We Need Help

We all thought life couldn’t get any worse. We were wrong.

At first it was just the burden of collecting the pieces, next it was the demons, followed after that was the revealing of this Glaive situation and the assassination of Overkill. How are we able to do this? We are only mortals. We may need some backup. If only we could call upon the Defilers to aid in our quest. That is besides the point. With all these troubles we run into one more. Once again our ship is badly damaged. It appears that the elements hate the gods of light as well.

We arrived on an island. Our belongings were strewn across the shore. Chaos was all about us. As people scrambled on the beach, I couldn’t help but think of this as some vacation; a twisted vacation, but a vacation none the less. As people scrambled about working on the ship, Cava, S’Erith, and myself headed out to search for food and water. After quite a while, we were able to find it. As we arrived, I checked the water for its purity level. The water checked out. As I was doing this, Cava pointed out some tracks close to the waters edge. As we worked on identifying the footprints, I got the idea to check the tracks to see if the owners were up to anything. While I was doing this Karma arrived on the scene. It was at this time I saw them. They were close and ready with spears, but something was off. They were children. While I was coming to this realization the rest of our group flew in from the sky. “They are in the bushes we are under attack!” With that Karma drew her mace and slammed it against a tree. The roar of thunder filled the air as our ambushers stood up to great us. Before anyone could attack I called out, “Do not kill them they are children,” and I raised them into the air and tossed them into the pond. With that the kids talked for a long time in a strange language. Chip was the only one who understood what they were talking about. I never got a proper translation, because a flock of birds flew over our heads as a vicious roar filled the jungle air. This scared the children and they ran off. Overkill looked scared and was ready to turn tail and follow suit with the children. That was till he realized that Karma, Cava and I were planning on standing our ground with or without the support of the group. After the others saw the determination in our eyes they stood their ground as well. We waited once more ready to greet our all too familiar friend, death; only today it will not be our funeral. As we readied ourselves, we finally saw what was approaching. These creatures were some sort of deformed animals the size of a general’s tent on a battlefield. In a matter of mere seconds the creatures were destroyed faster than they had appeared. After the battle we saw the path of destruction that these creatures left. The group decided to follow this path except for Chip who wanted to explore a nearby volcano. So we split ways.

After trekking down the path for an hour and a half, the group came upon a quarry. The air was thick and strange. After we wandered around a bit a few of us decided to check for magic. It was then that we found out that this place was filled with gantrium. Apparently this is a highly valuable metal, and some people in the group freaked out about it. So they asked for my help to melt some down so that we can take a sample. So with the help of my psionics, we were successful. Unfortunately we felt seismic tremors after we did this. This could only mean one thing. That weird letter that Chip sent me from the volcano actually meant more. It means that the ley line is pushing against the volcano and the gantrium is the only thing holding it down. We needed to get to the ship and quickly. As we made our way back, Cava and S’erith decided that it would be important to check on some traps at the waterfalls. When we got to the pond, Chip and I decided to find the children to get them off the island before the volcano blew its top. We made it pretty far when we noticed some kids in the brush. Chip handed me his weird thing that he sticks in his ears and told me to keep in in mine to understand what they were saying. At first I did not believe in the magic of the item, but when he fired his weapon, the kids started speaking and strangely I could understand them. They started calling him god and they wanted to lead us to their king. So we decided to follow him. Shortly after this the group caught up to us for some strange reason. They said that the boat was abandoned. They have Morgan! My mind was filled with anger. If these children harmed a hair on her head, I would tear each child apart limb from limb. So we hurried to their village to find the horses tied up outside the main tent. We hurried inside to find the “king” and his helper, Morgan. I asked her to leave. She said no. I could feel it. Something was wrong with the air so I checked. I was right. There was a strong evil presence. I walked over to her and grabbed her hand like I have many times before. The only difference was that I was scared for once. I was scared I would never see her again. I looked her in the eye and said, “Let’s go home.” We walked out of the tent leaving the others. We grabbed my steed and headed to the boat with the most prized thing on the island. Later that night as the sun was setting this hero of light got down on one knee to keep the most wonderful person ever to never lose her again.

Posted by Gavin on the 28th of Selestra in the 9th Year of King Gedro.

Image from Neverpedia.

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