Author’s Note

Ms. Hoppner,

I have it on good authority that you wrote the work Immortally Sexy which is even now taking the Palladium world by storm. While I have no problems with fiction, I do have problems where that fiction causes those near me to question their behavior toward me in the past.

This work is nothing more than your prurient fantasies, for which I applaud you. In the future, however, I would much prefer it if you would leave out your personal assumptions about the relationship between myself and my wife.

If this letter in any way offends, then it has hit its mark as intended.

I wish you all the best in your professional career, and hope to meet you personally at some point in the future. I have some chains with your name on them, and anyone who could have invented some of those scenes from the book, as you have, has a delightfully wicked turn of thought.

Yours, as long as you leave my wife out of it,



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