1st Report From Haven for Empress Jesslyn

My Empress,

There is much to relate of the past days events, but the greatest of these is that Osiris lives. Spread it from the mountaintops, call it forth from the voices of a thousand citizens. Osiris, while yet weak physically has manifest himself to CrIsis in the Temple of Sekti Abtu. We have spoken to him, and been instructed of him at his feet.

He called us through the pieces that we yet carry and we saw his spectral form overlaid upon the pieces that we carry as well as those that reside within the temples. We have sacrificed much of who we are in order to gather these pieces of the god, but even now we move toward a completion of our quest.

We have been called to task for the actions of others. In a war, will a general be called upon to atone for the loss of a soldier, and yet we are being told by the gods that we are held accountable for the soldiers who willingly join us in our struggle against the darkness.

We are, apparently, called upon to risk the very pieces of the severed one in order to attempt to protect the lives of those that are in the service of this quest. I would willingly give my life to protect this quest and all I ask is that those who join us in this quest be willing to do the same.

This is not callous of me, nor is it pragmatic. I am not suggesting that any loss of life is acceptable, and I will protect the innocents that our enemies wish to hold hostage pending our surrender. Surrender is not an option, of course, but I will protect life.

It troubles me that the gods believe that our actions were not above reproach, and that they hold us accountable for the actions of others. We left the crew of the ship behind. That is the only action that can truly be laid upon our doorstep. There was a hue and a cry for us in that port. We were distinctly told while meeting with our unnamed benefactor in this instance that the moment we walked off the boat we were on our own. Apparently this consideration did not go both ways. We were even specifically told that we would be left behind if we didn’t accomplish our task in a short time-frame.

And yet…we are being held accountable. It would seem that I must sacrifice myself in the cause if I am to be held blameless. Doing so will provide the enemy with a weapon that will change the face of the world forever. But my life is worthless in the eyes of the gods. It is the lives of those who are pledged to me for aid…

So be it. To hell with me and damn the consequences. When the entire plan falls apart, when the world is plunged into darkness and the rest of the Pantheon of Ra follows Osiris into dissolution let it not be said that Asher shirked from his duty to sacrifice himself before anyone else.

My conscience is clear in this matter, and has been. I have not fallen one jot or tittle from my personal code. I have not fallen, nor have I become less than I should have been. We will fail in our task not because the enemy is better, but because of friends who would punish us for a perceived slight and not an actual harm.

We are at war. At stake are not just the worthless scraps that kingdoms fight over but the priceless souls pledged to service to the Pantheon of Ra. In war there will be death. In war there will be sacrifice, and if our benefactor failed to let his Pawn know that he might be sacrificed in that harbour on that boat then curse be upon him.

It is done. And if the gods mean to punish me, then I shall go to that place where the punishment can be best served hot. Vequerrel will burn. I have seen a vision and know that ReSet will appear there and put the land to the torch. I have but a few more tasks to do, to truly be ready to lose myself from this world, but once those are done I shall drag CrIsis to the Vequerrel so that Caminata can meet the end decreed for her. I shall likely meet my own end there as well.

Or, maybe I shall be ended when I return to the underkingdom. I am supposed to return there as well. They don’t like me very much at my former home.

My complaints are done. I continue relating the story of our past couple of days. We appeared in the office of Bishop Rose where the old gal literally swore at seeing us. We were just through letting the good Bishop know of our task to lay a piece to rest here in Haven, finally, and that we would have the newest member of CrIsis do so. You haven’t met Raulf yet, but he is a good soul, if a trifle simple in his manner of approach. That might be because he is a paladin, but only time will tell.

So, to avert war with the Wolfen we shall have a Wolfen of CrIsis place a piece of Osiris in The Temple in Haven. We had just explained this when ReSet appeared. It would seem that the dark is beginning to underestimate us, which terrifies me more than anything I can actually name.

ReSet was chased from our presence without any real damage to us. We grow in strength while they stand still. It won’t be as easy for us the next time we meet them, and with their new ability to track us that will be sooner rather than later.

Yours in honor, Asher of Lopan.

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One Response to “1st Report From Haven for Empress Jesslyn

  • It is a log like this that shows Azariel and Asher share many opinions. Xerx’ses is much enamored of the wizened Kobold.

    I think there may be a marital squabble in the heavens soon because Isis has a different alignment and when her husband was alive. She has also spent time trapped as a mortal. She may “get it” better than Osiris.

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