Ambassador Overkill?

News From the North

In response to the log Prayers of a Dwarf.

Captain Overkill of CrIsis-

You have no idea of the conflicts that I face. I have yet to solidify my own realm, yet you ask me to reach out to another land, one that we have never even acknowledged. For you, my cousin, I have sent a good man to arrange formal recognition of Havea. This actually caused me to lose allies, who have turned against me saying I am now a Wolfen lover. Yet I trust in you, cousin, that you have the blessings of the Gods for good reason, and you would not lead me astray.

You will be pleased to know that King Avramson has actually responded positively, and has offered military support. I declined, of course, for outside influence would truly make matters worse. However, if we get through this, there will be a true relationship there. I can only hope.

I have two warnings for you. One, I have not heard one word from the Bizantium Scouting Corps that I sent to Kiridin. This can only mean that the barbarians in that area are truly strong! Unfortunately, with the civil war, I cannot send another group away.

The other warning is for yourself. A family has sent pigeons to all rulers saying that Overkill and CrIsis overthrew King Bafag unjustly. All rulers will treat you as troublemakers, unless you change this. I am truly sorry, but I did not see this coming.

I wish you continued success. You are always welcome here, in Bizantium City, your home, Sinza, and all through Bizantium!

In faith- your Cousin and King,
King Minischmee

Picture from Alpha Coders.

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