All in all…

There is nothing worse than epic foreplay with no release. This is to say that Jar’Eth is the master of the blueballs. He did, after all, throw them at us repeatedly during the fight…scuffle…spat? Whatever it was, it was unsatisfying. So, he had a giant whirlpool of crackling energy in the middle of the room. Did it randomly zap people with lightning? Of course not, that would have been too predictable. I mean, an enemy actually trying to defeat us? No, we can’t have that. So, instead, we have it disintegrating people…or not. No, it just takes them to the beginning of the maze.

Which we only found out later.

So, Xerx’ses, trying to resolve this somewhat peacefully, challenges Jar’Eth to a battle of wits…who am I kidding. The Minotaur tells him he has a small dick and then starts a dick waving contest for who is…I mean who has the biggest magic dick. So, the two of them are waving it around. Xerx’ses tosses clouds out, as the murky individual is want to do. Jar’Eth apparently reverses all magic effects on himself, which became obvious when his own vortex, which he temporarily removed for their battle.

I think, mostly, Xerx’ses was just feeling bored, so he decided to focus all attention on himself.

So, the non-battle happened and Jar’Eth gave us the kids back…but left the other curses in place. I was sure there was no issue with that. The gods promised us that they would provide assistance as long as we reached out to them after we got out of the labyrinth.

[heavily redacted]

We landed in Whitewater on the 7th of set. My prayers and fasting have still fallen on deaf ears, so I continue to send them out. I begin to wonder if it is myself and not CrIsis who has been rejected. I have not even received that much courtesy.

Whitewater is devoid of the worship of the Light, so we began to put forth good vibes, each in our own way, although the vibes that Torrun sent out are almost angry. He beat the Two Axe Tribe at an axe competition. Then he proceeded to rub salt in the wound by teaching them all of their failings. That could by my poor attitude shining through, because the Wolfen all seemed to embrace his teaching.

Still, all of my devotions fail in their intent, and still I sink further into a yawning dark abyss of despair. I am used to the constant companionship of the Gods. I am used to their nudging me in the direction I need to go, but I am getting nothing. I have been cut off, my power cut out. I am adrift at the moment that I need more assistance than ever.


It is then decided. Should I need to completely abase myself before them, should I need to prove my absolute devotion, then I will not stop, no matter should they never talk to me again in this life. When my purification has become complete I will argue with them in Ma’ip.


Image from Sidney Living Museums


10 Responses to “All in all…

  • “…and then starts a dick waving contest for who is…I mean who has the biggest magic dick.” I’m pretty sure it was a little bit of both. 😉

    The issue of the Gods responding to Grignak’s prayers will thankfully be addressed first thing next game.

  • Heavily Redacted is the name of my punk Neil diamond cover band.
    Dick swinging is a long established method for communicating with CrIsis

  • “When my purification has become complete I will argue with them in Ma’ip.” Almost sounds like a threat coming from Grignak. He would…till the end of time.

    • As the previous log states, the crisis (pun intended) is about to be averted.

  • Torrun compliments him and he gets UBER moody? Trolls, go figure!

  • From the player: I thought my song reference was so obvious…and no one mentions it. I’m just hurt 🙂

    • I think Grignak is trying to get pudding before eating all his meat. He should know that if you don’t eat your meat, you can’t have any pudding. HOW can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat!?

      The moment I saw the title that song started playing in my head and it continues to happen every time I come back here.

      • Yes, Toko and I talked about the song reference- but as it was obvious I let it go…

        • Listen Craig, we don’t need no education. We don’t need no thought control.

          • Hey, GM, leave that Grignak alone.

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