Another Falls

Dear Father Philip,

I am glad to have come home. Visiting you certainly lifted my spirits, which was needed, as the closer we got to Credia the more apprehensive I got, until I heard the call of Credia Ho from the crows nest, for some reason this dropped a stone of depression around my heart and I felt as if I couldn’t go on. I silently imagined my friends going the way Asher went, slain in this quest for the gods, and if the gods of light had failed at putting Osiris back together, who did I think we were to think that we would succeed where gods had failed. I quietly gathered my things together, and as we came into the docks, looked at my friends one last time. I would go to the temple and leave the Lung there for them. As i hefted my backpack and headed to the gangplank Ja’Deir almost brought a smile to my face with his playful antics, but I sighed and started moving on until Burlap, the irreverent Joker of the party cast a joke spell on me, and soon I was laughing as hard as I could, when the spell wore off I noticed that my black mood had gone, and everything seemed OK again. I clapped Burlap on the back and started saying something about friends and helping out, and he just grinned at me, crossed his eyes, stuck his tongue out, did a backflip into some barrels and went on his way. Even with sore sides he had me laughing again, thank goodness he will never change. I looked around sheepishly, but no-one seemed to have noticed what was going on, so after reparations were made for for the small amount of damage, We managed to get off the dock and onto the street, and there was a familiar figure waiting for us, No Name was there waiting for us. After everyone greeted him an Representative of the Crown walked up to me and asked us to come with him to the king, but as we followed them we noticed somewhat of a miracle, a Pyramid had appeared, and we heard people whispered about the event of it appearing.

Eventually we made it to the the king, and we kneeled. Ja’Deir brought his power to bear to help give comfort to the oversized ones of our party by creating ethereal pillows, his different powers always surprises me, and I wonder if all his race are the same. King Guy started talking about the goings on about Timiro and the world, and we were interrupted by drinks, which i politely declined, not knowing the source of the drink it could have easily been poisoned by followers of the dark. This actually turned out to be a smart thing because it turns out the drink had been spiked by Hannah, and the King drank it. Luckily it got him so blotted that he didn’t think about any retribution towards us, and all that happened was the King and a few CrIsis members got falling down drunk. Amzingly enough Raulf started singing battle songs, very loudly so we decided to try this again tomorrow at Ondemeira’s prompting, Oh yes, Ondemeira was there, and also luckily abstained from the drink.

Getting Raulf to bed was an exercise that would have been much had had we not had a Minotaur for heavy lifting. Just as we finished getting him to bed Ondemeira came up to me and asked for a private chat, so we retired to my bedroom. My suspicion was immediately aroused by the questions asked, so i exscused myself to go see Xerx’ses. Ondemeira followed me into the hallway happily enough and I slipped into Xerx’ses room. The door lock clicked so my suspicions were correct, Ondemeira wasn’t Ondemeira so I suspected something like a Raksasha. I smiled as I raised the 3 Sisters to banish the demon and whispered to Xerx’ses to wake up, just as I was about to toss the weapon into the Xerx’ses drew Callandor with a bellow and plunged it into his own chest, blood spilled out over his arms and I stood there stunned, not believing what had just happened. I regained my wits and rushed over to start healing him and his wits seemed to return as well, and he looked at his hands and the grievous wound he had just done to himself, got up and went to the door knowing CrIsis was in danger, he went outside and I heard JaDeirs voice pip up “its a spirit”. Knowing what I had to do I went back to my room and asked the others to guard me while I started the banishment ritual that would remove this evil entity. There was some more crashing and fighting outside, but eventually Isis granted my prayers and exiled the being from this place for no less then 180 days. I checked and healed everybody, and went to bed exhausted.

The next morning the King (before he had drunk his spiked drink thankfully) had arranged a memorial for the fallen members of CrIsis, I know I led a prayer for them, but the thing that I will remember is that Xerx’ses has the singing voice of a choirboy, he sang a song of the lost and found, the dead but remembered. Not one eye was dry when he finished. This showed a side to Xerx’ses that even after all this time i hadn’t seen, so I thought to myself that I would have to get him to do the same back at Sekti-Abtu.

That evening we made our way to the Pyramid to place a piece, and NoName was going to be our agent for this, but just as we got to the pyramid lo and behold ReSet showed their ugly faces, and under a flag of truce at that. They came forward and said that they wanted to talk to us, we debated this a little as I thought they were just trying to delay us from placing a piece so we voted on returning a piece straight away, or dealing with CrIsis, initially I thought coming and going to today was an idea but after we talked about it a bit I remembered that even if we go in today, we weren’t likely coming back today. I thought that it would be funny for ReSet to wait for us so i didn’t mention it to the others. I made an agreement with ReSet, we would go up, and see them when we came out, but if they caused any trouble while we were placing a piece they would face local justice, which they agreed to. Up we went, and yet again we came into the holy temple and bathed ourselves, and donned simple robes. I asked the Guardian about the Obelisk and its powers, but he didn’t know either. NoName placed the Lung of Osiris in the flame of life, and glory did abound. I gathered some more Holy Sand for Rogtilda, for he was ever missing out on these events, and we steeled ourselves and returned. Going down the stairs it was obvious time had passed as Reset wasn’t there, I chuckled to myself as I thought of their lack of patience and fortitude, but was brought out of my reverie from the buzzing of an arrow from a sly assassin, we immediately drew our weapons, but the Assassin had not the stomach for combat and prostrated himself before us, and even wet himself when Raulf and Xerx’ses roared at him. We managed to get out of him that he was an assassin sent after Raulf, so we called for the the local constabulary, made a statement and let them take him for local justice, which seemed to relieve him no end, which is unusual, he was likely to get 20 years for attempted murder.

Hannah had ducked of to scout around and returned with a worried look on her face, she spoke quickly to Xerx’ses and he told us that ReSet were waiting for us at Rogtilda. Worried that they had done something to him we hurried down to the docks, enhancing ourselves magically as we went. We came around a corner and there they were, the violence in the air was palpable, and the dock rats who usually like to watch a good show scattered, and it was left to us, in a flash we were on each other, The scream of agony I heard came from Ja’Deir stabbing someone of to the left, and our middle section rushed in and smashed against the front fighters of ReSet, but I had my eye on Darksong. Hidden in the shadows magically like i was enabled me to flank the Syvan, and Oathbringer, screaming her righteous retribution smashed him to the ground, never to rise again. I noticed that Reset had done the same to us, and the mighty Raulf had fallen, blood was all over his fur and I couldn’t tell whether he was dead or alive, a snowstorm started up and then suddenly half of Reset disappeared, along with Raulf, but Darksong still lay at my feet, and my heart had only beat three times, another heartbeat had me over by the Orc attempting to smash him to the ground as well . . .

During the fight with ReSet and the day Raulf died by Indaris Excellar,


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