A Letter in Secret, a Light in the Dark

Baldbet Pegrim,

I had to wrack my brain for a moment before I actually remembered who you were, I mean in reality not under the pseudonym that I use. I hope this is secure, but should it not be, I shan’t mention your actual use name, just this one that has more wide appeal.

CrIsis is greater than the members that inhabit it for a time. Unlike the Defilers, who had many of their members survive the trials that they were put through, CrIsis is a gristmill. It uses people up like wood in a fire, and like a fire it burns like a beacon to the peoples of Palladium.

I say this neither in comfort nor in excuse, but in explanation. Even though I am currently following the auspices of Apis, I still feel a drive toward honesty, which is something that drove me toward Ra in the first “place”. It is good, however, that this honesty can now be tempered by my inherent kindness, something that I felt that I could not do while ruled solely by Ra.

CrIsis, as an organization, can’t do aught but succeed although I have no illusions that I will survive to see it. It is a time of change in CrIsis. The last of the founding members has been lost to us. It is not, however, a time of mourning. All who knew Overkill were improved by the knowing, whether because of or in spite of knowing him.

Is it cruel to say, now that he’s gone, that he was, at times, the ultimate bad example? The ‘what not to do’ in real living color?

I loved that dwarf as a brother, though I never took the time to really express the same to him, but I get far afield in what I meant to tell you in this letter.

I still have hope. Six times was CrIsis able to raise him from the dead and the seventh time he went forth into the fray. Seven times he risked his life and seven he gave it up. He deserves his proper rest, a rest of heroes and not one of the damned. CrIsis will succeed for one reason only: Our dead must be redeemed.

I don’t know about any of the others, but I know that I will not survive this quest. It sits easily with me. I will, much like Overkill, throw myself into it with all the strength of heart and when my heart finally gives out I’ll go screaming into the night to fight Anubis directly until the day that the god is reborn. Overkill will not be alone there forever. Before this is done I dare say there will be an army of the dead members of CrIsis out there in the dark fighting for the new members still on their quest.

Looking forward to that perfect day, Asher.

Picture from The Quillcards Blog

Out of Character Note- This letter, and any further “Secret Admirer” letters do not appear in the Books of CrIsis, nor are they automatically shared with other CrIsis members- they really are secret.


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