory Super 25 Touch Standard (exceptions) Permanent
Although innocuous false memories or ones that deal with something the character wanted to know/remember, may ot be resisted at all (G.M.’s or the player’s call).

Power P.P.E. Range Save Duration
Vibrating Palm 70 120 feet (36.5 m) Not applicable It lasts up to 10 melee rounds (two and a half minutes).
The vibrating palm attack shatters any material object by creating sympathetic vibrations that are ultimately self-destructive. The first melee round of a vibrating palm attack will result in disrupting just 1 point of S.D.C. However, each succeeding melee round doubles the amount of disruption damage. The second melee round destroys 2
points of S.D.C., the third round gets rid of another 4 points, the fifth round wipes out 8 points, and by the tenth melee round, the character is able to disrupt 512 points of S.D.C. — this is the maximum damage amount. To inflict more, the character must use another vibrating palm attack and expend 70 P.P.E. points.
Vibrating Palm requires the character’s complete and undivided attention. No other attacks, actions, or defenses can be performed for the full duration of the attack. The character can’t even talk with or look at another object or person without withdrawing from the vibrations. Likewise, knocking the character unconscious, blinding him or even tackling him will interrupt the magic.
If a vibrating palm is stopped or interrupted, all vibrations stop and no more damage is added. Starting up again means starting back at the beginning, with 1 S.D.C. on the first melee round.
Vital Strike Atemi 20 Punch, kick, attack; self. Special Instant
Note: Characters with the Natural A.R. flesh feature take half damage without having to roll to save vs impact.
This deadly magic is used to kill an opponent with vast amounts of natural, physical S.D.C. To use the magic, the character must strike his opponent with a punch, kick or hand weapon, inflicting the normal amount of damage from a punch, kick or hand-held weapon (sword, spear, etc.; not applicable to thrown weapons or arrows) direct to hit points’. When all hit points are reduced to zero or below, the character falls into a coma, regardless of his remaining S.D.C. Note that the vital strike attack cannot be used to inflict S.D.C. point damage, but does inflict normal damage against body armor or inanimate objects.
The vital strike can also be used against mega-damage supernatural beings such as demons and dragons. In this case, each successful vital strike inflicts the damage equivalent of the blow x2. For example, if a punch normally does 1D6 S.D.C. the vital strike does 2D6 M.D., if the sword normally does 3D6 S.D.C., the vital strike does 6D6 M.D. and so on.
Power P.P.E. Range Save Duration
Double Thunder Kata 1 per Melee Round Self / Melee Not applicable Until ended or P.P.E. is used up.
Any Warrior Monk with knowledge of this kata skilled in W.P. Paired Weapons may use a staff, double ended spear, or similar weapons with two striking ends as paired weapons, striking simultaneously with either of the item’s bladed ends in a whirlwind of martial prowess. Typically, one strikes with one of the ends/blades first, then quickly follows up with another attack or a parry with the other side or bladed end.
Combination of Kangeiko & Shochu Geiko 5 per hour Punch, kick, attack; self. Special See P.P.E. Cost
Permanent Bonuses: +3D6 to S.D.C., +1D6 to hit points, +1 to P.E.,
Active Power Bonuses:
Invulnerable to stun, paralysis, and petrification attacks.
Fire and cold based attacks do half damage, including magic and plasma. If already half resistant then while active the character takes one quarter damage.
Impervious to the withering flesh atemi power.

Potion of Wind Run Duration: 30 minutes.
Increase running speed by 30% and leap distance/height by 50%. Runs 1-5 above the ground. Cannot run on water or deep snow. Must run or jog; walking or stopping makes the user land and can only take back off 3 times before effect cancels. +5% to prowl and leaves no tracks while running.
Eternal Torch Armband/Xerx’ses’ former ring AR 17
Worn on Right forearm
Armband Gem of Fire Eating Set in a massive gold arm it gives the following powers: No Dam normal fire; 1/3 dam magical fire. The armband changes shape and size to fit any race. The fire-ruby and two side stones (1ct. each), however, stays the same size and looks smaller the bigger the armband gets.
Worn on Right Bicep
Teleport Armband Functions as as Teleport Superior Spells, works at Caster Level 6. Only destination is Sekti-Abtu. Will re-size to fit any race.
Worn on Left Bicep
Torc of Isis’ Wrath +1 to Critical Threat range (Also works for knockout stun). Instead of natural 18-20 now the wearer is able to do this on natural 17-20.
Adaptation: Allowing him to breathe in ANY environment; Gas based magic toxins,clouds, etc. have half the effect and duration.
Worn on neck
Rune Ring of Ithan This is one of the Rune Rings of the Dwarf Lords and signifies the wearer has having a legitimate claim to throne of the ancient Dwarven Empire.
Worn on Right Index Finger
Life Protection Ring Any Death magic that is draining in nature gets a +6 to save if worn. Doesn’t protect in Soul Drink from a Rune weapon.
Worn on Left Index Finger
Crystal Lightning Ring Immune to normal lightning and electrical/ion attacks. Magic based version of these attacks do half damage and quarter damage on a save.
Worn on Left Thumb
Ring of Truesight The wearer of this ring sees through magical and psionic illusions, and drug induced hallucinations (half the usual penalties). In addition, the wearer is not hindered by magical or non-magical darkness, and can see the invisible. This ring does not allow the wearer to see through non-magical disguises, nor will the wearer be able to detect Changelings, other shapechangers (like werebeasts and dragons), or otherwise metamorphosed individuals or creatures.
Worn on Right Ring/Band Finger
Belt of Returning Has four slots for small one-handed items. Items attuned to the belt via a one hour ritual can be called back to the belt. The items automatically return at the end of the active melee round. Trying to recall and item quicker costs one action per item recalled in this fashion.
Currently has four Indestructible Silver Throwing Axes bound to it.
Dragon’s Gift This Magical War Battle Axe is a transformable weapon and becomes an owner’s, sleeveless, traveling robe with hood. When in the clothing shape it emits no sign of magic! The gold script on the robe is runic and spells “Always have a backup plan” along the bottom hemline. The blue gem in the Dragon’s Claw becomes jewels randomly adorning the robe at various spots.
Magical Itching powder Very uncomfortable, lasts for 2D4x10 minutes or until washed off. Victim is -4 on initiative, -5% on skills and is distracted. Affects bare skin only.
4 separate doses
Enchanted Water Skins (2) Will produce up to 6 gallons of water each 24 hours.

DWARF RACIAL SKILLS Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Underground Tunneling 40+5% N/A 1 25 98%
Underground Architecture 30+5% N/A 1 25 98%
Underground Sense of Direction 40+5% N/A 1 25 98%
  – Approx. dist. to surface 30+5% N/A 1 25 98%
Metal working 30+5% 10% 1 25 98%
Rec. Precious Metals & Stones 25+5% 10% 1 25 98%
OCC Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Language: Dwarven 98% N/A 1 N/A 98%
Language: Elven 40+5 20 1 25 98%
Language: Gobbley 40+5 20 1 25 98%
Literacy: Dwarven 30+5 15 1 25 98%
Basic Math 45+5 20 1 25 98%
Climbing 40+5% 10 1 25 98%
  – Rappeling 35+5% N/A 1 25 98%
Lore: Demons/Monsters 25+5% 15 1 25 98%
Lore: Religion  – Bennu, Horus, Ra
Osiris, Set, Anubis 30+5 20% 1 25 98%
Land Navigation 30+4% 15% 1 25 98%
Play Dwarven Pipes (Prof.) 25+5% 20% 1 25 98%
Swim 40+5% 10 1 25 98%
Wilderness Survival 30+5% 15% 1 25 98%
WP Battle Axe N/A N/A 1 25 N/A
WP Thrown N/A N/A 1 25 N/A
TEMPLE SKILLS Base % Bonus Start Current Total % Notes
Begging 20+3% N/A 1 25 96%
Fasting 40+3% N/A 1 25 98%
Deep Meditation 20+6% N/A 1 25 98% x3 PPE/ISP RECOVERY
May meditate for 22 hrs.
OCC Related Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Writing (Prof.) 20+5% 10% 1 25 98%
Public Speaking (Prof.) 30+5% 5% 1 25 98%
Literacy: Elven 25+5% 10% 1 25 98%
WP Polearm N/A N/A 1 25 N/A
Cooking (Prof.) 30+5% 15% 1 25 98%
Brewing (Prof.) 25+5%
15% 1 25 98% Suc.
98% Taste
Heraldry 15+5% (Rec. ID.)
20+5% (Ver. Acc.)
4 25 98%
Etiquette (Church, Court & Military) 25+5% 10% 4 25 98%
Sailing: Small 35+5% 10% 8 25 98%
  – Sailing: Large 20+5% 10% 8 25 98%
Sculpting & Whittling 25+5% 8 25 98%
Dwarves, Elves, Old Ones,
Ancient Races, True Names, Rune Lore
25+5% 16 25 65%
Elf-Dwarf War, ToTM, Age of Light
Chaos Wars, Dwarf Origins, Dwarf King Ithan
25+5% 16 25 65%
24 25
24 25
Secondary Skills Base % Start Current Total %
  – Sense of balance 30+5% 1 25 98%
  – Parallel bars & rings 30+3% 1 25 98%
  – Back flip and somersault 40+5% 1 25 98%
  – Sense of balance 40+5% 1 25 98%
  – Walk Tightrope / Hg. Wire 30+3% 1 25 98%
  – Back flip 30+5% 1 25 98%
Prowl 25+5% 1 25 98%
Card Shark 24+4% 1 25 98%
Streetwise 20+4% 2 25 98%
Mudra & Madra Lore 25+5% 2 25 98%
I.D. Plants & Fruits 25+5% 5 25 98%
Boat Building 25+5 5 25 98%
Running N/A 7 25 N/A
Athletics N/A 7 25 N/A
Boxing N/A 10 25 N/A
Body Building N/A 10 25 N/A
Teamster N/A 16 25 N/A
Forced March N/A 16 25 N/A
Advanced Math 35+5 22 25 40%

Deluxe Backpack 1 Back / Worn Multi compartment backpack of frost dragon hide. A single wide cross shoulder-hip bandoleer secure it and have attachments for two weapons, simple bedroll, a few pouches, and a waterskin.
Hardened Silver & Copper Feast Gear
– Magical
4 piece set Deluxe Backpack One large pot (copper), 4 stackable plates that fit inside the pot, 4 stackable bowls, 4 forks, spoons, simple knives, & 4 mugs.
All are enchanted to fit the hand of whom picks them up. Otherwise they are about a 2-cup sized coffee mug, and upon command shrink to coasters for storage. They can be cleaned instantly when commanded to be stored. Any grime will simply slide off instantly!
Set of Steel & Iron Feast Gear
– Magical
4 piece set Deluxe Backpack One large pot (iron), 4 stackable plates that fit inside the pot, 4 stackable bowls, 4 forks, spoons, simple knives, & 4 mugs.
All are enchanted to fit the hand of whom picks them up. Otherwise they are about a 2-cup sized coffee mug, and upon command shrink to coasters for storage. They can be cleaned instantly when commanded to be stored. Any grime will simply slide off instantly!
Deluxe Belt – Magical
1 Waist / Worn A wide belt of frost dragon hide. Three straps secure it and have attachments for four hand axes, a few pouches, and a waterskin. Up to four objects can be bound to the belt in an hour long ritual for each object. If thrown from the wearer’s hand the items automatically return at the end of the active melee round. Trying to recall and item quicker costs one action per item recalled in this fashion. The items must be on the same dimensional plane. Currently has four hand axes bound to it.
Deluxe Weapon Harness 1 Torso / Worn Made of beast dragon hide. Battle Axes carried on back.
Holy Water 4 Deluxe Belt Steel Vials with wax sealed stoppers.
Deluxe Pan Flute 4 Deluxe Belt Pan-Flute made from Ice Dragon Horn  Perfectly tuned and chased with White and Black Iron. Showing of the symbols of the Gods of Light & Dark.
Dwarf Noble, Ceremonial, Robe
1 Worn This Magical War Battle Axe is a transformable weapon and becomes an owner’s, sleeveless, robe with hood. When in the clothing shape it emits no sign of magic! The gold script on the robe is runic and spells “Always have a backup plan” along the bottom hemline. It also appears on the bottom of the haft in axe form. The blue gem in the Dragon’s Claw becomes jewels randomly adorning the robe at various spots.
Fine, Reinforced Leather Fingerless Gloves 2 pair 1-Worn 1-Stored Spare pair stored in the Deluxe Backpack; Korobite metal Knuckles plate reinforcements.
Fine, Reinforced Leather Boots 2 pair 1-Worn 1-Stored Spare pair stored in the Deluxe Backpack; Korobite metal toe cap plate reinforcements.
Korobite Jewelry See notes Most in Backpack 6 chain necklaces, 4 wide rings with pearl and diamonds, 4 rings joined together by a band with “Iron Wind” engraved upon it.
Prince’s Circlet 1 Worn, Deluxe Backpack Made of Korobite and stone set with six small sapphires.
Dwarf Noble, Set of Traveling Monk Clothes 1 Worn, Deluxe Backpack Dwarven script for the Pantheon of Light embroidered as trim.
Dwarf Noble, Set of Court Clothes 1 Worn, Deluxe Backpack Dwarven script for the Pantheon of Light embroidered as trim.
Tuning Fork/Throwing Dart 1 Deluxe Belt Perfectly tuned Korobite tuning fork shaped to be a large two-pronged fork for meat.
Meteorite Whetstone 1 Deluxe Belt Made from a mysterious metal that fell from the sky.
High Quality Rations 3 wks 5 days Backpack Preserved food designed to optimized a Dwarven diet.
Engraved Crystal Flask 1 Backpack Given by No Name to Torrun as a gift.
Torrun’s Notebook 1 Held or Backpack Frost dragon hide (white looking leather) with Korobite metal clasp and reinforced corners. 3 inches thick and when closed measures 6 inches tall and 4 inches wide. All 1,024 pages have been treated with silver runes. Torrun writes poetry in it. There is a metal stylus that is a quill of endless ink chained to the spine via the same metal adorning the book. The Quill and chain are magical, the book is not.

Ace in the Hole & Luck Points, Drama Cards
Ace in the Hole 0 (Used to save Merkl’s public speaking)
Luck Points 0 (2 during game 10/7, last one on the 11/18 final game Rebuilt)
(Helped Grignak save the hand / Killed Figbit with over 800 damage)
(Helped Merkl not die)
Drama Card:

Player Secrets