A Letter From Jidian

The Return of the Great One


How oft these days do I need to reshape my grip, the holding of a bow and the plucking of its string requiring such different form to the grasping of a pen. And such a shape I was urged to use most recently, as I am using now, but in the most holy of places to sign the most holy of documents at the behest of the most holy Pontiff U’Selekma.

Then, not long after hearing the demise of that great Captain Overkill, I noted terms of an agreement that shall have much consequence of severity for the brave members of CrIsis. Alas, it seems the very nature of the world we live in is shaped by these documents and agreements and all must subject themselves to the Holy Writ.

And yet, outside these writings the politics of power are in never ending struggle and so it is that men of action are called to aid. For me and my modest legion it is at this time an honour to serve our most beloved Wolfen Senator High Snow of the Ice Claw Tribe in an urgent mission to combat the wicked forces of the Eastern Territory who would attempt to force open war on the Wolfen Empire.

With noble Gaia, sagacious Hobe and the rest of the core Legionnaires by my side I will not falter in my determination to lead our noble group against such nefarious foes as present themselves. And so in ending the shape of the hand that holds the quill, my thoughts turn to the actions we of the Legion of Northmoor must obligate ourselves but also at this embarking do I think of you, my friends, and tell you that I shall yet meet with you again. For I have had a dream:

Osiris is lying on a bed. He is seeing his wife, Isis, bloodied and battered, on another, through his one eye, his right. I could see his torso, whole, and as he spoke his ruby red tongue was clearly visible. An ethereal right hand lifted and he pointed in his wife’s direction.

“I am at 50%, as are you, but I have not seen these ones. It is time that I make my presence known, and take my shift watching them.”

“It is too early, and the Dark will redouble their efforts to prevent your full recovery,” Isis replied.

“Do you not think that those that you all have chosen will not also gain renewed strength? Remember, half of them worship me! They deserve to know that their efforts were not in vain.” With this statement I saw the Great One rise, his left leg an image, but his right fully formed all the way to his foot. “I will take the next month. I go to Ra now to tell him.”

As my vision faded, I saw my lady Isis grin.

Until we meet again, my thoughts are ever with you and your quest,
Jidian Kulder
Legion of Northmoor
Message sent by Magic Pigeon to U’Selekma, and then forwarded to CrIsis

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