A Second Prayer To Apis

To the Herald of Ra, Earth Mother, Apis,

I pray unto thee for thine grace hath shone upon the sands of Hades in the Gallu Demons so gentled that they bow to your heavenly benevolence as matron of their tribe.

I pray unto thee for you are the Herald of Ra and carry his words unto mortality across the worlds.

I pray unto thee in hopes you look upon Osiris’ Unyielding Strength with favor. It simply pleases me to watch and be witness to the ascension of a God of Light. According to what the collected parts of the Lawgiver, Osiris, told him that “oaths” & “vows” are to be his purview. Provided my mortal awe does not offend your heavenly grace may I offer the applause of this mortal Seeker of Isis to you and the pantheon. I know my views will become common knowledge soon as this scroll is added unto another Books of CrIsis. Until then I find that clearly you are testing him when it comes to vows and oaths. This is grand and good! You’re helping to forge his views on the topic and be mindful of those he might encumber himself with.

His mistakes will surely come as he learns, and if he survives them, he will become all the stronger for the knowledge. Upon the last meeting of the Agreement I only hope to earn the ability to live as long as Nara. I apologize for being weak and asking to live as long as my future wife. I only hope heavenly She of Countless Names can forgive the craving the heart of my beloved.

Alas, I know as I go forth with everyone to try and make Xerx’ses the head of the Tri-Arcanum Guild. My thoughts are with the passing of Rogtilda / Roggan. May these prayers within this prayer to you aid his passing:

Lady of the Burning Sands,
Isis, Mistress of Valor!
May no enemy find my friend,
May no harm approach my friend,
Your sacred fire surrounds my friend,
No evil can withstand Your Eye.

Apis, Lady of the Beautiful West,
Receive Rogtilda / Roggan in the Field of Reeds.
Comfort him with Your turquoise tears,
Renew him in your golden arms,
May he live a million years
In the radiance of Your love.

Please accept my apologies for taking any of your time away from a farmer in need of water, and orphan in need of food, or a widow in need of love. I will endeavor to watch over your champion, Silent Dream, and provide guidance to him as well should he need it.

This is my plea unto your heavenly grace to do with as you see fit.

May the blessings of Isis be given to thee in a warm familial embrace,

and I couldn’t give the send off for Roggan that I wanted, so here is something I heard to Honour him from me, the prayer is more of a group healing, but he did so much for us and I still barely even knew him, though I lived with him, and he made his body my home.

In a world of woeful deeds
came a hero for us to call
His power was his honest creed
and often saved us all.

He wasn’t a slayer of the dark
but his heart was pure and bright
His efforts slowed wars great spark
and stopped the worlds fall to night.

His back was hardy and strong
and he carried us everywhere
like places where boats do not belong
and towns that are a waking nightmare.

Goodbye Brave Roggan
you always showed us all
How your good heart could protect us
and saved us from darks nightfall.

Indaris Excellar, Seeker of Isis,

Sent on the morning of the 20th of Grekar in the 4th Year of King Guy of Timiro.

Picture by our own AZ Rune.

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