Apis Lays Down the Law

The Goddess Visits CrIsis

The Goddess Apis laughed, heartily, and spoke genuinely, “They are so passionate about protecting each other. It is time they are rewarded,” she said to the Gods of Light gathered around a scrying circle.

“Remember the laws that were agreed to,” spoke Ra with caution. ”Only the two qualified may benefit- none others. We have suffered already by breaking the Agreement.”

“I will visit all of them tonight, but reward only the deserving, great Ra.”

The one known as Rod Rambler shakes his head for clarity, and mumbles to himself, “These visions are coming far too frequently these days. I fear for them, for this can only mean even far greater danger.” He goes to his desk to record the still fresh vision.

The first to receive a visit was the newly crowned Weaver Leader, the new demigod, the God of Vows and Oaths.

“You have been most generous, most generous indeed, and have grown the worship of the Gods of Light exponentially. Tell me, what do you wish for, for yourself?”

She waited patiently for his answer, as she had spoken to him before. He had recently attained Demigod status, and his chosen path was Oaths and Vows. She knew he would be hesitant, and would not want to be selfish, but this had to be personal- it was his last gift, and she knew that deep inside he knew this.

After a few minutes of contemplation, he answered.

Xerx’ses contemplates, ”I feel that I would not have made it this far without my friends in CrIsis. I would rather any gift go to them. The strangest part I can’t even explain to them yet is that I can sense your purpose in regards to me. If that is the case and I must choose something personal then a symbol for my station as the God of Oaths and Vows.” He strokes his golden hair, ”If it would not be selfish to ask you to deliver a message to Isis and Osiris, please let her know – Thank You,” he gulps, “and to my soul’s Savior. Please tell him I hope I have rendered unto him good service he is pleased with, as my first Father did before me. I will endeavor to do so now and forever.”

With that he awaits upon the Goddess’ pleasure, kneeling down.

Apis, in her flowing gowns, pivots briefly, and in her hands is a book. “First of all, stand. You no longer should be kneeling unless a senior god or goddess requests it. Stand, and receive your book of office.” She hands him a simple, unadorned book, with a cover flap and simple lock having no visible keyhole. “This book unlocks only for you. Inside it will be the true name of any follower of The God of Oaths and Vows. The inserted thin leather divider separates your followers from the Vows and Oaths taken in your name.”

Xerx’ses opens the book in wonderment, while Apis continues. “The Oath or Vow which is broken shall appear in red, and you will know immediately it is so. The true name of the Breaker shall appear. Speak the name aloud and you shall appear in front of the transgressor. If you say the name in your mind you can implant a short vision in that person’s mind that evening. Please pray to your God before doing either the first time, and the God on Duty shall give you a short lesson. Is this understood?” She waits for confirmation before continuing. “There is one more item of your station.” She again pivots slightly, and in her left hand is a large flail.

”This is Prodromus Lex. It was made by Greminor Lector, with assistance from your friend, Isis’ Seeker. I will let him tell you that story. It will help you sense evil and lies, and is a powerful weapon.”

Xerx’ses bows his head in acknowledgement, “These boons are beautiful as is the generosity from my celestial family. What my increasing intellect is showing me is that with every world our pantheon is worshiped from their are millions upon millions of followers. I do not wish to deny them your grace and take up anymore of your time, so thank you.”

Apis smiles and nods as she vanishes.

Khonsu’s Reaper wakes, feeling a presence in his room in the Tri-Arcanum Guild, immediately grabbing his Scythe.

“There will be no need for that, dear, I come to thank you,” softly speaks the Goddess Apis with a smile.

”You’ve done well in spreading light through action, something that is appreciated by both Khonsu and I. You have given of your time, and helped those truly in need, directly, and been a shining example of the Light. Khonsu appreciates especially the fact that race has not mattered to you, that you have reached out to the so-called “Monster Races” as equals.”

”In addition, you have stood up to Anubis, not just in gifting souls to the Light, but directly to his face during the Agreement meeting. I am sure that has made you a direct enemy, but Khonsu wished to send his admiration and thanks.”

”For these reasons you are granted a final boon from we, the Gods of Light. It must be for yourself, so please consider carefully before deciding. The likelihood of you rising to Demigod status, or perishing, in this next year is high, so this is the reason I speak of final. What is it that we can grant you?”

“If it pleases you”, the man started, “the only request I have is to be teleported to my home and once there have some time to purchase some items then, have a sanctuary that acts like a month, but is only a few hours and be teleported back after.” He stands there hoping for a positive answer.

Apis smiles broadly, “You and your friends shall be able to do this one hour after sunrise. The time that passes shall be equivalent to 1 hour per week. This is keeping with your soul, and your image, and it pleases me.”

”Khonsu wished to pass one last message to you- the Soul you sent him is quite powerful, and is appreciated greatly!” I have a message from the Gods as a whole, as well. You should increase your monetary gifts. Keep giving to those in need.”

The Man nods. More will come soon. He thinks of Steve.

The Man hears Apis say, “Vengeance shall come,” as she vanishes.

Silent Dream opens the door to his room, and is shocked to find the goddess Apis standing there, waiting for him. Shocked, he drops to his knees, forgetting to shut the door.

“Little one, you may stand, and shut the door please,” she says with a chuckle. After he does so, she continues. “You did give, finally, to the Church, however, your gifts are sorely lacking. Give more to the Church. You must be more generous to those that have given you so much.” She leaves, disappearing before any protest.

Indaris hears a clearing of a throat while he kneels to pray at his bed, and turns to see the goddess Apis smiling above him. “Stand, Isis’ Seeker. Your gifts have been more than sufficient this year, and I wished to thank you.” Indaris responds positively, and Apis continues, “Thank you especially for your efforts in creating Prodromus Lex. That was truly a magnanimous gesture. You will be rewarded soon by becoming a Demigod. Keep on your path.” With that she is gone.

Apis then visits the shaman Grignak, who is full of perspiration from his session. Embarrassed, Grignak kneels, attempting unsuccessfully to wipe the sweat from his brow. Apis, stifling a giggle, speaks, ”I just wanted to say thank you for your gift to your goddess Bast in Haven last month. Keep serving her in all ways- as I see you have tonight.” Grignak is left alone with Apis’ laughter, lasting for a few moments after she has disappeared.

Ursus stumbles in to his room, still drunk, still bellowing silently. Apis shakes her head as he stops up, realizing he has the company of a goddess. She speaks, very slowly, “You will wake with a headache, and I will not be removing the silence magic. However, I do want to commend you, for your donations to the Church this year were sufficient.”

“To answer your prayer, Khonsu wished for me to tell you that if you can find a willing participant, it is acceptable. I will warn you against choosing any but a so-called ‘Monster Race’.”

With another shake of her head she disappears.

First picture of Apis by Arty Factory.

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