A Secret Meeting

New Warriors find their Mettle

The following takes place on the 31st of Ra, 71st year of the Wolfen Empire.

A meeting is taking place in an earthen storage room under a popular tavern in the heart of Seaholm

“So have you heard from your contacts? Is it true? The 13th have returned? And joined with the Silent ones? And Isn’t the Priest Chieftain WITH THEM?”

“Shh, quiet, they might hear you.”

“Yes all of it is true.”

”Well why haven’t they come to fight these interlopers?”

” They tried but were almost completely slaughtered just outside of Ironhold. Besides why do we need them; are we not sons of warriors? Do we not possess the skills to fight them are selves? DID OUR ANCESTORS NOT TAKE PART IN THE EVENT?”


“Sorry, got caught up, all I am saying is that we may not be able to take them head on, but there are other ways.”

“You mean start a…”

“Don’t say it, giving it a name gives it essence, and that essence can be detected.”

“Yes, this shall remain nameless, it will just be what we do.”

“Well, what should be the first thing we do?”

“Recon and intelligence gathering; troop levels, types of forces, where they are housed, habits, schedules, the works. Only use those that you FULLY trust AND they MUST be Wolfen.”

” Agreed, this is what we will DO. Let us meet back in a week with a handful of ‘Friends’. I will signal you all where to meet. I don’t like it here. THEY all love the tavern above. Plus their stench is most fowl. I swear these pigs will pay!”

“OK a week. Leave one at a time.”

“Revenge for the fallen.”



“Revenge for the Fallen.”


“Revenge for the Fallen.”

Wolf print picture from NWPS




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