A Reply to Mother


I hate to admit it, but there is a possibility, and I mean a possibility, and not even a really big one, that you could maybe, almost certainly…be right.

I know, I never want to admit that you might know something I don’t know. It’s what a daughter has to do, because she is a daughter, and not because she doesn’t value your knowledge and wisdom. And speaking of Wisdom

Well…um…I hate wizards. Here I was beginning to get a serious decadear crush on Xerx’ses, and I had a wonderful tryst with one of the Masters of the Tri-Arcanum Guild…but just when I’m beginning to think I have a place here in this big world, when a couple of the pathetic little wizards here in the guild captured me and put me in a jar like a bug.

What in the hell…

So, while I can’t actually come home right now, mom, I want you to know that I know that you know that I’m sorry that I never listened to you in the past. When I finish this quest, I’ll definitely run home, and it’s likely I’ll never stray again. I truly think I’ll have my fill of bigs by then.



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