Aurora Tristinium and Minotaurs

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I know not when you go to face the Idrijian Tribe, but I had something gnawing at my memory. The monks have decided to keep the Aurora Tristinium secret in light of the recent attacks by the Zealotry, but they have allowed me to reference it. I knew that there were passages about the Minotaurs as a race I had forgotten to tell you. Here they are:

‘And from the carnage that forced them from their homeland, the giants with the head, strength, and courage of the bull did scatter to the four corners of the world…. For so great was their betrayal that they would choose to hide their sad visage under the earth in shame so that all creatures might forget them, if not forgive… Only the Changeling would know greater hatred and persecution across the ages.’

Later on there is this passage:

‘The passing of the Ages has helped to expunge the great betrayal from the memory of the world, but the evil persists. From their resting place do they whisper; beckoning, pleading, promising rewards of power. And so it is, from their place of slumber, the darkness reaches out to comfort and embrace the fallen horned giants who live beneath the earth. In so doing, it breeds a pestilence that eats at their very souls and beckons for the return of The Darkness and the rebirth of the Age of Chaos.

Beware those you go to fight! They are servants of the Old Ones!

Friend of CrIsis-
Malkin Falimede

Picture by Caleb Cleveland.

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