Artorias Returns

The group didn’t want to go. The man felt alone. His words dissipated into the air. As they left the meeting a crew member walked up to him. “We could sail there and out in no time. Just say the word and we will make sail. He looked over at the fox. Their eyes met. Powers of the mind were not needed to explain this one. The fox nodded and the man said, “Make it so.” The crew worked hard. Most of CrIsis stayed under deck save for the fox and the man. The two looked for a worthy person to take with them. Most were busy and none knew the town. Then the man realized the answer was standing in front of him, literally. He was just really tiny, literally. The man propositioned Tiny with the mission and he jumped at the chance to kill the New Haven followers. Together the team gathered grungy clothes from the rest of the crew. The man and Tiny ran around the ship for the day collecting sweat, farts, and groinal moisture. In the end there was no winner. Everyone lost. The man had a conversation with Jershon. Jershon let him know that the crew still had faith in him and appreciated the gesture in the letter. It appears the crew has taken to him. He appreciates it.

Later that night the ship anchors off shore. A boat of three row towards land. Aboard is the anxious fox, the bloodthirsty dwarf, and the stern man. They made their way to the secret entrance of The Eye. The man tells them to let Bishop Rose know they are in town and they will be bring their friend back. With that they leave into the night. They walk the streets till they come to a bridge that perhaps holds a dark past of CrIsis. Vendors hawking their wares to make a coin from a death. They press on disguised as homeless lepers. “Make way, unclean!” fills the streets before them. Space is given until they reach New Haven. Dream shielded the group with his powers. There the guards state that the Dome of Celestial Virtue is off limits. They ignore the guards and head past the first turn off. It was guarded by ones with great power. The trio head towards the back entrance. They pray to Khonsu, Apis, and Bennu. there they discover markings of a massive celestial battle in the streets. It appears that one broke out after the Dickening. After looking at the marks, the group decides to scale a building and scout from above. They make their way across the rooftops till they come to the dome. As they scout from above they notice many beings patrolling the construction site. The three sneak across the yard to some scaffolding. They are almost there when they notice four powerful beings desecrating the land for the dark. Khonsu appears and offers cover in the moonlight in the form of a cloud. He aids the man and his squad as they make their way to the resting place. He quietly begins the ritual. His student returns. There is no time to explain. They sneak back the way they came past the guards. Tiny gets antsy. He wants to kill. The mission is nearing completion. Don’t screw up now. The man turns in desperation. “If you don’t blow our cover you can join us in Çynopolis.” Tiny’s eyes get huge. “Deal!” he exclaims.

They make their way back to the secret lift. A familiar figure walks forth from the shadows. Bishop Rose greets the four of them. She tells them of how happy she is to see CrIsis. He sees her number and her frail state he steps forward and embraces her. She steps back with a increased pep in her step.

The Man turns to his apprentice. “Now you are like I was,” said the man,”Go and train and return to my church.” The student realizing the ascension of the man declares “My Lord God!” Bishop Rose is off put by this. The man will deliver it. Bishop Rose offers a new teacher for the student. The man hesitates, but gives in. The student is sad, but listens. Rose will arrange the travel plans. Rose hands the man a letter detailing a romance. Dream, Tiny, and the man head into the boat. The student watches as they row off in the night sky. This was how I was brought back to life.

Picture from ArthurRoberto.


8 Responses to “Artorias Returns

  • I love the surprise at the end about who authored this log! This side-mission was a lot of fun to do. It was really cool to finally be able to use stealth and subterfuge and was actually a nice primer for Cynopolis. Lots of lessons learned here (for me, anyway). I was especially pleased that we managed to do this without a single fight! Of course, Tiny wasn’t pleased…

    Speaking of which, that promise at the end was made in the name of the Oathkeeper. Make sure it’s kept!

    I’m not sure yet what we’ll do with that letter from Lady Christine Puushkin. Was it never delivered and we should deliver it now? It’s a cool piece of history but where does it belong? Are Dream and Cherkanan the only characters who know who that person truly is?

  • Yes, loved the surprise author, and was proud of you guys keeping Tiny in check. However, if you are looking to sneak into Cynopolis, you promised on the Oathkeeper to bring in the guy that wants to go in with both axes blazing!!

    • That sounds like a problem for Future CrIsis, not Present CrIsis.

      • Truer words were never uttered! I loved this log and I’m very excited to see their legends expand!

  • Its likely to happen that way anyway, getting a 200ft tall bear to sneak isn’t easy.

    • HEY, your talking about the Bear King of Stealth there…watch your tone…

  • Kool perspective with the Author, loved it a lot.

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