Apology Accepted

The Author Returns


Appealing to my sense of duty, my love of knowledge, and my sense of loss- how intensely hooman of you! Funny that phrase, used by one not of that race to describe another not of that race.

You have learned much. Yes, I distanced myself to better deal with the fact that I was to be the one left behind, and I had hoped that your rejection of me would lead me to join my friends. I am tired- when you have lived many centuries, let me know how you feel!!!

I shall again take up writing the books of CrIsis. I shall also forgive you, and let you know that I am sincerely sorry for your losses. Being one who fights for anything is always more costly than sitting out the battle, but also far more rewarding.

I am also pleased to inform you, and the other members of your team, that there has been a Pyramid of Osiris erected here! I do not know, of course, if it is a destination for a piece, but it is rather exciting! The sphinx there is well known to the Keeper, and she is downright upset about it (don’t tell her I told you). A Pyramid and the Library will mean even more visitors to our little Island.

I look forward to seeing you all- I have information too sensitive to send to you. Let us just say that I have solved how to find where you must go.

Lady Torchwood will, I am sure, be happy to stop being an editor- it is not her forte! I will begin writing again for Book 10. You should, however, go to Credia at some point to thank her. It seems that she will stay on as a permanent adviser to King Guy.

Consider your apology accepted.
Malkin aka Rod Rambler

Picture by AZ-Rune-Art.

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