Tristine Chronicles


The most important, and most referenced, book in all of Palladium. Sure, there are more copies of the Book of Ma’at, the holy book of The Church of Light and Dark, but no one disputes this historical reference- wars have been fought for “original” copies.

The oldest known copy of the Tristine Chronicles sits at the legendary Library of Bletherad.

Nothing is truly known of Tristine, all that is known was that he had to have been immortal or as long-lived as an elf. The Chronicles is a book of prose and stories more than a dry history book, but it covers Palladium history from the Age of Chaos, the Time of a Thousand Magics, the Elf-Dwarf War, and the Millennium of Purification.

If CrIsis decides actual passages are important, excerpts from the Tristine Chronicles will appear here.

Passage 1: "The battle raged for two thousand years, until the very powers of Hell were summoned, destroying all of that o’er which they fought. And lo, a great darkness did descend upon the land, ending forever the reign of the Elves.

Mother Earth slept now in the darkness that followed. Four thousand years she slept, waiting… And lo, she awakened to the light of a completely new sun. The birth of man.

Men multiplied quickly, with the smile of Mother Earth upon them, and spread in earnest to the four corners of the world. And yea, verily did they prosper, in the east, and the west, and the south. But woe to those who chose the north, for they were met by the hellish dogs that sprang from the hell fires of the Great War. Wolves who walked like men sprang up in the north to tear the life from man. The wolves snuffed out the light that shone so brightly for man in all the rest of the world, and howled that the Northlands would remain theirs and theirs alone.

Thus, the Northern Wilderness has remained lost to man for ages to come."

Passage 2: Note- The only copy of the Chronicles that has this passage is currently in the hands of Cava.
‘and there was a mighty slaughter, … the Glaive of the Old Ones was not recovered. It exists, perhaps on another plain, perhaps on the final battlefield. It could be used to summon the Evil back into our midst, and the Darkness would prevail again.’

Book picture by Incredible Andy.