A Sailor’s Fear

Songs of the Heart


I was thinking of the song of Jasmine recently because one of our own killed himself. I fear that I really didn’t give the Danzi all that much credit as I only knew them as savage and barbaric. Not to say that I do not know barbarians because I do; the Ang of the North. You may be wondering why I am writing to you instead of Mary on this subject. Well it’s about Jasmine’s Lover; a song that was written by me (yes I am musically talented) but I never took the credit and said that it was an unknown musician. I am certain Gleba would be upset by this and would love to know the discovery of its origin, as it has been a lost love song favorite.

Jasmine with hair like fire
A thirst that all men desire
Would I only to touch her again
When death’s cold grip calls for refrain

Who’d of thought my bride so full of trust
Would be cut down by a pirates lust
In an alley full of hatreds stain
My lover would die; eyes full of pain

Eyes like hazel and lips like roses
And skin that smells like little posies
A woman who will live in men’s dreams; a sailor
Will never live again; I failed her

I just wish I had given Drauka a little credit. Though putting my and Karma’s lives in danger was not acceptable, neither was suicide. The gods really know how to choose them, they know our hearts and I know they would have helped those that serve them. Perhaps I should have been angrier about it but the choice has been made. Still wanted a ring out of it and would have been happy with only the rings loss had I known that this was coming.

When Karma and I heard the scream and investigated, I wish that I had rushed to the thrill of combat, not a ring and a note. The following morning we sat at breakfast. I didn’t want to talk about it; just eat. There was so much talk of what next to do then someone brought up the Danzi and I wanted to leave the room. I don’t know what compelled me to stay in the room only that I did. Why couldn’t he go out like Robert the Just or Chip; heroes in their own right?

Then the gods sent a new companion; a troglodyte named Roggan. Not the brightest but he is a warlock so that has to be something to his credit. I do have this one question though, are all warlocks crazy? This guy talks to rocks and Tyvernos talks to dogs (ok, just one dog but really?); are they all lost in their elements and are detached from reality?

I am sorry that this letter is all over the place. I need to know more about these mythical beings as I have only heard of minotaurs and never have seen one (funny, I thought of changelings the same way at one time). What are we to see when we get to the wastelands call Baalgor? If they are everything that the book describes then we need to make preparations to use stealth and cunning because brute force will get us through five or six but not all of them. Keep writing me.

I fear what is next Malkin. Thoth help me, I am afraid of what is next. My candle has been snuffed out twice and I fear that it cannot handle another time- lest it be my last. I just want one more time to see Mary. I hope to grow old with her but it seems that this is not the fate of CrIsis.

Your friend in Thoth,


Sent to Malkin via magic pigeon on the 17th of Majestic, first year of King Minischmee of Bizantium.

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