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Ursus Monstrum Actos

Human by Day, Werebear at Night, Worshiper of Khonsu

Demigod of the Monster Races and Patron of Monogamy


Ursus is a very tall, somewhat stocky human. His hair, beard and body hair are all dark brown. His hair and beard are so long and thick that you can only see his stark black eyes staring out from the mane. When he wears clothing he wears very little; usually just his leather armor, that he made himself. This shows off how very hairy he truly is. From His neck down to the tops of his toes, he has very thick hair extruding from nearly every inch of his skin. When fully nude it is very hard to tell if he is fully nude, at least from a distance. Get up close and you can definitely tell he is nude in all his massive glory. Although stocky and thick, he is not fat by any measure. In fact he is very muscular, but not an Adonis type. His muscles are like giant metal cables woven and braided about his bones.

When he is transformed he looks like a very large (much larger than average) great brown bear from the Nodiak region of the Northern Hinterlands; only you can see the human intelligence behind the animal eyes. He is able to walk and run on just his hind legs, although he prefers all fours.


Ursus Arctos is travelling along the coast of Bear’s Head Bay, just south of Bizantium in the Northern Sea. He is traveling at night in his full bear form. One, this is his best camouflage when travelling; two, in this form he is immune to the effects of the sub-zero temperatures. He travels a lot, especially in the winter. This is the best time because not too many other creatures are travelling at this time of year. He comes to the crest of a hill which seems familiar. When he is at the peak he looks down. He then remembers why…

The Eoten village of Kanáta’; he has been here before… He avoids all humanity when necessary. He doesn’t like the temptation of his instinct and nature. He doesn’t know why, but he knows that what most of his kindred do to humans is wrong. It is very hard for him to ignore the yearnings he feels inside, so he avoids humanity, sustaining himself on large wildlife, but not the Nodiak Brown Bears that are around, he feels too close a kinship. The reason he remembers is because, the first time he came across this village, a Northern Hinterlands native Eoten human happened to see him on the hill and recognized him for what he was. The man yelled, threw a spear at him and ran to the village. Ursus turned back to take a different path. Since it was late, he decided to sleep. Finding a random hole he lay down and slept. The next morning he awoke and continued on. After about a mile he smelled the sweet scent of fresh kill. While he usual got his own kills, this scent peaked his curiosity. He investigated and found three large kalruck carcasses at the top of the hill where the man tried to spear him. He sniffed it thoroughly to ensure it was safe for consumption; nothing strange. He took a single bit to test. He waited a few moments; no ill effects. He consumed one of the remains. He realized that the village had offered a sacrifice to him to leave them alone. He had heard of this from his Father, but had never seen or experienced it himself. They had given him what was probably there entire winter store. He didn’t mind appeasing a ritual, but had a problem with taking their entire stock. After finishing the one, bones and all, he used one of the tusks to clean his teeth. He grabbed the other two carcasses and dragged them to the village limits. Once on the very edge, he yelled out as loud as he could in his broken northern: “I, the Great Spirit Bear, am satisfied with your offerings, but I am not a greedy Spirit, and do not require all that you have given. I have decided to gift this back to your village.” At that he dropped them turned and walked off…

He felt joy in seeing Kanáta’ again but something was not right. The smell of the place was different. There were non-Eoten humans in the village, very rare this far north and at this time of the year. He had to know more. Staying in Wearbear form, he meandered toward the village. He didn’t want to attract too much attention. As he got closer, the smells got even stranger, strange fruity smoke that he had never smelled before and human blood, fresh blood. Something was wrong, very wrong. He picked up his paced and reached the edge of the village. He could see strange wolf head statues at the eastern entrance of the village. They were carrying flails in one hand and ankhs in the other. That was when he noticed in the center of the village a large circular stone covered in blood. Then he heard a scream, it was a young adolescent Shadow colonist, who was naked, being dragged by two lycanthrope wolves and a very tall human (he could tell by the scent) wearing a Wolf’s or dogs head. He couldn’t tell he had never seen this kind before. The sight enraged him completely causing him to shift into a full rage.

Two and a half tons of WereBear came rushing at the two Lycan-Wolves. He was able to slice the head clean off one with a single blow, the other he gouged deeply but it didn’t kill him outright. He was healing quickly; Ursus turned rapidly knowing he would have one more shot at finishing him before he countered. He rushed him and got both arms around him and squeezed the creature until his head popped off, literally. The tall human was shocked at first, but regained quickly. He pulled a large Silver Sword from a scabbard. Ursus threw the body he had in his grasp at him, knocking him over and stunning him. He leapt on top of him pinning his arms to the ground. He demanded to know what he was doing to the people of this village. The man was very calm all things considered. He just said “I am serving my god and master, and I am guaranteed a place next to Master Anubis when I die and will be rewarded greatly.” Ursus just stared blankly. Then he said “OK, let me hasten your trip; you might want to ask for a new head when you get there.” With that he bit of the man’s head and swallowed it whole. After he stood up he saw the rest of the remaining villagers coming from the great hall. One of the elders knelt down and started to chant and the rest of the villagers chimed in. Ursus realized they were praying to him and he could not stand it. He immediately changed to human form and yelled for them all to stop. It took a couple times but they all stopped. He then tried to explain that he wasn’t a god, just a regular creature who didn’t like to see this great and kind village suffer the way they had. With that he turned and walked out of the village, grabbing the heads of the Lycan-Wolves and tossing them into the altar pyre…

After he was far enough away he turned back to full bear form headed to the sea and washed off the stench of those foul heathen Lycan-Wolves and defecated out the skull of the man. He then pulverized the skull to dust, every last piece of it. While he was sitting in the water the sky cleared and the full moon started to shine, which was strange as it was supposed to be a new moon. Then the Moon started to fall out of the sky, not fast, just a steady pace. Ursus stared in amazement, having never seen the like. The Moon landed on the ocean to the north, but began to rise again, only it wasn’t just the Moon, it was a figure and it was right in front of Ursus. He was totally shocked and could barely move.

The figure spoke, which caused him more shock:
“Ursus Arctos, I have been following you for many cycles of the moon and sun. I have observed your ways and I am captivated by your actions over the cycles. You avoid Humans at all cost, the one time you come across one, you leave him be. After they try to appease the ‘Great Spirit Bear’ with a sacrifice, you give it back, well most of it. Then tonight you went against every observation I have made of you. Can you tell me why you did what you did?”

Ursus is speechless; just standing there agape. “SPEAK URSUS” says the figure. Ursus starts to stammer and sputter. He then pulls it together saying: “This was the same village that gave me the ‘sacrifice’ those many moons ago. I felt a special bond with them. They left me alone and wanted to be left alone, so I obliged. Plus, even though my nature considers them prey, it just doesn’t seem…right to attack and kill them just because they are there. I just have always felt that way. So when I came across the village again and those vile Lycans and strange Hooman were sacrificing the villagers, for whatever reason, my blood just began to broil and the only way to cool it was to help them to their death. So I obliged. I tell you one thing, if I ever come across anyone else wearing the same clothes or using those same statues, I may just let my TRUE instincts take over and destroy them all.”

The figure responds “Ursus, those two Lycans and the Strange man were devout worshipers of Anubis, trying to establish a religious foot-hold in this realm. You have angered Anubis by killing them in such a manner, for to truly be heralded into the afterlife you must take every part of your physical being to the grave with you. Since you have destroyed the heads so thoroughly, especially the humans, which even I find disturbing, Anubis will hear of it and may send more foes to drag you down to his hell. Because of your actions though, I have decided that this shouldn’t happen. For I am KHONSU; a god of the Pantheon of the Light & Dark, God of the Moon, Those Beasts of Good Heart and the wary Night Traveler. My fellow Gods have been embroiled in a massive War and I have stayed neutral thus far; but because of Anubis trying to over reach and your actions this night, I have decided to take a side, and I have decided to have you as a champion. I see moral in you and I may call upon you to help in this fight. For now continue on your journeys, but be weary of strange beasts that mean you harm. For I know not of when and how Anubis may decide to enact revenge upon you.” With that the figure sinks into the water, the Moon rises back into the sky, the clouds move in and cover the moon.


Name: Ursus Monstrum Actos aka Uzumati Monstrato Quadro
Rank: 24th Level
OCC: Ranger
Race: Human Werebear
Land of Origin: Northern Hinterlands
Citizenship: Timiro Kingdom (Honorary)

HT: 6’6″/17’ IQ: 13(15) Save vs Magic +11 Strike: +12/14
WT: 260 lbs/2600 lbs ME: 17 Save vs Psionics +6 Parry: +13/15
PPE: 39/39 MA: 17 Save vs Coma +30% Dodge: +13/14
ISP: 107/110 PS: 33 Save vs pois/dis +11 Roll: +12
HP: 174/174 PP: 18 Save vs horror +10 Pull: +6
SDC: 342/342 PE: 30 HF/AF 14 Init: +3/5
Exp: 1,964,425 PB: 22  Charm/ Impress  60% Damage: +22
Sex: M SPD: 63/122  Insanity  +1 Disarm: +3
Born: 4/11/19 (95 y.o.) Trust/Intimid 45% Critical (3x): 18-20
HTH: Martial Art Attacks: 10/12
Align: Scrupulous Passive
7/11 Percept: +7/9
KD/Stun: 18-20
AutoPin: 18-20
DeathBlow: 20

Gold Coins Amount Weight Location
Wolfen Empire: ₩ 7300 0 lbs. n/a
Western Empire: W 84,060 0 lbs. n/a
Island of Bizantium: ฿ 106,999 0 lbs. n/a
Eastern Territory: Є 8283 275 lbs. Large Satchel
Timiro Kingdom: ₮ 16550 218 lbs. Large Satchel
Elven Gold Æ 0 Large Satchel
Dragon Coins: OK 0 Large Satchel
Gold Coast Note: GCN 531,656 Negligible Held at GC Bank
Fines owed Timirians: Є 325,506 Negligible Paid through Bishop TuTu, Paid in full, as of 6/24/114
Balance for Ursus Glacious: Є 525,000 Negligible Paid to Nematin MountainHide.  Paid in full as of 8/17/114.
Donations from Ceremony 6/14/16 Є 13,000 433 lbs. Held until Khonsu Temple reached.  Delivered via Duke of Llorn
 ? Negligible

Weapon Proficiencies Level Acquired Strike Parry Thrown/Rate Range
Long Bow 1 +10 +10 17 1275’
Knife 1 +8 +8 +10 40′
Paired Knives 7
Paired Claws 16
Weapons: Damage Notes
Defiance’ Tooth Rune Weapon 3d6+22 +1 STR/PRY (Can’t hurt ReSet & former CrIsis)
Bennu’s Flame 4d6+22(normal)/(1d4*10)+22(Demon, Deevil, Dark)  See Wiki page for more info(Can hurt ReSet & Former CrIsis)
Bear’s Claw, Holy Lightbringer Hunting Knife 2D6+28/Double to Evil Creatures Glows blue in the presence of Evil (Can hurt ReSet & Former CrIsis)
Healing Arrows 3D6 HP & SDC Healing 6 Arrows
Long Bow from Gabriel  Unknown Unknown
Armor AR|SDC/ SDC Notes
Studded Leather 13|38/38 Made by Ursus himself
URSUS GLACIOUS 16|200/200 See Wiki Page 
—Ice Armor 18|120/200 Special Power of URSUS GLACIOUS

Special Attacks: Damage Notes
Karate Kick 2D4+22
Snap Kick 1D6+22
Roundhouse Kick 3D6+22 Only be used once per melee, no other kicks this melee
Wheel Kick 2D6+22
Crescent Kick 2D4+22
Axe Kick 2D6+22
Backward Sweep None Cannot be parried
Tripping Leg Hook None Cannot be parried
Jump Kick 6D6+22 Critical- Must be 1st attack-uses all attacks
Flying Jump Kick 4D6+22 Must be made from long distance, Counts as 2 attacks
Leap Attack Varies Critical- Must be 1st attack-uses all attacks
Body Throw/Flip 1D6+28 Knockdown
Fall attack 5D6 per 10′ of Fall When he jumps, and lands on a foe, from any height he does 5D6 damage per 10’ of fall, If he jumps more than 20’ HE TAKES 1d6 per 10’. Loses next turn, Only in Bear form.

Special Powers as WereBear Description Notes
Claws (2) 3D6+28  Natural Attack, Bear Form only
Bite 2D6+22  Natural Attack, Bear Form only
Initiative, strike, parry, dodge see above  Bonuses from Bear form
Nightvision 100’  Natural Night Vision
Normal weapons no damage Silver/Magic normal damage Only in Bear form
Fire/Cold Resistant 1/2 damage
Bio-Regeneration 1D6 HP/SDC per melee round (15 seconds)
Leap 15’ High 20’ Long
Natural Track/Prowl In skills
Special Pin attack Add the damage from a bite attack to the value of the attack. While in BEAR FORM ONLY. If the character rolls a natural 18-19-20 when doing an attack the target is caught in the BEAR HUG.
Shape Shifting Control Can change from Human to Bear and vice-versa at will regardless of time of day Can only shift 3 total times per day, this resets at Midnight
Combat Premonition sense D20, 5 and under nothing, over 5 Character knows the odds of survival in all combat situations Has ability in Human form as well
Godly Powers Description Notes
Super-Tough Increased PE and SDC
Patron of Monogamy Ability to bless TRUE monogamous relationships This blessing will help the couple to overcome any barriers to their path to TRUE love.  This isn’t a love spell or potion.  The couple must have TRUE monogamous feelings, be TRUE soul-mates for life.  It cannot be used to make someone love someone else or go against their TRUE nature. The blessing will also help an individual find a TRUE Soul-mate.
Osiris Wish Word Unknown

Psionics 2 total of Physical, Sensitive or Healing
Power Type ISP Range Duration Save Description Current
Mind Block Physical 4 Self 10 min/lev None +1 save v Psionics; blocks empathy, telepathy, etc. 230 mins
Telekinesis Physical Varies Varies 2 min/lev None See Notes 46 mins
Resist Magic Physical 15 or 30 Self 5 min/level None 15:+3 Save vs. magic

30: 1/2 Dam, Effect, Duration of all magic against psychic

115 mins
Resist Pain (Temp) Physical 6 Self 30 min/ level None Can stay on feet when H.P. reach zero. Gains an extra 10 H.P. +2 H.P./ level) for duration. Dam/ penalty from Bio-Manip, torture, drugs, poison, disease cut by half while power is active. Foes have -40% with Interrogate attempts. 230 mins/56 HP 

Eternal Torch Ring AR 17 (for Ursus only)
Amulet of Tongues Allows wearer to speak and hear in the any spoken language
Quill of Literacy “Siri” Writes 250 words per day spoken by the user
Ring of reading 10 min/3x/day read elven
Magic Pig Food Gratifies the hunger of any who eat it. Regenerates as long as more than half of it is left.
Loophole Ring It is able to create a circular ‘hole’ 1’ in diameter in the air in front of the caster that links it to another ‘hole’ up to 100’ away within line of sight. Both light and non-living matter can pass through the hole in both directions.
Save vs. Magic ring +2 save vs. Magic
Magic Ears of Corn (5) +2 to save & damage, lasts 40 days from 30th of Ra
Ring of Fleet Feet 10 min, 3x daily, Double PP, SPD, # ATKs, -2 INT
Amulet of Teleport (to Sekti Abu) Able to Teleport self and several others instantly and directly to Sekti Abtu
Amulet of Turn Undead Turn the Undead: A charm that will prevent any of the undead from physically touching them while they wear or hold the amulet. The amulet works much like a cross does against vampires. Effective against all undead, including mummies, zombies and vampires.
Leaf of Healing from Millennium Tree See item page
Breath with out air Scroll
Amulet of Isis Special gift to CrIsis from King Minischmee & Queen Christine of Bizantium.  Specific benefit to Ursus, +2 to IQ
Ring of Protection See item page
Crystal Ring of Invulnerability to Fire No Damage from normal Fire, 1/2 damage from Magic or Psionic Fire
Ring of True (In)Sight Western Empire book p. 160.

The wearer of this ring sees through
magical and psionic illusions, and drug induced hallucinations
(half the usual penalties). In addition, the wearer is not hindered
by magical or non-magical darkness, and can see the invisible.
This ring does not allow the wearer to see through non-magical
disguises, nor will the wearer be able to detect Changelings, other shapechangers (like werebeasts and dragons), or otherwise
metamorphosed individuals or creatures.
Bracelet of Dope Seeing Allows wearer to see those that are blessed by Anubis and are invisible.
 Amulet of limited Invulnerability Per Magic spell, level 15, 2 uses per day.  Current totals:  375 SDC, 30 Melees, +4 to save v HF, Magic, Psionics
 Ring of Stone to Flesh  Per Magic spell, turn stone to flesh 3x per day.

OCC Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Language: Northern 98 0 1 24 98%
Language: Wolfen 40+5 15 1 24 98%
Language: Giantese 40+5 15 1 24 98%
Animal Husbandry 35+5 10 1 24 98%
Land Navigation 30+4 20 1 24 98%
Id Plant/Fruit 25+5 15 1 24 98%
Track/Trap Animals 20/30+5 40 1 24 98/98%
Track Humanoids 25+5 35 1 24 98%
Wilderness Survival 30+5 20 1 24 98%
WP Longbow  —  — 1 24  —
WP Knife  —  — 1 24  —
HTH Martial Arts  —  — 1 24  —

OCC Related Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Detect Ambush 30+5 5 1 24 98%
Lore: Demons/Monsters 25+5 10 1 24 98%
Sewing 25+5 15 1 24 98%
Skin/Prep Hides 30+5 15 1 24 98%
Leather Working 25+5 15 1 24 98%
Preserve Food 30+5 10 1 24 98%
Armor/Weapon Decoration 35+5 10 3 24 98%
Fashion Tools 25+5 10 6 24 98%
Language: Elven 40+5 10 9 24 98%
Literacy: Elven 30+5 10 12 24 98%
Lore: Religion 30+5 10 18 24 70%

Secondary Skills Base % Start Current Total %
Prowl (Natural Bonus) 40+5 1 24 98%
Gymnastics 1 24  —
—Climb/Scale Walls 45+5 1 24 98%
—Rappelling 35+5 1 24 98%
—Balance 30+5 1 24 98%
—Parallel Bars/Rings 30+3 1 24 98%
—Back Flip/ Somersault 40+5 1 24 98%
Wrestling 1 24  —
Athletics 1 24  —
Body Building 3 24  —
Boxing 5 24  —
Running 7 24  —
Swimming 40+5 10 24 98%
Acrobatics 13 24  —
—Tightrope 30+3 13 24 60%
 Kickboxing (limited) 18 24
Physical Labor 20 24
Outdoorsmanship 21 24
Surveillance 25+5 22 24 30%
Forced March 24 24


Name Count Location Description
Document from Malkin concerning Hades 1 Large Dim. Bag See the Wiki page
Tiny Flask of Demon’s Brew 0 Large Dim. Bag See the Wiki page.  Traded for a tiny flask of Dyval’s Brew
Tiny Flask of Dyval’s Brew 1 Large Dim. Bag See the Wiki page.  Traded Demon’s Brew for this flask
Folwin’s Skull 0 Buried See the Wiki page
Large Dimensional Satchel 1 Tied around waist Long-Term Dimensional Pocket Expires on 5th of Kagna 347th Year, Eastern Territory Holds 750 pounds
Extra large sack 1 Large Dim. Satchel Currently not in use
Defiance’ Tooth 1 Scabbard or Large Dim. Satchel Only has this out in human form
Bears Claw 1 Belt or Large Dim. Satchel Only has this out in human form
Snares 2 Large Dim. Satchel For snaring small animals
6’ of light chain 1 Large Dim. Satchel Various purposes
60’ of rope 1 Large Dim. Satchel Various purposes
Tinder box 1 Belt or Large Dim. Satchel For starting fires
Leather Armor 1 Worn in Human form only, else Large Dim. Satchel Handmade (By Ursus) leather armor, includes several built in scabbards to carry all his weapons and tools.
Silver Rune paper/parchment 2 Large Dim. Bag needed for the Holy Seba Words for the song of Dawn
Books from Wo’elfenbrut 8 Shipped to Tinor in Avramstown through GC Bank 1- “The Lost Tribe” by the Chronicler
2- “The Truth of the Dread Pirate Jason”
3- “Misfit Menagerie- The Monsters of the Hinterlands
4- “The Complete Riches of the Mines of Belimar
5- “Set and the Wolfen
6- “Gantrell’s Familiar”
7- “The Palladium of Destiny and the Defilers” by Rod Rambler
8- “The Wild Lords”
9- “The Great 12 Tribes”
10- “The Kobald Mines of the North”
11- “Passes and Passages of the Bruu-Ga-Belimar Mountains”
12- “The Centaur Tribes of the Grasslands”
13- “Utu, Lord of Death”
14- “Chaos Wars and the Human Race”
Seba book from Malah 1 Large Dim. Bag Seba book stolen from Wo’elfenbrut
Dali/Picasso mixed style portrait of Ursus in tree 1 Shipped to Ansa in Avramstown through GC Bank Painted by Indaris (Send/Give to Ansa)
Leaf of Healing from Millennium Tree 1 Large Dim. Satchel See Wiki Page
In the Fields Where Death Farms (Missive) 1 Shipped to No Name in Bizantium City through GC Bank Ursus has read this.
Large Dimensional Bag 1 Tied around waist Long-Term Dimensional Pocket Expires on 1st of Kagna 340th Year, Eastern Territory Holds 500 pounds
Large alarmed satchel 1 Large Dim. Satchel Ursus doesn’t know what this is yet
Vials of Holy Water 4 Large Dim. Bag
Torch Amulet 1 Worn or Large Dim. Bag
Wood Spikes 4 Large Dim. Satchel
Teleport Scroll 1 Large Dim. Bag Transport to Lopania
Quill of endless ink 1 Large Dim. Bag
Miracle Cream 0 uses Large Dim. Bag  Bought from Gabriel
Magic Bandages 2 Large Dim. Bag
Potion of No Scent 6 vials Large Dim. Bag
Maps – General, Western, Eastern, OK-Ancient, OK-New, Baalgor, Floenry Isle-E, Isle of Cyclops, Yin SLoth, LotSW, LotD – Sketch, Lopan, Phi, Timiro. 1 ea. Large Dim. Satchel
Map of Locations of Pyramids – semi coded 1 Large Dim. Satchel
Magical copy of the Agreement 1 Large Dim. Satchel
Horned Ramrod Jerky 4 lbs Large Dim. Bag (Talk to GM after eating some, see what Mr Tooth thinks)
Sketches of the Defilers 9 Sold in Sekti Abtu
Expert paintings by Indaris 3 See notes 1- Ursus Climbing tree (Shipped to Ansa in Avramstown)
2- Hannah with “Hannah” (Shipped to Ash Anonymously)
3- Rainbow CrIsis at Credia (Donated to Temple of Isis)
Indaris Summer travelling Clothes 1 set Sold in Sekti Abtu Sell it
Ring of Truesight 1 Left Hand Western Empire book p. 160
Indaris Summer Travelling Robe 1 Sold in Sekti Abtu Sell it
Indaris Ceremonial Robe 1 Donated to the Temple of Isis Donate it
WindSwept Inn Evening Attire 1 set Large Dim. Bag Keep it
Indaris Boots 1 pair Sold in Sekti Abtu Sell it
Crystal Flask from No Name 1 Flask Large Dim. Satchel
Indaris Belt 1 Sold in Sekti Abtu Sell it
Indaris Bed Roll 1 Sold in Sekti Abtu Sell it
Indaris Backpack 1 Sold in Sekti Abtu Sell it
Indaris Small sack 4 Sold in Sekti Abtu Sell it
Indaris Water skin 1 Sold in Sekti Abtu Sell it
Red Beeswax Candle 4 Given to Grignak Give to Grignak
Witch Bottle Amulet 1 Worn around Neck Unknown ask GM
Gold Coast Uniform 1 Large Satchel Kept
Eye of the Cat 1 Large Satchel Give to Grignak
Indaris Tinder Box 1 Sold in Sekti Abtu Sell it
Talisman of Isis 1 Large Dim. Bag
Khonsu Phamplet (Page 1, Page 2) 12 Large Dim. Satchel
Full complete set of the Books of CrIsis 1 set Large Dim. Bag Current as of Kompak 26th, 3rd year of the ReBirth
Potion of Wind Walking 2 Large Dim. Bag Per the spell or psionic ability
Potion of Invisible to Anubis blessed 1 Large Dim. Bag
 Weapons decorated, by Ursus, with CrIsis Symbols
 Long Bow (Ursus)  1  Gone need to restart  Completion Date: restart; Completion Time: restart
 Hunting Knife (Ursus)  1 Gone need to restart Completion Date: restart; Completion Time: restart
 Bone Dagger (Ursus)  1  Shield o’ Light(Ursus cabin)  Completion Date: 9/31/114; Completion Time: 9 days
 Short Bow (Dream)  1  Shield o’ Light(Ursus cabin)  Completion Date: 10/7/114; Completion Time: 7 days
Short Spear (Dream)  1  Shield o’ Light(Ursus cabin)  Completion Date: 10/16/114; Completion Time: 9 days
 Scythe (No Name)  1  Shield o’ Light(Ursus cabin)  Completion Date: 10/25/114; Completion Time: 9 days
 LRG Sword #1 (Grignak)  1  Shield o’ Light(Ursus cabin)  Completion Date: 10/31/114; Completion Time: 6 days
 LRG Sword #2 (Grignak)(Exquisite)  1  Shield o’ Light(Ursus cabin)  Completion Date: 11/9/114; Completion Time: 9 days
 Flail (Indaris)  1  Shield o’ Light(Ursus cabin)  Completion Date: 11/17/114; Completion Time: 8 days
 Iron Shield (Indaris)  1  Shield o’ Light(Ursus cabin)  Completion Date: 11/25/114; Completion Time: 8 days
 Cutlass (Xerx’ses)  1  Shield o’ Light(Ursus cabin)  Completion Date: 12/7/114; Completion Time: 12 days
 2 Headed Flail (Xerx’ses)  1  Shield o’ Light(Ursus cabin)  Completion Date: 12/23/114; Completion Time: 16 days
 —  —  N/A  Completion Date: N/A; Completion Time: N/A
Long Bow of Apis, crafted by Ursus 10  Sold to Elanu Groff  Awaiting income from consignment
Long Sword of Ra, crafted by Ursus 10  Sold to Elanu Groff  Awaiting income from consignment
Dagger of Isis, crafted by Ursus 10  Sold to Elanu Groff  Awaiting income from consignment
Hunting Knife of Khonso, crafted by Ursus 10  Sold to Elanu Groff  Awaiting income from consignment
 —  —  N/A  Completion Date: N/A; Completion Time: N/A

Drama Card Description How Used
Extra Effort You get to try again and may re-roll the dice on any one roll. You may take the better of the two results. Given to Merkl to try and Charm/Impress Omen
Secret Identity Play this card when you want to conceal your Identity.  Your true Identity will remain hidden in relation to the current situation.  If another character ruins this for you, they shall lose all experience gains for this game session and suffer other badness as determined by the Game Master. Played to get CrIsis into the Central Tower of Cynopolis
Justice Play this card against any character that has committed a crime.  That character shall meet their just rewards before the end of the game session. The GM shall determine the just rewards. Played against Lady Shara.  Her justice was the point of No Names Scythe.
Vision Play this card when you are making a perception based skill. You gain a critical success. Used 8th of Thoth 114 to bypass the Crystal Castle “Dungeon” Puzzle to get to Osiris’ Kidney.
Rebellion Play this card when you are seeking members of the underworld or criminal organization.  You will find them before the end of the game session. Used to find Anti-Terosh Elements within the Sovereignty of Terosh (City)
Lost Play this card when you are Lost.  The GM will create a situation that will give you a clue as to where to go next. Used to get a clue as to how to get out of the situation of the trial for violating the laws of Timiro.
Challenge to a duel Use this card to challenge a single opponent to a winner take all duel Expired 5/7/16
Exterminate When successful attack on another race, play to do critical. Used in an attempt to kill Luur’na, a Blessing member, while in the mazes leading to
Russian Roulette 1-5 on D6 weapon breaks, no dam to target, 6 auto death, no hope of reincarnation Given to No Name in an attempt to kill Steve
Luck Points, Ace in the Hole
Ace in the Hole 0
Luck Points 0 Updated 10/7/17
Personality Test Results
“The Entrepreneur” (ESTP-A)
90% Extraverted
60% Observant
80% Thinking
95% Prospecting
90% Assertive
Role: Explorer
Strategy: People Mastery

Player Secrets