Mind Mage, Worshiper of Amon

Well built human male wearing leather pants and vest with two bandoleers of knives running across his chest. He has short dark black hair, and no noticeable scars.

Picture from Phoenixlu.

Name: Ulfar
Rank 13th Level
OCC: Mind Mage
Race: Human
Worships: Amon
Land of Origin: Western Empire
Citizenship: Western Empire

HT 6’1″ IQ 11 Save vs Magic 0 Strike +2
WT 200 lbs ME 20 Save vs Psionics +8 Parry +3
PPE 2 MA 18 Save vs coma 0 Dodge +3
ISP 296 PS 13 Save vs poison/disease 0 Roll +4
HP 56 PP 11 Save vs horror +2 Pull +4
SDC 12 PE 7 Save vs insanity +3 Initiative +
PB 10 Damage +2
Sex M SPD 16
Age 28
HTH: Basic Critical (auto behind) 19,20 Attacks 6
Alignment Aberrant Trust/Intimidate 50% Knockout Behind Perception +3

Western Empire 6000<> Island of Bizantium <> Eastern Territory
Timiro Kingdom <> Wolfen Empire <> Dragon Coins

Weapon Proficiencies Level Acquired Strike Parry Damage Entangle/Rate
Whip 1 +5 +4 +5
Battle Axe 1 +5 +4 +1D6
Archery 1 +6 +6 8
Sword 1 +5 +5
Weapons: Damage Range Notes
Fire Whip 3D6 7’ long
Battle Axe 3D6 Invisible, Eternally Sharp
Short Bow 1D6 580’ See inventory
Throwing Knives 5
Throwing Axes 20
Armor AR/SDC
Buzz 15/200
Power Type ISP Range Duration Save Description
Attack Disease Healing 12 Touch Special None Psychic takes disease into self See Notes
Bio-Regeneration (self) Healing 6 self Permanent None 2D6 HP Or 3D6 SDC
Detect Psionics Healing 6 30’/lev 1m/lvl None Indicate the presence of psionic energy. Can not pinpoint exact location nor level. Indicate group mind block or psionic possession.
Deaden Pain Healing 4 Touch 1h/lvl None Pain Killer.
Healing Touch Healing 6 Touch Instant None 1D8 HP or 2D6 SDC 2 minute long trance
Increased Healing Healing 10 3’ 2D4 days None 1D6 hr trance, allows other heal at 2x professional rate
Suppress Fear Healing 8 Touch 1 min/lev None Immune to HF
Power Type ISP Range Duration Save Description
Alter Aura Physical 2 Self 1 hour/lev None XP lev 1-2 or 2D4 higher than actual, conceal psionics, magic, PPE, health
Death Trance Physical 1 Self 4 days None Even med Doctor 89% likely to say dead
Ectoplasm Physical 6/12 40’+5/lv 4m/lv None 75’ for 24m; See Notes
Enhanced Reflexes Physical 10 Self 2 min/lev None Attack+1, Init 3, Strike 1, Parry/Dodge 2, PP 2, Phys skills 15%
Float Physical 8 Self 2 hrs None Float 1’/lev above ground/water Can break fall See Notes
Impervious to Fire Physical 4 Self 3 Minutes/lev None Impervious to natural fire and heat. Magic fire does 1/2 dam
Impervious to Poison Physical 4 Self 2 Minutes None Id Poison 30+4%/lev +2 Save poison. If know poison impervious, if id after 1/2 damage
Levitation Physical Varies 60’ 2 min/lev None Raise to 4+1’/lev for heavy, see notes
Mind Block Physical 4 Self 10 min/lev None +1 save psionics, blocks empathy, telepathy, etc.
Nightvision Physical 4 600’ 10 min/lev None Must be some source of light.
Resist Energy Physical 8 Self 5 min/lev None All energy attacks do 1/2 damage
Resist Fatigue Physical 4 Self 60+20 min/lev None Immune to fatigue
Resist Magic Physical 15 Self 5m/lvl None Reduce damage effect and duration by half. Bonus to +3 to save,
Resist Psionics Physical 10 Self 5 min/lev None All psionic effects other than damage is negated, all psionic attack damage is halved
Resist Thirst Physical 6 Self 6 hrs None Immune to thirst
Summon Inner Strength Physical 4 Self 10m/lv None 80mins; +10 SDC, +2SvPoison, +5% Coma, fully rested during time limit.
Teleport Object Physical 10 Touch Immediate None 8lbs – 400’;
Telekinetic Leap Physical 8 Self 1melee None Boosts leaping ability, +3’ high jump, +5’ broad jump, per level. +2D6 dam to leap attacks.
Telekinetic Punch Physical 6 1’/lev Instant None Punch 4D6 Kick 5D6 Psionic must save 14 or higher or take 1D6 dam/self
Power Type ISP Range Duration Save Description
Clairvoyance Sensitive 4 Special 6D6 Rounds None 58+2%, +5% if a loved one. 2X a day
Commune with Animals Sensitive 6 200’ LoS 2min/lv 15 or better 1-80% obey simple commands. 1 per level
Dispel Spirits Sensitive 10 50’/lv 30min/lv Special If it is a Psionically summoned spirit, the summoner rolls standard. Normal Spirits leave.
Enhanced Perception Sensitive 10 Self 5 min/lev None + 3 Perception, + 1 Strike, + 2 Parry/Dodge, + 10% skills rely on senses (Intelligence, Track, Prowl, etc)
Extended Presence Sense Sensitive 8 20+5’/lev 2 min/lev None 50+3% Exact # & location of all sentient beings in area
Meditation Sensitive None Self Varies None 6 ISP per hour.
Mind’s Eye Sensitive 8 100+50’/lev 2 min/lev None Radar like sight. +3 init, +1 strike, +2 parry/dodge, No sneak attack. See notes
Psionic Seeking Sensitive 6 1 mile/lev 5 min/lev None 40 +5%/level +20% if item is his own, or looking for friend/relative
Sixth Sense Sensitive 2 90’ Until danger passes None Imminent Danger, +6 Init, +2 Parry, +3 Dodge, No sneak attacks.
Total Recall Sensitive 2 Self Permanent None Remembers every word heard, read, every image.
See Aura Sensitive 6 60’LoS 60 Seconds Mind Block Level, Magic, Psionics, PPE base, Healthy, Possessed, Aberrations.
Sense Good Sensitive 2 140’r 2min/lv None See Notes.
Sense Psionics Sensitive 4 100’r 2min/lv None Psionic use, approx distance, what direction. Track 40+3%
Sense Supernatural Sensitive 3 140’r 2min/lv None Sense presence of any type of supernatural creature. Track 25+3%
Speed Reading Sensitive 2 Self 3 min/lev N/A 30 pp/min or 15 pp/min if technical
Telepathy Sensitive 4 60’/140’ 2 min/lev Special Surface Thoughts 60’ 2 way 140’
Power Type ISP Range Duration Save Description
Bio-Manipulation Super 10 160’ 4-16m, 1/2 for Supernatural Std See notes
Bio Regeneration Super 20 Self Instant None After concentrating for 1 minute, heal 4D6 HP & 4D6 SDC
Catatonic Strike Super 40 Stab Special Dodge or Pary, Std -8 Victim goes into a coma; Save takes 2D6 damage and attacks reduced by 1D4
Charismatic Aura Super 25 Touch Permanent Std MA + 1D4 + 2; PB +2
Cause Hallucination Super Varies 90’ Varies Std See Notes
Cause Insanity Super 30 Touch 1 week/lev Std Specified by psionic
Electrokinesis Super Varies Varies Varies Varies Electrical resistance 4 isp: resistant up to 60,000 volts. Electrical discharge 2 isp 2d6 damage Manipulate Electrical Device 4 isp Sense Electricity 2 isp 100 foot
Fortify Psionics RECOMMENDED Super Orig +12 10’/lev Varies Special Increases damage or defensive power. Example: TK Force Field goes from 30 SDC/lev to 30 SDC/lev + 30
Hydrokinesis Super Varies Varies Varies Varies Sense chemical impurities 96% 2 isp boil water 3 isp up to 13 gallons water spout: 5 isp +1 strike Sense Wter isp none can sense water up to 260 feet
Hypnotic Control Super 20 12’ 2D6 Melees Std Victim obey commands. See Notes
Induce Amnesia Super 10-30 Touch 1D4 Days/lev Std 10 for minor memory block, 20 for large block 30 for full see notes
Induce Insanity Super 30 10’ 1D4 days/lev Std Psychic choice
Induce Nightmare Super 15 10’/lev 2 melee/lev Std Give nightmare, cannot fall back asleep 1D4 hrs
Invisible Haze Super 30 Self 6 mins Std Perfect and completely invisible, only those that save vs psi can see caster. -6 to Str, Parry, Dodge, Init against invisible foes.
Insert Memory Super 25 Touch Permanent Std/None Implants one memory See Notes
Mental Illusion Super 20 90’ Special Std Anything, based upon the victim’s perceptions of the world.
Mentally Control Others Super 40 30+10’/lev 2 min/lev Std ALiving Puppet- Psychic is contolling. See notes.
Mind Wipe Super Special Touch Special Std 1D4 days per 10 ISP. Permanent-50 ISP and permanently sacrificing 4 ME points.
Strength of Mind Super 20 Self 2 min/lev None +10 PS, 5 PE, 20 SDC Supernatural PS for lift/carry
Psi-Shield Super 30 Self 40 mins None Works as a shield, energy blasts and projectiles parried at -3
Psi-Axe Super 30 Touch 40 mins None 12D6 damage to a minimum of 2D6.
Psionic Blast Super 30 50’ + 10/lvl Varies Std/ Dodge of 16 saves 1d4 direct to hit points,-1 all combat actions for 1d4 melees no save: 1d6 direct ro hit point, -4 all combat actions, -30% actions and 1d4 skills for 1d4 melees
Pyrokinesis Super Varies Varies Varies Varies fire resistant 2 isp immune to fire Spontaneous combustion 2 isp can cause combustibles to catch on fire Fuel flame: 4 isp double flame Extinguish flame 20 isp 15 foot area Create flame 20 isp damage 5d6 pillar of flame/ 6d6 damage from wall Fire Ball 25 isp +2 Strike 6d6 damage Sense fire 2 isp 230 foot radius
Resist Damage Super 25 Self 5 min/lev None Absorbs first 5 units of damage. Falls, impact, punch, energy do 1/2 damage.
Resurrection RECOMMEND Super 15 Touch Instant None Adds 6% per level @ 8 is +56%
Super Telekinesis Super 10+ 800’ 16 mins Std +10 per 100 lbs over 100. 1D4x10 SDC per 100 lbs of weight
Shared Perception Shared 15 120’ 1min/lev Std Share perception with target. Can give or take.
Telekinetic Force Super 10/50 lbs 80’/lev 1 min/lev Special 10 isp per 50 lbs of force 1d4 per 50 lbs of force See Notes
Telekinetic Force Field Super 30 up to 320’ 80 None 240 SDC; Can roll parry to create as parry. 80’ diameter, cannot be moved.
TK Blast Super 10 50’ +10/lev Instant Dodge 1D4x10 damage +3 strike only Victim -3 dodge (only if know coming)
Telekinetic Shockwave Super 20 5’/lev Instant None same as 36 P.S. 3D6 to entire area See Notes
Telemechanics Super 10 5’ 10+2 min/lev None Skill at 80% Know how to operate
Telepathic Suggestion Super 15 60’ Varies Std Simple of complex- save +3 against alignment, unless severe, where save is auto.
Telepathy:Superior Super 8 Varies 2 min/lev Std Probe 100 + 50’/lev Failed save: Memories 40+ 3%/lev Read thoughts, passwords, names, etc. Also 2-way communicate 200 plus 100’/lev
OCC Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Language:Western 98 1 13 98%
Language:Elven 40+5 15 1 13 98%
Language:Giantese 40+5 15 1 13 98%
Math:Basic 45+5 20 1 13 98%
WP: Archery 1 13
WP: Battle Axe 1 13
Hand to Hand: Expert
OCC Related Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Lore Magic 25+5 10 1 13 95%
Horsemanship:Exotic 30/20+5 1 13 90/80%
Intelligence 30+4 10 1 13 88%
Horsemanship: General 35/20+5 3 13 85/70%
Detect Ambush 30+5 6 13 65%
Wilderness Survival 30+5 9 13 50%
Sniper 12 13
Secondary Skills Base % Start Current Total %
Botany 25+5 1 13 85%
WP Sword 1 13
WP Whip 1 13
Play Lute 25+5 1 13 85%
Palming 20+5 4 13 65%
Body Building 8 13
Running 12 13

Name Count Location Description
Sets of clothing 3 Worn/Backpack
Cloak 1 Worn
Boots 1 pair Worn
Gloves 1 pair Worn
Belt 1 Worn
Dagger Sash 1 Worn Holds Throwing Knives
Water skin 1 Worn
Bandolier 2 Worn Holds Throwing Axes
Ring of Fleet Feet 1 Worn
Ring of Invisibility 1 Worn
Teleport Medallion 1 Worn Takes to White Ash Hideout
Wood Saw 1 Worn
Cutting Twine Saw 1 Worn
Backpack 1 Worn
Mallet and Stakes 6 Backpack
Notebook 1 Backpack
Crow Quill Pen 1 Backpack
Water skin 2 Backpack
Rope 100’ Backpack
Magic Sneezing Powder 2 Backpack Save 16. Must be blown/thrown victim’s face. If fail save, Sneeze constantly for 1D6 Melees. – 3 Init, strike, parry, dodge. – 40% prowl – 40% Skills
Might of Palladium potion 1 Backpack +1 attack, +2 strike, parry, dodge, damage. Lasts 4 melees.
Flying Carpet 1 Attached Bottom of Backpack Speed 30 MPH AR 6 SDC 50 5 Human sized passengers.
Small Sacks 4 Worn
Tinder box 1 Small Sack 1
Ink 1 Small Sack 1
Fairy Food
Beet 1 Small Sack 2
Squash 1 Small Sack 2
Cinnamon Stick 1 Small Sack 2
Pear 1 Small Sack 2
Mixed Nuts 1 Small Sack 3
Roast Pigeon 1 Small Sack 3
Mussel 1 Small Sack 4
Quiver 1 Worn
Arrows 20 Quiver
Poison Arrows 5 Quiver

Old carriage painted to look like a a faded carnival carriage


Ulfar was born to the circus, as his first memories are his caretaker training to preform, the ring leader was a Western Empire ex-mercenary; he was hard and cruel. But he taught Ulric many things, the one Ulfar remembers most is why kill some one, when maiming them to take their own life if they truly could not live.

During his time in the mobile shows he was taught how to preform entire plays by himself his natural abilties lending themselves to it. Throwing knives and axes with precise precision. He was also able to make friends with the other members of the troop, as he talked to them he found the ring master had bought or enslaved every membermember of the troop, as fate would have it a new chapter in Ulfar’s life was to begin.

The band was called to tour the western empire after a perilous season in the yin sloth jungles circuit. The first night of the new show, Ulfar was startled by a women in a black dress who appeared in his drssing room, the women never lifted her hood only spoke two lines but with those two lines Ulfar’s life opened. Even now ulric can hear the words of his mistress “Ammon picks you, now open your mind and recieve your power”

As the last word hit his ear Ulfar’s head exploded, with pain and he blacked out for how long he lay there is unknown. When he awoke, he knew his purpose to serve his mistress and seek out her vessel but first he would have to free himself.

That evening Ulfar slew the six human guards, offering their blood to his goddess, as he captured the ring master, as Ulric stood like a grizzly statue covered in the blood of the gaurds he bade the others do what they wanted to extract thier revenge. Four days later the heap of flesh begged Ufar to kill him, Ulfar only smiled as he cut the man’s hand, feet and tongue from his body. Before healing the stumps and dropping him at the slave merchants door.

Turning the cart Ulfar has never looked back, harnessing his power, his friends act as the courts private entertainment and the real power behind the thrones secret muscle.