A World Of Light & Dark

Most Holy Pontiff of the Church of Light and Dark,

I will never be the same again.

~ The 21st of Ra to the 30th of Ra ~

I may not have gotten any smarter, but I feel I could have become wiser? Although, one might argue that acknowledgement of improvement in one’s self is either hubris or intelligence. In my case probably both with a sprinkle of waning naivety.

I suppose it would be stupid of me to think word is not spreading already of our most recent trip to our chosen homeland of Timiro. I suspect the Tri-Arcanum will be getting requests for membership because of my apparel worn today among the practitioners of magic circle that was gathered to help me perform a Spell of Legend that has changed me forever! I am finally understanding what your holiness and the Slayer of Mountains said about balance. I am finally getting how out of balance the world truly is. One might say this spell and the unique way I hid the words of power in the incantation have granted me an epiphany!

From what I read a great deal of historians focus on the event and not enough give attention to how and why an event comes to pass. So, I beg a boon of your time as my long wordy and missive paints the stage that will be filling scrolls of magic pigeons and written missives over land and sea for some time to come.

The stone floor of the common for the dormitory of the priests of Osiris in Nisi’s “Golden Triangle” or center of town, was warm and and my eyes awoke to three acolytes standing wide eyed.

“Vegetables and a bean soup if you have that, would be most gracious of you,” and when my native Dwarven tongue illicited raised hands I repeated it in Elven.

Even at my skill with the tiers of magic those three seemingly teleport away! Soon I could smell the food long before the acolytes returned, but the welcomed surprise was the large bag of dried carrots I was gifted. T’would seem my love of carrots is spreading much faster than I thought possible. I signed their books of CrIsis as a thank you for their service before Father Philip came over to remind them of their duties. I think he used to be a warrior at one point because no matter how nice he is – AND HE IS NICE! He mimics motions of many guards and knights when I move or when they get reminded of my size. In a “smalls” world I just have to remember to do things slowly because to much force with my weight equals busted smalls’ stuff.

As I eat I am going over the spell I finished not to long ago, figuring out the ancient Words of Power I cannot utter here. I had figured out a way to hide them in a prayer twixt other words as a kenning to keep anyone from listening from figuring them out. Now I just need fifty, yes fifty wizards for this Ritual of Legend. It would be the only time I would need to cast it. I worked over in my head how to ask the King for permission to borrow the gantrium ring to make it that I would only need 25 wizards. Now I just needed to find a way to convince 25 to 50 wizards to help me cast a spell not attempted since the Time of a Thousand Magicks! I just wish I knew even then what the result of the last casting was. *Keep reading I found out!*

Master Ursus spent the morning posing for artists among his statue in front of the Obelisk of Osiris. Both he and Master No Name were invited to a private ritual / service honoring the god, Khonsu, at one of the artist’s house. Father Indaris and I tried to shop for a ring for his . . .
. . .bride, Nara. Alas, we were unable to find such a ring but drew a crowd because, well I am an eleven foot tall Minotaur. When a man the town folk knew well ask Father Indaris to cure his blindness, the good priest at first thought that would not be possible. I tried to explain softly (which is still a booming voice for most very close to me) that were it a curse then he might have a chance. Many of the townsfolk came forward and vouched for the man’s story. About five years ago he had begun negotiations of a permanent relationship with a woman in the town that did not work out. She revealed herself to be a witch and cursed him before leaving to parts unknown. Father Indaris did indeed cure the man of his Curse of Blindness and throughout the rest of the day we periodically saw him running around town exclaiming to anyone and everyone how he had sight once more! I love the miracles of our heavenly pantheon!

Well about three turns of an hourglass after highsun CrIsis met at the Obelisk and Father Philip led us inside. It was the only time during this missive I was required to take Hooman form. I tried changing on one side of the now growing cornstalks gifted by my use of the Lawgiver’s Member on our last visit. Some of the lay priests created a barrier so I had some room to change and gather my items. Once inside we found that the secondary pyramid in Bizantium was destoryed or corrupted somehow by the Dark. Commander Mack said he would make inquiries as to. . .
. . .how that happened?

*Please keep reading but when we get to the part about Nara making a suspicious donation to a certain temple. Come back up here and read the last sentence I just wrote again. I think I found a puzzle piece, one I didn’t want to find.*

We updated Father Philip and now I am really glad we took the Silver Torch of the Obelisk back. Master No Name has some dark stains upon his soul, but Isis the Forgiving allowed him to carry the silvered torch patterened after her personal one! Any lingering doubts about this gentleman have officialy been squashed with such a display. I thought for certain he would die, but this “balance” of the church seems to be taking a foot hold in the world.

By the 22nd of Ra it had been worked out to have the priests all donate what they could to help me get us over to Credia, and in a fit of inspiration and luck I managed to place us just outside the Palace gates of King Guy the First! I was so excited that Father Philip had come with us until I saw that Master NoName had arrived upside down and he promptly fell. Flabergasted, I apologized but was stopped when I noticed a glorious sight overhead, Mistress Hannah on Silky with a little lance! I had explained her letter to the group but it was still a sight to see her, well, *focused!!!*

We were brought before the king as word of our arrival began to spread throughout the capital of the kingdom. This was a very different King Guy than the one we met upon our last visit during the winter season. He was jovial and eager to meet with us and Lady Ondemeira of Torchwood. Just to be clear I am not complaining and I owe my current status to his majesty completely! It appears that being associated with us has helped him in negotiations with other countries to avoid military joint ventures via persuasion. This had the added effect of making it more profitable for merchants wishing to perform trade safely without the fear of armies clashing and the chaos that brings. It seems the coffers of the kingdom are running over and he granted each member of CrIsis a boon of anything they wish, we had but to ask! Quietly I said a prayer to my savior and his wife for the Gods work in mysterious ways indeed!

I asked to go last because I new my boon would be big, really big. Master Ursus just wanted another grand dinner, and his majesty mentioned one had been planned for that evening. Father Inadris asked for troops to be sent to Nisi to help bolster its defenses from the any future attacks of the dark. Master No Name and Commander Mack I don’t remember asking for anything in particular. Mistress Hannah was becomming Dame Hannah this evening as she would be recognized as a Timirian citizen! The first fairy on record to do so it should be noted.

Then it came down to me, I stepped forward and knelt before King Guy and FLOORED EVERYONE WITH MY REQUEST, “I need fifty wizards to assist me with a Ritual of Legend to turn myself into an immortal.”

There was a moment of silence and the king said he would need seven days to gather everyone and make that happen, which prompted a group vote to stay for a week to let that happen. I explained about how becoming an immortal would make me hard to kill permanently like Master Ursus. However, it was my statement of saying I could teleport CrIsis to the edge of the Nimro Kingdom I am sure swayed Commander Mack and everyone else to let me go forth with my plan! The vote was unanimous to stay for the week!

During the meal Father Indaris was asked to give a speech to the assembled party as we all watched and this time a crowd of 25,000 people were here to see us! It was like being in Sekti-Abtu during Mighty Ra’s festival! I cast a Powerful Aura Spell upon our good priest as he donned his Sanctified Vestments and prepared his Contagious Scripture, which I have copied below for you:

I behold a great wonder in heaven, a woman clothed with the Sun, with the Moon at her feet. And on her head was a diadem of the twelve stars. Hear me, O Lady Isis, hear and save. O thou queen of love and mercy, thou crowned with the throne, thou hauled as with the Moon. Thou whose countenance is mild and glowing, even as grass refreshed by rain.
Hear me, our Lady Isis, hear and save. O thou who art in matter manifest. Thou bride and queen as thou art mother and daughter of the Slain One. O thou who art the Lady of the Earth. Hear me, O Lady Isis, hear and save. O thou Lady of the amber skin. Lady of love and of victory, bright gate of glory through the darkening skies. O crowned with the Light and life and love.
Hear me, our Lady, hear and save by thy sacred flower, the Lotus of eternal life and beauty; by thy love and mercy; by thy wrath and vengeance; by my desire toward thee, by all the magical names of old hear me, O Lady, hear and save. Open thy bosom to thy child, stretch forth thy arms and strain me to thy breasts. Let my lips touch thy lips ineffable.

Hear me, O Lady Isis, hear and save. Lift up thy voice to aid me in this critical hour. Lift up thy voice most musical. Cry aloud, O queen and mother, to save me from that I fear most. I invoke thee to initiate my soul. The whirling of my dance, may it be a spell and a link with thy great light, so that in the darkest hour, the Light may arise in me and bring to me thine own glory and empower my hand.
Isis is strength, and from my life are fed all showers and suns, all moons that wax and wane, all stars and streams, the living and the dead, the mystery of pleasure and of pain. I am the Mother. I the speaking sea. I am the Earth in its fertility. Life, death, love, hatred, light, darkness, return to me, to me. Isis am I, and to my beauty draw. All glories of the Universe bow down, the blossom and the mountain and the dawn. Fruits blush and women are creations crowned.
I am the priest, the sacrifice, the shrine. I am the love and life of the Divine. Life, death, love, hatred, light, darkness, are surely mine, are mine. Isis am I, the love and light of Earth, the wealth of kisses, the delight of tears, the bowel and pleasure never come to birth, the endless infinite desire of years. I am the shrine at which thy long desire devoured thee with intolerable fire. I was sung music, passion, death upon thy lyre, thy lyre. I am the grail and I the glory now. I am the flame and fueler of thy breath. I am the star of God upon thy brow.

I am thy queen enraptured and possessed. High do these sweet rivers welcome to the sea, ocean of love that shall encompass thee. Life, death, love, hatred, light, darkness, return to me, to me. Hear, Lady Isis, and receive my prayer. Thee, thee I worship and invoke. Hail to thee, sole mother of my life.
I am Isis, mistress of the whole land. I was instructed by Hermes, and with Hermes I invented the writings of the nations in order that not all should write with the same letters. I gave mankind their laws, and ordained what no one can alter. I am the eldest daughter of Kronos. I am the wife and sister of the king Osiris. I am she who rises in the dog star. I am she who is called the goddess if women. I am she who separated the heaven from the earth. I have pointed out their paths to the star. I have invented seamanship.
I have brought together men and women. I have ordained that the elders shall be beloved by the children. With my brother Osiris I made an end of cannibalism. I have instructed mankind in the mysteries. I have taught reverence of the divine statues. I have established the Temple precincts. I have overthrown the dominion of the tyrants. I have caused men to love women. I have made justice more powerful than silver and gold. I have caused truth to be considered beautiful. Come unto me and pledge unto me your loyalties as I pledge mine unto you.
Oh mother Isis, great art thou in thy splendor, mighty is thy name and thy love has no bounds. Thou art Isis, who art all that ever was, and all that there is to be, for no mortal man hath ever unveiled thee. In all thy grace thou has brought forth the sun, the fruit that was born forth for the redemption of man. Oh Isis, Isis, Isis, graciously hear our cry unto thee, we mourn for thy blessings on us this day, every day, to nourish, to aid and to fill the emptiness within, that only you our beloved mother can satiate. Unto thee do we pledge our solemn oath of dedication, and for the power and glory of him the Unknowable One to witness our devotion to thee.

For as we now receive thee into our hearts, we ask that you never leave us, in times of trial and joy, and even unto death.
O Lady of Seas, who shines like gold, is brilliant like the sun, who is powerfully fragrant, who wields the rod of suzerainty, who is the form of supreme rulership, who is radiant with ornaments and is the goddess of wealth. O Lady of heavens, the Goddess Isis who shines like gold, blooms like the moon, who is fresh with anointment of the innocent, who is adorned with the Roses of Life, who is the presiding deity of love and nourishment, who is the mistress of the Good and the bold.
Oh, could we hear those whispering roses sweet, Isis’s beauties bending till their petals meet, And blushing, mingling their sweet fragrance there, In language yet unknown to mortal ear.

I resort to thee, Lady of the lakes, for shelter in this world, who is beautiful like the moon, who shines bright, who is blazing with renown, which is adored (even) by the gods, whom is highly magnanimous, and grand like the Rose. May my misfortunes perish. I surrender myself to You, O resplendent like the Sun! By your power and glory, plants like the bael tree have grown up. may the fruits thereof destroy through the grace of all inauspiciousness rising from the inner organs and ignorance as well from the outer senses.

Holy Pontiff, if you can find a way to get this missive copied and sent to my father, Rostam Stonemace, I would be in your debt. King Guy walked to the edge of the balcony looking over the populace, and began his speech. A speech that called upon his people to quest for peace and harmony among all the races of the world! I was again happy no one could really see tear up at seeing those whom have every right to hate me cheer at living together with other races that were not Hooman, Elf, or Dwarf! I could see Master Ursus was surprised as well. Especially, when the King began listing them each and saying wonderful things about each of them. What caught me off guard was when I was called “Xerx’ses the Golden One – Champion of all that is good among the Monster Races!”

They cheered so loud I felt I was in Lopania once more!




I was didn’t know what else to do so I just held up the hands since one of my Championship Rings was on each!

Golden One, look out and witness my words come true. Greatness will be what awaits you if you survive. Never forget and never give up!

It finally became time for Dame Hannah to be declared a citizen of Timiro! Lady Ondemira was making it possible for the speakers to be heard over the whole crowd, but the King, whom was still in possession of the current enchantment, had to speak for Dame Hannah. I cast a small light spell to make her stand out against it and be seen by everyone. She can give King Guy a run for his money when it comes to inspiring crowds. She inadvertently promised we would bring a piece of Osiris here next. Forgetting there were no further places to put said piece in Timiro. However, I have a plan that allows for this to work. If we bring the Lawgiver’s Left Arm here, place it in the Pyramid of Credia, and take the Lawgiver’s Lung and place that at the tree then we still accomplish both missions! To help bolster her speech I held the Lawgiver’s Right Index Finger aloft and cries of the crowd went wild!

Back to her speech, WOW! Dame Hannah has indeed changed! This Palladin of Timiro is not the little fairy we once new, and there is even talk of her joining some elite group of kinghts and palladins called, The Sentinels. I am so proud of her! The evening ended on a high note when Father Indaris and blessed Isis made a rainbow appear at night!!!

It was afternoon on the 23rd of Ra when I awoke in the converted manor house, the Titan Lord of Basst would use when he visits, which makes me feel a bit small. The bed is amazing though!!! I overheard servants mentioning that guests last evening did not leave until two hourglass turns past highmoon!

I began preparring myself with nothing but constant prayer and meditation for the ordeal I was about to subject myself to. My notes on the spell suggest the last successful casting of this was by Arioch, a war mage of the New Kingdom and former student of one of the nine disciples of Lictalon the Great himself! If calendar and records are right then it was 50,000 to 60,000 years ago! I will tell you and expect this to be edited if the Gods don’t want a bunch of other immortal wizards running around. If you can learn “WHY” a word of power was significant then you can use them once more, or apply them to new words! So what I was actually doing with the seven days was teaching myself new word associations so I could hide the power words as other words in a prayer and use the prayer itself as the linking words from one power word to the next. It is actually brillant that the quest of the Seba Symbol is what gave me the idea! Imagine how many spells are hidden in plain text all over the world, only because people have forgotten the ancient words of power’s meanings!!!

Dame Hannah I am told had the day off on the 25th from guard duty and took Father Indaris around to shop for the wedding. They ran into a, well I believe, it was a “Internal Magic Caster,” or Mystic of some kind that sold rings and revealed Nara to be turned to the Dark! The same Nara that Father Philip left in charge of Nisi while he was away here in Credia! Lady Ondemira confirmed that she knew but because of the Agreement she was unable to say anything until we mentioned it first! Father Indaris is notably devastated, and I realize my decision to hold off on pursuing any romantic intereest is quite possibly the wisest decision I have ever made. However, Father Indaris had made no plans to get married until the quest was over, why the change in Nara?

* Did they have something on her?
* How long had she been working for them?
* Why did she donate 20,000 gold to the Temple of Anubis?!?!?!?!

*Now go back up and read that part I mentioned eariler about loosing the secondary Pyramid in Bizantium.* It breaks my heart to see my friend tore up about this. Father Philip rode for Nisi on the 27th with no fan fare and only trusted priests with him. It is believed Nara is unaware that we know of her deception. When my friend came to me on the 29th of Ra for advice and counsel I willing gave it to him. I had to point out that the minotaurs we fought in…
…urrm, the wilds of the Western Empire were people I had grown up with. I had cut their horns off to prevent them from entering the afterlife to be brought back to life. That one of them taught me how to use a knife and we called each other friend. However, when they made the choice to attack the tribe, murder my brother, and serve evil. I knew I had to kill them, and the burn scars were a reminder that evil is a choice. We all sacrificed to pursue a better world to live in and each of us are responsible for those choices. I then mentioned Luur’na’s betrayal of Isis, and her attack upon priests of light and my father, Rostam. I know that when we meet once again I will have to kill her and take her horns as well. I sympathized with him and I truly understood how he felt but that never made me waver in service to my lord and savior. Even when I was rebuked for my actions!

Dawn came upon the 30th of Ra, as a knock on the door to the manor I was staying in. I opened it and found myself staring up at Lord Instarror – the Titan himself, palladin and a wizard! I stepped back and bowed but I heard King Guy step out from behind the Titan and he made the formal introductions between us. The Titan made it clear he was here at his King’s request but should something go awry he would put me down than suffer Minotaur pretender masquerading as a hero. I nodded and did not try to rebuttal any of it, since my race has its reputation for a reason. Lord Instarror was my attendant and watcher today. I am sure there was pressure from other Titans in the world to get a measure of me and stop me if I should falter. I made sure to hide nothing in the preperation since I had already finished the incantations conversion to prayer. Nothing needed to be hidden!

No pressure, right?

When it finally came time in the twilight hours the ritual was set up in the parade grounds so the public could see the legendary feat of magic since having 50 wizards show up tends to raise talk among the populace. There were 3 Gnomes, 12 Elves, 2 Kobolds, 2 Hobgoblins, and Orc Priest of Osiris, and 30 Hoomans! Three of the Elves and nine of the Hoomans were female one of each of the females were wearing robes and dress themed in Timirian colors but embroidered with the Tri-Arcanum sigil.

Lord Instarror stood outside the ritual as the moderator, and pulled forth a TITAN-SIZED sword with no cross guard and appeared to be made of white ivory with black eldritch markings upon it! The grip was wrapped in white leather and his stance suggested they’re old and comfortable friends. I genuinely think he wanted me to screw up so he could use it. It took everything I had to ignore him and focus on the first day of the rest of my life!

Slowly and with purpose I began the incantation. I had drawn Callandor and used it to make the gestures of drawing the circle and focal gestures so it became my Wizard’s Magical Rod or Staff. However, I really just wanted to share this moment with my dearest friend. I did notice the sword blade has grown and I need a new sheath for it. I continued with the masqueraded incantation / prayer with the Words of Power tied to words within the prayer but I knew them, and everyone felt the pulsing swirl of energy as they would be uttered.

To you Mistress of Lineage
As a dance of illusion-like emanations possessing
the hidden factors of innumerable Triumphant Ones, leaving out nothing,
You arise in whatever manners are needed for the lightening of spirit
You are as the glimmering of streams, the sources
of everything constructive and excellent
in compulsive existence and peaceful nirvana.

To you, with fervent yearning, we make our requests:
Bestow waves of uplifting strength and inspiration
For the lifespan of your breaths,
Guardian and Queen of the Universe,
Allow him to remain unchangeable for hundreds of eons, without ever depleting,
And for all his wishes and aims to be fulfilled.

To all the hosts of divine beings arising in countless
forms with their supported peoples:
A cloud of illusory forms of immaculate,
greatly blissful deep awareness
Manifesting everywhere throughout the expanse of the sphere
of reality that allows for everything to appear

To you, with fervent yearning, we make our requests:
Bestow waves of uplifting strength and inspiration
For the lifespan of your breath,
Guardian and She of the Greatest Heart,
Allow him to remain balanced for hundreds of eons, without ever diminishment,
And for all his wishes and aims to be fulfilled.

To all that walk in the light
throughout the many worlds,
Endowed with ten forces, lords of the gods:
Through sporting forever in the ocean of realms
of wandering beings,
You bring about benefit through appearances of your
enlightening influence,
Spontaneously replete with the good qualities of your
abandonments and realizations.

To you, with fervent yearning, we make our requests:
Bestow waves of uplifting strength and inspiration
For the lifespan of your breath,
Guardian and She of the Greatest Heart,
Allow him to remain balanced for hundreds of eons, without ever diminishment,
And for all his wishes and aims to be fulfilled.

May he be the host of the Divine Will:
With the glory of being unstained, unwavering, totally excellent
and fully constructive,
You bring about definite liberation from
the three perishable worlds, with whatever means suits,
And are a treasure of gems of supreme stillings and
total purifications.

To you, with fervent yearning, we make our requests:
Bestow waves of uplifting strength and inspiration
For the lifespan of your breath,
Guardian and She of the Greatest Heart,
Allow him to remain balanced for hundreds of eons, without ever diminishment,
And for all his wishes and aims to be fulfilled.

To all that follow the balance
of realized awareness and liberation:
You have the deep awareness that straightforwardly fathoms
the meaning of deepest truths,
Which has provided you the great courage to rise above
the machinations and restrictions of existence
And become inseparable from the Fortress of the mind

To you, with fervent yearning, we make our requests:
Bestow waves of uplifting strength and inspiration
For the lifespan of your breath,
Guardian and She of the Greatest Heart,
Allow him to remain balanced for hundreds of eons, without ever diminishment,
And for all his wishes and aims to be fulfilled.

Light the color of glowing, hot, molten, gold began to manifest and swirl about fromeach and every mage, plus one priest present. Soon it became whirpool of golden light so bright it drew from all over the city as I slowly began to lift off the ground reciting the incantation over and over for one full turn of the hourglass! The clouds above began to swirl to match. Lord Instarror stood motionless and only his eyes moving, sensing, waiting for this to turn dark, but that did not happen. As an inverted whirlpool of golden light lifted me as high as the upper tower of the castle with all the eyes of Credia seeing the Golden Minotaur at the “Apex Of The Mystical Maelstrom” according to a description I heard one of the wizrds there later use. As I gathered and began permanently crushing the swirling mana into my very soul I watch my flesh shred away and I was pure golden light! I continued to pull the energy into me and soon I was flesh once more! hair regrew and I felt as though I was spiritually and somewhat physically reborn, no “re-made” by the magic that now renewed me, sustained me and kept me whole! I was no longer mortal, I was still vulernable but time, disease, and age were no longer weapons death could draw from within its arsenal to use upon me. I am immortal!

I slowly drifted back down to the ground I had only been wearing the golden scale and plate skirting from the Harness of Law over my robe from the Tri-Arcanum Guild. The physical changes upon me were very, VERY evident! The very grain falling within the hourglass that my feet touched the ground Lord Instarror raised his ivory blade as though it were doubling for a mystical staff and began to cast serval spells upon me. The look on his face when he verified what I could feel in my soul was remarkable.


As though waiting for his reply nearly all the wizards verified and I could feel the Orc priest with others attending the king began to cast their own magicks or communing with the Gods and it was agreed the ritual had succeeded.

* My aura radiated goodness now to match a Spirit of Light!
* My skin was pink like Elf flesh!
* My scars! All of my scars were gone completely!
* My hair and fur was a golden blonde!
* My horns were white with light brown/burnished bronze tips!
* My eyes were the warm color of amber!

Cries of the Golden Minotaur now made a lot more sense! I had indeed become as a golden minotaur. NO ONE was afraid of me and so many people remarked how handsome I looked. Seven of the Hooman wizards said they would stay and tomorrow help us on the 31st teleport to the lands of the Giants.


~ Addendum ~

~ The 1st of Thoth to the 2nd of Thoth ~

After letting me rest for 16 hours I was able to recover all of my magical energies within myself again. It was now the 1st of Thoth and CrIsis had arrived at cartographer’s dream and worst nightmare – the *”Three Corners”!* That spot where the borders of the Old Kingdom, Land of the South Winds, and the land of the Giants – the Nimro Kingom touch. As I stood among my friends and looked over the three nations or regions as it were. I could not help but be quieted by the shattered and broken look of the savannah stretching before me, here was the remanents of the Elven New Kingdom from the Time of a Thousand Magicks! Then I saw rocks that had some right angles to them and realized thousands of years ago this was once someone’s home. A home that was destroyed in the War of the Fair and Strong and no one would ever know whom was due restitution for its removal from the world.

Without the blessed Cornbread from Nisi I would have suffered greatly in the mighty swealtering humidity. The source of that heat left its mark in the sky, Mount Nimro and it’s twin peak. The stink of sulfur reminded me of underground lava flows from home and I knew it was only going to get worse.

The first day of the month round out with a small group of Worms of Taut that Father Indaris said were called “Gravediggers” attacking us. I don’t even remember lifting a finger to deal with them before my friends had crushed them into meaty chunks. Commander Mack is quite skilled with small group tactics! I thought I had a working grasp of the mechaincs but clearly he can do way more with even less, quite astounding.

The second day of the month is where I need to wrap this up. We had found a small hill with boulders shielding us from prying eyes of the west. We have had to cook quickly and eat sparingly once again, oh good grief to I miss sweet Dame Hannah and her cooking acumen right now. At least my skill in lighting the fire with flaming bolts is really taking off but no one in the group is quite use to the golden yellow halo to all my spells now. Heck, I am still getting use to being “blonde” in my hair color now. Still have four digits on my hands and feet so at least that has not changed.

Ack I am digressing once again, we had begun moving closer to the volcanoes of legend and fortunately had not run across any of the Giants said to roam this land. Well about three turns of an hourglass after highsun that changed! Two women ran past us with the look of escaped slaves: an Elf and Orc. Both were sporting wounds and they screamed at us, “RUN! RUN!! THE RED RAIDERS ARE COMING!!!”

I asked my companions if Red Raiders was a term for Fire Giants? Since both fleeing slaves had a southern accent. Not thirty grains of an hourglass later did we see one Fire Giant and his shortie cohorts coming our way. Alas, this is where I must leave you as we prepare to smite evil one more time!

Etrinus Fortem,

Xerx’ses Goldenhorn,
Immortal War Wizard of CrIsis,
aka: Captain Osric Orghallar of Rogtilda

>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenhorn, sent in the afternoon upon the 2nd of Thoth, 3rd year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom, 71st Year of the Wolfen Empire, 344 year of the Dominion of Man, and 24th Year of the Western Emperor Voelkian Itomas II. <<

Art by AZ_Rune.

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