Becoming What You Were Born For

Becoming a Statesmen Takes Education

Dearest Brother,

I am so glad that you are finally becoming the statesman you were born to be! When you are done with your noble quest I ask that you come to Northolme to begin an education so that you could truly take your rightful place in the kingdom of Koris Gwaisol. You see, there is so much more to being a statesman than helping two countries!

For example, did you know that in Whitewater there is a Church of Anubis there that raised a formal complaint about the proposed monastery to the Wolfen Senate? There are factions, politics, and customs that I am just beginning to grasp, and I have been doing this for a while! Also, we have to, internally, discuss matters of import with the Elves, who we are aligned and share the Kingdom with.

Know this, your instincts are good! We will pursue this possibility, and I am proud of you! However, you do need polish and understanding, which will come when you get here to your new home and become better educated! Please, in the future, run your proposals through me first!

As far as “Wrunella Honeysuckle”, of the Clan Redbeard, and “Tiny”, as well as the child Avkral, they are welcomed to the clan if they so choose. They must, of course, follow the fealty swearing in here at our new home.

I am proud of you, Brother!

Your Sister
Queen Disvanova ’ekun Ithansdottir the First

Sent on the 10th of Od in the 1st year of Koris Gwaisol, may it bring Peace to all Palladium

Picture from our own AZ Rune


5 Responses to “Becoming What You Were Born For

  • There are some high points and the under current of don’t do this – again!

    • But the real question is, will Torrun heed her word?

      • I wanted it to be both warning and encouraging…

  • “Also, we have to, internally, discuss matters of import”…Uh-Oh, your in trouble now buddy.

  • … and never stop never stopping!


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