Gnome Air Warlock,Follower of Bennu

Tyvernos Oriflamme, supported by a stout stature, stood erect at an altitudinous two feet. A sun-licked, sandy-haired, wind-blown mop crowned his sallow complexion. The blustery gusts of the Northern Wilderness had permanently limned his rime-crusted rims with ruddy rouge. His portly paunched girth displayed prominently from behind a dirt-smeared, perspiration-paved camisole. As an undergarment, the Gnome had sworn secrecy regarding its former avail as a Wolfen handkerchief; it maintained the charade with plausibly piebald stains. Leather straps, once a tanner’s scraps, now swathed him in this year’s haute couture. A swatch of former-sock now draped lovingly about his diminutive shoulders as a makeshift shawl. Tyvernos, had cleverly inverted a Dwarven maid’s blouse, stepped daintily into the sleeves, and wore the garment after the fashion of calf-length Capri. None could deny the unmistakable markings of a true fashionista. Tyvernos dressed to impress and, clearly, ate to impress as well. He bore his wild, untamed nature like a mantle of dedication to both his Goddess and his Elemental patron. From afar he bore resemblance to a small, human orphan – lost in the wilderness – and raised by a pack of wild…Saint Bernards.

Tyvernos picture from Syreene. Full size picture can be found here.

Name: Tyvernos Tiberius Anselm Oriflamme
Rank: 13th Level
OCC: Air Warlock
Race: Gnome
Land of Origin: Northern Wilderness

HT 2’ IQ 13 Save vs Magic +3 Strike +4
WT 35 lbs ME 10 Save vs Psionics Parry +4
PPE 220/220 MA 18 Save vs Illusion +3 Dodge +4
HP 72/72 PS 11 Save vs poison +3 Roll +5
SDC 24/24 PP 18 Save vs horror +2 Pull +4
Level 13 PE 18 Save vs coma/death +6% Initiative
Exp. 267,800 PB 15 Save vs Disease +3 Damage +2
Sex Male SPD 20/9 Save vs Possession Disarm
OSDC 250/250
Birthday 7/29/64 (46) Reputation 6 Critical (auto behind) 19,20
HTH: Basic Perception +2 Attacks 7
Alignment Scrupulous
0 Western Empire <> 0 Island of Bizantium <> 20,224 Eastern Territory <> 0 Old Kingdom
0 Timiro Kingdom <> 0 Wolfen Empire <> 0 Dragon Coins (5000 ea)
0 note Karowyn’s <> 4-24-112 1,353,750 Gold Coast Trading Company
Weapon Proficiencies Level Acquired Strike Parry Entangle Thrown
Targeting 1 +6
Trident 1 +5 +5 +4 +2
Paired Trident/Wand 7
Weapons Damage Range Magic
Fulmination of Greminor 1D6+1 Lightning 300’ 10D6 4x/day
2 Throwing Knives 1D4 40’
Dagger (Dwarven) 1D6
Scepter of Apis See Item
Armor AR SDC
Leather 10 20
Negate Magic 6th level invocation, Cannot be used vs. possession, exorcism, constrain being, banishment, talisman, amulet, enchanted objects, symbols/circles of protection, wards, summoning magic, zombies, golems, restoration or healing/cures. 25% chance after successful save to cancel curses. 3x per day: 60’ range
See Invisible 100’ 2x/day 2 melee/use
Armor of Ithan AR 18 SDC (100 +10/lev) 1/2 damage from magic fire/cold. Skin tight, no prowl penalties 2x/day 4 melee/use
Save vs. Supernatural Evil Pendant Magic/Psionics + 1
OCC Skills Base % OCC B+ Start Current Total %
Language: Dragonese 98 1 13 98%
Literacy: Dragonese 30+5 10 1 13 98%
Language: Wolfen 40+5 10 1 13 98%
Language: Dwarven 40+5 10 1 13 98%
Lore: Demon/Monsters 25+5 10 1 13 95%
Lore: Faerie Folk 25+5 5 1 13 90%
Land Navigation 30+4 20 1 13 98%
Wilderness Survival 30+5 10 1 13 98%
WP Targeting 1 13
WP Trident 1 13
Natural Base % OCC B+ Start Current Total %
Underground Tunneling 30+5 1 13 90%
Underground Architecture 20+5 1 13 80%
Underground Sense Direction 30/20+5 1 13 90/80%
Language:Elemental 92% 1 13 92%
Sense Elementals 25+5 1 13 85%
Sense Wind/Time 62+4 1 13 98%
Sense Atmospheric Disturb. 30+5 1 13 90%
Sense Air Impurities 30+5 1 13 90%
Summon Lesser Elemental 5+5 1 13 65%
Principles of Magic 60+2 1 13 84%

Body Flip/Throw
Hold Breath 10 Minutes
Nightvision 90’

OCC Related Skills Base % OCC B+ Start Current Total %
Astronomy 30+5 30 1 13 98%
Mining 40+5 10 1 13 98%
Lore:Magic 25+5 10 1 13 95%
Recog. Wards/Runes/Circles 15+5 10 1 13 85%
Recog. Enchantment 10+5 10 1 13 80%
Botany 25+5 10 1 13 95%
Holistic Chemistry 30/20+5 10 1 13 98/90%
Gemology 25+5 10 1 13 95%
Math:Basic 45+5 10 1 13 98%
Math:Advanced 45+5 10 1 13 98%
Breed Dogs 40/20 +5 10 1 13 98/80%
Mountaineering 30+5 10 3 13 90%
General Repair/Mtnce 35+5 10 5 13 85%
Swimming (Blessed) 40+5 1 13 98%
Seamanship (Blessed) 22+4 10 1 13 80%
Lore: Defilers (Blessed) 75+5 10 1 13 98%
Public Speaking 30+5 10 9 13 60%
Begging 30+3 11 13 36%
Secondary Skills Base % Start Current Total %
Prowl 35+5 1 13 95%
Climbing 40/35+5 1 13 98/95%
Horsemanship: Exotic 30/20+5 1 13 90/80%
Carpentry 25+5 2 13 80%
Locate Secret Comp/Doors 30+5 2 13 95%
Athletics 5 13
Running 5 13
Culture/Customs Bizantium 30+5 7 13 60%
Body Building 7 13
Juggling 35+5 13 13 35%
Jewelry Making 25+5 13 13 25%
Special Powers:MAGIC Spell Strength:15
Spell Casting Lev Acquired Level Spell PPE Cost Range Duration Save Notes
Cloud of Slumber 1 1 4 90’ 4 melee/lev Standard Creates a 20×20×20′ cloud Anyone in cloud falls into magic sleep. If dragged out of cloud wake in 1D4 melees
Thunder Clap 1 1 2 30’ Instant/2 melees Save HF10+ 1/2 levs Fail to save lose init/2 melees & warlock + 1 s,p,d vs that person
Breathe Without Air 1 1 3 Self or Touch 12 melee/lev None All natural gases, h2o, etc
Change Wind Direction 2 2 6 300’ radius 1 min/lev None 3x/melee Any direction
Silence 2 2 10 10’Diameter/lev 5 melee/lev None Prowl 90%
Levitate 2 2 7 30’/lev high 5 melee/lev None Straight up only
Call Lightning 3 3 10 150+ 50’/lev Instant None Line of sight, outdoors or in 1D6/lev
Wind Rush 3 3 10 120’ 1 melee 18-20+ Magic 60MPH Width single person to 20’ wide Fail save 2D6x10 yards away, 1 melee recover loses 1D6 belongings 1D8 melees recover belongings
Semi-Impervious to Cold 3 3 10 Self or 2 by Touch 5 min/lev Std Freezing water & magic cold do 1/2 dam, all normal cold no dam, no frostbite
Handful of Lightning 4 4 20 400+ 10’/lev 1 melee/lev Dodge nat 18-20, mod 24 3 bolts Use wp targeting bonus, must be line of sight, 6d6+2/lvl
Globe of True Sunlight 4 3 15 30’ 3 min/lev Dodge>18 12’/level illumination
Invisibility 4 4 20 Self or 6’Area 4 melee/lev None Up to 6’ diameter Cannot cast other spells, but can do everything else
Breath of Life 5 5 50 Touch Permanent None 70+ 1%/lev success must be dead less than 24 hours Gets back 1/2 HP
Phantom 5 5 30 Next to Warlock 15 min/lev None Tranny
Calm Storms 5 4 20 1000’ radius/lev 15 min/lev None Reduce wind speed 75%, Reduce waves 1/2, lighten skies, Slow rain to drizzle.
Wall of Wind 6 6 30 100’ 5 min/lev Special 10’long 6’high/lev Must have PS Supernatural 16+ 1/lev to break through(even then 20% spd) 4D6 dam + lose 1 melee, then knocked 2D6x10 yards away
Fly as the Eagle 6 4 15 Self or 2 Others by Touch None 30 min/lev Fly up to 50 MPH + 1 parry, + 2 dodge in flight, + 2D6 dam swoop attack
Electrical Field 6 6 35 10’/lev 200’ away 2 min/lev None 4D6 Damage 1-50% chance stun 2D6 melees Damage bypasses all armor except electrically resistant
Cloak of Darkness 6 2 10 5’/lev 3 min/lev None Victims – 9 srike/parry/dodge Warlock & air elementals + 15%prowl & + 1 strike
Mesmerism 6 2 7 5’ 1 min/lev Std Affects 2 people -4 init, -2 strike melee, -6 strike range, -20% skills, spd 1/2
Whirlwind 7 5 30 300’ 1 min/lev None 75 MPH winds 20’ diameter. Caught 1 melee, then end fly 40’ 4D6 Damage. Dazed 1D4 melees (attacks/bonuses 1/2) See notes
Electro-Magnetism 7 6 40 40’ area 300’ away 1 min/lev None To remove object requires PS of 80
Ball Lightning-Thrown 7 4 15 60’/level 4 melees/lev None 3 Balls + 5 Strike 3D6 + 1/lev damage
Ball Lightning-Field 7 4 15 10’/level 4 melees/lev None Balls placed in triangle 4’apart Anyone who touches or pass through suffer 3D6 + 1D6/lev damage
Shoot Hay 8 6 20 20’+ 15’/lev Instant Parry/Dodge as arrows 2D4 shoots of hay at 300MPH shoot at target Damage 2D4/lev
Wind Blast 8 8 40 100’/level Instant Dodge if know coming 2D6+ 1D6/level damage Then victim save for balance 18-20 keep balance (or skill) Fail tumble 2D6x10 yards
Wind Cushion 8 8 50 1000’ 1 min/lev None Can cover area 40’+ 10’/lev as “eye” Protects 200+ 50 SDC/lev Anyone trying enter knocked 1D4x10yards & 3D6 dam
Lightning Strike 9 3 12 Touch 1d8 Minutes Dodge Charges arrow, spear, etc w/lightning. 1D6/lev. Range +50% Shield Parry still take 25% damage 1d6 arrows per cast
Darkness 9 3 10 5’/lev 3 min/lev None 5’high/lev, PFRPG p.223
Creature of the Wind 9 8 70 Self 1 melee/lev None Fly 500 mph, Turn invisible, 200 SDC See Notes
Chain Lightning 9 8 40 300’ Instant Special Dodge Nat 20, modified 24 Each target 1/lev hit with 1D6/lev Bolt Outdoors, line of sight
Ride the Lightning 10 5 25 Self 1 minute/lev None 200 mph, Mage must know destination
Fulmination 10 10 75 600+50’/lev Instant Special Massive bolt lightning. Dodge if sees coming- nat 20 or mod 24 10 pts dam/lev direct w/in 25’ half dam 25-50’ 1D4 All dam doubled if on water
Tornado 10 7 60 600’ away 1 melee/lev None 100’ diameter. Center 120-180 mph wind See notes
Electric Arc 10 3 8 30’/lvl 1 melee Dodge 2d4 damage +2s, one arc per action for the entire melee
Whirling Wall 11 6 35 10ft radius around self 5min/lvl xx 4 plates / lvl, auto parry to inc phys atks, gets +1 per plate, plates break one per attacker, plates can be launched, see LoB p.86
Metamorphosis: Winged Animal 11 xx 25 Self or Other by Ritual 20 min/lvl None Gets all inherent abilities and defenses of animal form, retains IQ, SDC, ability to speak, and memory
Phantom Limbs 11 11 35 Self 4 hrs/lvl None Sprouts ethereal “arms” of Air that can carry things, have SN PS, and can cast Wind Rush using their own 2 apm
Fortune’s Frown 12 3 6 Range (1d4) d20 rolls -2 magic / curse Target, if fails to save, suffers the following effects. LOSE all bonuses! target rolls a d20 (or skill roll, save, etc) it must roll two d20s and take the worse result. This effect lasts 1d4 rolls.
Phantom Senses 12 3 8 5ft / lvl Always On (activates like 6th Sense) None This spell enables the warlock to be hyper-sensitive to the movements and fluctuations in the air-current surrounding him. It gives him a +5 bonus to Perception and a +3 bonus to Initiative. On a failed perception roll the warlock is jumpy or paranoid for no apparent reason. Also adds a +10% bonus to find hidden doors, traps, compartments, etc.
Familiar Link: Otto 12 9 55 600ft Indefinite None Animal is a sensory extension of the mage (see, hear, smell, taste, touch), empathy and shared emotions, If dies, see notes.
Spell Focus: TEST Work in Progress 12 N/A Varies Next Spell Spell Focus
Float in Air 13 3 6 30’/lev 5min/lev None Holds person/object 1’ off ground. Spd, attacks, combat 1/2
Cloud of Truth 13 6 12 10’ 1 min/lev Std The victim is encircled by a wispy, white cloud. When he lies the cloud turns gray and dark like a storm cloud.
Riders on the Storm 13 12 170 Immediate 1 hr/lev None This spell creates a translucent, specter-like horses and wagon-team composed of faint blue and white magical energy. The magical constructs obey every command — simple commands identical to those one might use on a normal horse. This phantasmal caravan can be hitched to any normal cargo wagons and imbue them with flight. Can travel as fast as 60mph but require additional preparation, bracing, straps, tie-downs, and successful mounted piloting rolls. Any cargo / wagon / caravan attached to a phantasmal mount will follow at a speed of 60mph and gets +1 to dodge for every 10mph over 20mph (normal cruising speed). Phantasmal Wagon Team approximately 1d6ft above ground.
Inventory on Physical Person Location Description
Scepter of Apis Left Hand See Item Notes
Fulmination of Greminor Right Hand 1D6+1 Lightning 300’ 10D6 4x/day
Throwing Knives (2) Left Pocket 1D4 40’
Dagger (Dwarven) Right Pocket 1D6
Leather Armor Chest Worn, weathered, and well-soiled
Bracelet of Beads of Soul Left Wrist Glowing blue with potential psychic energy — a gift from Chip – (6) beads, (9) karats 20 P.P.E. each (180 total), all empty as of wooly dragon cave
1oz. of Gantrium Backpack Glowing green with potential psychic energy
Negate Magic Ring Left Finger 6th level invocation, Cannot be used vs. possession, exorcism, constrain being, banishment, talisman, amulet, enchanted objects, symbols/circles of protection, wards, summoning magic, zombies, golems, restoration or healing/cures. 25% chance after successful save to cancel curses. 3x per day: 60’ range
See Invisible Ring Left Finger 100ft range 2x/day 2 melee/use
Armor of Ithan Ring Left Finger AR 18 SDC (100 +10/lev) 1/2 damage from magic fire/cold. Skin tight, no prowl penalties 2x/day 4 melee/use
Save vs. Supernatural Evil Pendant Right Lapel Magic/Psionics + 1
Anti-Slavery Pin. Left Lapel
Monocle Right Eye/Chain Magnification x2
Summer Clothes Worn Threadbare rags — a shoddy, worn, mottled assortment of raggedy-anne cloth
Various and Sundry Items Backpack Water skin, flint & tinder box, 1 candle, 2 sticks charcoal, & 2 Air symbols. Dog brush, and 2 bowls for Otto. GNOMISH INCOGNITO APPAREL (wig, fake eyelashes, fake glasses, fake lips, fake accent, fur, etc.). Eastern Territory Honorary Captain Uniform. White robe with gold woven lettering “Tyvernos” above “CrIsis” at chest. 1 Drinking Mug w/ torch logo. White robe
Various and Sundry Items Backpack (2) vials of holy water.
Magic Pigeon Scrolls (1) Backpack Gift of Thoth – 10th level
Magic Pigeon Scrolls (2) Backpack Gift of Greminor – 6th level
Magic Pigeon Scrolls (1) Backpack Gift of Bennu – 10th level
Candles (4) Backpack
(2) 6 Carat Diamond Backpack
(2) 7 Carat Diamond Backpack
Teleport Amulet Backpack A magical amulet that teleports the wearer to Sekti-Abtu
Gem of Reality Backpack A crystal that enables anybody looking through it to see through all illusions and magic disguises! It cannot detect or reveal Changelings or metamorphosis altered creatures because these are real physical changes. No saves against the crystal are possible, all illusions will be revealed.
Inventory on Matilda:

1 set of winter clothing, white robe, 4 small sacks, 1 large sack. Glaive map pack from Horoth Wavestrider. Book 5 of CrIsis (The Mourning After)


Tyvernos’ “mount” is a 6 year old Saint Bernard named Otto. He is 32″ tall at withers and 240 pounds.

Tyvernos also occasionally rides his air elemental essence fragment, “Tranny” Tranny and please see her sheet for details.

SUMMONING ELEMENTALS – can summon only lesser elementals until 9th level at which point he can summon GREATER elementals at half the percentage. Summoning can only be attempted once per 24 hours. REQUIRES: Physical symbol of the elemental force. The symbol must be scrawled / drawn in charcoal on the ground. Success ratio: 5% / level (65%) +10% on a Ley Line, +20% on a Ley Line NEXUS.

Once Summoned the Warlock is able to request that the elemental aid him in battle or help with an activity for a unlimited amount of time. The elemental will generally only obey the warlock and will follow any command without question including FIGHTING TO THE DEATH. The commands must be kept as simple and as clear as possible because elementals are alien beings who do not understand human and animal life, their frailties, language, or laws.

Although there is no formal time limit on how long and elemental will obey his warlock brother the creature will want to go back to its own world after a day or two. Only the summoning warlock can release the elemental so it may return to its home dimension. The elemental will be increasingly insistent that it be released after each passing day. This will change to anger and hostility at a rate of 12% / week. The usual etiquette between warlock and elemental is lost when they are pressed into slavery. The percentage number indicates the degree of hostility and likelihood of attacking and killing the warlock. He will WARN the warlock before this happens but still roll once per week for open hostility if it isn’t released.

Summoning Note #1: Only a warlock who is the foulest of the foul will intentionally let an elemental brother he has summoned die. Even the most minor of Elementals, like the Phantom, should not be allowed to die if it can be helped. One means of preservation is to release the servant from its summoning obligation of servitude.

Summoning Note #2: The warlock may also be able to summon minor elementals and fragmented essences from an elemental intelligence by means of elemental magic. These are even weaker than lesser elementals but can be released in the same way.

Drama Cards, Luck Points, Ace in the Hole

Ace In the Hole: 0- Used to qualify in freestyle triathlon at the Games

Drama Cards Played Result

All or Nothing – After you succeed at an action you may play this card. Flip a coin. Heads your action was a “critical” success. Tails your action was a fumble.


The drama card is played and turns the critical success that fails into a CRITICAL SUCCESS THAT SUCCEEDS!!!





“Are you expecting anyone?” from a soft feminine voice.

“At this hour? Not one of my students,” replied a harsh masculine baritone.

“Who would come calling in the middle of the night in such weather?”

“Any port in a storm…”

“Quiet, Oren, you cantankerous old fool. Obviously someone in dire-straits.”

“I’m determined to maintain the Elven reputation.”

“Hmph,” she clucked, “who am I to determine otherwise?”

“Still your tongue. We’ve too much longer to live together.”

“You have clearly displayed your awareness of the location of the door.”

The door swung open on well-oiled hinges.


“Oren, you’re never going to believe this!”

“Try me.”

“It appears as though our mysterious visitor has fled.”

“Oh?” The tall, lanky elf appeared over her shoulder and espied the inclement conditions. “Nasty night to brave the elements.”

“Elements do not require bravery, my dear husband, they require faith.”

“…says the student to the teacher.” He smiled. “You make me proud. Now, please fetch my broom. It would appear as though our elusive caller took a warm, steamy dump on our stoop.”

“Heavens!” cried the female voice as her gaze lowered and quickly focused on the small, steaming brown mess on the forest floor. “Oren! It’s a baby!”

“Excuse me?”

“Don’t play coy you old codger! It’s a little baby boy! See? Covered in swaddling clothes and…erm, a fair bit of filth.”

“Oh! I say! I believe you’re right. Now fetch my broom, woman.”

“How dare you! You’re not going to sweep a baby away!” She hurriedly bent and cradled the bundle to her breast. It fairly reeked and the woman crinkled her nose.

“The skies call to us this night. The elements speak. The heavens open their celestial arms and loose volleys of lightning arrows and a barrage of rain. This is an omen. We must not keep this child from his destiny.”

“Keep him we shall — but not from his destiny. What greatness may come of our generosity and open arms? It is, indeed, an omen, Oren. And you are too blind to recognize it for what it is.”

“Oh, I recognize it alright. It’s a f*%ing Gnome!”

Tyvernos was raised by Oren and his wife in the the forests near the river Mavex near Circle Lake in the Northern Wilderness. The closest town, many miles away, is Me’zfii Onh. He is summoned to join CrIsis while traveling in the Northern Wilderness by his goddess, Bennu, and is delivered to Ma’ip by a Phoenixi.

Tyvernos was born under the sign of the scholar. Those born under this sign tend to be more cerebral, slow to anger, and often look for answers even when none are apparent.