Asher on the Advent of the 1st of Majestic

Happy April Fools!

From the conversations that have occurred between myself and bothTyvernos and Overkill I fear for our ship. I fear for the so called Rog-Tilda. He is a simple soul, one who has not been tainted by the evil that is in this world. I doubt he would well be able to survive torture at the hands of the Agent.

For this reason I have begun working on a fall back plan. It is a mercy that I work toward. The most difficult thing for me to find will be the pitch. It’s not so much that it is hard to find, but the amount that I will need. To properly consume the ship will require covering everything that we wish to destroy. Under normal circumstances, the flame would stop at the waterline. We’ll have to coat even the wood in the bilge if we wish to completely destroy the ship with a purifying fire.

I truly hope that our friend can no longer feel pain as I would not want to cause him any.

The pitch is only one part of it. I’ve heard rumors of this substance called fire-poweder that is used in fireworks to give them their explosive tendencies. While I don’t want to make a firework of Rog-tilda, I feel that improving the heat of the flame could only lessen any suffering that he would have. I would need to pack the internal spaces with this powder in order to have the best effect upon him.

The main difficulty would be lighting it off. With the pitch properly coating the surfaces, and the fire-poweder packing up the spaces, it wouldn’t be something that I would want to stand upon the ship to deliver. No, I will have to drop a torch onto the deck while standing on the shore.

I know that the gods gave this ship to us, but they have also given us a great bounty of wealth. While I wouldn’t condone trapping a soul to give to the ship as Roggan did previously, it would almost be necessary in order to reclaim the powers that the ship granted us previously.

There is enough fame in the CrIsis name that we should be able to convince another Earth Warlock to allow himself to be bonded to our new ship. We should easily be able to get him to believe that this is something the gods want of him.

All we would have to really say is April Fool’s Victor.

Written on a parchment and burned by Asher on the 1st day of the 4th month of his 99th year.

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