A Poor Companion, He

After much discussion, the group has decided to next pursue the left foot of Osiris, which is in a nearby dragon’s horde. I thought we should go after Osiris’ right hand next, because my research at the Library of Bletherad indicated that it was being actively used for evil by the necromancer holding it, but Greldarr convinced the others to reach out for the closest prize.

We decided to pick up some supplies while we were in Credia. Chip bought himself a number of magic rings, and the dwarf bought a lot of stuff for his… slave? Lover? Wife? Whatever she is to him, he bought her items in quantity, including some kind of magically enhanced cleaver.

I have seen her use the cleaver, it does not appear to contain any magics that would assist in her cooking. Perhaps our good master dwarf was taken by a merchant more clever than he?

He also had wards re-applied to one of our old chests so the two of them could have some secure storage. This seemed like a good idea to me, and as I had already decided not to buy a bag of holding, I had one re-warded as well. I also got a ring to augment my night vision, and finally got around to replacing my old wood axe. Yellowwood handle, so it won’t explode in my hand mid-strike, like the last one did.

Apparently, Overkill’s idea about having a chest re-warded also appealed to the Wolfen, who insisted we take another chest to the alchemist’s shop. He won’t quite tell us what he plans to do with it, but he says he has an idea for making quick work of the dragon, and the more we press him on it, the larger and more toothy his smile becomes.

I have just been informed that Chip bought his magic rings with the group’s funds! Without even so much as a by-your-leave! Of all the companions I’ve had, he is the most fat-headed, self-righteous, conceited Son of Set I’ve ever encountered. He will not discuss the workings of the so-called “engine room” with me, or anyone else for that matter. He began to instruct Rell on the usage of the ship’s light cannon, and when he stepped out on deck, I called down from the crow’s nest that perhaps we could discuss the “engine room.” He immediately grabbed a rope and a plank of wood, jumped overboard and stood upon the plank while the ship pulled him along! Immediately he was so situated, Rell, who was without Chip’s guidance, misfired the light cannon so badly that he struck everyone on deck! I was so angry that I didn’t notice a sea serpent that had taken an interest in both Chip and the ship, and he was nearly eaten. The serpent itself was little more than an annoyance, but the same cannot be said for Chip.

He may believe himself to be nigh-invulnerable, but the rest of us are not. The welfare of his companions is always secondary to his own perverse sense of self-gratification, and when he errs in judgment, he protests that the error was not his, but that of his companions. What little trust I had for Chip has been lost.

Had Isis not commanded me to travel with him, I would not.

Posted by Cava on the 6th of Corg in the 340th year of the Dominion.

Chest by Legends of Avalon.

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  • The in-fighting seems to be getting worse, Evil’s influence? Or deep-seated resentment? Or Both?

    It is amazing they have gotten this far and survived.

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