A Grove For The Fallen

To your majesty, King Guy Campton, and Bishop Tutu,

Today is the 30th of Thoth, and I have just completed my second year within CrIsis as your majesty is nearing the completion of the third year of your reign. I wish the reason for writing to you both was nicer than to tell of the death of Hannah, Paladin of Timiro.

Both her and Mack led the second diversion attack upon Blackrock Stronghold. You should know that they both died heroes allowing the main force led by the “Unyielding Strength of Osiris” or, Xerx’ses, as the church has dubbed him. Breached the throne room and recovered Osiris’ Left Arm! Both Mack and Hannah fell trying to escape the nightmare that is the Nimro Kingdom. We were successful largely due to their diversion and assault on fifty percent of the castle forces!

Please, in Hannah’s memory as the one fae-knight of Timiro please erect a grove of trees and plant mushrooms in a remote portion of the kingdom to show honor and love to the fae that died in service to Timiro and the Light.

Also, I don’t know what Mack might have wanted as our time together was cut short but perhaps have some of the young priests of Ra donate time at an orphanage in Mack’s name. Then once a year hold a contest to pick a squire your majesty, or aspirant my bishop, from among them and show them a better life through the grace of Ra. May his light warm their heart and they pay it forward. It should be open to all races since you have abolished slavery would show a moving forward and hope for a unified nation.

I will close this with the same sketch to you both so the Fae-knight of Timiro can be immortalized as the Silver Bell Faerie she was – epic!


Blessings of Isis upon you both,

Father Indaris Excellar, Seeker of Isis

Picture by our own AZ Rune.



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